My Father’s Daughter Ch. 01My Father’s Daughter Ch. 01


As far back as I can remember my twin brother, Connor, and I have lived in constant fear of our three older brothers. I guess we passed for a typical American family all those years living in the town of Glenwood together because nobody suspect anything for the longest time, not even Mom and Dad. Finally when I was twelve years old, Mom and Dad left town overnight for a wedding. Before they left they told Kevin (the oldest of my brothers) not to throw any wild parties. And he respected that. But when they returned home they found trouble of a different kind. My parents found Kevin holding me upside down across his lap while he carved the words ‘Slut’ into my buttocks with a pair of scissors. And that’s the last time I remember Mom and Dad doing anything together. Mom moved out several months later and she took me and Connor with her.

Connor and I were reunited with our father through an unhappy accident that killed our mom. Even though both of us had just turned 18, Dad wrote to us and managed to persuade us that living with him on his ranch on the outskirts of Glenwood would be the best thing for everybody. Now all Connor and I had to do was find it.

“I told you, you missed the turn back there at a gas station”

“That wasn’t a street! It was a….bike path” Connor muttered gritting his teeth and swerving the family SUV to avoid running over a piece of roadkill.

“It was a road. And why are we going 15 miles an hour” I muttered. Connor shot me a look.

“You can relax you know. I think you already won the award for bitchiest sister. Here” he made a sudden turn and knocked my Starbucks into my lap.

“Shit! Connor, you asshole!” I screamed grabbing a napkin and attempting to mop the coffee that was already spreading across my white skirt. Great. The first time seeing my Dad in years and I looked like I just had an explosion in my pants. Connor snickered.

“Sorry. But I wasn’t expecting the turn because apparently it had already passed” he shot me a smug look. Ever since high school when I got a boyfriend and he got a daily wedgie on the playground, Connor has always resented me. He’s never mentioned it. But it’s a bit obvious.

“Holy fuck, his place is huge” Connor muttered. Momentarily distracted I lifted my head from my skirt.

“I thought Mom said he was a writer. No way does he have this much money” I said, taking in the balconies, the in ground pool and the wide sweeping lawn. Connor began the climb up the 2 mile driveway to the front door.

“I’m not complaining” he said giving me another grin, this one a bit more friendlier.

We pulled to a stop in front of the doors. The house looked dark and still. “Maybe no one is home” Connor said sounding a little hopeful.

“They’re here!” we heard someone call from inside the house.

“Or not” I added unbuckling my seat belt and stepping out of the car. Before I could even take a step I felt someone throw their arms around me.

“Becky! Wow you’ve grown!” It was unmistakably my older brother George. Out of my three older brothers- Mark, George and Kevin- the only one that called me Becky, the only one that probably even remembered my name was George. George was the first one in the family in the family to lose his virginity. I know because I was there (he lost it to our babysitter. Kevin was furious but only because he was second).

“Hey George” Connor said. He extended his hand for a handshake but George ignored the gesture and enveloped him in a hug. Connor looked a little alarmed. He didn’t like being touched.

“Hey kids. Have a nice trip?” I hadn’t seen my Dad in forever but he didn’t look like he had gotten any older. If anything he had gotten younger.

“Yeah” I said stepping forward to give him a hug. His eyes quickly assessed me. They didn’t linger on my rich full breasts but they did pause at the coffee stain on my skirt. “Connor spilled Starbucks on me” I muttered flushing. Dad just smiled and opened his arms for a hug. I pressed my body against him. Unlike many of the other older men that I have hugged, Dad’s body was still toned and firm. In fact if I hadn’t known he was my Dad and I would have tried to brush myself up against him more slowly. He was my dad though and I let go rather quickly. “Hey Connor you’ve grown” He said.

“He certainly has” teased George “Bet the girls are going crazy for you” I rolled my eyes. As far as I knew Connor hadn’t even kissed a girl. I was beginning to wonder if he was gay.

