My Family Pt. 01My Family Pt. 01


I had gone to work like any other weekday morning. It was only after we had a power failure at work and my boss told everyone to go home for the day that my life would change forever.

As I walked inside our house I heard my wife moaning and screaming, “Fuck me harder. I want you to feel your big cock inside me.”

Most other men would be angry and upset with catching their wife having sex with someone else. I on the other hand didn’t mind as my wife Lisa and I have a very open marriage and we regularly fuck others and invite others into our bed for sex. So I wasn’t angry or upset with her having sex with someone else. At first, I thought about leaving them alone and I also thought of joining them. My curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see who she was fucking.

The bedroom door was wide open and when I looked inside I was shocked and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was my nineteen year old son Jackson between his mother’s thighs driving his cock in and out of his mother’s cunt. Lisa had her eyes closed and was pulling on the nipples of her large breasts.

“Oh fuck Jackson you are making me have another orgasm,” moaned my wife.

“Mom I love fucking you,” answered my son.

“I love fucking you too. Your cock is much bigger than your fathers,” my wife told our son.

Hearing my wife telling our son that his cock was bigger than mine. Made me want to get a closer look at his cock. After I undressed and was naked I gave my hard seven and half inch cock a squeeze and few strokes and then entered the bedroom. My son saw me first and I motioned for him to be quiet and moved closer to my wife’s face.

Lisa still had her eyes closed and as I wiped my cock over her mouth, her eyes flew open and stared at me in shock.

“Mal what are you doing home?” She asked.

“There was a power failure at work and we were all sent home,” I told her.

As she started to say something else, I pushed my cock deep into her mouth and began fucking her mouth, driving my cock in and out of her mouth at a fast pace. I looked at Jackson his cock was still inside his mother’s cunt but he had stopped fucking her.

“Give your mother a good fucking. She loves having her cunt pounded,” I told him.

Jackson smiled and began to fuck his mother again. This time he was fucking her harder and faster driving his cock deep into her cunt with each thrust. Lisa laid there being fucked at both ends it was like she was still in shock at me being there.

A few minutes later I felt her start to suck on my cock, Rami Escort this was the Lisa I knew. Lisa loved sucking cocks and having her face fucked. She was a fantastic cock sucker as most of our friends would say.

“I’m going to come mom do you want me to pull out?” Jackson screamed.

“Don’t pull out… Fill her cunt with your cum,” I told him.

Lisa hearing what he said stopped sucking my cock and shakes her head she didn’t want our son to come inside her. Jackson thrust his cock into her cunt and kept it there, five spasms later I knew he had filled his mother with his cum. I kept driving my cock in and out of my wife’s mouth and was so close to coming.

Lisa managed to lift her mouth of my cock and screamed, “I’m not on the pill. I don’t want Jackson to make me pregnant.”

Just then my cock erupted and I squirted a string of cum over her face and into her hair. Another string of cum landed on her face and she opened her mouth wide trying to catch my cum as I squirted more cum over her face.

Jackson laughed and said, “That’s a good look for you Mom,”

I laughed and said to him, “Your mother loves being covered in cum.”

I then see my son slip his limp cock out of his mother. Fuck, his cock is much bigger than mine. Jackson smiles as he notices me looking at his cock and sits down on the bed beside me. Lisa wiped the cum from her face and pushes it into her mouth to swallow. As soon as she is finished cleaning her face she sits up on the bed and smiles at me.

“How long have you been fucking our son?” I asked.

Lisa looks at Jackson and says to me, “Only for a couple months.”

“How did it start?” I asked.

“I caught him fucking his sister,” answered Lisa.

“He was fucking Holly? Fuck how long has that been happening?” I asked.

“For nearly a year… Mom said you would be mad if you found out,” answered Jackson.

“Fucking right I’m mad. Who else has she been fucking?” I asked.

“She wouldn’t tell me… She did say she has sucked a few of her boyfriend’s cocks,” answered Lisa.

“Fucking hell, how long has she been sucking cocks?” I scream.

“You are only mad because it wasn’t your cock she was sucking,” answered Lisa.

“Do you want me to suck your cock Daddy?” My daughter Holly asked.

I quickly turned around to see my eighteen year old daughter standing at the bedroom door with her hand inside her panties.

Before, I could say anything. Lisa said, “Why don’t you undress and join us Holly?”

