Our Hotel Tryst, Ch. 04b – JaneOur Hotel Tryst, Ch. 04b – Jane


At Breakfast

You order up some breakfast and we take another shower before it arrives. I lay back on the bed, wrapped in the small hotel towel when we hear the knock at our door. You put on a robe and as I start to get out of bed you say, “Don’t move.”

An adorable pixie haired woman rolls in our cart and starts when she sees me, the small towel barely covering my naked body. She flushes red and stammers an apology, but doesn’t move or take her eyes off me.

“No problem, Jane.” You say, reading her name tag, and tell her to wait while you find your wallet. She stands motionless, her eyes roving over my barely concealed body. You fumble around, seemingly oblivious, unable to find your wallet. I shift, uncomfortable, but to my shame, I discover I’m excited to be so exposed and obviously appreciated by this attractive girl. I bend my knee slightly, and let the towel open to give a partially unobstructed view of my bare pussy. I watch as Jane’s eyes widen and lips part slightly. She darts her tongue out to lick her lips when you finally find a $20 and hand it to her, saying thank you. She accepts it without looking at you, and then remembers herself and leaves abruptly.

“That was cruel!” I yell at you.

“To whom? She seemed to enjoy the show, and I bet if I tear that towel off you I’ll find you wet and ready for me again.”

You’re not wrong.

“In any case, I’m starving.” I deflect and stand, naked, to sit at our sumptuous breakfast table. We sit and enjoy our meal but my mind keeps wandering back to the look in the porters eyes, and I wonder what would have happened if I dropped the towel completely…

“Should I order something else?” You ask.

“Hmm? Oh no I’m fine, are you still hungry?”

“I could eat.” You say, with a lascivious grin, and I laugh. “Did you like her? I could order champagne, maybe she’d like to stay and have a glass with us?”

Unsure, I say, “As you like,” letting you decide. You grab the phone and ring the front desk and ask that Jane bring up a bottle.

Nervously, I stand and reach for my robe, but again you tell me to stay, and grab my shoulders to position me standing beside the bed. You kiss me deeply, perhaps to calm my nerves or stifle any potential protest, and I melt into your embrace. Your hands rove over my nakedness, feeling every curve, and I shiver at your loving touch. I reach my hands inside your robe to caress your chest and back, sliding my hands down to feel your taut ass. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door and you break away from me to answer. ‘Wait’, I think, emek escort but can’t manage to say. I stand where you placed me, but my entire body begins to shake involuntarily.

“Come in” I hear you say from just around the corner, and too soon for a coherent thought to form she’s there, in front of me, a little taller than me, with an athletic build, perhaps 22, with fine features and kind, sparkly eyes. “Jane, my companion thought I was being cruel to you earlier. I’m not sure why, but if you were upset I do apologize. Would you care to have a drink with us?”

I’m slightly flushed and panting, from your recent touch or the sudden, unexpected exhibitionism, I can’t say. She stands there, taking all of me in. “Yes, that would be great, thank you.” She finally says.

“Wonderful!” You pour three glasses and hand them to each of us. “To old friends, and new” you say. Jane and I both down our drinks and you pour us seconds.

“Don’t you think my friend is something special?”

“Yes” She says immediately.

“I think she’s a bit shy, why don’t you give her a kiss and show her how pretty she is.”

She doesn’t need to be offered twice, and moves towards me with grace and confidence. She strokes my cheek gently, then slides her hand to the back of my head and presses me upwards to her soft lips. We kiss deeply, as you move towards your chair and sit, watching us while you sip your champagne. Jane’s other hand traces sensually down my back making me shiver. She grips my hair tighter as her hand reaches the curve of my ass and she squeezes it appreciatively. You chuckle, “You found her weakness Jane. She absolutely loves getting her ass played with.”

She pulls me flush against her, taking your statement as approval to proceed, and I feel my wetness begin to drip down my thigh.

I quake to feel this total stranger holding my naked, vulnerable body. I haven’t kissed a girl since highschool, and her soft lips and delicate hands on me feel foreign and exciting. She continues to explore my mouth while her right hand drops down to my breast and I hear her moan in appreciation. Her other hand slides down my ass, her middle finger inserting itself between my legs to feel the dripping heat there. She groans into my mouth and slides two more fingers in and begins fucking my entrance from behind. My knees go weak at this intrusion which only serves to force her fingers deeper inside me.

“Don’t you think our guest would be more comfortable with fewer clothes on, my love?”

