Progression Ch. 01: FinallyProgression Ch. 01: Finally


Nathan paced around the shop for a few minutes while building up the courage to purchase the chastity device. This was his first time inside a sex shop, and he was very uncomfortable. He saw shelves full of different toys, each one exiting his mind with sexual thoughts. He noticed the device he wanted was behind the counter, but in order to seem less awkward he decided he needed to pick up something to buy first.

He saw vibrators and dildos, sex dolls and masturbators, condoms, pills and books. “What should I choose?” he thought to himself. He noticed a shelf full of underwear, and saw a pair of leather briefs. “I guess I could wear these to make the device less noticeable” he thought as he picked up the item and walked towards the counter.

Two members of staff were at the counter. One was forty years old with a skinhead and well buil upper body. Maybe a rugby player, or just someone who works out at a gym every day. He left to offer another customer help as Nathan approached the desk. The other man, a tall but slim guy in his late twenties, around the same age as Nathan offered his help.

“Just the one item?” he asked.

“Yes, I mean, No” stuttered Nathan. “I was wondering if I could get that” he continued while pointing towards the chastity cage.

“The cock lock chastity cage?” asked the shop clerk.

“Yeah just that and the underwear” replied Nathan.

His heart was pounding with excitement and embarrassment. He had been wanting to purchase one of these devices ever since he saw a video of one being used in a porno. The thought of not being able to get hard, feel the pleasure of rubbing his cock, and certainly not being able to cum was a big turn on for him.

“Great” said the shop clerk while scanning the items through the till. “That will be $100.”

Nathan said “Yes” and paid for goods with his card. While the machine checked the payment the shop clerk asked “So is this for yourself, or someone else?”

“Yeah just for me” replied Nathan timidly.

“Would you like to put it on. There’s a room in the back?”

“Um, no no I’m ok thanks” he said nervously.

“Go on, you are going to wear it. Why not try it on here. Then if he doesn’t fit you don’t have to come back later.” reasoned the shop clerk.

Nathan thought for a moment and felt if he was able to get over his fears and enter the shop, he might as well put the device on. He nodded his head and said “Sure, why not?”

The shop clerk called over to his colleague “mind the shop, just going to help this customer.”

“My name is Ryan by the way. First time in a sex shop?” he asked with a laugh.

“Um, yeah, kind of… Um I’m Nathan.” said Nathan turning red.

“Don’t worry Nathan, we’re glad for the business. Most people just buy their toys online.”

“Yeah, I flatshare with friends, so…” explained Nathan.

“Here, try these on.” said Ryan while he handed over the leather briefs.

“Do you have a changing room or somewhere private?”

“Oh, don’t worry” said Ryan, “no one will come in here.”

Nathan was a little embarrassed but also thrilled. He thought Ryan must have at least been a little interested in him, so was flattered. But his shy personality still made him blush.

He took off his shoes and pants, then started to put the briefs on.

“What, you’re going to wear them over normal underwear?” chuckled Ryan.

Nathan had kept his current, white y-fronts on as he was embarrassed.

“Go on, try them on properly. Do you want a hand?” said Ryan with a cheeky grin on his face.

“Okay, okay” replied Nathan, now sure Ryan fancied him.

He removed his white underwear and revealed his cock and balls. He quickly covered up with his hand as he put his legs into the briefs.

Ryan had caught a glimpse of Nathan’s privates. “Don’t be shy, you have a nice dick. Right try them on, how do they feel?”

Nathan tried on the leather briefs. He had never wore anything like this before, but he liked the feeling against his skin. They were tight, but with still a little room to make him comfortable.

Ryan looked him up and down. “Looks good Nathan. Take your shirt off and have a look in that mirror.”

Nathan removed his shirt revealing his torso. He wasn’t particularly toned, but had a slim figure. He was an average attractive guy, but due to his kinky interests and shy demeanor he was single, had never dated, and never had tekirdağ escort sex. This was the first person to see him partially naked, and it was someone he had just met.

He walked over to the full length mirror and looked at himself. Almost naked, wearing nothing but the briefs he looked over the Ryan. He was starting to feel more comfortable.

“Yeah I like them” said Ryan while opening the chastity device. “Just one thing missing, right?”

Nathan had forgotten about the chastity device. He was just starting to feel at ease, and now a hot rush came over his cheeks, causing him to blush. “Oh yeah, should I try it on”

Ryan asked “I’m guessing you haven’t worn one before? I’ll help you. You take this ring, and put it around your balls. You then put a little bit of lube on your penis so it glides in easily. But not too much or you’re get so erect you’ll never fit it in”

Nathan didn’t speak. He picked up the ring and pulled his dick and balls out from his leather briefs. He did as Ryan told him and attached the metal ring around his balls. He then reached for the lube and put a couple of dots on the tip of his dick. The thought of wearing the device was getting him slightly aroused, but in the presence of Ryan he luckily didn’t get too erect as to not fit inside the case. The slipped his dick into the cage and attached it onto the ring.

