Incest During Apocalypse Ch. 02Incest During Apocalypse Ch. 02


[Themes: gay incest, domination and submission, smells, dirt, pissing, rimming.]

~~ The world has been overtaken by zombies. During the first year, they slaughtered 98% of human population, as the virus causing it spread by airborne droplets.

After some time, the decaying processes rendered majority of them harmless but the survivors have learned to live in isolation, in fear of bandits and the fresh living dead.

Me and my family, consisting of four brothers, an uncle and two of his sons survived solely due to our natural resistance to the virus. ~~

The door to my room opened. I clenched my teeth, seeing Kyle’s stupid face as he entered without permission. He shut the door behind him and slowly approached me, as I was lying on the bed.

“Where did your dad go with Travis and Dean?” I asked. I saw them through the window and I thought it was very suspicious. Unscheduled raids were not our style.

“Scouting,” he answered indifferently. He leaned over my bed frame and smirked, looking at me.

“Your dad never goes out personally,” I called his bullshit out. “What is happening?”

“Why do you even care?” He tilted his head and smiled. “You should chill out. Your life will really improve now. No more exposure to danger, no more difficult task, just spreading your legs and taking cocks of good looking guys… don’t pretend that this is not a dream come true, faggot.” Kyle allowed a disgusting smirk to show on his lips. He looked at lot like his father now. “How many times did you have naughty thoughts about me?”

“Never, clown,” I snorted. “You’re fucking gross. And so dumb…”

His nostrils widened like he was an angry bull. He clenched his teeth and fists. His arm muscles tensed. Whoops. I just made a big mistake.

He jumped on me in a second. The bed squeaked. He surrounded my neck in the powerful grip of his biceps, taming me immediately. I began struggling for a breath. He stank of sweat. The scruff on his face was scratching my cheek. His lean body began spooning me, I felt his hard cock on my butt.

“Your dad… said that I was… to be left alone for now!” I reminded him, barely able to speak through his huge biceps crushing my throat.

“What are you talking about, cousin?” he laughed into my ear. “You won’t snitch on me…”

“Oh yes, I will!” I assured him.

“You won’t fool me, bitch. You already showed that you get all submissive and breedable once you’re horny. Let’s try this…” His free hand moved from my hip and began massaging my crotch. “Haha, you’re fucking small…” he chuckled and then licked my ear. “Come on, cousin. Remember that it doesn’t have to be like that… it could be nice… so stop squirming and play along…”

“Please… loosen it up a bit… or I’m seriously going to pass out…” I begged, desperately trying to break free from his arm.

“Let go of my arm and I will loosen up the grip,” he promised. It took a lot of my willpower to stop trying to fight his arm. He kept his promise, although he still kept me pushed against himself. “You’re hard already…” he said, massaging my hard dick through pants. “Are you going to be nicer to me now?”

I was still feeling lightheaded after that choking, so I don’t take responsibility for any of my answers.

“I was always trying to be nice to you, but you always were so rude to me…” I whined.

“Tell me what dirty thoughts do you have about me,” he whispered into my ear, still rubbing.

“I can’t, you will laugh…”

“Damn right I will, fag. Do what I say.”

I moaned pathetically.

“Sometimes I watch you napping and I think how cozy it would be to rest my head on your chest…”

He grabbed my dick and balls and squeezed them really hard, making me groan.

“Not this gay shit,” he barked. “Dirty things, bitch. Tell me the dirtiest one you can think of.”

Forced arousal made my brain numb. My dick kept flooding my body with overwhelming, blissful pleasure. It wasn’t the time when I could effectively lie, so I just grabbed the first memory that filled me with authentical shame for ever having that kind of fantasy.

“One time I was playing with myself while imagining that I’m licking your and your dad’s sweaty, hairy assholes…” I revealed and my cock twitched against his hand. “I imagined that both of you were really nasty to me and then I came so hard…”

“Filthy faggot… sweaty and hairy, huh? Funny, you described it really well, it’s exactly like that at the moment…” Good thing I was lying down, because my knees just got weak. Why did an idiot like him have to be so sexy? “Let’s give you a taste, then.”

My heart began pounding like mad. It was really going to happen. I was hoping for this since I revealed it, but I though he would just laugh at me. He stood up on bed and I lied on my back, between his long legs, watching him take off his shirt. His socked feet were so large, his thighs were fat with muscles, calves were covered Çeşme Escort with curly fur. He was a spectacular, masculine man.

