Nancy’s Mid-life Awakening Ch. 23Nancy’s Mid-life Awakening Ch. 23

Alessa Savage

Chapter 23


The day after her sister’s birthday “party”, Nancy reached out to her new friend Deb to get together for lunch. They met in a local restaurant just after the normal lunch rush had subsided and were able to find a table that gave them some degree of privacy to talk. Deb was still excited from the night before and was eager to attend the next large gathering. After a brief discussion of the previous night’s events, the two women shifted their talk to more mundane matters.

They picked up where they had left off in Ann’s living room and learned more about each other’s personal lives. Deb and Kyle had been married for 40 years and two children; however their daughter was a drug-addict who had been in and out of trouble for several years. She had a small child, but the father was in prison and had never been in the picture. Since the mother was unable to properly care for her son, the two sets of grandparents ended up raising the young boy. He primarily stayed with his father’s parents who were in their early fifties, but he stayed with Deb and her husband one or two weekends each month during the school year and for longer periods during the summer when schools were closed.

Their son was the exact opposite. He was the oldest and had always made good grades in school, eventually getting a Master’s degree in college and becoming an engineer. He was very athletic, but quiet and more like his father in personality. He wasn’t married yet, but had a girlfriend that he had been dating for a couple years and who Deb expected he would ask to marry him very soon.

Nancy filled Deb in on her past, including her failed first marriage and then how she met Paul in the parking lot of a large home improvement store. Deb became curious how Nancy got into swinging which led to another long tale of how her sister and brother-in-law were the ones who introduced her to it. Deb wanted to know if it had ever caused a problem between her and Paul, but Nancy replied that she knew Paul loved only her and with all of his heart. She felt the same way about him and had quickly learned to separate making love to her husband from having sex with others outside of her marriage. She also confided that she had always been the one who seemed more interested in hooking up with others and Paul seemed indifferent about whether they did or not.

Deb’s eyes opened in surprise. She had always assumed that the men were more inclined to have sex with as many partners as possible, but Nancy laughed and said that she couldn’t believe how many women she had met who seemed to be just as horny if not more so than their partner. That’s when it struck Deb that she had always been the partner in her marriage who seemed to have the greatest libido and desire for excitement while Kyle was much more staid and conventional. After their two experiences with swinging, she wasn’t sure that he was entirely comfortable with it because of “performance issues”.

Nancy gave Deb an understanding look and tried to help her friend. “It’s easier for us women in that regard. I know men are super-sensitive about being able to have an erection and keep it for a while, not to mention how concerned they are about cumming too early. To them, they’re a failure and can’t satisfy their woman if they aren’t big enough or can’t keep it up for a long time, but most of us don’t care, especially if it’s our husband. I’ve seen several guys who had some sort of performance issue at one point or another, but the key is letting them know that there’s always something else they can do to pleasure us that doesn’t involve their dick.”

Deb giggled at Nancy’s bluntness, but agreed with her assessment. She wanted to continue getting together with others to swing, but worried that it could create a rift between her and Kyle. Nancy opined that the concern was valid, but it was really a discussion that Deb needed to have with her husband. “You two have to be completely honest with each other and respectful of each other’s feelings. If you decide to quit swinging, you can’t hold it against him and by the same token, if you continue to have extramarital hook-ups, he needs to let you know as soon as he starts to feel uncomfortable to the point where he really doesn’t want to do it, regardless of the reason. Neither of you can afford to hold resentments against the other for how you conduct your sex lives. I’m sure both of you hold your marriage as a higher priority than your personal desires.”

Deb considered what Nancy shared and agreed completely. When they started trying to plan their get-together on the next weekend, they decided not to plan on making it a swing affair until Deb had a chance to talk things over with Kyle.


The following weekend, Paul and Nancy drove to Deb and Kyle’s home for a late afternoon visit followed by a very casual cookout dinner. Nancy filled Paul in on her discussion with Deb over lunch the week before and made sure he understood the sensitivities, involved. All that became irrelevant as soon as they arrived.

