Mothers Help Ch. 02Mothers Help Ch. 02


Two nights later I got home from school my mother was sitting in my room. Mother was sitting at my desk looking at the computer screen. On it I could see the pictures I had saved of men in panties. I could also see a few pairs of panties I have out on my bed. I guess mother found them in my room. She never said a word but I knew what she was thinking. Did I wear them or jack off with them. The answer was yes, to both.

For years I have found it so sexy to wear panties. Then some nights I would just jack off in them. A few of my friends knew about this. Both male and female. The girls never did like it much. The guys on the other hand loved it. They would also put them on. I might help them jack off and a few times I would suck them off with them on.

Mother’s left hand was between her legs. I could not only see her fingers going in and out but I could hear it. And the best thing I could also smell it. My mother was looking at me. Her eyes half closed. I guess she was close to cumming. I watched as she bite Maslak Escort her lower lip and closed her legs. Then I could hear her. A soft moan come out of her. Then she opened her eyes all the way. Her finger came out of her pussy and she just gave me a smile.

“I enjoy that you like panties. Do you jack off as you wear them?” I was still looking at her pussy. The other night I never got to see inside it. I could see about one inch into her. I saw a wet spot and I thought I say some on her leg.

“Yes mother. I enjoy wearing them sometimes. And I also enjoy jacking off into them. I might put them back on or I might lick it off them when I’m done.” The look on her face when I said that.

“You enjoy the taste of it?” Her head moved a little to the left when she asked that question.

“Yes I do. I enjoy licking it off my panties and also my girls panties. But mostly I like the way it makes me feel to lick it from a girls pussy or from her ass.” I knew what the next question Escort Maslak was going to be.

“Have you ever got it right from the cock?” I could see her breathing getting faster and faster.

“Yes mother I have. More then a few times. And if you want to know. Yes I enjoy that also. It is a power thing I think. The power you have when you suck a cock. You can just about make him do anything you like when you have his cock in your mouth. Right mother?”

I took one step towards my mother and pushed her back in the chair. I then looked her right in the face and knelt on the floor in front of her. I pushed her legs open. My head went between her legs. I could feel her thighs on the side of my face. I push my face towards her pussy and soon I felt the wet lips kiss my lips. I was kissing them in short kisses. The I open them up with my tongue. I was pushing my tongue in and out. My eyes looked up at my mothers face. I could hear her saying ‘YES YES’ as I licked and sucked.

“That Maslak Escort Bayan feels so good my son. It has been years since a man has suck my pussy and kissed it. Please don’t stop!” With that I felt her open her legs and then place them over my shoulders. I was looking down at her pussy and her ass.

“Would mother like me to kiss her ass for her. Would she like me to show her that I can lick and tongue ass like I can eat pussy?” I placed my tongue right up to her ass hole and pushed in. I felt it open and soon I was tongue fucking my mothers ass.

About that time I felt her move. I thought she was going to move to the bed. But with one fast quick move she closed her legs and I could hear she scream. I felt her start to cum. With my tongue in her ass I felt her wet pussy drip onto my face.

Let me tell you I have never felt anything like that. Her legs open and I looked up at her. With tears in her eyes I could hear her say.

“Not only can you eat pussy but you are the best ass licker I have ever had!” With that mother got up and walked out of my room. As she walked out I could see her pussy juice dripping from her pussy and running down her leg.

“Later I’m going to see if I can tongue and finer your ass like that. Does that sound good son?”

“Yes mother.”

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