Jessica disrobed, tossing her baggy jeans and tattered hoodie on the floor by her bed. Clad only in a pair of red panties she sat in her overstuffed computer chair and placed her feet in the leg holes of a sleek, gray body-suit. Even after donning this technological wonder dozens of times before, Jessica still had trouble wriggling the skin tight material past her ample ass. Each time it took her several minutes of adjustments before she got it on correctly, and even then she rarely achieved a 100% calibration. This time she got lucky. After only 5 minutes of struggling the suit’s collar issued the series of beeps that indicated a perfect fit. Smiling at her achievement, Jessica set her chair to its fully reclined position and then pulled the thin mesh mask over her face.

She double-tapped her right hand on the arm of her faux-leather seat, and immediately experienced the familiar moment of disorientation as the VR system twinned her consciousness and linked her to her online avatar.

Jessica had become so accustomed to using VR that she didn’t even bother giving her homepage a cursory glance anymore. She was completely un-phased by her mental teleportation from her cramped, messy room into the sprawling Gothic mansion she had constructed for her online persona.

Home sweet home, she thought, audibly sighing with relief. The ultra speed VR bandwidth plan she paid for was beyond what she could make at any RL job she was qualified for, but with her virtual-reality moonlighting she could easily pay for it. And it was definitely worth it.

Although time could be slippery while in VR, Jessica knew she had a little free time before her first client. She drifted casually through ornate halls and up an elegant spiral staircase, up towards her spacious bedroom. She loved brushing her fingers along the walls and railings as she walked, cherishing the amazing tactile resolution and accuracy. If she concentrated hard enough she could even make out the grain of the wood under her hand, and the subtle give of the creaky hardwood floor beneath her feet.

When she reached the master bedroom Jessica came to a stop before a regal, gold framed full-length mirror that faced her four-poster bed. Unconsciously she brought her perfectly manicured hands up to her face. A face that would never truly belong to her. Unlike her RL self, her current features were that of classic beauty. Whereas her other self was a little pudgy, this reflection was always supermodel thin. While she really had slightly saggy D-cup breasts she now had a firm, perky set of DD knockers. And last, but certainly not least, her sizable ass had been trimmed down substantially. It was still large, but now it was firm and round. A perfect booty, she thought to herself as she slowly spun, admiring herself in the mirror.

Okay, she thought, what to wear, what to wear? Casually she gestured toward the mirror, and with a flick of her wrist changed her reflection. Suddenly she was wearing an extravagant rose colored ballroom gown. Another flick and she was wearing a long, slender black dress, her hair pinned up and her boobs pushed out. Again and again she swiped through her expansive digital wardrobe, some bought on iDress, but the brand-name outfits were all pirated or cheaply programmed knockoffs.

Chirp Chirp. Chirp Chirp.

Ooops, almost time for work! Okay, lets go for uniform this time. Hopefully this one is a boob guy! With that she swiped her hand up, bringing up her work collection, and then flicked her hand to the right 4 times. She was now dressed in her favorite skimpy red dress. It hugged her in all the right places, rode high on the thigh and low on the chest. Thankfully straps and bras were never an issue in VR because a dress like this would require copious amounts of body tape to keep in place. Jessica snapped her fingers several times, cycling through favorited hairstyles and colours. Finally she settled on a long, flowing blonde hairdo, teased and shaped in a way she could never achieve in real life.

Jessica spun in the mirror one last time, then exited her room. Technically she could draw up a web-portal anywhere, any time, but she preferred the authenticity of leaving her homepage through the front door. She traced her steps back towards the main entrance, heels clicking with every step. As she walked she reviewed everything she could find about her next client, which unfortunately wasn’t much. As far as her search and trace routines could find he was a new VR user, likely a young professional who had more money than time. He had requested a session a week ago, and had seemed pretty normal during their preliminary chat the previous day. At that time he had met her in a private room of the upper-scale VR site she belonged to. His avatar had been tall and ruggedly handsome, with stylish brown hair and just the right amount of stubble. Rather average for a VR persona actually. She doubted she’d be able to pick him out of even a small crowd of male avatars. As to what he really looked like, she’d never know, and hardly cared.