He took down everything but his navy blue boxers, white socks and the silver chain with dog tags, a memento of his time spent in the army.

I reown to my jeans, planning to take them off, but he placed his foot on my bulge, forbidding me from it.

“No touching, faggot,” he barked. “Think I’m stupid? The moment you jizz your pants, you won’t be willing to play anymore.”

I backed my hands off and lied them on the sides, proving that I’m a very good boy. He adjusted his position above me… and squatted. His warm, damp butt rested itself against my face, pushing the back of my head into the pillow. I inhaled hot, smelly air that had the scent of a male locker-room after a match. My cock was crying from excitement, helplessly squeezed down in my pants.

At first, the sensation was just pure sexual excitement. But after my forth breath, the warm air began lacking oxygen. I moved my hands involuntarily and placed them on his back, trying to push him off. He only laughed at my pathetic attempts at freeing myself. Instead, he just rubbed his butt into my face stronger. My nose fell between his cheeks…

“…Here it comes!” he announced.

A sudden steam of hot air spread across my face, accompanied by a loud “prrrrt!” noise. Having no other choice, I absorbed the entirety of his fart, feeling as if my nose was about to burn from inside and I immediately felt like losing consciousness.

But my cousin was not merciful enough to allow it. Suddenly, he raised his butt, letting a cold wave of fresh air to flood my face. I sighed, relieved, but it didn’t last very long. This time he sat on me much more comfortably. He seemed so heavy and yet not enough to crush my skull, apparently…

This time he wasn’t choking me for long. He quickly got bored and pushed me off the bed, taking my place, lying on his back.

“Pull my boxers off and lick my ass,” he ordered. His muscular chest was raising up and down in quick breaths of excitement.

I jumped onto him and pulled his boxers down, revealing the same, heavy meat that I witnessed being brutally beaten yesterday. Instinctively, I leaned over to give it a respectful kiss, but he pushed my face away with his big hand.

“The fuck are you doing, weirdo. Fuck off!” He raised his muscular legs, up and pointed at his butt. “Tongue that!” he ordered.

His ass was pale and had lots of hair on it, but it could not compare to the absolute jungle in his ass crack. I curiously got closer and was immediately bashed in the face by the same smell that overwhelmed me before, but multiplied. By a lot.

“Get to work, faggot!” he barked at me, grabbing his stiffening penis with one hand, pushing my face into his ass crack with another one.

I pulled my tongue out and allowed it to become entangled into his long, curly ass hair. They were moist from sweat and tasted salty. I reached his skin and it was similar. At first I was shy but when it turned out not to be terrible, I quickly began getting into this. My cousin, however, was not very pleased.

“Lick my shithole, retard!” He barked, shoving my head in the direction he desired.

I hesitated.

“Are you… clean?”

“I’ll be after you’re done, bitch.” Suddenly, he lowered his muscular legs and placed them on my back. “Don’t even think about running…”

I looked at the dark shade of his hole, that gathered the thickest hair around itself. How filthy it would be to stick my tongue in there and make out with it… He would absolutely destroy me later, telling that story to my brothers. My perverted uncle would undoubtably want to enjoy the exact same experience. Why in the world was I built in a way that made me so excited for this level of humiliation?

“May I, at least, be the one to jerk you off?” I asked, looking at his cock swollen from arousal.

“No, you would fuck it up.”

“Please, cousin… After all, that’s what you guys expect of me in the long run.”

He looked at me, angry, but let go off his cock.

“Don’t fuck it up,” he growled, placing his large hands under his head.

The sight of his exposed, hairy armpits only added to my excitement. I grabbed his moist, uncut meat and began massaging it in my hand. I quickly kissed his dirty, hairy balls and then went back to attend his ass, to avoid further complaints.

I pushed my face into his ass crack again and pulled my tongue out, diving near his asshole. When I realized that it doesn’t smell like that I was relieved and got really into it. His dark hole tasted more bitter than salty but I didn’t care. Having my nose stuck in his hot, wet ass crack, having to lick his shithole, pumping his cock and looking at his face twisted in a hateful, disgusted expression made me feel so small and pathetic… I was reduced to an ass licker, by my sexy, perverted cousin. How embarrassing that this kind Çeşme Escort Bayan of thing was making me so hard.

