Love , Prostitution Ch. 17Love , Prostitution Ch. 17


A motorcade of three black Mercedes V Class cars draws up under the canopies at the entrance to the 5 star Delhi Mughal Hotel. As an impressive and beautiful lady wearing a sensational sari ensemble is helped from each car by the driver, the General Manager and his retinue emerge to greet them with a smile and a bow. Emily, as the hotel owner, meets the General Manager and introduces Sansa and Amy to him. He expresses his very sincere honour at meeting her and her associates. In turn he presents each member of his retinue and then leads them inside. They are given a tour of the hotel, during which Emily notices a healthy collection of sculptures and paintings from the Kama Sutra. They return to the ground floor and take a dedicated express lift that only makes one stop, the owner’s penthouse.

They are served a delicious meal and the chef is presented to Emily who thanks and congratulates him on his efforts. Over coffee the GM explains that the penthouse is reserved exclusively for the use of the owner. The penthouse takes up the complete top floor of the hotel and in addition to the owner’s luxury bedroom suite, it has 12 other bedroom suites, a kitchen, lounge, and outside are gardens surrounding a swimming pool with dining area, a bar and dance floor. He goes on to explain that on occasion in the past the owners, Emily’s parents, had lived here for several weeks at a time entertaining in grand style. Emily’s mind races and suggests in an offhand way, that perhaps she might consider living in the penthouse with her companions. Sansa and Amy smile in agreement with the suggestion. The GM adds that the only possible way to the penthouse is by use of the dedicated lift which requires a special security key for operation, which he will be pleased to provide before they leave.

Emily asks if the hotel has any women on the management team. His answer as expected is disappointing, i.e. the only lady that is a real department head is the Head Housekeeper. Emily remarks on all the Kama Sutra sculptures and paintings receiving the impertinent question as to whether they are a concern for her. She smiles benignly for now: “Not at all, I rather like them. Have there been many comments from guests about them?” The GM replies that there have been many positive comments since a small sample had been first displayed, it is the reason there are now so many … They still receive many compliments on the decor. Emily smiles to Sansa and Emily and they get up to leave. The GM takes out his master key to the lift and penthouse and offers it to Emily, she thanks him and puts the key into her bag. On exiting the lift, she leads the group outside where their PSOs open their car door and helps them inside. Emily smiles and having given a cordial farewell, the motorcade pulls away.

Erish, Sarvagya and Anvay are driving up towards Darjeeling, almost 7,000 feet above sea level, in the foothills of the Himalayas. As the road climbs, in order for vehicles to scale the heights, there are very many hairpin bends. The views get better and better as they climb. There are lots of terraces cut into the hills that enable the land to be farmed. The sides of some hills are covered with tea plantations. India couldn’t look greener than in this paradise.

On one hairpin bend they are driving slowly and carefully on the outside of the road, allowing room for any car coming from the opposite direction. However, filling their view ahead is a speeding highly decorated Tata lorry. In a split second, that seems an age in slow motion to them, the lorry hits the car on its side, pushing it off the road and over the ledge of a sheer drop to the rocks below that is possibly a drop of a thousand feet. It only takes seconds before the car hits the rocks and the three only have time for last thoughts of Emily, Sansa and Amy.

The next day, back in the bungalow, the ladies are chatting about their visit to the Delhi Mughal Hotel. Sansa mentions the impertinence of the General Manager to Emily regarding the Kama Sutra artworks on display. Amy agrees and asks if that triggered the abruptness of their departure. Emily replies that she thought there was something odd and off-putting about his manner but couldn’t quite put her finger on it, hence the question regarding female heads of department. His impertinence in questioning his employer makes her worry about his suitability for such a key role. She continues that the artwork itself stimulated an idea she’d like to consider, but needs to mull it over first.

Nilesh comes in to say that two policemen are coming up the path to the front door. The door bell is rung and Nilesh goes to answer. They hear some mumbled words but cannot hear clearly what is being said. Nilesh returns and asks if he may show in the policemen, they nod and he goes to bring them into the lounge. Nilesh does the introductions and stands by.