The door handle was cool to the touch manisa escort as she opened her front door. She stepped through the portal, noting the minor lag as she passed from her own home network and into the World Wide Web. She had pre-loaded her destination while walking, so the transition was nearly seamless. Three steps out her door and she was in a familiar large, modern lobby. Her heels echoed off the walls as she crossed the room, showed her passcode badge to the burly, white clad security programs at the front desk, and continued to her rented ‘office’. She preferred to leave the choice of venue up to her customers so until her client logged in and selected a scene her office remained a blank slate. When she first dove into virtual-reality Jessica had found blank pages to be disconcerting. All around her was white. There were no walls, there was no floor or ceiling, and she cast no shadow. She just stood there, floating in white space, with a seemingly disembodied door hanging behind her. But like everything else in VR, she had quickly adjusted. Now she could easily meditate in such a setting, her mind as blank as the world around her.

She rested there for an indeterminate amount of time until a bell chimed softly and a scene quickly loaded around her. The outlining structure appeared first: walls, ceiling, floor. Then the broad strokes filled in. A massive double-king bed appeared, first monochrome, then a second later in full color. Other smaller details, wainscoting, billowing drapes, higher resolution textures on the bedding, all loaded last. All told the process took less than thirty seconds. Hopefully in another few years that kind of latency would be completely gone!

A door at the other side of the room opened, and through it walked the same avatar she remembered from the day before.

“Hi there,” he said, his voice reflecting nervousness or minor trepidation, “you uh, look really fucking hot!”

“Thanks big boy,” Jessica replies in her carefully cultivated sultry voice, “you don’t look half bad yourself! So, what have you got in mind today? I see you didn’t pick anything too risque. Not one for public sex, dungeons, or school girl scenarios?”

“Oh yeah, nothing like that,” he replied nervously, “I’m a pretty simple guy. I’m no pervert, I’m just a guy who doesn’t have time to be a bar star. I figured I’d keep it easy for my first time. Besides, as I recall you charge a premium for those other services!” he added with a chuckle.

“And they are worth every credit!” Jessica responds with a saucy wink. “But if you are sure,” she continued, “then I’ll start the meter. Remember, it’s only fifteen credits a minute, so take all the time you want!”

John (she thought of all of her clients as Johns) came at her like a hurricane. One moment he was almost standing in the doorway, the next he had her pinned against the opposing wall. Woah there cowboy, she thought as he roughly manhandled her breasts. Oh well, she didn’t meet a lot of gentlemen in her line of business, and she would be lying if she ever said she wasn’t a little into the rough stuff anyway. Following John’s lead Jessica played at struggling, her halfhearted attempt quashed by John as he grabbed her wrists and held her firmly against the wall above her head. She let a small groan of pleasure escape, to which John responded with a low, throaty growl.

And here I thought this one would be boring!

John had a nonchalance about the way he moved her through the room, from one wall to another, onto a large oak desk, and finally to the bed. The strength and confidence he demonstrated was nothing at all like his awkward attempts of conversation. This was a man who knew what he wanted and knew how to take it. Twenty minutes of exhilarating foreplay (Jessica had to respect a man who payed to show a working girl a good time!) and Jessica finally found herself completely stripped, and sprawled across the massive bed. John was on top of her, his mouth latched to her neck as he added yet another savage bite marks to her digital body. His own naked, muscular avatar was covered from head to toe with long red lines, crisscrossing roads of pleasure left by her deadly fingernails.

John paused for a moment as he shifted subtly, aligning his impressive manhood at Jessica’s moist entrance. For just a heartbeat John looked straight into Jessica’s eyes, and in that instant she felt chill run through her body. There was something not quite right in that look, that expression of ruthless dominance, those crystal blue eyes. The thing about VR is unlike real life a person has complete control over their environment and their digital appearance. In RL a physical anomaly such as cold, dead eyes could actually be hiding a gentle soul. Online, eyes like that were a carefully calculated decision, often requires hours to prefect. This was a man who wanted to instill fear.

Thankfully any further thought on the subject was tossed away as he eased himself into her, inch by digital inch.

The rest of their session was surprisingly vanilla. Hair pulling, neck biting, savage, kütahya escort desperate thrusting. Nothing she hadn’t dealt with dozens of times before. She was almost a little disappointed, but after that moment staring into his shark-like eyes she was just happy he hadn’t crossed any lines and tried any funny business. John pounded into her relentlessly, and after a few minutes Jessica allowed herself to be carried away by the pleasure.

