Learning to Love Ch. 01Learning to Love Ch. 01


The advertisement in the personal column of the paper read: ‘Learn the art of making love for beginners. Catering for individuals and small groups. Phone Anne…..’.

After speaking with a couple of mates who were also eighteen and still virgins we decided to enquire more. I undertook to make the call that evening and was greeted by a very pleasant sounding woman who simply said, “Hello, this Anne speaking — how can I help?”

Feeling very nervous, my heart thumping in my ears, I replied that I had seen the advertisement in the paper and that my two friends and I were interested in finding out some more. Anne told me that I sounded quite nervous and that I should relax as she got many calls like this. Anne then explained that she had a package that involved an overnight experience. We would be expected to arrive at 7pm and the experience would end the following day at around 1pm. She explained that the evening involved the exploration of the body and an understanding of lovemaking. She could cater for no more than three people at a time — would we be coming individually or as a group? I thanked her for the information and said that I would need to talk to my friends. Anne invited me to phone back if I was interested in the evening or any other services she offered — she said the next available booking was not for another fortnight as she was fully booked up until then.

I hung up feeling excited about the prospect. That evening I met with Mike and Steve and told them about the call. The three of us had been friends since the age of thirteen and of course had shared our sexual desires and dreams with each other. They were as equally excited and we decided to make a booking.

I rang on my mobile there and then and made the booking. Anne could see us in two weeks on a Friday evening. She explained that I should phone again to confirm the booking five days before — she would give us further instructions at that time.

The Monday before the evening quickly came around and I eagerly rang Ann feeling somewhat more confident and relaxed. Ann had been easy to talk to and seemed quite relaxed. Ann thanked me for calling and confirmed our appointment asking for the names of my other friends. She advised me that in order to get the maximum benefit from the evening we should refrain from any form of sexual activity including masturbation after Tuesday evening. She said that we should dress casually and bring our toiletries — everything else would be supplied. Breakfast on the following morning and supper on Friday evening would also be provided.

Friday evening arrived and the three of us met at my house. We had a quick meal and left for Anne’s. We all wondered what we were in for and began to get nervous — a bit of encouragement from each other kept us focused. Having not masturbated for a few days we were all very excitable!

We arrived at the address which was a plain looking house in a suburban street. We rang the door bell and the door soon opened. We were greeted by a slim casually dressed woman in her early thirties, wearing jeans and a top that accentuated her shapely figure. Her skin was smooth and she had a friendly welcoming smile. Anne invited us in and asked us to have a seat in the lounge. There was a couch and two single chairs — we were so nervous that the three of us sat together on the couch — perhaps for moral support!

Anne welcomed us and explained that in order for us to get the most from the evening she would like to speak with us individually so she could get to know each of us a little better. While we were waiting and throughout our stay we were welcome to help ourselves to the drinks stored in the kitchen. She explained that she did not serve alcoholic beverages as she found that Anadolu Yakası Escort alcohol often had side effects that spoiled the experience. Steve was the first to go through — so Mike and I helped ourselves to a coke while we waited. About ten minutes later Anne returned and asked me to come through with my things. She explained that Steve was waiting in his room.

Anne took me through to a small room that had two comfortable chairs and a coffee table in it. We both sat. Anne said that she wanted to ask me some personal questions and not to feel embarrassed. She began by asking what experience I had to which I admitted none at all! She then explained that the evening was about trying new things and that if I felt uncomfortable at anytime I should say so — no one would be forced to do anything they did not enjoy. There were a number of other questions but the one that caught me off guard was when she asked if I had or would ever consider experiencing a sexual encounter with another man. I obviously became very embarrassed and she explained that it was quite common for people to answer yes to the question — it did not mean that they were gay. I then admitted to have sometimes thinking about the possibilities. Anne then took me to my bedroom and asked me to relax while she spent a little time with Mike.