I pushed my tongue into his ass and it must’ve felt good to him, as he spread his legs further, looking down at me with a horny face. Like a good bitch, I kept licking him inside, but sometimes I was pulling out to let my tongue back into my mouth, to check the taste. The thought how dirty and perverted it was drove me crazy. My mouth that I was drinking, eating and speaking with, was merely an ass wipe to this alpha male. And it didn’t matter that I considered myself intellectually superior to him; with brute force, dominant masculine mentality and powerful physical features, he wired my brain into full submission.

I got so into it that my saliva mixed with his sweat and was now dripping from my chin. I was frustrated at how I couldn’t push my tongue deeper, how I couldn’t fit my mouth in to eat more of him. I think I did a good job, as suddenly he moaned and his cock began sprouting cum, all over my hand and his belly. I pumped him loyally, without any teasing or edging, with the full intention of bringing him maximum pleasure.

After his orgasm came to an end, he lied back, sweaty but relaxed, breathing heavily, with closed eyes.

I was waiting, silently, with my mouth slightly open, still having his fluids drip from my face. My own cock was pulsating in frustration, as I kept moving my hips, rubbing the bulge against the mattress. Of course, though two thick layers of underwear and jeans, I barely felt anything but it was enough to keep me excited and frustrated without pushing me anywhere pleasurable.

I looked at my cousin again. He still had his eyes closed but now he moved his hand to fix his hair. Then, suddenly, the door has opened…

“Well, well…” uncle Graham said, as he entered with my oldest brother Dean following him. “Looks like our boys have been playing naughtily…”

Embarrassed, I quickly wiped my filthy mouth with the back of my hand, completely forgetting that it was covered with droplets of Kyle’s cum.

“Sorry, dad. I know you told me not to do it, but…” Kyle tried explaining. It was so weird that he was fully comfortable with uncle Graham and Dean seeing him completely naked, right after an orgasm. He didn’t even care to cover himself.

“Don’t worry, son. I would not pass that opportunity either if I was you,” uncle Graham said lovingly. “Anyway, mission accomplished. Felix, my boy,” he looked at me, unzipping the bag he carried here. “We visited what was left of the nearby sex shop to bring you some gear necessary for your new position. Wanna take a look?”


“No! Get off of me!” I screamed.

Kyle, already clothed, was sitting on my stomach, keeping my wrists immobilized against the bed. Moments before that, he stripped me of all my clothes. Now, his face was hanging above mine just few inches away. He smiled sadistically and spat onto me. His saliva landed in my eye and on my cheek.

Somewhere behind him, Dean was holding one of my legs and uncle Graham was blocking the other one from moving with his butt. I’ve had no idea what they were doing; Kyle was so big that I couldn’t even get a glimpse.

“Wait, it goes this way?” uncle Graham asked, confused. They were meddling with my dick. Uncle specifically was holding my nutsack now.

“What are you doing?!” I yelled in panic.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Kyle laughed in my face. “They’re cutting your dick off, dude…”

“What?!” I tried wriggling against him again, but he was just so strong… “NO! Dean, please! Help me!”

“Calm down, he’s messing with you,” my brother responded, annoyed.

“Am I, though?” Kyle smiled at me with crazy eyes.

“Okay, it went in,” uncle Graham announced as something clicked. I felt as if the head of my dick became gently clipped by something. He did something and it became tighter. So tight that I groaned in pain.

“What are you doing?! It hurts!”

“Oh, it’s perfect for his little dicklet,” uncle said. “Dean, did I place that correctly?”

“Yeah, now close the lock.”

“What is happening?!” I whined. “Why can’t you just tell me honestly what are you doing to me? Why the secrecy? You will need me to cooperate anyway…”

“You will cooperate regardless of anything,” my big brother said firmly, in a cold, dominant voice that he used on me only when he was furious at me. “You shamelessly frotted with uncle and then you scooped Kyle’s ass crack, as if it was a box of ice cream.” Kyle laughed, hearing that. “You’re already in.”

“Okay, it’s done. Kyle, get off,” uncle Graham ordered.

The moment he freed me, I wiped the spit from my face and quickly reached for my poor, violated dick. I was shocked. They closed it in some weird, metal device that had a little padlock.

“This is a chastity device,” uncle Graham informed, smirking smugly, clearly happy with the fact that I was humiliated again. “You will be unable Escort Çeşme to get hard and masturbate as long as it’s on your dicklet.”

