Improper PunishmentImproper Punishment


Alex awoke with a start, shooting upright. His chest felt tight, his vision blurry, and his limbs tingled. His breaths came quick and shallow. He shook his head and blinked his eyes. His vision improved, but everything beyond his bed was a complete blur. His heart hammered in his chest, and he brought his hand up to steady himself.

Alex’s hand touched soft, extra skin. He wasn’t the most in shape person, but he didn’t have… His eyes snapped down to his body. He cupped most of a small, perky breast—a breast attached to his body—with a tiny feminine hand. He panicked. He let go of his chest, and stared at the ceiling. He must have been seeing things.

As Alex’s breathing steadied, his curiosity got the better of him. Slowly, he shifted to the edge of the bed and stood. He padded over to the closet and opened the door, revealing the mirror attached to the other side. He couldn’t bring himself to look. If things were as they seemed, and it wasn’t a dream, he was in serious trouble.

Alex willed himself to look. A short, athletic, redheaded woman stared back at him. His green eyes went wide as he took in the view of her naked body. His legs buckled, and the woman in the mirror nearly collapsed to the floor. His heart beat out of control, and he felt dizzy. He backed away from the mirror and collapsed onto his bed.

Alex closed his eyes, and his head spun. Was that woman really him? It certainly seemed the case; he could feel and see it. But how was that even possible? He was a man. A thought came to him: Rose would be back later. What was he going to say when she came home? Somehow, he didn’t think, ‘Oh, by the way, I’m woman now’ would be acceptable.

Suddenly, Alex’s mind was completely focused on Rose. What would she say? Would she…like him like this? He felt a weird sensation radiate from between his legs. He tried to ignore it, but the harder he tried, the more he thought about Rose and her crawling on top of him, naked. His right hand instinctively traveled up his body to his chest.

Alex gently groped his newly formed breast. He let out a surprisingly feminine noise; it was very sensitive. He squeezed it harder, his thumb teasing his nipple. The sensation between his legs grew hot, and he moaned softly. He let all of his worries and reservations go. If it was going to feel this good, he was going to take the opportunity.

Alex arched his back as he tweaked his sensitive nipple. Another moan escaped his lips, and he felt the urge to explore the heat growing between his legs. He ran his left hand slowly down his toned stomach until his fingertips touched dampness. He shuddered in anticipation. Slowly, his fingers dipped into his new womanhood.

Alex gasped and moaned. His back arched as he squeezed his breast and ran his fingers tenderly along his wet slit. A tingling sensation began to spread from his pussy as he teased himself. He rubbed faster, stroking his clit as his fingers came up to it. He moaned louder and curled his fingers, prodding the entrance of his expectant womanhood.

“Want some help?” A familiar sultry voice called from the doorway.

Alex froze, his fingers still in the folds of his womanhood, his hand still squeezed his breast. Slowly, his eyes shifted to the side “R-Rose?!” he exclaimed in panic, trying to cover his naked, womanly body with no success. “It’s—I don’t—”

Rose was tall for a woman; she had nearly looked Alex eye-to-eye in his male body. Now, she looked so much bigger. A light, nearly see through, gown covered her shapely, fair-skinned body, her ample breasts protruding proudly. Her face was framed by long, black hair, and her smoldering sky-blue eyes stared right into Alex.

“It’s all right,” Rose said, pushing her hip off the doorframe. Her hips swayed from side to side as she strut across the room. “I know exactly what’s going on here.”

“Y-you do?” Alex asked meekly. He felt his rigid posture relax; he was captivated by Rose’s sensual body

Rose put one knee on the bed beside Alex and leaned down close. “Of course.” She bent to his ear. “I’m the one who asked Lyra to do it to you.”

Alex’s heart stopped. “You mean that witch friend of yours?” He couldn’t believe that Lyra could do something like this. “Wait, YOU did this?!” He shied away from Rose.

“Awww, you don’t have to be embarrassed, Alex,” Rose cooed, tracing a finger down from his collar bone, over his breast and to his bellybutton. “I know all about that poor thing you cheated on me with.”

“But I didn’t—”

Rose pressed a finger to Alex’s lips. “Shhh, shhh, shhh. I told you I know already; there’s no use denying it.”

“Have Lyra turn me back right now,” Alex demanded, but his trembling voice didn’t sound convincing.

“Now, why would I do that?” Rose asked, her fingers dipping lower on Alex’s body. He shivered at her feathery touch. “You haven’t been punished yet.”

“Isn’t this,” Alex gestured to his new naked female form, “punishment enough.”