Kyle met them at the çanakkale escort door and let them in just as Deb came rushing up from the back of the house. She gave Nancy a warm hug and whispered “Thanks for all your help” in her ear before moving over to give Paul a lingering hug as well. Paul’s first clue that Deb and Kyle had resolved any potential issues came when she squeezed his butt and pulled him tightly against her body. Paul glanced over at Kyle, who had just given Nancy a brief peck on her cheek and a brief hug. Kyle didn’t show any sign of reaction when he noticed his wife hanging on to Paul, but remained happy and upbeat while he gathered their jackets and put them away.

He and Deb led their new friends into their living room and when the men left to get drinks for their wives, Nancy leaned over and asked Deb in a loud whisper, “What’s going on?”

Deb leaned forward and replied in a quiet, but excited voice, “I did what you suggested and it turned out I completely misjudged Kyle’s feelings. He still wants to continue to go out and meet new partners together. He knows he doesn’t have much sexual experience, but all the women we’ve met so far don’t seem to care and he figures he’s a quick study.”

“That’s great” Nancy told her, “but I just got through telling Paul that this wasn’t going to be like that.”

“If you want, I’ll ask Kyle to get together with him in private to explain things for him,” Deb offered.

“That would be good,” Nancy responded. Just then the two men rejoined their women and handed them each a glass of wine. Kyle raised his glass and toasted, “To our newest friends!” Everyone else raised their glasses and echoed his sentiments and as they sipped their wine, Kyle looked at Nancy and asked, “What would be good?”

After a moment of confusion, Nancy realized that he had heard her last remark to Deb. “Oh, we were just saying that it would be good for your guys to get together sometime and become better friends.”

Kyle looked at Paul and then back at the seated women. “Yeah, that could be fun.” He and Paul started chatting about different activities and golf immediately came out as a common interest. They talked about different courses they had played in the area while the two women exchanged knowing looks and engaged in trivial conversation of their own. After a few minutes, everyone was sitting comfortably in the living room and had shifted to more of a group conversation about various topics. When the wine glasses required a refill, Paul and Kyle got up and their wives followed them back into the kitchen where they ended up standing around the island sipping wine, snacking on some finger-food that Deb had prepared, and engaging in more light-hearted banter.

Eventually, Kyle went outside to start grilling some burgers and chicken and Paul went out to keep him company. Deb called out to him after the grill was started and as she handed him a platter of meat and veggies to grill, she whispered something to him that caused him to nod his head.

He returned to the grill and after putting the meat on, he commented that his wife was concerned that Paul might be uncertain about getting sexually involved with her. Kyle then laughed and assured him that it was fine with him and he didn’t want Paul feeling uncomfortable because on Deb’s earlier behavior.

Paul laughed with him and replied, “Yeah, it was a little surprising, but I figured you guys must have figured things out and it was okay.” Their conversation slowly drifted into more risqué topics and Paul found out that while Kyle appeared very quiet and proper, he had a very quick wit and could engage in what amounted to humorous “locker room talk” without batting an eye. He did ask Paul in seriousness, if it was easy for him and Nancy to reconcile their fairly regular and routine extramarital hook-ups with their marriage vows.

Paul considered the question and responded, “I don’t know how easy it was, especially for her in the beginning, but we both know in our hearts that we are still in love with each other and nothing is going to change that. After that, it comes down to being able to differentiate sex from love. We only make love to each other, while with others, there’s no emotional bond involved and it’s just having sex.”

Kyle nodded as he pondered what Paul said. “I think Deb and I are the same way, but we’ve never actually described it like that together.” After that, they shifted back to planning on when they could get together for a game of golf. Remembering the outing he and Nancy had with Craig and Jeanne, he asked if Deb played. The answer was a resounding, “No”, so he promptly dismissed the idea of a similar outing with Kyle and Deb.

When dinner and dessert were concluded and everything had been cleaned up, Deb invited Nancy and Paul for a quick tour of the house. She started with the downstairs area which included the living room, a formal dining area, the kitchen/breakfast nook area, and a large study that gave her and Kyle each a comfortable desk and computer workstation from çeşme escort which to work. They also had a small bedroom area, but it was currently used as a storage area for out-of-season clothing and boxes of other stuff that they didn’t want to put in the attic.

