Naughty Nerd Lust: Sarah and Charles Part 2Naughty Nerd Lust: Sarah and Charles Part 2


Sarah woke up early. Today was the day she would go and see Charles’s apartment. She was genuinely interested in what the apartment complex had to offer, considering she was going to move off campus the coming semester; however, the apartment tour wasn’t the only thing she was after. She wanted Charles to scan his big brown eyes up and down her body and devour her with his eyes. He had done it before and she craved his penetrating gaze, so she was going to give him something to really look at. She found a Erzurum Escort tight fitting, low-cut red blouse, and since it had ample padding, she didn’t feel the need to wear a bra. Surprisingly, her D-cup breasts did not droop like most women with that size; they were perky and as round as honeydew melons. She couldn’t decide if she should go commando or wear a thong with her hip-hugging black pants, but she eventually decided to just be free; it was comfortable and allowed for Erzurum Escort Bayan easy access. It was a five minute drive out to the Reserve, and she waited another five minutes in the car stressing over every detail of her looks; she wanted to be perfect. He lived alone in 207B, which was on the quiet side of the complex, overlooking the swimming pool and golf course. Suddenly she saw him, he was standing on his balcony and looking out toward the golf course. He seemed to be Escort Erzurum in deep thought, and his concentrated stare almost made her wish she had worn a bra. Charles was patiently awaiting Sarah’s arrival. He couldn’t keep his mind off of her. She was like no other woman he had ever met. She was brilliant, witty, beautiful, and actually talked to him. She was everything he wanted in a woman. She proved she could hold an intelligent conversation and that she actually had a fun personality. If there was one thing he couldn’t stand it was women who were beautiful, but weren’t born with a brain; he knew most college guys didn’t care if a woman was intelligent or not as long as they got laid, but he did care. As he overlooked the golf course, he recapped what had happened last night.

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