“George let him breathe” My dad said sternly. I could tell he didn’t want any of history to repeat himself “I’m going to run to the Rasimpaşa Escort store for some steak. George will show you two around” George didn’t really look too happy with this idea but it wasn’t like he could argue. Dad was obviously someone you didn’t want to mess with. George waited until Dad pulled away before turning to us.

“You’re room is on the second floor. Last door on the right”

“Wait, we’re sharing a room” Connor asked sounding extremely alarmed. George laughed. “Don’t look so scared. You’re lucky” He winked at me and then let his hand linger on my ass when he gave it a quick pat. I flushed.

“Come on let’s go” I said after he had sauntered away to the shed.

“Next time he does that you need to punch him” Connor warned.

“Why can’t you do it?”

“Cuz it’s not my ass he’s grabbing” We stepped into the house and were greeted by a blast of cold air.

“Thank God” Connor said.

“Dad is that you?” I glanced up. Mark was standing at the top of a spiral staircase, hands in his pockets, the unmistakable scent of cigarettes in the air.

“Oh, it’s you guys” He said.

“Hey Mark” Connor waved his hand in a half wave. Mark gave us another nod of acknowledgement and then plodded back to his room. Connor looked at me and shrugged. We lugged our suitcases up the stairs and to the end of the hall.

We were almost to our bedroom when someone called “Stop” Both of us jumped. We turned around to see Kevin standing in one of the doorways, watching us closely. I took a fearful step in Connor’s direction. Kevin came forward still staring.

“My, my Becca look how you have grown” He said. Connor cleared his throat. Kevin ignored him.

“Not such a little girl anymore” he whispered in my ear and then slowly ran his fingers over my ass. When I opened my eyes he was gone.

“Come on” Connor said his voice heavy with disgust. I stumbled into the bedroom behind him and kicked the door closed behind me.

“Why are you talking to me like I’m some kind of parasite” Connor laughed but he didn’t sound amused.

“I doubt a parasite would allow her older brothers to fondle her like she was some street hooker” I rolled my eyes.

“Connor, they were not fondling me they were-” Suddenly Connor whirled around and grabbed my arms with both hands. “Connor!” I squealed as his grip tightened painfully. “Is this what you want?” Connor asked. In one movement he had both of my breasts in his hands and squeezed them firmly. I gasped and Connor let go of me as thought he had been burned. He stormed from the room leaving me there alone my panties clinging to my body with wetness.

Then, with full knowledge that any of my brothers could walk in on me at any minute, I lowered my pants and panties and began to finger myself moaning with delight while my hands explored my body.

It felt like just a few minutes but when I next opened my eyes it was five’clock- a full half hour later. That wasn’t all. My father and all four of my brothers were standing in the doorway watching me with my hand in my soaking cunt. I screamed and grabbed a cover but my dad was too quick for me. He yanked me to my feet.

“Rebecca, how can you complain that your brothers desire you when you flaunt your body so beautifully in front of them. From now on there are going to be a few new rules around here”

“What?” I couldn’t look my father or anyone in the face. I felt cum drip down my legs. Mark took a few tentative steps forward and picked up my soaking panties which had slipped off my body. Smirking he handed them to George who took a deep breath and inhaled.

“Soaking” Dad nodded

“I thought so. George you have my notebook don’t you. I believe I made of list of steps we could take if Rebecca misbehaved. I had a feeling she would be naughty” George left the room and Dad took me upside down over his knee the same way Kevin had done. I quivered knowing my bare ass was now exposed to my father. My cum was beginning to stain his pants.

“Little girls need to be spanked” he said “But since it’s your first time. I will let you off easy. One spank from each of us” Then he slapped my ass hard and painful. I let out a wail at the sting.

“Awww baby’s tush is sensitive” whispered Dad. “Mark! Kevin! Your turn” Mark and Kevin both stepped forward and delivered their blows. George returned with a large composition notebook then smacked my bottom softly. He let his hands linger on my bare ass again and then trailed them over to my pussy. I let out an extremely audible moan and Dad whispered to me Rasimpaşa Escort Bayan

“You like it when your brother plays with your cunt? Such a naughty girl”

“Your turn Connor” Kevin said giving him a shove. I couldn’t look my twin in the face as he raised he’s hand and delivered a stinging spank. I howled with pain again.