Upstairs, they had two guest rooms with a connecting bathroom, another small room which was used for everything from ironing to crafts and sewing. She finished up at the master suite. Deb opened the door with a flourish and announced, “Ta-da! And this is where the magic happens!”

The room was comfortable and tastefully decorated just like the rest of the house. It had two walk-in closets., the larger of which belonged to Deb (“As it should be”, she commented in mock seriousness). The master bath contained a tiled shower area with clear glass surrounding 2-1/2 sides and a jetted tub. It also contained were twin vanities with the toilet was in a separate small space at the end of the room.

Kyle entered the room carrying a fresh bottle of wine and four new glasses. “I thought I’d find you up here,” he said with a smile. Setting the tray down on one of the vanity cabinets, he poured each person a glass of wine and finishing with an empty bottle in his hand. They once more toasted to their friendship and then migrated back into the bedroom.

Not surprisingly, Deb was the first to speak up and address the elephant in the room. “I’m really new to this sort of thing and not sure how to segue into the next part of our evening. If you guys aren’t up for it, that’s fine. I’m sure we’ll have other opportunities later, it’s just that I thought since we were already here…” her voice trailed off as she looked at Nancy almost desperate for help.

“Well, first off, we’re both great with getting more intimate with you guys, but I don’t know of any really natural way to transition into it. The two ways our other friends go about it is to either start with a game that leads to everyone getting naked, or just hooking up almost as soon as you get there,” Nancy told her. “Maybe it would be easier if we just split up and went to different rooms, that way we don’t get distracted by anyone else?”

Deb looked at Kyle and then back to Paul and Nancy. “I think that would be a good idea. It still feels a little weird being with someone else in front of each other.” They decided that Nancy and Kyle would go to one of the guest rooms, while Deb and Paul went to the other guest room. “It doesn’t feel right being in our bed with someone else,” Deb said almost apologetically when it was suggested that she and Paul stay in the master bedroom.

They left with their glasses of wine and parted in the hallway to head into their respective rooms. When Deb closed the door behind them, she turned to Paul and stood at a loss on how to behave. Moving in, Paul took her in a comfortable embrace and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Relax,” he whispered. “Just be yourself and remember to have fun.”

She smiled back up at him and hugged him tightly before reaching up for another kiss. However, this time, she kissed him with the same exuberance that she had at Ann’s home. Their hands roamed over each other and began their initial exploration. She felt Paul’s manhood inside his jeans and rubbed and fondled it through his clothing. She was also wearing jeans, except that hers were very tight around her hips and butt which Paul remembered as being exceptionally good-looking. He played with her butt cheeks until she moved back a step. “I want you to undress me,” she said quietly and simply.

Paul found her demeanor unexpected, but also enticing. Whereas previously, Deb had been full of energy and craved excitement, this evening she seemed innocent and vulnerable. He didn’t think about it too long, though. His hands expertly opened her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders while she kicked off her sandals. He set the blouse on the dresser and took her to stand in front of him while he sat on the side of the bed. He unbuttoned the top of her jeans and lowered the zipper to reveal a thin pair of lacy panties underneath. He tugged the jeans down over her hips and thighs to let them fall to the ground around her ankles.

She stepped out of her jeans and waited before him in just her bra and panties. Her breasts were directly in front of his face and as he looked up, he saw her looking back expectantly. He removed his shirt, shoes, and socks while she waited and then stood up to quickly remove his jeans. Deb could see the rise under his shorts, but resisted the urge to grab it again. Paul moved behind her and placed his hands on her bare shoulders. He felt her body tremble and leaned down to move her thick yellow-blonde hair to one side so that he could lightly kiss her neck and shoulders. He finished by sucking on her ear lobe and gently nibbling on it which caused her to smile and squirm in his grasp.

His hands slid down the outside of her arms and then he released the multiple hooks holding her bra in place. Her breasts sprang out from their confinement and he finished by slipping diyarbakır escort the bra straps off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. His hands moved around her to join just above her panty line and then he slowly moved the up and down her torso. His touch was so light, that it almost tickled, but instead, he could felt her entire abdomen give an involuntary flutter each time his fingertips passed over it.