Rose unexpectedly withdrew her porno izle hand. Alex flashed with embarrassment—he wished she continued. “I don’t know,” her gaze traveled agonizingly slow up and down his naked body, “Lyra gave you quite a sensual body; you should be thanking her. I’m sure you’ll be attracting all the guys’ attention now.”

“Rose…” Alex pleaded, reaching up toward her. She grabbed his wrist, tossed his arm to the side and leaned in close to his face.

“I was going to find some well-hung stud and have him fuck you as punishment to show you how worthless you were,” Rose whispered as she brushed Alex’s check gently with the back of her fingers. “But I decided I wanted to see your face when you came as a woman for the first time.”

Alex shivered at the thought of having a cock inside him. He quickly shook his head and stared at Rose as defiantly as he could manage. “All right, all right. Rose, stop it. I get the message; I’m sorry. I truly am. I won’t do anything stupid like that again.”

“Oh,” Rose breathed, her smoldering eyes locked on his. “I know you won’t. I’ll make sure of that.” Her grin grew wider, mischievous.

Alex’s heart beat faster, wilder. “What do you—mmm!”

Rose pressed her lips against Alex’s, and he let out a muffled cry. Her lips felt warm and silky, and they tasted sweet. He tried to wiggle free from her, but she was so powerful now. Her hand found its way back to below his bellybutton, and her fingertips lightly dance just out of reach of his tingling womanhood.

Pulling back from her kiss, Rose smiled at Alex. “Do you want me to help you?” She tapped her fingers on his sensitive skin.

Alex opened his mouth to say yes, but only a pitiful squeak came out. Rose let out a throaty chuckle. “I didn’t think you’d react like this, but,” her fingers finally slid down between his legs, “it’s exactly what I wanted.”

Alex moaned the instant Rose slid her fingers down his wet slit. Desire ignited in her eyes, and he lost himself in them. Her fingers played and teased, poked and prodded, stroked and grinded. His back arched from the pleasure, trying to press his womanhood up into her fingers. She momentarily teased him by lifting her hand away until he let out a whimper.

“Here,” Rose said softly, pulling the loose fabric over her chest to the side. Her pale breast hung out in the air, and Alex eagerly attacked it.

Alex scraped his teeth across Rose’s supple flesh. She shuddered over top of him when his teeth grazed her nipple. He wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her down closer to him, dipping her breast into his mouth. He tried to put as much of her in his mouth as usual, but his new mouth was much smaller. A frustrated growl reverberated in his throat before he began to suck.

“That’s it; just like that,” Rose moaned, quickening her fingers against Alex’s lower lips. “I didn’t realize it would be so hot watching another girl suck my tit.”

Alex tried to pull away to protest, but Rose forced him flat on his back and kept him silent with her breast in his mouth. “You don’t get to stop until I say. You’re going to be my little bitch.”

Alex’s heart fluttered. Part of him hated that Rose called him a bitch, but he couldn’t deny that it turned him on. There was something…hot about being at her mercy. Before, he could have just overpowered her and thrown her off him. He squirmed with delight under her and reached his hand for her pussy. His fingers bumped into something unfamiliar and hard.

“Oooh, naughty girl, you ruined the surprise,” Rose chided as Alex’s eyes went wide. He quickly retracted his hand. “I didn’t say stop. I got it just for you; enjoy it.”

Alex wasn’t keen on touching a cock that wasn’t his, but he rarely could say no to Rose. The lustful look in her eyes, her breast in his mouth, her fingers playing at his pussy made him throw caution to the wind. He reached out once more, finding his way underneath the loose clothing. Slowly, he wrapped his fingers around Rose’s rod.

Rose’s cock was hot to the touch but only partially hard. Alex began to work his tiny hand up and down her shaft, eliciting a shuddering moan from her. He loved seeing her in the throes of pleasure—the way her body trembled, the way she bit her bottom lip, the way she inched forward to feel him more. It didn’t matter that a cock was what was causing her pleasure.

Alex felt Rose get bigger and harder in his hand, and he felt himself smirk around her breast. “You like playing with cock now, don’t you?” She teased, lifting enough to let him answer.

“Only yours,” Alex managed, stroking Rose faster.

“I bet you are,” Rose abruptly stopped fondling Alex’s pussy and groaned, “even thinking about sucking my cock, you little slut.”

