Project Phoenix Ch. 09Project Phoenix Ch. 09


Hello Everyone! It is finally here! I present to you…the final chapter of Project Phoenix! I really want to thank all of my hardcore fans that have been reading this story since I started it 4 years ago. Your emails and comments really pushed me to finish the series. It has been a long time coming, but the story of Mitch and Dex needed to have a proper ending. And you guys deserved a hell of a final chapter after such a long wait. I hope I haven’t disappointed you. Thank you for reading! And as always, comments and suggestions are more than welcome!



FSC Prudential Helm and Control Room

“Fuck” Mitch whispered as that voice echoed throughout the empty control room.

Mitch didn’t turn around. He needed to finish putting in the override codes to initiate the electo-wave. He moved his hands very slowly, putting in the final 15 digit authorization override and watched as the screen blinked twice and a 90 second countdown appeared on the screen.

“90 seconds till electro-wave activation.” INES said over the coms.

“I’d get away from that control panel if I were you” Sten said, raising a laser cutter up.

“I can’t do that.” Mitch said calmly. This wasn’t good. Mitch was too weak and way too pregnant to take Sten on face to face. He needed to get some space between them; give him time to think. He snatched the detachable control e-pad off of the unit and slowly started to inch himself to the left trying to put the Captain’s Chair between him and Sten.

“You don’t have a choice.” Sten followed Mitch’s path. “And look at that belly! Gods! I don’t know why I ever wanted to screw you. Ha! No one will after you have that thing inside you.” Sten let out a loud laugh, Mitch clenched his teeth hard while fury lit up his eyes.

“What the fuck do you want, Sten? Our men, NF soldiers, are dying out there. We need to help them.” Mitch kept inching around the Captain’s Chair with Sten following, a measured merry-go-round.

“Those fuckers can die out there. I could care less. If I had my way that little red head ex-companion of mine would get it first. Hell, I’d kill him myself if he was here. Now give me that e-pad and stop the initiation sequence.”

“You’re sick! He’s pregnant you know! With YOUR child! And you’d just kill him? You’re just going to watch all those people die out there? What is the matter with you?” Mitch was furious. How could someone who called himself a soldier allow his brothers to die? Mitch had, had enough! In lightning speed, Mitch accessed the Emergency Fire Protocol on the e-pad and activated the fire retardant foam hoses in the ceiling and the walls.

The white, rubber substance sprayed down on them both. Fog and mist engulfed the Control Room and Sten’s Laser cutter fizzled out. Mitch new the Control Room pretty well so while Sten was wildly thrashing around, screaming in rage, Mitch walked/ran around the Captain’s Chair and ran to the control screen. 20 seconds! Almost most there.

With the force of a MACK truck Sten slammed into Mitch knocking him sideways onto the control unit. His abdomen slammed sideways into the heavy metal. Mitched screamed out in pain and collapsed onto the floor. He fell onto his back and holding his belly with two hands he tried to use his legs to push himself backwards away from Sten. But Mitch’s movements were awkward and the new weight of a 9 month old baby inside of him didn’t allow him that much range of motion.

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU FUCKING TEASE!” Sten bellowed out and charged at Mitch.

Mitch rolled over onto his stomach as best he could and dragged himself under the Captains Command Chair and through the other side.

“You really need to get over that!” Mitch shouted back as he heaved himself up off the floor.

The Emergency sirens were going off and white smoke rushed and swirled all around. The fire-retardant foam started to cover everything in a thick mass of white goo, flashing blue lights flickered frantically.

Sten couldn’t see a thing. He hollered in frustration and indiscriminately attacked objects and shapes in the mist while Mitch headed towards Dex’s sleeping quarters.

He reached the wall and laid his head next to the keypad. His whole body was in pain, sweat was streaming down his face and his breathing came in short gasps of air. He entered his clearance number and nearly fell into the room. The light from the inside illuminated the Helm and the Control Room.

Sten’s eyes shot madly to that light. His eyes and body movements were more like a rampant beast than a man.

“IM GOING TO KILL YOU!” Sten ran full speed towards Mitch who was struggling to lean against the wall inside of the room.

“Not today you’re not!” Mitch yelled back and slammed his hand down on the keypad. The nano door rippled and in an instant was as solid as granite.

Sten had built up so much momentum that he couldn’t slow himself down and ran directly into the nano wall, van escort full speed, and knocked himself unconscious.

