Samantha’s First Experience Pt. 12Samantha’s First Experience Pt. 12


Samantha Pt 12

Please go read part 1 through 11 before reading this…

The night I seduced Kaitlynn.

Monday after our masturbation session Kaitlynn went back to my mom’s as usual after work and I only saw her briefly during the week at work. During that week, when I did see her there didn’t seem to be any odd feelings or uncomfortableness between us. She didn’t come back on Friday night, because I was going out with some friends and wouldn’t be home until late. Saturday afternoon I picked her up from my mom’s and she came home with me. During the day we did all kinds of “girly” stuff. We went for mani-pedi’s, shopped for some clothes, got our hair done and just had a girl’s afternoon. There didn’t seem to be any strange feelings or awkwardness between us, so I wasn’t too concerned if anything else ever happened. At least until late Saturday night that is.

After dinner Kaitlynn wanted to go hang with the kids in the complex, so I told her go ahead. She was gone for a few hours and when she returned, we spent some time in the kitchen, talking and having some tea. There was no talk of sex, boys, or girls, or what happened last weekend, so I figured maybe it was a one-time thing. After a while Kaitlynn said, “Hey Sam, I’m getting tired, so I’m going to grab a shower and head to bed.”

I wasn’t disappointed or concerned and gave her a big hug and a light kiss on the top of her head and said, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

I went and laid down in bed. I heard Kaitlynn finish up in the bathroom and head to her room, closing the door behind her. For the next bit I was just trying to doze off when the thoughts came rushing back into my mind. I thought of last weekend, I thought of how bad I wanted her. How wet I was watching her play with her pussy and how I wished she would have come and knocked on my door asking me to sleep in my room again. I laid there a while slowly getting hornier and hornier. My pussy was wet and I wanted her badly. I finally decided I was going to take the risk. I got up from my bed and tip-toed across the apartment to her room. I put my ear to the door to see if I heard any noise. Hearing nothing, I knocked lightly but got no answer. Of course, I went back and forth in my mind on what I should do.

My thoughts revolved around her maybe just needing a push like last weekend and not being all that interested in me. Maybe she met someone else through work or through the kids she hangs out with while here? Maybe she decided boys are better?

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity when I finally reached for the door handle. I softly and quietly tuned it and slowly opened the door. I saw Kaitlynn’s silhouette in the bed, lying there under the sheet with her back to the door I whispered in, “Kaitlynn, are you awake?”

I did not get a response and should have turned back around and let her sleep, but I wanted to be with her. I walked in the room closing the door behind me. I gently slid into the bed and under the sheet and slid mardin escort in next to Kaitlynn.

She whispered, “I was hoping you’d come lay down with me.”

“You are awake, Good,” I said. “Can I sleep in here with you tonight?

“Yes.” She replied.

I slid my right arm under her pillow, while I wrapped my left arm around her and cuddled in closer to her. I slowly and gently started kissing the back of her neck, collar bone and behind her ear. I felt Kaitlynn’s arms wrap around my arm and pull me in closer. We laid together cuddling for a while as I continued softly placing gentle kisses on the back of her neck. I felt her right had grab my hand and our fingers intwined. I whispered in her ear, “I want you.”

Kaitlynn’s head leaned back towards me and our lips touched. A soft gentle closed lip kiss slowly developed into an incredibly romantic deep French kiss. Her lips trembled as her shy tongue swirled around mine. We kissed deeply and lovingly for a long time until the kiss became more passionate, more heated, more erotic and more fulfilling. I slid my left hand from her arms and rubbed along her stomach, making my way up to her chest. I cupped and caressed her left breast as she leaned further back towards me, finally lying flat on her back. My hand stayed on the outside of her T-shirt for a long time, until I finally lifted the bottom up and slid my hand under it. I slowly rubbed upwards until I felt the warmth of her breast in the palm of my hand. I caressed and cupped her breast, stopping on occasion to pull and twist her nipples getting them hard.

Kaitlynn whispered, “Sam, I’m nervous, but I want this!”

I replied, “We’ll take it slow.”

With her help I lifted Kaitlynn’s shirt over her head. I went back to kissing her as I felt her trembling hand reach for my tits. I played with her bare chest as she caressed my breast. I pulled from our kiss and lifted my T-shirt over my head. I felt her warm hand cupping and caressing my tits, as I caressed hers. I kissed my way down her neck, across her breast bone and down to her tits. I kissed and sucked on both nipples, using my tongue to swirl around them making them harder and harder. Kaitlynn moaned in pleasure as her hand rested on the back of my head. When I came back up to kiss her again, Kaitlynn, dipped her head and softly and seductively kissed my neck and collar bone, until her head finally dipped downwards. I felt her mouth cover my right nipple as her tongue softly swirled around it, making me hornier and hotter than I was before. Kaitlynn used her hands, fingers and tongue as she sucked on my tits, developing a lust for women, like I did some many years before.

When she came back to my face, Kaitlynn whispered, “I love your tits.”

I smiled and said, “I like yours too.”