The thought of putting a cock in his mouth made him wrinkle his nose, but…if it gave him power over Rose. “I—”

Rose burst into a fit of laughter. “You are! I can see it in your eyes. This is too perfect. Tell you what,” she porno got up, crawled over Alex and spun around, her cock dangling down in his face, “I’ll give you a chance to suck my cock, and I’ll even be generous and eat your cute little pussy out if you do a good job. What do you say?”

Alex wanted Rose’s head between his legs, her tongue invading his wet womanhood. He didn’t say a word. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out, reaching up for her cock. She pulled her hips back just as his tongue was about to touch her cock head. He tried again, sitting up more this time, and she rewarded his efforts.

Rose, gentler than Alex expected, slid her cock into his waiting mouth. The first thing he noticed was just how warm her fully-hard meat felt. The second was its taste. He expected it to taste unpleasant at best, but it tasted just like any other bit of her flesh. He sucked on the head of her cock and swirled his tongue along the shaft.

Rose bucked, and, without warning, rammed the rest of her ample length down Alex’s throat. He gaged as her cock hit the back of his throat, but he relaxed. Tears started to well up in his eyes as he began to bob on her cock. She let him do the work, with only the occasional extra thrust or twitch. The first bit of salty precum touched his tongue.

As Alex continued to work Rose’s shaft with his mouth and tongue, he noticed something. She still had her pussy. His eyes lit up and, as he sucked hard on her cock, his fingers traveled along her inner thighs. She started to say something, but it quickly turned into a moan. She let out a sigh and kissed him between his legs.

Rose’s tongue parted the folds of Alex’s expectant, tingling womanhood. The pleasurable sensation of her tongue penetrating him momentarily caused him to lose track of what he was doing. She let out a gruff, dissatisfied noise, which prompted him back to action. Two of his fingers entered her wet slit.

Rose forcefully hilted herself in Alex’s mouth, and he felt her twitch. Warm cum squirted into his throat in thick ropes. She stopped eating him out, moaning loudly against his pussy. He choked down her cum as best he could, but there was too much. He stopped fingering her and pushed her up. Luckily, she listened to him.

Alex rolled onto his side and coughed up the remainder of Rose’s cum. It tasted salty and dribbled down his chin. Rose looked up at him from her position, her head resting against his leg. He looked her in her half-closed eyes and licked her cum from his lips. She smiled, victorious, even though it looked like she couldn’t move if she tried.

“I didn’t say you could touch my pussy,” Rose breathed, staring daggers at Alex.

Alex wiped the rest of Rose’s cum on the bedsheets. “You didn’t say I couldn’t either. You loved it, so don’t complain.”

“You’re getting cocky,” Rose got up shakily and stood at the foot of the bed, “let’s change that.” she grabbed Alex’s legs and yanked him toward the edge of the bed, getting on her knees.

Rose buried her face between Alex’s legs. She aggressively lapped at his clit until he squealed in pleasure. Her tongue wormed its way into his wet slit, and his hands shot down to her head. He forced her deeper into his pussy, her nose grinding against his clit. He felt a great tingling sensation radiate from his womanhood.

“Rose,” Alex moaned, continuing to shove her face deep into his pussy. “I think I’m gonna…”

Rose stopped. Alex tried to force her back into him, but she overpowered him. She stood up between his legs, her cock hard again. He felt his heart skip a pleasurable beat as he imagined her big, hard cock penetrating his near-climax pussy. He couldn’t help but stare at her cock as she stepped close enough to stick it in him.

“If you cum as a woman, the spell will be final, and you’ll never go back to being a man,” Rose said wickedly, smirking and slowly teasing her cock against Alex’s drenched folds.

Alex leaned up until his lips brushed against Rose’s ear. “Fuck. Me,” he breathed eagerly.

“I want you to beg for my cock first,” Rose urged as she slapped Alex’s womanhood with her plump cock.

Alex squirmed, unable to bear it any longer. “Please, Rose, ram your fat cock inside me and make me cum like the little bitch I am.”

“If you want it so badly, put it in yourself. I want to see the moment you break.” Rose let go of her cock and eased back, resting the tip of the head at Alex’s tight entrance.

Alex looked up into Rose’s eyes. He could see the impatience in them, knew this was exactly what she wanted, but he didn’t care. He wanted to cum. And if that meant he had to degrade himself before her, he would. Slowly, he inched his hips forward. Her cock stabbed at his pussy, but, instead of going in, it sprang up, resting flat against his folds.

Alex moaned in frustration and pleasure. He knew he was so close; he could feel it deep inside. He let out a little breath and curled forward, wrapping his tiny fingers around Rose’s rokettube fever-hot cock. He pushed back against her and was surprised when she eased up to give him room to work with. A moment later, he lined the cockhead up with his pussy and slid onto it.