Yolarian Plains

“Captain” said Watts, leader of the ERDS Team. He was standing over Dex. The orb hadn’t directly hit Dex, but the blast was able to throw him some 20 feet and blister the side of his face. His uniform was smoking slightly.

“You should have never came here.” Said Watts. “There’s nothing for you here. This is MY planet and I’m not going to let any NF flunky take it from me.”

Watts un-holstered a rapid laser gun from his hip and aimed it directly at Dex’s head.

“Time to die, fag.” He went to pull the trigger.

Just as Watts’ finger squeezed the trigger a bright and overwhelming green light shot forth from the FSC Prudential and fanned out encompassing the entire Yolarian Plain. Instantaneously, every single electrical or laser operated weapon shut down and stopped firing.

The Ningini didn’t stop their attack and while the ERDS members stood staring dumbstruck at their now useless weapons the Ningini pounced and attacked with full force. The loud war cries of the alien race awakened everyone from their stupor and the soldiers from the Prudential, with their mostly makeshift weapons, joined the fray and started to gain the upper hand.

Watts repeatedly pulled the trigger on his weapon, never noticing that Dex had regain his awareness and was slowly reaching out to grab a torn shard of shrapnel from a downed hovercraft.

It was too late when Watts realized what Dex was up too. Suddenly, Dex brought his left knee up hard hitting Watts right in the balls. Watts let out a yelp and collapsed. Dex rolled out of the way to the left and quickly got to his feet holding the sharp piece of metal in his hand. Watts stood up and turned his angry eyes to Dex, one hand still on his crotch. Watts saw a piece of a broken Ningini staff near his foot; he bent and picked it up.

The two men faced each other and stared into the other’s eyes. One of them was going to die.

“You and your people,” Watts stretched out his arms wide gesturing to the war zone around them, “all fighting to become lab rats for the Federation? The Federation doesn’t give a shit about you! The only thing the Federation cares about is self-preservation; retaining the power to rule over people lives. That power doesn’t exist here. WE make our decisions! WE HAVE THE POWER!” Watts screamed out and rushed at Dex.

Dex sidestepped and dodged the first stabbing jab and elbowed him as he hurled past. Watts grunted and spun around, broken staff in his right hand, aiming for the side of Dex’s head. Dex threw himself back barely avoiding the blow. They faced each other again and this time Dex made the first move. He took one step towards Watts and dropped to the grown, stretching his leg out and swiping it across the ground, hitting the Watts in the legs and knocking him down. Dex pounced on him and angled the shrapnel blade at Watts’ throat.

Watts grabbed the blade with his left hand making his hand bleed. He tried to bring his right hand up to stab Dex, but Dex backed off and rolled onto his side trapping Watts’ arm under him. Dex dropped the shrapnel and started to pound Watts in his chest with his right shoulder while slamming Watts’ hand that held the staff repeatedly into the ground.

Watts reached up and grabbed Dex’s hair and pulled, he clawed desperately at Dex. Dex finally knocked the weapon out of his hand. Watts tried to bring an overhand punch, but Dex blocked it and slammed his own fist down hard onto Watts’ throat. He let out a chocking, gurgling sound and clutched at his neck with his free hand. Dex watched as Watts started to cough up blood and stopped fighting in order to try and breathe. Dex stood up and retrieved the piece of shrapnel from the ground and stood over Watts.

Breathing heavily, Dex said, “We are not fighting for the Federation. We are fighting for the people that we love. For our companions and our friends. Something that you would never understand. You’re no better than the Federation that you despise. You’re just as power hungry and cruel….but that ends now.”

Dex raised the blade high and swung it downward with all of his strength, bending his knee, and stabbed Watts directly in the heart.

Watts’ eyes went wide and he let out a gasp for air and then laid still, dead.

Dex picked himself up and turned to look at the battlefield. The Ningini and NF forces had won. All of the ERDS members were dead. NF soldiers stood still in shock with some still holding their improvised weapons and others down on their knees bloodied and exhausted.

Dex went in search of Zimms. He found him leaning against Zhorne. He had a black eye and his red hair was matted with blood and dirt and besides a few scratches he seemed fine. Zhorne was protectively embracing Zimms. Zhorne had laser burns all over and a large laceration on his upper left shoulder was bleeding steadily. yalova escort

Zimms looked up to see Dex and ran to gave him a hug. He started crying. Dex could feel Nate’s round stomach on his.

“Are you okay?” Nate examined Dex, spinning him around inspecting him.

“I’m fine. I’m fine” Dex assured Zimms. “How’s Zhorne?” and he nodded to the Ningini.

