More Forbidden DesiresMore Forbidden Desires


Dylan rushed to the door of his loft apartment. He had just gotten out of the shower and had no idea how long the knocking had been going on. Swinging the door open, a wide smile spread over his lips as he came face to face with his aunt.

It had been a couple of weeks since it had happened. Since the previously unimaginable encounter took place. Since they had fucked.

Jeanne forced a slight smile in return, trying to be polite as well as to hide the flood of emotions running through her as she laid eyes on her nephew for the first time since their incestuous incident. Her heart was pounding and her head was spinning as all the memories of that day raced through her mind. Worst of all, she remembered just how amazing it felt when her sister’s son fucked her. Now, to make things even more complicated, her gaze could not help but be drawn to the handsome young man standing before her.

He was still dripping water, a towel draped loosely around his midriff. The 23-year-old’s body was chiselled, muscled in a way that suggested he still led an active sports life. His messy, wet brown hair and scruffy stubble hinted that she had caught him post-shower, but pre-shave.

“Aunt Jeanne, what a surprise.” He gushed, with genuine surprise. “Please, come in.”

Holding the door open for her, Dylan too was overcome with memories of their last meeting as she walked by him. As he closed the door, the images of the two of them together raced through his mind, as did the sounds from the event. Immediately, his cock stiffened as echoes of his aunt begging him to fuck her harder reverberated in his head. He knew she had loved it just as much as he did. As he watched her enter his apartment, he could not help but wonder if she had been thinking about it as much as he had.

She looked beautiful, as usual, wearing a sexy burnt orange French cuff shirt, slim fit, with the top three buttons undone to create a severely plunging neckline that nicely accented her 34C breasts. Vintage, low riding black corduroy pants and a pair of blood red classic platform pumps with 4″ heels completed the outfit. He had always appreciated how, even at 45, she took great pride in both staying in great physical shape, and in dressing in a very fashionable, yet provocative manner. She sauntered past him, her natural, loose chestnut curls bouncing just past her shoulders as he admired her from behind.

“So,” he continued as he shut the door and joined her in his sparsely furnished living room. “To what do I owe the pleasure?” He asked, his knowing, confident grin easily communicating the rest of his thoughts to her as he sat down on the couch.

“I, um,” she hesitated, fully aware of the unspoken significance of his calculated expression. “I think we need to talk.” She remained standing, the coffee table in front of the couch between them.

“Really, about what?” He replied with mock innocence, his eyes telling her that he was already thinking about their forbidden escapade.

“Dylan please,” she sighed in exasperation. “About… you know, what happened between us.”

“You mean when we fucked?” He retorted quickly.

Jeanne’s heart was beating so hard she was sure he could see her chest pounding. Hearing him say the words, vocalizing their taboo exploit, sent a surge of energy racing through her entire body.

“Yes.” She replied with a whisper.

“Sure.” He said with self-assurance as he pulled a cigarette out of the pack on the coffee table. “What did you have in mind?” He smirked as he flicked his Zippo to life and lit his smoke.

“Well, I think…” she began, struggling to stay on track in the face of his brashness. “It was a mistake. A huge mistake.” She finally managed.

“Really?” He scoffed as he took a drag from his cigarette. “So you didn’t enjoy it?”

“What? I, um…” She stumbled, still taken aback by his attitude towards the situation. “It was wrong.”

“You’re right, it was wrong.” He agreed. “But didn’t it just feel so right to be wrong?”

She squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head in disagreement, clearly frustrated at how things were playing out.

“Here, have a cigarette.” He said as he tossed the pack to her. “It’ll calm your Mahmutbey Escort nerves.”

Catching the pack, she impulsively took one out and brought it to her lips. Prior to their interaction a couple of weeks ago, she had not smoked in years. Now it was becoming almost a symbol of their illicit activities together. She pulled the lighter out of the pack and cocked her head slightly to the left as she lit up.

“It feels good to be bad, doesn’t it?” He commented as he watched her take a heavy drag, her eyes losing focus as she inhaled deeply, almost as if she was concentrating on what she was doing.

“Dylan, please…” she lamented as she exhaled slowly.

“What?” He replied somewhat petulantly. “Tell me you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.”

“Stop it.” She pleaded as she pressed her lips around her cigarette and French inhaled. “It shouldn’t have happened.”

“But it did.” He replied quickly. “And we both wanted it. We both loved it.”

“No.” She countered sternly, clinging to some shred of dignity.

“So that wasn’t you crying out for me to fuck your slutty pussy?” He asked rhetorically. “Someone else was begging me for more?”

“I was weak.” She whispered as she butted out her cigarette. “We made a terrible mistake.”

“Is that what you came here to tell me Aunt Jeanne?” He replied, nodding his head in pseudo-agreement.

“Yes.” She answered softly, avoiding eye contact with her nephew.