The feeling of Rose’s large cockhead gradually penetrating his virgin pussy sent fire throughout Alex’s new body. He gasped and moaned as he felt her cock, inch by inch, fill him. His body twitched in a vain attempt to get more cock inside quicker—she was too far away. He tried to say something, but only incomprehensible mewling came out.

Thankfully, Rose knew exactly what Alex wanted. She stepped forward, slowly sinking her cock further into his accepting pussy. She stopped just short of hilting herself in him. In desperation, he bounced forward on his back. The folds of his pussy touched her fine pubic hair, and he was rewarded with powerful sensations. It hurt, he was so full, but it felt so good.

Rose shuddered against Alex, her eyes glazed over with lust. “Now I understand why you did it.”

“I—You feel so good inside me, Rose.” Alex felt his pussy contract, trying to milk her cock.

Alex saw the faintest hint of blush in Rose’s cheeks. “Your pussy feels great, too, Alex.”

“I think you can start moving,” Alex said softly, embarrassed by the whole situation.

Rose slid her cock partway out of Alex’s deflowered womanhood, and he acutely felt the void it left behind. Something warm trickled down his inner thighs. His girlfriend, the woman he had cheated on, had taken his short-lived virginity. To say that he felt embarrassed, even humiliated, was an understatement, but it turned him on so much more.

Alex wrapped his short, toned legs around Rose’s waist and pulled her back into him. She let out a yelp at his sudden forcefulness as she fell onto him, but all he could focus on was her cock plunging deeper inside. A throaty moan escaped his lips when she hilted back inside him, her full weight driving her hips down against his.

Rose tried to pull back to pump her cock in and out of Alex’s pussy, but his legs held her tight in place. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you didn’t want me to actually fuck you.”

“Oooh,” Alex murmured as Rose ground her pubic bone against his engorged clit. “Sorry. Guess I’ve got some pretty strong legs in this body.”

“That you do.” Rose ran her fingers along Alex’s calves up to his thighs. “And while they are quite lovely, and I love that you’re getting into this—you little slut—I need you to loosen up a bit.”

“I can do that,” Alex said as he loosened his leg-lock on Rose.

“Much better,” Rose cooed. Her fingers slid from Alex’s outer thighs to inner, fingertips teasing at the folds of his womanhood. “Now,” she pinched his clit, causing him to jump, “do you want it hard and fast, or gentle and slow?”

Alex licked his lips hungrily as he stared up into Rose’s eyes. “Whatever makes me cum the fastest.”

Rose laughed, causing Alex to deflate a bit. “You want to stay a woman that badly? You want to get fucked—feel cocks inside you.”

“I want to be your bitch,” Alex said with more conviction than he felt. “If I get to be fucked by you, then, yes, I want to be a woman. Your woman.”

“Alex, that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.” Rose pulled out until just the tip of the head of her cock remained inside Alex’s dripping pussy. “Hard and fast to orgasm it is.”

Rose plunged back into Alex’s pussy, impaling him on her mighty rod. He gasped as he was roughly filled by her and instinctively squeezed her waist with his legs. At the same time, his pussy tightened and milked her cock. She let out a shuddering breath as she settled into a quick rhythm, spurred on by his guiding legs.

Alex, staring up at Rose, noticed she had closed her eyes. He attempted to sit up enough to reach her, but every time she slammed her cock into him, he fell onto his back. He reached a shaky hand up and touched her face. Her eyes shot open, and she glanced at his hand on her face before they shot down at him.

Alex wanted to kiss Rose as she hit his most intimate parts. He gently pulled her face down towards his, their breasts swaying together in rhythmic motion between them. Their nipples touched first, sending a jolt of pleasure through his body. Her larger breasts soon engulfed his in soft, warm flesh, but at the same time, their lips met.

Rose had started their entire sexual encounter with a kiss, but this one felt different. Alex melted. The feeling of being connected to her in two ways was too much for him. He moaned louder against her mouth as her tongue broke past his lips. He felt something rising up deep inside him, and he knew he would cum at any moment like this.

Alex let out needy, almost panicked noises and tried to pull away from Rose. She took the hint and backed off, panting. “I’m almost there,” he gasped between breaths of air.

“So?” Rose tried to act aloof, but Alex could see the glint of victory in her eyes.

“You said,” Alex moaned as Rose continued her relentless pounding of his tightening pussy. “You said you wanted to”—he yelped when her cockhead directly struck his g-spot—”see my face when I cum.”

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