“Oh, he’s okay,” said Nate turning loving eyes to the alien warrior who returned it in his own way and spoke to Nate telepathically, making him blush.

“Where did that electro-wave come from?” Dex asked as he looked towards the Prudential.

“It was the ship, but someone had to manually activate it” said Nate.

It couldn’t be…could it? Mitch? Mitch was alive?

Dex took off towards the spaceship.

FSC Prudential

Just as Sten crashed head first into the nano wall a streaking pain shot across Mitch’s stomach and buried itself in a knot directly above his belly button. The incision sight for his modification surgery started to pulse and twitch.

Mitch groaned and dropped to his knees, cradling his stomach.

“AHHHHHH! GODS!!” Mitch screamed constantly as the pain bombarded him nonstop.

Dex ran into the Control Room. “MITCH!”

Dex scanned the room frantically. It was still foggy and difficult to see, but the fire system had stopped. There was a gooey film over everything in the Control Room.

“Mitch! Babe are you here?!” Dex screamed out as he coughed and walked around the room.

“AHHHHH!” Dex’s head spun around in the direction of his sleeping quarters and saw a body laying against the nano wall. At first Dex started to run to the figure, but then he saw all of the laser tattoos and instantly knew it was Sten and not Mitch.

“AHHHHH! FUCK!” Dex heard Mitch’s voice scream out again from the other side of the nano wall.

FSC Control Room, Sleeping Quarters

“FUCK THIS!” Yelled Mitch. The pain was unbearable! The scar on his ribs felt like it was on fire and his muscles were contracting.

Mitch curled himself into a ball and clutched at his swollen belly.

“It’s trying to kill me.” Mitch thought in is head sarcastically. “I’m dying. I know it.” The pain was so intense Mitch could barely breathe and was close to passing out. Then he heard Dex’s voice calling to him.

The nano wall shimmered and then disappeared. Dex rushed into the room and almost tripped over Mitch who was laying curled up next to the entry way.

“Dex!” Mitch shouted out.

Tears started streaming down Dex’s face as he realized his companion was alive. He turned to Mitch and dropped to the ground to hold him, but Mitch angrily pushed him off.

“Oh my gods. Mitch, are you okay!?” Dex was looking at his mate. Mitch was sweating and his mouth was open in a silent scream. He was breathing hard and his eyes were close.

Suddenly Mitch’s eyes shot open and his arm reached out and he grabbed Dex hard around the collar and jerked him close.

“DEX! The baby…it’s trying to come out. It’s ripping me apart for fucks sake! GET IT OUT!!” Mitch shouted into Dex’s face then he hunched over as another wave of pain went across his abdomen.

Dex looked at his companion’s large belly and remembered that Mitch was technically 9 months pregnant since the JUMP was performed. But Dex had no idea what to do.



And then thankfully Nate and Zhorne appeared at the entrance to the room.

“Is that Sten?” Nate looked at the unconscious body lying on the floor in a heap like dirty clothes. Zhorne let out a low growl at the mention of that name. Nate had told him everything.

“GODS THIS HURTS! GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!” Nate’s attention switched to Dex and Mitch. Mitch was basically clawing at his stomach in obvious pain while Dex was kind of just in shock. Nate jumped into action.

“Dex. Dex. CAPTAIN ORDENAL!” Shouted Nate in the most stern military voice he could muster. Dex’s head shot up and his training kicked in.

“Get this man to Sick Bay immediately!” Now that he had some kind of orders, Dex kicked into gear and helped pick Mitch up off the ground. Mitch screamed out and tied to punch Dex, but Zhorne stepped in and help raise Mitch as he and Dex, each with a shoulder around their necks, carried Mitch to Sick Bay.


Sick Bay, 2 hours later

“Wow.” Mitch said as he looked down were a small, healthy baby was snuggled in his arms.

Mitch was on a hover bed, propped up with a dozen pillows to help support him. After he had arrived, being half carried by Dex and Zhorne, the doctor immediately took Mitch into surgery and performed a C-section and an hour later he was holding his child.

Dex was basically laying on the bed with Mitch staring in wonder at the little form in front of him. He was afraid to hold the baby.

“Mitch….I can’t believe….I mean….look….I, giresun escort ah.” the Captain couldn’t even form a complete sentence.

“Yeah, yeah.” Laughed Mitch as he adjusted the little hit on his newborns head. The baby was perfect….she was perfect.

In Mitch’s arms was a beautiful baby girl. Her hair was dark like Dex’s, but she had Mitch’s oval face and cheek bones. She was the first baby to be born in over 3 years….and she was a girl.