“Really?” He asked, his nodding changing to a disagreeing head shake as he crushed out his cigarette, rose from the couch and began to walk around the coffee table, towards her. “You had to come over to tell me that? You couldn’t have called?”

She trembled as she sensed him move behind her. Her head spun with a myriad of immoral thoughts and guilt ridden feelings. A jolt shot through her body as she felt his body lightly press against hers from behind.

“I think you wanted to see me.” He whispered, his nose buried in the bed of curls at the base of her neck. “I think you were hoping it would happen again.”

As much as it pained her to admit it, she knew he was at least partially right. On some level she did want to see him, but she could not allow herself to admit to wanting her nephew to fuck her again. She knew she had to maintain her defiance.

She stepped forward, creating some much needed space from him, and turned to face him and mount her rejection of his notion. To her surprise, he was no longer there, but rather walking away from her and into the adjoining room. Thwarted in her attempt to dispute his thoughts on her agenda, she quickly followed him, eager to regain some sort of upper hand on the situation.

“Now you wait just a minute…” She snapped as she walked through the doorway of his bedroom in a huff.

Her words were cut off immediately as he was suddenly right in front of her. One of his hands slipped in behind her head and took hold of her hair and pulled her face towards his. Their lips met just as their bodies pressed against one another and, despite her intentions, she could not resist eagerly accepting his tongue on an almost primal, instinctive level. The kiss was brief however, as she quickly snapped out of her immoral haze and pushed him away.

“Dylan, no…” She panted, trying to catch her breath as she walked away from him. “We can’t…”

“Yes we can.” He told her as he followed her, both moving closer to the bed. “I know how much you want it.”

“We can’t do this.” She groaned in desperation. “I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can.” He implored, his eyes locking onto hers. “Don’t worry, no one will ever know.”

“I can’t…” She breathed, almost sobbing in desperation.

“Just tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.” He pressed, moving closer to her as he spoke.

“Stop it!” She cried out. “It’s wrong! We can’t!”

Suddenly he took hold of her shoulders and shoved her onto the bed, falling on top of her in the process and pinning her down in one swift movement.

“C’mon, Aunt Jeanne!” He shouted at her. “Give into it like you did before. Allow yourself to enjoy it.”

“I can’t.” She protested, her body writhing Mahmutbey Escort Bayan beneath him in half protest and half arousal.

“Let your inhibitions go.” He pressed, both with his words and his body against hers. “I know what you want, what you need.”

“Oh God,” She groaned, her resilience crumbling rapidly.

She knew it was wrong, but she could not help herself. Her eyelids fell shut as his lips moved to hers and she hungrily took his tongue into her mouth and readily returned his kiss. As their lips danced against one another, their bodies began to grind into each other and his hands made their way to her face, gently caressing her cheeks and then moving down her neck, his fingers slowly intertwining with her tousled curls. Finally their lip-lock broke and he looked down on her with a dominant stare.

“Say it.” He whispered.

“Fuck me.” She sighed.

Almost as soon as the words passed her lips, he broke into action. In a matter of seconds he tore open her top and tossed it to the floor along with her bra, and then moved on to her pants, undoing them and pulling them down her legs with swift precision. Finally, in one sharp movement, took hold of her panties and ferociously ripped them off, exposing her already wet mound.

He shot her a wicked grin as he positioned himself beside her and began to pinch one of her rock hard nipples. At the same time, his other hand moved in between her legs and he started to run a finger in between her parted pussy lips. Her body trembled with anticipation and illicit lust as he slowly eased a finger into her throbbing cunt. A gasp of approval escaped her lips.

“That’s it,” He encouraged as he slowly began to stroke his finger in and out of her snatch. “Let it go. I know how slutty you can be.”

She let out a low moan, evidently in agreement with his words as he leaned forward and swiped his tongue across one of her nipples.

“You want to be a slut, don’t you?” He asked as his lips parted ways with her tit. “A slut who gets off on fucking her nephew.”

“Uh huh.” She grunted in response as his finger slid in and out of her sopping slit.

“Tell me.” He demanded, his finger moving faster and faster with each word. “Tell me what you want slut.”

“Fuck me!” She finally cried out. “Fuck the shit out of your slutty aunt!”

To her surprise, and disappointment, he suddenly stopped and pulled both hands from her body. She watched as he finally pulled off his towel and revealed his rock hard cock. He then moved up the bed and repositioned himself on his knees, his dick staring her in the face. Not needing any encouragement, she quickly took hold of his cock and slid it in between her lips.

“Oh fuck yes!” He growled in appreciation as one of his hands made its way to the back of her head and grabbed a handful of her curly locks. “Suck that dick Aunt Jeanne.

She bobbed back and forth on his throbbing meat for several minutes as he controlled her pace with the fistful of her hair he gripped. He groaned in rapture as she skilfully sucked his cock, herself moaning in ecstasy, shocked at how much she enjoyed her nephew’s dick in her mouth. She knew the situation was reprehensible, but she could not deny that it looked like he was right. Apparently she was a slut who got off on fucking her nephew. Without warning, Dylan abruptly hauled back on her hair and pulled her lips off of his glistening member. He flopped down on the bed beside her and looked over at her with twisted desire.