“Now to keep it secure we just add this lock” said Ryan while clicking the padlock into place.

Nathans cock was now secured and locked into his new chastity device. He pulled up his leather briefs and looked back into the mirror. He was curious whether the device was visible. But it looked like the briefs were thick enough to hide the outline.

“Now no one knows you’re wearing it except me, it’s not noticeable at all” said Ryan. “Here’s your keys, hopefully you’ll have some self control.” he teased.

Nathan put his cloths back on and they both walked back onto the main shop floor.

“So, there’s a party you might be interested in. A bunch of us go on a Thursday night to The Hall. It’s a nightclub just down the road from here. I think you’d get on well with our group.” said Ryan as he handed a flyer to a local club.

“Oh okay, thanks” said Nathan. “I might join you, it’s tomorrow then?”

“Yeah” replied Ryan. “If you’d like, I could hold those keys for you until then”

Another rush of excitement filled Nathan’s head. He was already quite horny from getting changed and wanted to get back home so he could jerk off. “But wait” he thought to himself. “Isn’t this what I wanted. I never get to hang out with people who like this stuff. Maybe I should just do it.”

Before thinking about it too much, he blurted out “Okay” and reached into his pocket to pick out the keys.

He paused for a final moment before handing them over.

“So I’ll meet you in the bar tomorrow?” stuttered Nathan shocked at what he had just done.

“You bet.” said Ryan with a wink.

Nathan walked to his car and started to drive home. He kept thinking of what had just happened. He couldn’t believe he not only got the chastity device he had been wanting, but also someone to hold the keys. He had never been hornier. Every bump on the road reminded him he was locked and wearing his brand new leather briefs.

Finally he got home and said hello to his flatmates. They were in the living room cheering at something on the tv. He went up to his room and shut the door.

He immediately dropped his pants and admired himself in the mirror. It was hard to believe he was wearing the device as the leather did a really good job of hiding it. If anything, it only made his whole package look bigger.

He rubbed himself through the briefs. He really wanted to jerk off to relieve himself from all the tension he build up from earlier. But of course he could not. All he could do was wait for tomorrow when he could meet Ryan again.

Nathan went to bed earlier than normal, thought there was almost no point. He couldn’t sleep the whole night. Between his excitement for meeting Ryan again and his night time erections causing him a bit of pain, sleep was out of the question. He kept thinking of the way Ryan looked at him while he was stripping. Ryan had seen his cock, and was the only other person in the world who knew his kinks. He kept questioning if Ryan was really into the idea of chastity, or maybe he was just a nice guy willing trabzon escort to help him out for a night.

Morning finally came and his alarm went off. He just had to make it through work then head over to the club. He had a shower, then washed his briefs as he was going to need to wear them today. He got dressed in his work suit and headed out the door.

Nathan worked in the corporate office of a large retail chain. He didn’t have a particularly high position. He managed customer complaints and replied to online reviews for his company. Finally lunch time came and he went to use the toilet. He entered one of the stalls for privacy and peered down at his locked cock. It had nearly been a full day since he last stroked his cock. He could feel the cum building up in his balls. The thought that there was nothing he could do to relief himself just made him want to cum even harder.

He jiggled the device a little to get any friction he could. But he was already too big and filled the entire cage. There was no pleasure he could get from rubbing anywhere down there.

He sat on the toilet and went for his piss. He cleaned off the inside of the device with a bit of tissue, pulled up his pants, washed his hands then headed out for lunch with a few colleagues.

Back at his desk it seemed like the day would never end. He sat and looked at the clock in between managing customer cases, until finally the clock hit six o’clock and he was able to leave. A few of his colleagues were going out for drinks that night but he fobbed them off, saying he was too tired.

He rushed back home to get changed and have a quick wash. He had a glass of wine to build up some courage then headed out the door. He knew where the club was, but had never gone inside before. It was normally just a night club, but on Thursdays it was closed for private entertainment. He walked up to the door and was greeted by security.

“Private club tonight. Members only.” said one of the bouncers.

“Oh, I was invited by Ryan. The guy from the sex shop, he said to come…” he replied.

The bouncer didn’t say anything. He left and went inside the club. He came back after a few minutes and let Nathan inside.

The club was dark with light jazz playing in the background. Not what Nathan expected, but pleasant. He walked up to the bar and waited. Serving was two shirtless men, with toned abs and nipple piercings. They were making cocktails and mixers for customers, while making small talk to each other.

Nathan looked around the room for Ryan but couldn’t see him. It was quite a large room so he kept scanning while waiting to be served.

“What can I get you?” said one of the bartenders.

“Oh whatever red wine you have please” he answered.

The bartender poured him a drink. Nathan paid then left to explore the club.

As he wandered around the club he noticed a variety of people. He was checking to make sure there was no one he knew. There was a mix of ages, tattoos, piercings, men in suits, men in jeans. Some men were shirtless wearing a bow tie, and others in a harness and light bondage gear. It really was a random mix of people.