“That’s it for now kids” Dad said getting to his feet “Dinner time” They all left the room like nothing had even happened. I stood there panting. How could I face the rest of the family for dinner time? Now that they knew what my dripping pussy looked like? Now that they each smacked my exposed rear. I couldn’t face them. I buried my face in my hands.

“Rebecca, get that red tush down here now or you will get another spanking!” Dad called. I jumped to my feet. Before I left I slipped on some cotton panties and an old pair of jeans.

When I joined everyone at the dinner they acted as thought nothing had even happened. But I knew. And when I slipped into my seat George caressed my thigh and I jumped. Dad shot a stern glance at me.

“What is it now Becky? Not touching again are we?” My cheeks flamed as everyone laughed even Connor. Traitor. Dad laughed but then turned serious.

“Becky, we are going to need to punish you for getting so carried away. What were you thinking about? What on Earth turned you on so much?” I opened my mouth and closed it.

“Was it your brothers?” Dad continued “Were you thinking about them plunging their cocks into your tender little pussy?”

“No!” I exclaimed. Dad looked disbelievingly. “Connor go stand behind your sister” he ordered. Connor reluctantly got to his feet.

“Touch her” Connor uncertainly placed one hand over each breast and then started sucking on my neck.

“Oh my god” I moaned.

“Oh, this girl likes it” Dad said “That’s all. Thank you Connor” He took his seat and I stared determinedly down at my plate.

“I need to keep an eye on you” Dad warned “And one way we shall do that is daily panty inspections” I almost fell out of my chair

“What?” Dad nodded “You heard me. Each night we shall inspect those panties of yours” I didn’t know it was possible to go any redder but it was apparently. Mark who was sitting on my other side whispered in my ear “Don’t worry Becky. We all just want to help”

“After dinner we are going to take a good look at those panties that we saw before. But it isn’t appropriate for the dinner table. And Becky you haven’t even touched your steak. Please don’t make me nag you about that too”

After dinner, Dad had everyone gather in the living room. He made me stand in the center of the room. Connor lounged on the easy chair, refusing to meet my eyes which were pleading with him to help me.

“George can I have the panties?” Dad asked. George brought them to Dad holding them by one corner as though they were a soiled diaper. Dad held them up for all the room to see. Then he sniffed them.

“They stink, Rebecca” He said harshly “This could be why” Connor said getting to his feet and pointing to several skidmarks on my panties. I almost burst out crying. Dad stared at me.

“Rebecca, do you wipe your bum after you use the bathroom?”

“Yes!” I answered almost crying with embarrassment.

“Mark why don’t you go check?” I think he picked Mark because Mark was looking a little bored.

“What?” Mark asked jumping as though he had been caught napping in class. Dad rolled his eyes.

“Mark, make sure your sisters bottom is clean” Mark seemed to know better than to question. He jumped to his feet and stood behind me. Before he pulled my pants and panties down around my ankles he whispered almost inaudibly “Sorry to do this”

“Bend over Becky” I did but clenched my buttocks as firmly as I could together. Without warning Dad gave them a painful slap. I jumped and exposed my buttocks fully to my older brother.

“Well?” Dad asked.

“Dirty” Mark said.

“What about her hole? How dirty is that?” I let out a sharp gasp as Mark began to finger my hole. It was tight, I had never stuck anything inside of me. Two fingers. I bit my lip to keep from crying out with pain. Suddenly Mark withdrew his fingers. To my horror as he did so I let out a very loud fart. My ass, not used to being played with, seemed to have a mind of its own. I buried my face in my hands. Kevin laughed. Dad shook his head.

“Apparently Becky is not only lazy with personal hygiene, she seems to be experiencing some bathroom troubles as well. Mark you may go and wash that Escort Rasimpaşa disgusting shit off your hands” “Awww you’re not gonna make him eat it?” asked Kevin in disappointed. Dad shot Kevin a severe look.

“This is Becky’s punishment. Although perhaps you would like to join her?” Kevin shook his head.