She could hardly tell when John finished. He stiffened and slowed for a moment, his breathing still steady and strong, and then continued moving in and out of her. His movements began to slow, and then he came to a stop. John propped himself up, hovering over her. This time when he looked down at her his expression had softened, and his eyes had become a soft hazel with golden flecks. He flashed a bright, eager smile down at her, perhaps the first moment of genuine emotion throughout their entire session.

“Well,” he said, “now that the foreplay is out of the way, are you ready for a good time?”

Mentally she reviewed the counter that tracked their time and his spent credits. 53 minutes! And he wants round two? Cha-ching!

“Sure big boy, what else ya got?”

“Oh, you’ll see,” John said as he extricated himself. A massive torrent of white, creamy cum spilled out onto the bed, pooling between Jessica’s legs. Men and their egos, she thought. Everything has to be bigger, even their loads. Gross.

Not wanting their session to continue atop soiled sheets Jessica gestured toward the bed and snapped her fingers, intending for the room to reset. It didn’t.

“Oh here, let me get that for you,” John said with a devilish smirk. He snapped his fingers and the sheets and covers made themselves and all traces of their session was erased from the room.

“What the fuck? Only I have admin rights over this room!” Jessica yelled, suddenly a little frightened. She paid a lot of money for this room, and it’s most important feature was that it obeyed her completely, and only her.

John stood up, still smiling. “Yeah, sorry about that. Security isn’t as tight around here as you’d think. That’s the thing about sex with strangers: you should always worry about viruses!”

Jessica tried to rise off the bed, but fell back down a moment later as a wave of nausea swept through her. “Ugghh…” was all she could manage as she rolled over and puked over the side of the bed.

“Yeah, sorry about that part. I strive for authenticity whenever I can. Don’t worry though, I programmed it so you will move through the first trimester very quickly.” John snapped his fingers again and the small puddle of puke disappeared without a trace. Even the disgusting aftertaste was gone. Did he say trimester?

“I know this is strange, even a little scary,” he continued, “but remember, this is all just a game. And I promise I won’t hack your account or stiff you on the bill. I’m just here for a little fun! That is your job, isn’t it? To show me a good time?”

“Fuck you!”

“You just did. And you’ll soon do it again. But I’m not into rape, not even virtually, so don’t worry, I won’t fuck you until you beg me to.”

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen, Asshole.”

“That’s what they all say…” John said with a patronizing smile.

A creative series of curse words died on their way to Jessica’s lips, interrupted by a strange sensation that slowly spread outward from her taut stomach. A chill ran up her spine, and then she felt her face flush. If she hadn’t been online she would have assumed it was the start of a fever but that was impossible, people don’t get sick or injured in VR. It was the first, last, and best refuge for the ill and the dying for just that reason.

“Okay, fuck this. I’m logging off. Enjoy getting banned for this, you psycho loser creep.” In the real world Jessica double-tapped her left hand, signaling that she wished to end the session. Once again nothing happened.

“Sorry dear, but I haven’t gotten my moneys worth just yet.”

John leaned in over Jessica and placed his hands on her stomach, palms down and fingers spread out and wrapping around her sides. Repelled by his touch, she tried desperately to pull away but discovered that she couldn’t. John slowly applied pressure to her midriff, and for a moment Jessica almost blacked out as a shock-wave of pleasure coursed through her body. She tried not to give into the ecstasy, she tried not to moan. She failed.

“Now that’s better, isn’t it?” John said with a smile. “And to think, that was just the appetizer. I hope you are ready for the full-course because it is going to rock your world!” With that John took a step back. He brought his arms out, palms facing in, fingers pointed directly at Jessica’s bellybutton. His chest puffed out as he inhaled deeply. For a moment all Jessica could hear or feel was her digital heart thumping deep in her chest. Then he exhaled, very slowly pulling his palms apart. As he did she could feel something stirring in her gut. In her confused state she momentarily wondered if perhaps she had eaten malatya escort something bad recently, but then she remembered that she wasn’t currently in a world where indigestion was ever a problem. As if to nail this issue home the sensation changed. She began to feel the bloating that she usually associated with her menstrual cycle, or perhaps the day after too much beer and fried food. It was subtle at first, but then she noticed that the further John’s hands moved apart the more uncomfortable she felt. Jessica tried once again to move, and discovered that this time she had full use of her avatar again. Her hands and eyes both instinctively fell to her stomach.