Your eryaman escort words break me out of my reverie and I pull away slightly to fumble with the buttons on her uniform vest. She steps back, letting her fingers trail out of me, spreading my juices back up my crack. Despite my shaking fingers, I manage to undo her vest and she shrugs it off while undoing her belt and trousers. I manage the first few buttons on her shirt before she raises her arms and allows me to pull the shirt over her head. She kicks off her shoes and pants in one smooth motion, her boy shorts and bra disappear in another, and she’s back upon me, our naked flesh tingling where we touch.

Her mouth dominates mine and she maneuvers me towards the bed without my noticing, until the backs of my knees hit the mattress and she pushes me onto the bed and follows my down. Jane kisses my mouth once more, then begins trailing kisses down my neck, and breasts, taking one nipple in her mouth sucking and biting gently, while tweaking the other with deft fingers. I throw my head back and moan at her attentions, but I miss her mouth on mine.

I pull her back up towards me and we move to the center of the bed, as her thigh parts my legs, and one hand grabs the back of my head. Her domination, so different from yours, sets butterflies in my stomach as her palm cups my mound and her fingers plunge into my wetness.

I turn to see you still seated, appearing to calmly sip your champagne, but your eyes are on fire. You finish your drink and stand as Jane’s fingers expertly fuck me, you take off your robe, your cock standing rigid. You kneel next to my head and stroke my cheek and I instinctively take you into my mouth, savoring you as Jane’s mouth returns to my nipple. She swirls her tongue around my areola and then bites just hard enough to make me gasp. You take the opportunity to grab my head and force your cock to the back of my throat, growling at the deep penetration. Jane strokes my pussy faster, expertly caling forth my orgasm as you fuck my face with strong, deep strokes.

After I come down you pull out and lift Jane up, spinning her around to sit on my face. I’ve never done this, but I know what I like, and as she lowers herself down she buries her face in my still quivering pussy and I lose myself in her. You sit back enjoying the picture we make, slowly stroking yourself to the wet moaning sounds of our mutual pleasure. After a few minutes you position yourself between my legs. Jane raises her head and to your surprise, esat escort takes your cock in her wet mouth. You groan out your appreciation and slide two fingers into my pussy, finger fucking me in rhythm with Jane’s mouth on your member.

You lift my hips up and kick my legs further apart and pull out of Jane’s mouth, only to spear my pussy a moment later. You grunt at my tight heat and grab the back of Jane’s head, kissing her passionately, reveling in the taste of me on her lips. She rocks herself back and forth on my mouth, covering my face in her juices and cums suddenly, screaming into your mouth, fucking my face uncontrollably as her body quakes.

After a few panting moments she lifts herself off me, and turns around to lay on top of me, kissing me lovingly and then begins to lick herself off my face. Presented with such a sight you can’t help but pull out of me and slide down the bed to bury your face in the bounty spread before you. You take long strokes of your tongue starting with my quivering pussy and ending with Jane’s asshole, moaning at our combined taste. You sit up and slide two fingers inside me and two inside Jane and begin finger fucking us both with long deep strokes. Your cock jumps as you hear us both moan and you begin steadily increasing your pace. I break away from Jane’s mouth to moan, warning “I’m going to cum!” So you begin thrusting hard and fast into us both, feeling both our pussies clench down as we writhe into each other and scream out our simultaneous release. You drink in the vision of our writhing bodies controlled by your fingers buried inside both of us before slowly withdrawing your hands.

You reposition yourself behind us and rub your cock up and down our dripping, quivering slits. Jane purrs and rubs herself back against you, begging, “Please.” Which is all the invitation you need, and you grab her hips and thrust into this stranger’s cunt. She screams an animal cry announcing her presence in our room to the rest of the floor and you grunt and fuck her deeply, appreciating this new, unexpected treat.

Your thrusts grind her pussy down into mine, making stars appear behind my tightly shut eyes as another orgasm rocks my body beneath her. She follows me as another quickly overtakes her, her spasming pussy, along with the sight and sound of my own orgasm sends you over the edge. You fuck the stranger with wild abandon, roaring as you spill your seed deeply into her.

Eventually you slowly pull out and watch with fascination as your cum spills out of her and onto my pussy. You collapse onto the bed next to me, as Jane rolls to the opposite side. You grab me and pull me back into you, kissing my neck, holding me tightly. Jane turns and kisses me softly, lingering a moment before she gets up, thanks us while gathering up her clothes, and leaves quietly. We fall asleep as the sound of the door closes behind her.

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