She moved a little in Mitch’s arms, adjusting herself.

“You’re holding her too tight,” Dex said chastising.

“No I’m not! She’s fine.” Mitch snapped back. “You know what? If you think you can do better, then here. You hold her.” And Mitch transferred their daughter into Dex’s arms. Though he held her head and made sure Dex didn’t drop her.

Dex’s eyes were wide as he held his daughter for the first time. He couldn’t believe it. He was a father! He touched her little hands and her nose. She was perfect in every way. Dex couldn’t help but think of the baby that he had lost. That awful day when his wife and unborn child was taken from him. And now, in his arms, was the most beautiful thing that Dex had ever seen. He couldn’t help the tears that fell.

Nate and Zhorne stepping into the room.

Nate, Zhorne and Dex had their war wounds treated while Mitch was in surgery. Nate had on a clean uniform, though it was a bit tight in the mid-section, Zhorne was in his normal tribal wear, but he sported a bandage on his shoulder.

“Oh my gods!! Dex! Mitch!” Nate ran up to the bed and gazed down at the baby.

“It’s a girl.” said Mitch proudly. He had not only gotten pregnant, but he was the first person, the first man, to have a baby girl. He felt that this officially made him a badass on a whole new different level.

Nate sucked in his breath in shock. “A girl!” Nate basically snatched the baby out of Dex’s arms.

Nate and his cherub like face started to walk around the room slowly, cooing to the child. Dex tried to get his daughter back, but Nate kept pushing him away. Mitch found it hilarious and just sat back to watch.

FSC Settlement, Yolarian Plains, 10 months later

“Lieutenant!” Mitch let out a sigh and turned from fixing a water treatment valve and looked to see his massive companion marching towards him, a chubby baby in his arms who was twisting and turning like a hurricane.

“What Dex?” Mitch smiled as his frustrated companion reached him and let the baby nearly pull itself into Mitch’s waiting arms.

“She is a pain! I have to proceed over 15 cases today and you left me with her.” Dex complained. He was back to being judge and jury for the settlement which had moved deep into the forest near the Ningini village once was. Dex rolled his large shoulders and cracked his neck. “She is a terror.”

“No she’s not. Are you Kay? No, no you’re not.” Cooed Mitch. Kay giggled happily in her father’s arms and gave him a sloppy kiss and then tried to stuff a handful of Mitch’s long blonde hair into her mouth. They had named her after Dex’s late wife.

Dex grunted. “She likes you more,” he said a little pouty.

“No she doesn’t.” Mitch dismissed Dex’s comment. Kay was energetic, happy, and smart; she was already trying to stand at nearly 10 months. And even though Kay and Mitch had a very close bond, she would only sleep when Dex held her close at the end of the day and slowly talked to her. He told her how much she meant to him and how happy he was that she was his daughter. Then not long after, Baby Kay would be asleep. Dex never put her in her hovercrib. She slept on his chest every single night.

“Well, anyways, I can’t watch her either. I have to finish repairing this valve or we’ll have sludge instead of water to bathe in.” Mitch said as he playfully tossed Kay up in the air. She laughed hysterically. Dex always sucked in his breath when Mitch did that. Why did he have to toss her up so high?

“I’ll watch her.” Said a tired, but soft voice behind Dex. Dex turned and moved aside while Mitch peered around him.

There stood Nate….a very pregnant Nate. Nate’s face was even rounder than before and his small frame was now soft and slightly bloated, but his face was lit up and glowed like the moon. His stomach was round and he rested one of his hands on the top.

“I’ll watch her while you two work. I have nothing else to do anyways.” Nate said as he untangled Kay’s hands from Mitch’s hair and brought her close to him.

Baby Kay adored Nate and loved to rub her chubby little hands on his belly whenever Nate’s unborn baby moved around inside of him.

“Thank you, Officer.” Dex addressed Nate in his military tone. Nate ignored him and Mitch rolled his eyes.

“You’re due soon aren’t you, Nate?” Asked Mitch. Male pregnancies seemed to range from 9 to 10 months, but Nate was pushing 11.

“Yes.” Nate said excitedly. “Overdue actually.”

“Baby come soon. No work. Not safe.” Zhorne spoke into the minds of the four men present. Zhorne and the Ningini people had fully integrated with the FSC people and they all lived in the new settlement together. Some Ningini had even taken NF soldiers as companions and became couples like Zhorne and Nate.

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