Old Man Discovers… Ch. 05Old Man Discovers… Ch. 05


Chapter 5. . . Old man discovers. . continued

. . . “I don’t know if I want all that you talked about a few minutes ago but I do want to cum as often as possible. I want you to pinch, clip, lick, nibble and suck my nipples. Fondle, lick and suck my cock. This situation is going to save me from having to look for a woman. I always thought of my self as straight. I’ve always loved titties, especially small ones and I’ve always loved eating pussy. I hope that doesn’t offend you or turn you off?

But now, since I’ve had sex with a man. Do I consider myself bisexual or gay? Not gay because I haven’t sucked a cock, fucked a man or been fucked by a man? But, as to the other things you mentioned I’ll have to think about them. Are any of these things you mentioned something you want?”

“Laughingly Fred, says, I guess we are both considered bisexual but only if we have sex with women also. I wonder if that is really a possibility? Myself,sex with a woman is not in the near future even though I’m married. Like you,the sex was really only for procreation. That’s why I had sex with the one other guy. I also wanted some intimacy. Intimacy that I wasn’t getting at home and wasn’t going to search mardin escort for with another woman.

The other man I was with,came on to me in such a way that my curiosity got the better of me. His approach was so kind, soft and gentle that I couldn’t refuse his advances. I guess he saw something in me that I didn’t realize was possible. We were sitting next to each other in a bar and he struck up a conversation. We discussed weather, cars, sports, family’s and he finally turned the conversation to women and sex. I,let out a gawhaf and a snort.

He asked what was that about? I said, whats sex? He, laid his hand on my leg and asked you want to find out what sex is, come with me. His hand was softly rubbing up and down my leg and finally stopped at my cock and he gently squeezed. Now as you know how tiny I am, his hand engulfed my cock and balls. He tells me to show him my tongue and to lick my lips, while still holding my cock and balls.

I hesitate but eventually do as he says and he gently squeezes my now had cock and says nice. Now, how would you like to taste me with that sweet, wet mouth?”

I probably hesitated for about 60 seconds and replied when and nevşehir escort where? Taking me by the arm he led me out of the bar and headed down the street. All the time he’s talking and telling me that I will love sucking his cock and will swallow his load and ask for more.

We finally turn into an apartment house and enter the first ground floor apartment. He locks the door, turns to me and says make my cock hard, make me cum with your mouth and tongue. I feel like I’m in a dream but reach down to his crotch and grope his cock and balls. He pushes on my shoulders and forces me to my knees. I unzip his pants and let them fall to the floor.

He’s not wearing any underwear and his cock is swollen and leaking pre-cum. It’s not huge, probably five inches and his ball sac in tight. As I stare at it my once dry mouth starts to water and I lick my lips. He see this and pushes his crotch closer to my face so that his cock touches my lips. I can’t hold back and flick my tongue out to taste the pre-cum. It’s warm and sweet. I grab his cock and milk it as I would my own. More pre-cum seeps out and I engulf his whole cock into my mouth. He moans and hunches forward to shove niğde escort it even deep into my throat. I, gag and pull my mouth from his cock but he quickly puts it back in and I start sucking as if I’d been doing it all my life. Five maybe six sucks and I feel his balls tighten and a load of cum floods into my mouth. I, try to swallow it all as it tastes so delicious but much of it leaks out and onto my chin.

I feel a wetness in my pants and realize it’s either pre-cum or I’ve shot my load. He’s moving his cock in and out of my mouth and I’m milking his balls. I, so want it to get hard again. I never in my life thought anything like this would happen but now realize that I have found my calling. This is what I want for the rest of my life. It felt so wonderful having my mouth full of cock and feeling the gushing of cum.

We,met twice more and each time was better than the last. Then one day when I went to his apartment for a session and he had disappeared. I never saw him again. This was devastating. What to do now? Cruise the bars, the streets? Would this be the first and last time for my oral pleasure? Shortly after his disappearance we moved and now you know the whole story. ”

“There’s a knock at the door and I see Fred’s wife. Fortunately we’re both dressed. Fred,goes to the door and she tells him the roofers have arrived. He turns to me tells me he’ll see me later and that I should remember what he said. . . to be continued. .

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