Or perhaps ‘belly’ is a better term for it now she thought. It was clear that her perfectly sculpted body had started to change. The differences were well within the normal fluctuations of a biological body, but Jessica had spent hours perfecting this digital one and she knew immediately that John had hacked into her profile and was altering her avatar on the fly. In her computer chair RL Jessica’s hands were pounding on the faux-leather armrest, to no effect.

Perhaps detecting her distress John smirked and shot her a wink. “This should help,” he said, snapping his fingers. RL Jessica’s sex moistened and her nipples hardened as her hacked VR unit triggered an influx of pleasurable neurotransmitters, washing away all of her worries. In the electronic scenario her eyes glazed over and her hips started to gyrate ever so slightly.


Satisfied that his partner would be more receptive to the fun he had planned, John returned to his work. Jessica began to move her hands across the surface of her now slightly domed stomach as the subtle bloating sensation increased. The building pressure was no long uncomfortable, nor disconcerting, she was actually rather enjoying herself! Tiny sparks of pleasure arced from her fingertips as they gently brushed across her taut skin. Another moan escaped as her hands traced over the apex of her tiny mound of flesh and down the gentle slope towards her sex. She moaned even louder as she felt the pressure continued to build, slowly pushing her belly outwards. It took less than a minute for her stomach to double in size. Jessica’s stomach had grown from a tiny food-baby to the size of woman four months along. With her eyes closed she couldn’t see many of the other changes that John was making to her Avatar, but they were not limited to her expanding middle. Her skin flushed, and her hair grew and shimmered. John’s attention to detail demonstrated a profound love for the pregnant form as even her fingernails grew and strengthened. Of course one change did not escape Jessica’s attention. Even though her hands were occupied rubbing her ever-expanding belly she could not ignore the changes to her breasts. They had already been very impressive, double D and perky in a way that defied gravity, but they too had begun to swell. They ached as they became engorged with milk, growing beyond DD and into gigantic EE tits. They were still much firmer than would be possible in RL but their new weight now pulled them down so they rested comfortably on the imposing mountain of flesh below them.

“Stand up, beautiful, I want to see you better,” John said. Still lost in a fugue, Jessica complied.

Looking down, Jessica could no longer see her feet. Her stomach had erupted out at least a foot and a half, and even that was nearly obscured by the massive mounds of flesh that grew out from her chest. She was so unbalanced that simply standing required all of her remaining mental resources. Both hands were tucked beneath her belly, supporting it and relishing the incredible weight of it. Her stance had changed dramatically too, as her hips had widened and her thighs and ass had thickened. She had become the textbook example of a woman about to pop. Probably with twins.

“Perfect. Absolutely perfect.”

“I’m glad you like it,” replied John, visibly relieved that Jessica had fully accepted her new form. He snapped his fingers, and the glazed look in Jessica’s eyes was erased.

“Okay Sugar,” a once again lucid Jessica said, “are you ready to get your money’s worth? I may be huge, but that just means there’s more of me to pleasure, and you’d better be up to the task!”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll do my very best!”

Jessica mentally reviewed the time. An hour and twenty-three minutes! Awesome! “No hurry, you just take your time!” she added with a wink.

John responded by stepping forward. Jessica could feel his erection pulsing against her belly, could see his eyes glaze over, and reveled in the sharp pleasure as he dragged his nails along the prodigious surface of her stomach. Years of practice told her exactly what he wanted, and she was surprised to discover that she desperately wanted it too. She reached out and grabbed him, turned and tossed him to the bed, and lumbered over and sat atop him. His manhood was pinned beneath her soaking wet sex, and the rest of him was pinned beneath her massive middle. From her perspective nothing was visible below his perfectly chiseled chin. This time it was his turn to groan, as Jessica allowed him to bear the pleasurable pressure of her pregnant belly. If she wasn’t careful she could probably crush the life out of him. She suspected he would at least die a very happy man.

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