“Well, that’s not entirely correct,” Dean interrupted and reached out to the bag they brought. He threw a fat, black dildo at me. “All guys have a prostate, so you can stimulate yourself anally.”

He pulled out another dildo, and another, and then a vibrator, and also anal beads. In a second, I was swarmed by a bunch of cheap sex toys.

“Why all of them are so absurdly large?” I asked, grabbing one of the silicone cocks. “These are for females, I’m sure… didn’t they have prostate stimulators? These are the toys designed for males…”

“Actually, they did have those, but we didn’t bring any,” uncle Graham said, very pleased with himself. “You see, lad, we don’t give a crap about you orgasming. But if we can force you to train your ass-giving abilities that way, it’s nothing but a profit to us. Hence, the large dildos.”

“We also have some lube.” For some reason, Dean kept throwing all of this equipment towards me as he was speaking. “Oh, also some razors…”

“Yeah, we want you to shave, buddy,” uncle Graham cut my brother off. “Dick, balls, pubes, chest hair, armpits, legs… oh, and of course, facial hair. All has to go.” He grabbed my chin with his dirty fingers and made me look at his horny face, that was smiling in a disgusting way. “A new twink look should make the use of you easier for some of our more… heterosexual users.”

“You will be hiding your caged dick in these thongs,” Dean slingshotted them straight into my face. “Ah and probably the most important thing!” He pulled something shaped as a pink plastic lightbulb on a white stick. “Do you know what that is, little brother?” I shook my head. “That’s an enema bulb. You will be cleaning your ass with it, so that we can use your asshole as a pussy without worrying about condoms and having crap on our cocks.”

“If you will need help with anything, or guidance, Kyle is at your disposal,” uncle Graham said. I looked at my cousin and he gave me one of his typical psycho looks. “Don’t bother your brothers with your problems, remember that your job is to make them relax. Kyle will be your supervisor.”

“Can’t it really be Dean?” I whined.

“No,” barked Kyle, clearly angry at the idea of losing the opportunity to torment me.

“Kyle’s right, it will be him,” my Dean confirmed, firmly, looking at me in a cold way that was breaking my heart. I felt like I was close to crying at that moment. Why was he such a dick to me?

“Alright, lad. Get yourself ready. This night you will meet your brothers in a way you never thought you would know, hehe,” uncle Graham laughed idiotically.


I hunted my big brother when he went to the pub’s restroom. I knew that we would be there alone. When he saw me in the mirror, he stopped for a second to look at me, but then he just approached one of the urinals, so filthy and stinky, thanks to me and my brothers who would never care to clean them.

“What do you want?” he asked calmly. The stream of his piss could be heard in the background.

“Why are you like this to me, Dean?” I asked, all sad. “Did I do something wrong?”

“That’s what you’re worrying about?” he snorted. “Shouldn’t you be asking me to undo all of this? Or ask why would I agree to this in the first place?”

“You know well that I would always do whatever you told me to,” I answered, frowning. “So why all this secrecy and plotting?”

He stopped pissing but didn’t hide his dick. He turned to me, still holding his flaccid cock. A drop of piss fell to the floor.

“Lick it off for me,” he said softly. It didn’t sound like a demand at all.

I approached him, knelt on the dirty floor and confidently licked the tip of his dickhead, removing all the remaining piss. I even sucked peehole to take all of this. Then I looked up at him.

“Your mouth always feels so great on my cock, little brother…” he said, petting my head. “I’m not angry with you. I did this for us… the world is fucked and yet only now we could actually came out to our family. If the world was working as usual, they would deem us perverts, sick in the head. But when the world is like this? I managed to convince almost all of them to join.” He grabbed my chin, forcing me to look him in the eyes. “Don’t you get it, Felix? We can finally be together. After some time, of course, but they won’t judge us now.”

“But I will have to do nasty things with everyone now!” I cried.

“So what? I’m fine with that. I was fine with it back when you’ve had a boyfriend, remember…?” He grabbed my hands and helped me stand, then he hugged me. “It didn’t stop us from banging almost every night when he wasn’t visiting you…” I looked away, ashamed. “Don’t be embarrassed! What we have is beautiful, Felix. It’s true love. We desire each other and we will always do. It’s in our nature…” He kissed my forehead. “I’ll have to pretend that I’m cold and indifferent towards you for a while, just so that they don’t find out our secret. Even now they would probably shame us for what we’ve had. If we will pretend that we’re only beginning to fall in love with each other now, they should accept us.”

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