About ten minutes later Anne opened my door and invited me to follow her. We collected Mike and Steve and headed for a room at the end of a corridor on the other side of the living area from the bedrooms. We entered a large room which could only be described as a multipurpose room! A large modified bed the size of two king size beds was against the wall. In the background soft relaxing music could be heard. The room also contained a small kitchen area and a lounge area with comfortable leather lounge suites. There was an entertainment system and the room was tastefully decorated with modern art. An ensuite was next to the room which was noticeable for its lack of door. Anne took us on a tour of the room and into the ensuite which was quite large. It had two toilets, biday, and an open shower area with four shower heads and room for as many people.

We returned to the room and Anne took us to a large wall cabinet which she opened to reveal an unbelievable array of sex toys, lubricants and equipment. Anne asked us to spend a few minutes looking at the items and suggested that we might like to select an item to try during the evening. Mike was the first to remove a vibrator; Steve then selected a cock and ball set and I took a butt plug not knowing the first thing about how it was used!

Anne asked the three of us to have a seat on the lounge chairs — the chairs were arranged in a circle so we were all facing each other. As she poured us a glass of iced water she explained that the first part of the evening was bout being comfortable and aware of our bodies. She then moved to an area directly in the middle of the seats and asked Mike to stand and come to her. She then ran her fingers around his arms and upper body slowly and seductively removing his shirt to reveal his bear chest, Anne continued to rub his shoulder and chest paying particular attention to his nipples — the bulge in his trousers certainly showed that Mike was enjoying himself. My penis was now fully erect and straining to escape the confines of my trousers. She then asked Mike to remove her blouse in a similar erotic way. Mike obliged and eventually revealed two erect breasts of ample size — Anne encouraged Mike and encouraged movements that were arousing to her. She thanked Mike and asked him to take a seat while Steve had a turn.

She walked over to Steve and knelt on the floor in front of him. She began to massage his feet Kadıköy Escort and lower legs before removing his shoes and socks She then asked him to stand and she removed his shirt while encouraging him to massage her upper body in much the same way as Mike had done. She then sat in her seat and asked Steve to remove her shoes and knee high stockings as seductively as he could — Steve eagerly carried out her instruction accepting Anne’s guidance as he worked. She then moved quickly to Mike to remove his footwear as well.

It was my turn! My heart was pumping and my penis throbbing with anticipation. Anne began by removing my shoes and socks. She then asked me to stand and as I massaged her firm warm breasts she removed my shirt. She then asked me to remove her skirt as erotically as I could — she instructed me as I worked and I soon had her skirt removed revealing the most stunning pair of legs I had ever seen. Her womanhood was only covered by her frilly black underwear. She then began slowly removing my trousers, rubbing, squeezing and running her fingers all over my body. First my belt was removed and then as she lowered my trousers my penis stood to full attention only covered by my underwear, but released from the restriction it had endured.

Anne then moved to Steve and Mike asking them both to stand as she removed their trousers in similar fashion. There we were the four of us almost naked. Both Mike and Steve were as aroused as I was — each of us clearly breathing heavily as we awaited our next instruction — our private areas only covered by a thin piece of cotton. Apart from in porn pictures and movies I had never seen an erect penis (other than my own) and couldn’t help but feel excited about the prospect of seeing my two best friends reveal their manhood. She invited us to take our seats.

Anne then explained that the final part of our undressing would be completed by ourselves. But we would each take turns and try to learn from each other. She went to the entertainment system and put on a new piece of music that was slow, rhythmic and seductive. She then moved to the centre of the seats and slowly began to rub herself on the buttock moving to her hips and waste. She then slowly lowered her panties an inch at a time to reveal her hairless womanhood. She continued to term as she moved giving us all a full view of her body. Eventually her panties reached the floor and as she bent over to take them of fully I was presented with a full view of her anus and pussy. I could fell the pre-cum oozing from my penis and wetting my underwear.