The Sergeant says that he has bad news for them, pausing briefly to allow the ladies to prepare themselves. He reports that their 3 friends Konya Escort were in a crash high up on the road to Darjeeling. A lorry hit their car on a hairpin bend sending them over a precipice onto the rocks 1,000 feet below. He is so sorry to report that there were no survivors. Emily, Sansa and Amy are stunned at the terrible manner of their passing and burst into inconsolable tears. The Sergeant gives Nilesh the business card of a lawyer that the ladies should contact as soon as they have got over their initial distress.

That night the three ladies sleep together in Emily’s king size bed. But only occupy about half of it because they cuddle together for mutual reassurance. In the early hours they are all awake and can’t get back to sleep, so they talk about their future. The first thing, they readily agree, is that they want to stay together. They have no hesitation in saying they want to continue their chosen careers as high society prostitutes, but aren’t happy about staying on at the mansion because it reinforces their sense of loss. Simultaneously all three feel a yearning to be back on board Bangkok Girl and Amy triggers a discussion, merely by wondering aloud whatever happened to the vessel. Turning to another subject they all agree about the attractions of living in the penthouse of the Delhi Mughal Hotel.

By the time they rise, the ladies are united on how to move forward. First, they will move into the penthouse which will become their home. They endorse Emily’s plan to replace the General Manager, preferably with a woman, but at the least with someone with an outgoing and caring personality and someone that is on board with the idea of developing an up-market centre for seminars and courses on: how to please your sex partner or how to refresh your marriage or how to revitalise your sex … only at The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel! Secondly, they will start investigating what has happened to Bangkok Girl with the possible intention of creating a completely law abiding, sex cruise business, in which they will work.

Emily phones the General Manager and asks him to have the penthouse prepared for early occupation. He says he will see to it immediately, she thanks him and hangs up. He feels uncomfortable about having the owner living in the hotel again, specially a woman. He decides to see if another hotel chain is advertising for a GM. Sansa and Amy clap their hands happily.

Emily takes out the lawyer’s card given to her by the Police Sergeant and phones the number. It is answered by a pleasant woman. Emily introduces herself and explains the reason for the call. The woman introduces herself as Ms Sushila Mitra, attorney at law representing the 3 gentlemen that died in a collision with a speeding lorry while on their way to Darjeeling. She asks if she may call upon her and the two other ladies on an important matter. Emily invites her to the bungalow and asks if she would like to join them for dinner. Sushila is a little surprised but delighted to accept and they agree that she will arrive at 6:30 p.m. to allow her business to be completed by the time they sit down to dine.

After the call Emily tells Sansa and Amy that she senses an opportunity and asks Nilesh to call the General Manager at the hotel to organise a delicious dinner for 7 to be delivered and served by hotel staff at 7:30 p.m. She authorises him to be as insistent as he deems necessary, should the GM present any objection whatsoever. The ladies laugh at the idea of the high and mighty Mr General Manager being given direction by the owner’s driver, as he probably perceives him. The ladies retire to their rooms to catch up on lost sleep, Emily wants them all to be at their best for what opportunities might present themselves.

Sansa and Emily snuggle together and can’t resist enjoying each other. Sansa kisses her Emily softly on the lips and repeats the kisses like a woodpecker. When her lips part she slides her tongue inside, enjoying her moist and tasty mouth. Emily responds and they start the most sensual game of slow motion tongue tennis ever. Emily suckles on her tongue and both knows that they are moist somewhere else, a microwave oven bleeping ‘ready’ couldn’t give a clearer signal. Sansa kisses down her neck which she bares by lifting her head more, Emily is caught in a passion vortex now and can’t escape, but she doesn’t want to, the only thing she wants in life is her beloved Sansa. Afraid of causing a mark on her delicious neck Sansa kisses her way down to her breast, finding her nipple at the same moment that her finger finds the moisture between her folds … Emily softly moans and it is heavenly music to Sansa.

Sansa closes her lips on Emily’s nipple and flicks it gently with her tongue again and again while her moistened finger circles her clitoris. She can’t wait and raises her finger to taste Emily’s essence, which is divine. Her finger returns to its rightful duty of pleasuring Emily, her finger passing upwards between her folds, gathering Konya Escort Bayan her moist nectar like a bee. She lands softly on her clitoris in a circle of pleasure. Emily moans again, Sansa loves the sound of Emily enjoying her ministrations.