Kaitlynn was flat on her back again, while I laid on my right side along her body, my hand went from caressing and playing with her tits, sliding downwards, past her stomach until I slid my hand marmaris escort in-between her legs over her shorts. I heard her moan out loud as my hand rubbed up and down her pussy. Our mouth still deeply engaged in kiss as I was working on getting her wet. I felt her hand rubbing along my chest and stomach and I was screaming aloud in my head for her hand to slide into my panties. Kaitlynn’s hand finally reached my crotch. Her light shaky, trembling hand finally reached in-between my legs and she mimicking my movements by following the same soft slow rub I was doing to her.

I slid my hand upwards a bit and slid it right down into her panties feeling her tight young shaved pussy lips. I softly rubbed up and down in-between her legs, feeling her tight little lips getting wetter and wetter. Kaitlynn’s hand finally reached into my panties as I let out a long, loud deep moan. I rubbed on her clit, listening to her moan and feeling her body react to my touch, as her hand cautiously and shy’ly rubbed my pussy. I was soaking wet and I think she knew it was her kiss, her hands and my desire for her that was making me this turned on. After getting Kaitlynn wet enough, I softly parted her tight lips and slid my finger inside her. She pulled from our kiss, leaning her head back and moaned aloud. I slowly pushed in as deep as I could as she started reacting more to my touch. I fingered her for a while just bringing her closer and closer to orgasm as her interests and desires for me deepened.

I pulled my hand from her panties and with the lift of her hips — and her help — I slid her shorts and panties off. I reached for mine and slid my bottoms off. We both laid naked in bed continuing to rub and touch each other as I told her, “Slide a finger into me!”

A second later Kaitlynn slid her middle finger deep inside my pussy. I moaned through our kiss as she excited herself knowing her finger was in a pussy. We fingered each other to orgasm, me first followed shortly after by her. Our bodies and mouths and hands intwined as we continued making love. After we came, Kaitlynn looked at me and said, “Wow, that was amazing.”

“Yes, it was.” I replied. “Are you ready for more?”

Kaitlynn shook her head yes and smiled widely as she knew the night was not over. I adjusted myself and got onto my knees. I kissed down Kaitlynn’s chest stopping to suck on her tits, slowly kissing past her belly button eventually stopping at the top of her pussy area. I swung Kaitlynn’s leg up and around as I slid in-between her legs. I laid flat on my stomach as I got my first deep look at her soaking wet, tight little sexy pussy. I kissed around her inner thighs, on her tan lines and on top of her hips until I finally put my lips on her clit. Kaitlynn’s body reacted and almost in a scared reaction started to slam her legs shut. I stopped her, looked up at her and said, “Relax, just enjoy this.”

I started softly swirling my tongue around her clit, licking up and down her pussy lips, nevşehir escort tasting her wetness as I began eating her out. I worked on Kaitlynn’s pussy softly for a while just getting her used to woman being in-between her legs, but picked up my pace and passion. I brought Kaitlynn to orgasm rather quickly. She arched her back and moaned in pleasure grabbing her own tits as she came on my face. I slid a finger deep inside her and kept going making sure I was going to absolutely pleasure her. After her second orgasm, Kaitlynn moaned out, “Holy fuck Samantha.”

I slid back up and on top of her and kissed her deeply. I wanted her to taste her pussy and cum on my mouth as she came down from her first female / female oral sex.

I asked Kaitlynn, “Do you want to try on me?”

She nervously and cautiously said, “Yes.”

I rolled onto my back as Kaitlynn got on her knees. She kissed her way down my chest, past my hips and dipped her head down in-between my legs. I felt her cautious lips, hit my clit and her tongue lightly swirl around me. I was trying to guide her on what to do, since she had never eaten another woman out. Finally, I told her, “Get in-between my legs and lay flat down.”

Kaitlynn laid down flat as I walked her through oral sex with a woman. During her time between my legs she became more and more comfortable eating me out. By the time she brought me to my first orgasm, her fears had subsided and she was starting to relax and enjoy this experience. I told her, “Finger me.”

I felt Kaitlynn slide one finger in and out of me as her face lit up in in awe as she watched her finger dive deep inside my soaking wet pussy. I moaned aloud and begged her for a second finger. Her face grew with excitement as she slid a second finger deep inside me.

“Use your tongue on my clit as your fingering me.” I told her.

I felt Kaitlynn’s mouth cover my clit as her tongued swirl around as she rammed two fingers deep inside me.

“Just like that,” I moaned.

Kaitlynn kept going and quickly brought me to a second orgasm. As she pulled her fingers out of me, she slid them into her mouth tasting my pussy juice and my cum.

Kaitlynn crawled back on top of me bringing her mouth to mine. We were wrapped deeply in each other’s arms when Kaitlynn pulled from our kiss asking, “How did I do?”

“Amazing,” I relied.

We laid there kissing and petting for a few more minutes until she laid down next to me. She fell asleep with her head on my chest again, spent and naked after experiencing her first full on lesbian sex. Of course, I wanted more. I wanted to lick her pussy to multiple orgasms, I wanted a 69. I wanted her to finger fuck me to more orgasms and bang my ass, but it was her first full time, so I’ll get my pleasures as we experience more,

I was overjoyed, overly excited and overly scared that my mom or Sharon would find out about this. But… they never did.

Kaitlynn and I experimented all summer long. By the time she left me she was truly an expert on licking pussy and having lesbian sex.

We had many great experiences that I will share in the next few chapters.

I was sorry to see her go when she left to go back to St. Louis, but I know I’ll never forget her.

To Be Continued…

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