I watched Escort Rami my daughter remove her dress and stand in front of me in just her underwear. It had been ages since I had seen her naked. Now here I was watching her removing her bra to expose her young firm breasts to my gaze.

“Do you like my tits Daddy?” Holly asked.

I nodded my head as I said, “Yes they look lovely,”

Holly looking at me took hold of the sides of her panties and lowered them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She stood up and moved closer to me letting me get a good look at her bald cunt. I stared at her as she run her fingers over her puffy lips and opened them to show me her pinky insides.

“Mommy showed me how to shave my pussy,” she told me.

I reached out and pulled her between my legs and wrapped my arms around her waist as I gave her a kiss on her mouth. Holly returned my kiss and pushed her tongue inside my mouth and kissed me passionately. My hands drifted down her waist to cup the cheeks of her small ass and give them a squeeze. My cock was hard and poking against her cunt as I held her against me.

Holly pushed me backwards onto the bed. She then straddled my waist and took hold of my cock and guided it inside her cunt. Lowering herself on my cock until it was all the way inside her. I couldn’t believe it, my cock was inside my young daughter’s cunt it was something I had fantasized for a long time. Holly sat there wiggling her hips as she gave me the biggest smile. I reached up and squeezed her small firm breasts and felt her nipples becoming harder.

I could feel my cock throbbing inside her. She started to bounce up and down and I felt her cunt muscles grip onto my cock. I laid there looking up at her smiling; she was enjoying fucking me just as much as I enjoyed having my cock inside her.

“Mom get ready I’m going to come,” Jackson screamed.

I had forgotten about my wife and son and looked over towards them. Lisa was sucking on our sons cock. I watched as my wife took all of our son’s large cock into her mouth as he started shooting his cum into her mouth. Lisa swallowed everything he gave her and only removed her mouth from his cock when she knew he had finished coming.

Holly was bouncing up and down on my cock a lot faster and was rubbing her clit at the same time. She was close to having an orgasm and my cock was close to erupting.

“Daddy I love you,” she screamed as she stopped bouncing and her body started to shake as she had an orgasm.

My cock Rami Escort Bayan erupted at the same time and I said, “I love you to baby girl.”

Holly collapsed on top of me as my cock started to become limp inside her. We kissed and I wrapped my arms around her and held her in a tight embrace squashing her breasts against my chest. Lisa pulled Holly away from me and pushed our daughter’s legs apart and buried her face against her wet cum filled cunt.

My wife was licking and sucking my cum out of our daughter. I sat there with my son as we watched my wife give my daughter and his sister another strong orgasm.

“I love watching mom and Holly having sex with each other,” Jackson told me.

“Have you fucked your mother’s ass yet?” I asked Jackson.

Jackson looked at his mother ass sticking up in the air and said, “No… I haven’t.”

“She loves anal sex,” I told him.

Jackson looked at his limp cock and gave it a few strokes hoping he could make it hard again.

“I’m going to fuck your sisters ass,” I tell him.

“Daddy! You can’t,” yelled Holly.

“That’s the only hole left for me that no one has had,” I tell her.

Holly starts to say something and stops and begins to moan, “Mommy you are giving me another orgasm. Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

Lisa lifts her mouth of Holly’s cunt and I watch as our daughter squirts her love juices out of her love hole and onto the bed.

Lisa sits down beside me and asks, “How did you enjoy fucking your daughter?”

I laughed and said, “Holly is a wonderful fuck. How do you like having Jackson’s big cock in your cunt?”

Holly giggles and says, “Mom loves his cock… She is always fucking him.”

“We might need to rearrange the sleeping arrangements. Your mother and brother can sleep together and I will sleep with Holly in her bed,” I tell them.

Holly throws her arms around me and says, “I love that idea. Then you can fuck me all night.”

Lisa laughs and says, “I don’t think your father will last all night.”

I immediately think of how I might need some help to keep my daughter satisfied.

“How would you like someone else to fuck you too?” I asked Holly.

Lisa smiles and says, “Your aunt and uncle have asked about fucking you.”

“I would love to fuck Aunt Diana,” Jackson tells us.

Holly giggles and asks, “Can I let Uncle David fuck me too?”

“They will both want to be with you,” their mother tells them.

I start thinking on how a family gathering needs to be organized. It’s been nearly two years since Diana and David came for a holiday and joined Lisa and me in bed for a night of sex. I start thinking of other family and friends that would be happy to join in. I know my cousins Sylvia and Corynne would love to have Jackson fucking them and I would love to fuck them too.

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