Giving her nipple a final suck she moves between her legs and inserts two of her fingers into Emily’s entrance, then hooking her fingers she gently touches along the anterior wall in search of her g-spot. As she does this her lips close over her clitoris and she starts to suck rhythmically. Emily arches her back and moans. Sansa moves her fingers back to the point where she last moaned … magically she moans again, but a little longer this time. Her g-spot located, she gently excites it and sucks with stronger pulses on her clitoris.

Sansa keeps giving this dual stimulation as Emily’s moans become more frequent and interspersed with gasps. Encouraged Sansa speeds up and increases the intensity. Emily responds with more and more frequent moans then arches her back and cries out: “ohhhh … yessss”. Sansa feels her orgasm like a mini earthquake, as Emily sprays her face with her essence. Sansa collects every drop that she can reach with her tongue. Emily pulls her up to her and they French kiss, sharing the flavours and fragrance of their love. They couldn’t be happier and Emily snuggles into her arm, soon they fall asleep in their favourite spooning position.

Nilesh calls them at 4:00 p.m. giving them plenty of time to prepare for the evening. Sansa and Emily take their time to enjoy one of their ‘most delicious and intimate showers’. It is almost 5:00 p.m. before they emerge to dress. Taking tea in the lounge, Emily says that she hopes Sushila will, prompted by the right questions, reveal the full extent of her legal support of the mansion and for the activities that take place there. If, as she hopes, Sushila is experienced in such matters then she would make a very good lawyer for them and their ideas. If she were engaged as their lawyer, then she would be bound to them by lawyer/client privilege and have to keep everything she knows and discovers secret. Sansa and Amy become quite excited by the prospect of what might emerge for the evening.

The door bell sounds at exactly 6:30 p.m. Nilesh is expecting both Ms Mitra and the hotel staff to start preparing the dining room and both are now right there on the doorstep. He asks the hotel staff to wait a moment and asks Ms Mitra to come in and when she is ready, he shows her into the lounge and makes the introductions. She shakes hands warmly and seems very pleased to meet them all. Seated Sudesh and Ranjit attend them with appetisers and cocktails. Nilesh takes the hotel staff round to the service entrance and through the kitchen to the dining room, asking them to let him know if there is anything they need.

Ms Mitra is warmly welcomed and asks to be addressed as Sushila, a nice start. The ladies reciprocate. As they enjoy their cocktails, Sushila asks if she may get to the initial reason for their meeting. The ladies of course are happy to assent. She relates that she was individually and jointly engaged by the three gentlemen that are sadly now deceased. Accordingly, she acted for them regarding all matters relating to the mansion and to certain activities that take place at the mansion. She begs their forgiveness but she is aware of their connections with the mansion and how it developed. She pauses gathering herself, and says that like themselves, her own name appears on the ‘register of ladies’ of the secret club. Emily assures Sushila of their pleasure in meeting a sister. Sushila thanks them for their words and reciprocates, she was very apprehensive about confessing this, but is now happy to be known to such lovely ladies as their sister.

Sushila says: “Now to the main event my new sisters and the reason for this meeting. It is my pleasure to inform you that you are each the sole beneficiary of your partner’s will. As you might imagine, being the principal officers of the mansion and its extensive operations with the rich and powerful of Delhi, they were themselves extremely rich and influential men. Leaning forward she gives a sealed envelope to each of them: “This contains a copy of your partner’s will leaving everything to you. The other documents show all assets. It also contains the latest bank statements of all known accounts and details of some offshore accounts with the latest known balance. To sum up, let me offer my congratulations on becoming fabulously wealthy and influential”.

(Erish’s bequest to Emily is very substantial, i.e. $9.65 billion plus the mansion, other premises and estates of every branch of the club, near to every major city in India. The bequests to Sansa and Amy are also substantial at $11.57 billion and $9.38 billion respectively.)

