School Girl Ch. 1School Girl Ch. 1


I was sitting alone in my own little world doing my homework on my lap when I noticed this girl that I have liked for years. Her name was Tara, a brunette, 5’8, 36 or 38D for sure and in a sexy Catholic schoolgirl outfit composed of short plaid skirt, white stockings and a turtle neck displaying her lovely figure. I could not believe my luck I finally had her to myself. We had been talking over the years about going out or getting together, but never came to reality. I thought here is my chance.

The teacher had pretty much left us on our own to contemplate our deeds. I got caught cheating and I am not sure about Tara. I decided to walk over and ask her why she was here.

She told me; she had been caught for smoking in the washroom. A meagre offence compared with mine. We had our close encounters, but either she was away or had a boyfriend. Currently, she was single, so I thought I had a chance. Tara needed help with her web-page design, so I thought why not. The school was fortunate enough to lend laptops to its student population for a small fee.

I pulled up a chair beside her; I don’t think the teacher would mind if I helped her out. She smiled at me. As I continued to tutor her, I accidentally bumped into her breasts. They felt so warm. I could feel her hand on my pant leg as my hands typed a hyperlink sentence on the program. I smiled at Tara as her hand escort şişli moved more to my crotch.

Tara whispered “I have been wanting to get you alone after all these years.”

I said “Well, so have I.” My hand eased up her skirt feeling her white thong. “You naughty girl!” As my finger moved the thong aside, I could feel her wetness. In doing so, her hand undid my button and zippered down my pants. “Not so fast!” I whispered and immediately zippered up my pants as the door opened.

Mr. Neatby came in the door as I got myself together. He said our time was over. Phew! I would have been in after-school for weeks if I had got caught. Immediately, Tara saved what we were doing and closed the notebook. “You have to catch me now, slow poke!” she leaped out of her chair as her shoulder bag fell to her side. I lunged over threw my notes, books, hastily into my backpack. I practically fell on the floor getting it all in time; Tara stayed by the door long enough for me to see her run down the hall.

“You have to catch me!” she screamed as I ran after her. We played hide and go seek all the way home. Moments she would spring out and give me a kiss while hiding behind a tree. I jumped out and kiss her deeply as she tracked me through the bushes. Finally I saw her sprinting for my house. I had to get there first. I took the back entrance to the apartment, took taksim escort bayan a short cut though another park and made it in time. I ran though the kitchen and managed to arrive minutes before she did. I saw her at the door panting and looking around impatiently for me.

I opened door quietly. Tara was completely taken off-guard as I took her by the hand and down to my basement which was my playroom. Her tits bounced as her foot hit each step. She slipped away for a moment, turning off the lights. Now I have her finally.

My dreams came true. Tara was laying there with legs wide as she fondled her breasts. “Now you can do whatever you want to me.” I could not believe my ears and did not hesitate. I moved down and kissed her legs. Her left -leg then her right-leg edging my way to her trimmed pussy. I discovered she removed her thong in our little game of hide and go seek. “Naughty girl” I said and dived my tongue deep into her pussy. She moaned out loud. I moved her pussy lips aside as I saw her clit. I tongue fucked her hard, then harder almost making her cum. I stripped off her stockings as I did this glorious task. Tara used both hands and held my head in position. I sucked her soft and then hard. Tara was almost screaming now as she peeled off her top, exposing her harden nipples to me. No top either, we will have to play find the undergarments şişli eskort another time I whispered. She came in my mouth, she was so sweet to taste.

I flipped Tara on back, massaging and kissing her. She cooed with pleasure. I decided to keep the skirt on for now. I moved her ass high as I plunged my hard eight-inch cock into her. I went fast as my balls hit her pussy. I slapped her ass occasionally, which she loved. I went harder and faster until she was about to cum again. Tara begged me to continue. I teased her pussy with my cock head and went harder into her; thus bringing her to another orgasm.

I moved my hard cock out her and put laid her down on back. Her breasts were firm and nipples showing in the pale moonlight. I gorged on them as my cock went into her again. I went harder; her legs wrapped around me as I switched between kissing and sucking her nipples. Tara loves being kissed. I went harder and faster till she came again. I pulled out her and sprayed on her breasts and stomach. Tara rubbed it all over her body. I was kneeling there in awe of this beautiful creature.

Tara got on her hands and knees then sucked my soft cock. She worked it like a pro getting it hard in her mouth. My left hand moved down her back with my finger going into her pussy. She sucked and licked my head then engulfed my cock whole. Her head bobbed up and down in time with my finger. I came her mouth as she took it all in. We continued for a few more hours, I raced home and told my parents I was getting extra-tutoring from a new friend I met that afternoon.

This one of many adventures I had with Tara.

Stay tuned.

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