He couldn’t see from behind her, but Deb had closed her eyes to focus on what he was doing to her and to try and will his hands to go where she so greatly desired. When he finally reached the underside of her firm, round breasts, she inhaled sharply and then held her breath waiting for what was to come. Paul never varied the very light pressure that his fingers exerted on her skin as they ascended her twin mounts until he reached her nipples.

Her areolae were quite large and spanned nearly the entire top of her breasts. He assumed that was due in part to her breasts being much larger prior to the reduction surgery she had years before. Her nipples were hard and stood out almost one inch from their base which provided an extremely erotic side from where he was viewing looking down over her shoulder. He played with her nipples, but not as hard as Nancy liked. When she didn’t respond, he pinched and twisted them a little harder, but it still didn’t seem to affect her much. “Since my surgery, my boobs aren’t very sensitive,” she told him in a loud whisper.

Paul moved his hands back under her breasts to cup them and then kiss the side of her neck again. Releasing them, his hands slid down her sides and the slight roll she had above her hips so that his thumbs hooked under the waistband of her panties. He tugged them down carefully and as soon as they reached the middle of her thighs, they fell to the ground around her ankles. She stepped out of them and waited while he continued to move his hands and fingers lightly over her body. When they moved down the inside of her thighs, Deb gave an involuntary shiver and felt a tingle of excitement race up inside her.

Paul’s fingers shifted direction when they were halfway down the inside of her thighs and they moved upward until they met the thin, pale hair surrounding Deb’s pussy. The outside lips of her pussy were dry and closed, but he was sure she was getting wetter inside. To help her along, Paul had Deb bend over the side of the bed and spread her legs. He knelt behind her and started licking and probing around her pussy with his talented tongue. He knew that Deb liked being taken from behind, but she was going to have to wait a while longer.

As her outer labia opened more, Paul could taste some of her pent up juice and finding her small clit, he teased it until her knees were almost buckling under her. “Oh God! I need you inside me now!” she pleaded quietly. “Hurry up and fuck me!”

However, Paul continued to lick and finger Deb’s pussy for several minutes until she climaxed and practically collapsed on top of his head between her legs. She continued to plead for him to enter her from behind, but when he stood up, it was to turn her around and sit her on the side of the bed. He held his semi-erect cock to her mouth and she fervently took it between her lips. He felt her tongue swirling around the head and at the same time, she took the shaft between her thumb and two fingers to stroke and hold it.

This evening Deb was completely different from how she behaved at Ann’s home. Back then, she was wild and moved with feverish excitement and little skill when she was sucking his cock. However, now she was showing patience and a much better understanding of how to excite a man. She kept just the head of his cock between her lips for over a minute and then began licking her way down his nearly erect shaft. When she reached his balls, she worked her way back up again and then went down on him again. She continued to stroke his cock to help keep it hard and was able to take nearly half of its length inside her mouth before almost gagging.

When she removed his cock from her mouth, Deb looked up at Paul hopefully. He smiled and eased her on her back. Paul raised her legs to rest them over his shoulders and guided his firm cock to her waiting hole. Despite her wetness, he still felt some slight resistance until he was completely inside her. He held her legs wide with his hands and slowly worked himself in and out of her cunt. She was not as nearly flexible as Jeanne, or even Nancy, so he was careful not to force her legs too far back as he sped up his plunging motion. Each time his hips hit against her upraised bottom, it sent a shock wave that was clearly visible across her body. Her breasts in particular, were shaking up and down her chest in synchronization with his movements and nearly hitting the underside of her jaw.

After a couple minutes of hard pounding, Paul slowed and lowered her legs to either side of his. He leaned down and moved his arms under her back and kiss and suckle her beautiful breasts. He found them even better looking than Ann’s and Deb pulled his head down to her chest to keep him there. He had slowed his thrusting to a very slow pace, in part to keep from ejaculating too soon. He concentrated on the warm, soft body under him and used her moans and soft cries to guide his actions.

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