“Fuck me.” He demanded. “Ride my cock like a slut.”

Again, with no further encouragement, she promptly straddled him, her pussy hovering above his hard dick and dripping with anticipation. She began to lower herself down onto his throbbing manhood, but he unexpectedly took hold of her hips and halted her decent.

“Is this what you want slut?” He asked, the tip of his cock tauntingly brushing against her eager cunt lips. “You want to ride your nephew like a slut?”

“Yes.” She groaned impatiently. “Fuck me!”

“Say it!” He demanded again, his prick continuing to tease her hungry fuck-hole.

“I want to ride you like a slut!” She wailed, desperate Escort Mahmutbey for him to be inside her. “I want to ride my nephew like a whore!”

Satisfied, he finally relented and allowed her to lower herself down onto his stiff shaft. Biting her lower lip, she moaned as his hands found their way onto her ass and she leaned forward and placed her hands on his chest. He groaned in response as she began to slide up and down on his dick, slowly at first, then gradually increasing her speed.

“That’s it baby.” He panted as he watched her reach down and begin to vigorously rub her clit as she rode him. “Fuck me. Tell me what kind of a slut fucks her nephew like this.”

“Fuck me! I love your cock in my slutty pussy!” She squealed, her tangled curls dancing and tits bouncing to the rhythm of their incestuous sex. “I’m such a fuckin’ slut. I’m a dirty slut who fucks her nephew!”

Jeanne knew how much of a turn on it was for him to hear those filthy words come out of her mouth and, just like last time, she was shocked at how much it got her off as well. In some way, she was starting to realize that they were not just utilitarian words used to aid in their depraved pleasure. She knew what they were doing was completely wrong – immoral, disgusting and forbidden — but in the throes of this illicit, sensual act, deep down she knew that when she embraced her own participation and enjoyment, she was experiencing a carnal satisfaction that she had never felt before.

She slowed her pace, rotating her hips and grinding her pussy deeply onto his shaft as he reached up and took hold of her heaving tits, pinching pulling on her nipples. Swivelling atop him, she ran her fingers wildly through her hair as she stared down at him in depraved lust.

“Fuck yes!” He exclaimed as he watched her sway back and forth. “Tell me how much you wanted it slut. Tell me how good it feels.”

“Oh God,” she shouted, her pace quickening as she spoke. “I wanted it so bad baby! I wanted to fuck you so bad! Your cock feels so good in my slutty pussy!”

Dylan could not believe this was happening again. Once was unbelievable, but twice? This was something far beyond just his fantasies about fucking his aunt coming true. He groaned in sheer delight as she bounced up and down harder and faster, their flesh slapping together at a furious cadence.

“Oh yes baby!” She cried out as she sprung up and down as fast as she could. “Tell me how much you wanted to fuck me!”

“Fuck me!” He bellowed in reply, continually taken aback by just how much she truly was enjoying herself. “I fuckin’ wanted this so bad! I love fuckin my slutty aunt!”

“That’s right baby!” She concurred with a devilish look in her eye. “You fuck your slutty aunt! Let your aunt ride you like a whore!”

“Fuck this is amazing!” He screamed, the level of her depravity both astonishing and captivating to him. “You’re fuckin’ amazing! Keep talkin’ slut! Tell me how much of a slut you are!”

“I’m such a dirty whore!” She admitted freely, her orgasm building deep within her. “I’m fuckin’ my nephew like a slut!”

“Yes! Yes!” He urged, his hand slapping down on her ass, prompting more proclamations from her. “You’ve always been a slut, haven’t you?”

“Just for you baby!” She declared. “I’m your slut!”

“You wanted to be my slut, didn’t you?” He pressed as he took hold of one of her tits, viciously pinching her aching nipple.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” She shrieked, feeling her release beginning to erupt as the words came out of her mouth. “I wanted it so bad! I wanted to be your slut!”

She convulsed wildly atop him and she wailed at the top of her lungs as the orgasm ripped through her body. As if on cue, he exploded beneath her, groaning in ecstasy as he once again filled her with his hot load.

Exhausted, both physically and emotionally, Jeanne rolled off him and squeezed her eyes shut. Breathless, she could feel his come trickling out from between her legs. She hated herself. Not just for fucking her nephew – for a second time no less, but for how much she truly enjoyed it. The fantastic sex notwithstanding, she knew that it was the fact that what they were doing was so very taboo that was the ultimate turn on for her. She also knew that she would in all likelihood do it again.

Dizzy and lightheaded, Dylan lay beside her in a euphoric haze. Things had gone way beyond anything he had ever fantasized about. He had not just fucked his aunt, no he thought, he was fucking his aunt. They were lovers now.

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