Emily, Sansa and Amy are stunned, having no idea that they were even in their wills because they had been so very well paid. Emily speaks first: “Thank Escort Konya you so much for your candour and professionalism. We are delighted by what you have told us because, since learning the sad news, we have been discussing ideas for our future. May we ask you an important question which is likely to give rise to another question?” Sushila nods with a smile and Emily continues: “Do you enjoy being a ‘registered lady’ of the secret club?” Again Sushila nods with a smile adding that she truly does and believes they share a certain pretty tattoo in in the small of their backs. This is greeted by great warmth and they all give her a hug to rejoice in their relationship, then sit down. Emily smiles: “Maybe the next question will not surprise you, will you consent to be our lawyer please?” Sushila says that nothing would give her greater pleasure and will see to the transfers of ownership.

Nilesh enters and informs them that dinner is served, they go into the dining room which has been fabulously decorated and the table looks ready to please royalty. A table for 3 has been laid for their PSOs in the kitchen. Hotel staff assist the ladies with their chairs. As they withdraw after serving the first course, Emily takes Sansa’s hand in hers and declares to Sushila that they are committed life-partners. Sushila congratulates them both enthusiastically saying she is envious that they have found each other. During dinner, while left on their own, they chat about their lives and experiences and Sushila is delighted to know that Emily is also a lawyer and offers to introduce her to the Delhi High Court Bar. Emily says there is nothing she would like more but her disgrace at being abducted and trafficked, had forced her to leave her family and uncle’s chambers in Kolkata. Sushila understands and suggests it might be a worthwhile subject to discuss privately at a later date.

After a delicious dinner with delightful people, the ladies retire to the lounge. Amy asks Sushila if she had heard about Emily and Sansa’s abduction and subsequent events. Sushila said that she had and felt some envy that Emily had served on board Bangkok Girl. Amy tells her that she and Sansa were there too, it was how they first met. As they enjoy after dinner liqueurs and chocolates, each became aware of a connection forming between them all. It is truly an auspicious event. Before leaving, Sushila promises to find out what happened to Bangkok Girl and to investigate the possible use of The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel as the title for her hotels. Emily tells her, they are about to move into the penthouse of the Delhi Mughal Hotel but their mobile numbers, which were being exchanged, would remain the same.

The following morning at breakfast, Emily asks Nilesh if he, Sudesh and Ranjit, knew of 3 more suitable armed PSOs/chauffeurs to act as their number 2. Nilesh answers that it might be possible, but asks if he may consult with Sudesh and Ranjit before giving a more specific answer. Of course Emily agrees with a smile and remarks that she continues to be most pleased with his service.

After breakfast the removal process to the hotel penthouse commences, the first trip moving all their possessions from the bungalow, is easily accomplished using their 3 lovely new cars. At the hotel they are met by the Duty Manager. Taking him aside Emily asks why the General Manager is not present to receive her. The DM appears distraught that he, as the messenger, might feel her displeasure and apologetically advises her that the GM has taken the day off to attend for an interview regarding a position with the Mandarin Hotel Group. Emily asks if the absence is part of his holiday entitlement and the poor DM has to admit it is not. She nods and informs him that temporarily and immediately she is appointing him as temporary General Manager reporting directly to her. He expresses his thanks and loyalty, hoping he will be able to provide satisfaction.

The cars are emptied and the contents moved up to the penthouse. Emily asks the temporary GM for the Head of Security to attend her and they all take a light lunch in the penthouse. Emily is aware that her fast replacement of the GM will send shock waves through the hotel staff and is pleased for it, because he gave her the excuse she wanted to sack him. If he expects a good reference from her, he can think again!

The temporary GM arrives with the Head of Security and introduces him to Ms Berkshire, the owner of the hotel group. She notes his careful precision with introducing her, a good start. She informs the Head of Security that the General Manager has been summarily dismissed and is not to be granted access to any part of the hotel, except for the reception area, under any circumstances. His outstanding pay and personal effects will be made available for his collection from Reception. In the meantime, the temporary GM will require access to the GM’s office so he may collect the GM’s personal effects into a box. Turning to the temporary GM she asks him to arrange for a closing salary statement and a letter of summary dismissal, the reason being ‘fraudulently taking time off without notice and without approval’ to be prepared for her signature. She also asks for 3 further keys providing access via the lift to the penthouse.

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