Anne returned to her seat crossing her legs slowly moving her hands on her thigh. Mike is probably the more extraverted of the three of us and he was quick to offer to go next when Anne asked for a volunteer. He stood in the middle of the group with his red briefs fully stretched to accommodate his member. Anne asked him to begin by slowly revealing his buttocks while massaging his buns. Mike did as instructed — Anne encouraging him to move with the rhythm of the music. Eventually he moved to his front and slowly pulled the elastic band down releasing the biggest penis I had ever seen. His uncircumcised nine inch penis stood at 45 degrees. It was long and thin — his foreskin having retreated to reveal a very moist and well lubricated head. Anne stood and kissed Mike on the cheek while rubbing her hands on his buttocks and around to his inner thigh. She thanked Mike and asked him to be seated.

Steve was next. Anne took his hand and asked him to stand. She asked Steve to concentrate on his penis and genitals as he removed his underwear. So that he would not be embarrassed she demonstrated for him rubbing her hands slowly over his testicles and penis. She then moved İstanbul Escort to the elastic band and began to rub her fingers inside the thin piece of clothing. As she sat down Steve took over gently massaging his testicles and slowly stroking his penis through the fabric. He moved to the elastic band and as he continued to run his fingers up and down his penis he used his wrists to lower the now very wet pre-cum stained briefs over his penis and then fully removing the garment. As he bent over to eventually remove the garment He opened his legs and I was presented with his anus with two large testicles hanging in their ball sack. Steve stood, his circumcised penis was slightly curved, about six and a half inches long. The most noticeable feature was the size of his testicles which looked like the size of eggs.

Anne thanked Steve and asked him to take a seat. Mike was getting quite excited and had unthinkingly begun to rub his penis. Anne commented to us that we were welcome to touch ourselves but she would be grateful if we tried to avoid orgasm as there was still plenty more to come. I was the asked to stand and try and combine my removal using the best of the actions that Steve and Mike had done. Anne asked that I use more of the space available in the circle presenting my body in close proximity to the herself and the others — as much as possible I was to keep my eyes closed and concentrate on the music. I obliged and began moving to the music semi aware of those around me. The process almost felt hypnotic, only opening my eyes occasionally to check my position in the circle. I eventually finished with Mike and Steve clapping in appreciation — they had obviously enjoyed the show having had a full and very close view of all parts of my body. I stood in the centre my seven inch penis fully erect and glistening with anticipation. My penis was circumcised and was thicker then my friends. My manhood was further emphasised by my very thin layer of pubic hair which I keep well groomed.

Anne commented on my pubic hair and asked the others if they would like to also shave before we moved on. They thought it would be a good idea. Anne asked the three of us to follow her to the ensuite — she asked Mike and Steve to sit on two three legged stools. She then removed two razors from the cupboard giving one to me. She then asked me to assist her trim Mike and Steve. She asked Steve and Mike if they would mind me touching them. They both indicated that they were happy for me to assist so Anne suggested that I work on Mike as his penis was uncircumcised and I might like the opportunity to see what an uncircumcised penis looked like up close. I set to work and we quickly completed our task — both Steve and Mike enjoying the process judging by their sighs and moans!

The showers were all turned on and Anne invited us to shower together as it was important that we were all clean and refreshed before we moved to the next part of the evening. However, she would like the opportunity to assist us. As we each stood under the shower Anne moved to each of us soaping us, rubbing, stroking and massaging. Finally when we had each been cleaned and were even more erotically aroused she asked that we return the favour by cleaning her in a similar way. She gave Mike some shampoo, Steve some foaming soap and gave me a flannel. We went to work. Anne moaning and almost purring as we caressed her body. Of course we were all very close and found ourselves rubbing against and touching one another something that seemed to add to the excitement.

When finished, we dried. Anne told us that we should take our clothing to our rooms and wait until she called for us. We should remain naked and we would not need to dress again until we were leaving the next day. She hoped that our experiences so far had left us stimulated, less inhibited about our bodies and comfortable in the presence of each other. As we left she reminded us that we should try to avoid masturbation as she was looking forward to a very full and action packed evening.

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