After a few minutes of wandering Nathan felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Ahh there you are. So you made it through the night then?” said Ryan’s familiar voice.

Nathan was relieved that Ryan had found him. Part of him was expecting to be stood up, and left wandering a random club by himself.

He turned around and saw Ryan wearing a shirt and tie, dark pants and black polished shoes. He looked very smart, especially compared to when they first met.

Nathan blurted out “Did you bring the keys?”

“Follow me, we have a table over here” said Ryan, completely ignoring Nathan’s question.

“So the key’s, I hope you remembered them. It’s been a long day.” Nathan tried again nervously while they walked to the table.

“Oh don’t worry about that. Come, I want you to meet everyone.” Ryan dismissed him once again.

Sat by the table were three men, all in their late twenties. In Nathan’s mind he expected Ryan to be seated with a bunch of locked slaves who were forbidden to speak or have any fun. But actually, they seemed like a bunch of normal guys.

“Ahh so this much be the guy from the shop?” said one of the men.

“Ooh so are you enjoying your new toy?” said another, while everyone had a chuckle.

“Don’t worry about sivas escort them” said the third guy sitting on the end of the table. He was tall, had short hair with a small amount of stubble on his face, and was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed off his biceps. On one arm there was a tattoo but the room was too dark to know what of.

“We’re all into different things here, so they’re just welcoming you into the group. I’m Dave, I actually organise this event every Thursday.” continued the third guy.

Ryan and Dave moved up to make room for Nathan to sit. Nathan offered everyone a drink, but everyone already had full glasses.

“Let me introduce you Nathan. So you met me yesterday at the shop.” said Ryan talking to the group. He then put his arm around the guy sitting next to him. “Jack here is my boyfriend, we’ve been together for a couple of years.”

Nathan was slightly disappointed. If he was seeing someone already, why did he offer to hold on to his chastity keys. Maybe he wasn’t interested in him, and was just wanting to help introduce Nathan to some like minded people.

“And then there’s Martin who’s introduced us all a few years ago” interrupted Dave, while distracting from a very public display of affection from Ryan and Jack.

Everyone chatted for half an hour, making small talk and getting to know each other. Dave and Martin then left to help make sure the event was running smoothly, leaving just the three of them to talk.

“So, um, thanks for inviting me out tonight.” said Nathan, still unsure where he stood with Ryan.

“No worries, you seemed like you needed a bit of a guide” he laughed. “He looked so lost when he entered the shop, me and Alex had a bet that he wouldn’t buy anything and would just leave the shop too embarrassed.” he directed to Jack.

“So did you bring the keys with you Ryan?” asked Nathan again, hoping to finally get access to his cock again.

“Ahh so we had a proposition for you” said Jack, almost jumping out of his seat with excitement.

“Wait, wait, don’t scare the guy. We’ll get to it later” Ryan jumped in.

“No, let’s talk about it.” Nathan replied nervously, starting to think he should never have given the keys to some randomer. “I’m interested in why you invited me out. I thought you were flirting with me in the store, but then you have a boyfriend so…”

“Okay okay” said Ryan finally giving in. “So we’re both into edging, orgasm denial, chastity, cock teasing, and the likes. I’m guessing you are too?”

Nathan nodded in agreement and timidly confirmed. “Yeah I guess”

“Well me and Jack have a porn channel where we edge and tease men. You don’t have to show your face or anything, but if you’d like to join us sometime you have a go.”

“Oh, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable doing that.” said Nathan, as he thought about people watching him, and possibly recognising him.

“Well, no worries. We don’t want to pressure you into anything.” said Jack, a little disappointed, but understanding.

“Could I have the keys back now?” asked Nathan again, feeling a bit disappointed that the night hadn’t turned out how he had planned.

“Sure of course. You know if you change you mind.” he hinted as he reached into his pocked and revealed the keys to Nathan’s cock cage. “Here you go, hope you enjoy yourself.”

Nathan finally had the keys, and he felt a huge relief. “Thanks again for inviting me out” he said, while getting up to leave.

Just as he stood up, Dave came back. “Not leaving already, I hope” he asked.

Nathan explained he was tired and going to catch the bus home. He said his goodbyes then headed out the door. As he walked away, he felt annoyed at himself. Why was he so nervous all the time. Everything that happened that evening was what he had been fantasizing about for years. Now it finally happens he just walks away.

After a short journey of contemplation and restricted erections while thinking about stroking his cock when he gets home, Nathan arrived at his front door. Again he hurried up the stairs, barely acknowledging his flatmates. “Hi guys, good night” he shouted.

Back in his room, he quickly stripped down to wearing only his chastity cage. He stared at the keys for a good minute, then plugged it into the lock and removed the cage. His dick instantly sprung to life. He lay on his bed and reached into his drawer to bring out some lube. Oiled up and ready to go he massaged his cock. He must have only stroked his cock ten times before a stream of cum flooded out onto his stomach.

Nathan sighed. He had never needed to cum so badly and the feeling of relief made him feel so exhausted he fell straight to sleep.

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