“All right guys. You may all do whatever it is you teenagers do” he said leaving the room. Connor got up and sprinted for the stairs. Moments later I heard my door slam and lock. Great. Now I had nowhere to go. I got to my feet not really sure where I was going (a walk to the next state maybe?) but George chuckled “Oh no Miss Dirty Panties we aren’t done with you” To my horror he whipped out his camera phone. I moved to snatch up my pants but he was too fast for me.

“The guys on my soccer team are gonna love this” he said with glee. “Now George” chastised Kevin “That isn’t nice” My eyes almost rolled out of my head. Kevin..Kevin of all people was lecturing someone about being nice.

“Maybe she can do something for us instead” He turned to me and then said in a tone much more Kevin-like

“Take off your shirt, bitch” I hesitated.

“Hmmm” George said “Should I send to all 105 contacts or just the boys?’

I hastily took off the shirt and threw it to the ground. They both moved closer staring at the breasts overflowing from the too small bra I had bought several months ago. Kevin stood behind me fiddling with the clasp and several seconds later it fell away. George gave a sharp gasp. I knew he was staring at my big perfect nipples which were pointing out like headlights. Tentatively he took one and stroked it.

“Baby” he whispered in my ear, his breath making goosebumps dance up and down my spine “those tits are the sexiest things I’ve ever seen” Kevin wasn’t quite as impressed.

“They aren’t that great. And they do sag a little”

“That’s only cuz they are huge” whimpered George. He lowered his mouth to them and took one nipple in.

“Boys! I think it’s time you let Becky get to sleep” Dad boomed. He was standing in the doorway his arms across his chest while he casually watched his son suck on his only daughter’s breast. We definitely needed some family counseling.

“She has a big day tomorrow” he added. Shit, what did that mean? I bent over to pick up my clothes. Dad shook his head.

“You wont be needing those. Now run along to bed. You need your sleep” I didn’t need telling twice. I rushed out of the room without glancing at any of them.

I climbed the stairs two at a time and then started pounding on the door to my bedroom. “Let me in!” I shrieked. The door flew open almost immediately. I jumped at Connor, forgetting that I wasn’t wearing any shirt or bra. My breasts bounced toward him as I tried to tackle him.

“Whoa” Connor said pulling himself out of my grasp.

“You little worm!” I screamed, tears running down my cheeks “You- how could you side with them? How could you let them embarrass me like that!” Connor laughed loudly.

“You’ve been making a fool out of me my entire life” he said, his voice shaking slightly. I was too surprised to answer. “You think it’s easy having someone so sexy as my sister? Ever since I was little I’ve wanted you.You were a toy I could never have. Your wonderful breasts, your glistening pussy- it was all just out of my reach. And now your finally mine” He leaned in and grabbed me in a forceful kiss, so forceful it hurt. Then at the last minute he shoved me away from him. I fell backwards onto the wooden floor smacking my head against the side of the dresser. Connor didn’t give me a second glance. He just left the room slamming the door behind him.

I must have cried for an hour. Maybe two. Then I heard a knock on the door. “W-ho is it?” I asked attempting to dry my face. I didn’t want Connor to see me cry. The door opened a crack and Mark stuck his head in.

“Are you okay?” he asked sounding slightly afraid. I burst into tears. Mark walked over to the bed, closing the bed behind him.

“Please don’t cry. They don’t mean anything by it. You should go to sleep now. You’ve had a long day” I was almost out of tears anyway so I put my head down on my pillow which was sopping from all the tears I had shed. Mark switched off the light and to my surprise started stroking my hair just like Mom used to do. I let out a sigh of relief.

We lay there together in silence for a while. Finally when I was almost asleep Mark got up to leave. “Please don’t go” I whispered

“You need to rest. Besides I will see you tomorrow”

“All right” I said sleepily. He was almost to the door when I said “Mark?”


“I’m-I’m sorry my- well I’m sorry I wasn’t more clean” I said hoping that he wasn’t going to ask me to clarify what I meant. Mark only laughed.

“Don’t worry about it” he said. And amazingly enough as I drifted off to sleep I did just that.

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