How I Became GayHow I Became Gay


It’s been years since I’ve been on the Internet regularly for sex/porn but recently I’ve been motivated by what I’ve seen to write about my first homosexual experience, which happened about 8 years ago, when I was 22.

I met Steve in a chat room. He lives a few towns away. He was 38 and divorced. He explained how he wished he had known more about his homosexuality at an earlier age, which would have saved him much time and heartache.

We chatted a lot those first few weeks. I explained that my dating experiences in college were disastrous and that I had found myself looking at gay porn on the Internet more and more. This activity increased to every night after I got my first apartment. I had shaved myself smooth from the neck down and bought myself a small vibrator that I rubbed over my cock and asshole while I masturbated.

Steve talked about his experiences during our chats and I told him of my desires. Typically, just after we signed off, I would blow a huge load in seconds because he made me so hot

I only got hotter when he started to explain to me that I was probably a ‘bottom’. I wasn’t really familiar with the term but as he explained it, it sounded correct. My fantasies involved a man making me suck his cock and to be fucked. To that end, Steve talked me thru pushing my small vibrator into my ass while we chatted a couple of times to see if I’d like it.

I did.

Steve told me based on his experience that I’d be best served by having gay sex in real life before I got hooked up with some woman and repressed the desire…which could come back later to haunt me as they did him.

A couple of weeks later, he invited me to his home on a Friday night and told me to bring an overnight bag. When I arrived there, it was clear Steve was ready to get down to business. He was wearing a robe. I sat down and he offered me a beer, which I quickly chugged down and accepted his offer for another.

As I was draining that beer, Steve let his robe fall open. He had on a leather jock strap type thing and a black leather band around one bicep. Steve stood up, took off his robe and reached next to the couch, handing me a disposable enema bottle.

“Here, go clean yourself out in the bathroom. I will want to play with that ass later,” he said.

I went into his bathroom trembling but got on all fours and emptied the enema bottle into my ass. I heard Steve call out: “and when you come out of there, the only thing I want you wearing what is on the wall!”

I quickly looked up to see a studded leather chest harness hanging up and when I was done with the enema, took off my clothes, putting the strange contraption on, I turned to look at myself in the mirror and thought “Oh my god…I look like of the men in gay porn!”

I sheepishly went back to Steve and he told me to kneel before him. He took my right hand and put it on his jock strap. His bulge was enormous and within a minute of my holding my hand on it, he commanded “take it down now.”

As I pulled down the leather cover, his half hard cock sprang free and I gasped just a little. It was already almost 7″, very thick and had a huge, mushroom head. As I pulled off his strap, Steve smiled and asked “like what you see?”

I quickly nodded. “Then show it some respect, kiss it!”

I felt compelled to follow his instructions and brought my lips to plant a tentative kiss on his cockhead. “Good boy,” Steve said. “now make it hard, kiss up down the shaft and my balls”

I proceeded to kiss up and down his meat, kissing the big balls each time I reached the bottom. His cock slowly got harder and the head swelled into a fat dome.

I couldn’t believe how hot I was getting kissing his meat. It was something I’d dreamt about so long. Steve slowly rubbed his cock back and forth across my face. After a couple minutes of this he said “okay now take me between your lips”

I took his head into my mouth and felt like I had just taken in a huge lollipop. Steve put his hands in my hair and said softly “relax your jaw and breath through your nose while I feed you dick”

As soon as he sensed me following orders, I felt Steve pulling my face down on him and I instinctively moaned a little. He released his hands from my head and smiled a gorgeous Bycasino smile at me and whispered “yeah, I knew you’d like it in your mouth. Now bob up and down a bit, give me head boy”.

When he said that, it triggered something primal in me and I started to move my mouth up and down, only taking a few inches in but feeling like a slut who was giving head to a man as I did. Steve then began to talk encouraging to me as I bobbed, he said things like “there, doesn’t it feel good to suck a cock? Guys like you suck the big cocks of men like me, it’s completely natural for you to be a cocksucker”

As I heard, those words, I knew they were completely true. I was playing a role I’d seen in porn hundreds of times and it was wonderful!

For the next half hour, I was sucking Steve’s huge prick in various positions. He placed me face up and face down on the couch, getting about 5 inches in with each stroke. When I’d start to gag, he would pull back but then get the head right back there and I learned to stifle the gag reflex pretty well.

Finally, I was back on my knees before him as I started and bobbing freely up and down on his prick, as Steve chanted “oh yeah…oh yeah” for a while.

In a flash, he grabbed both hands to my head and I literally saw his balls draw up into his crotch. Then I felt the first jet of thick, hot cum blast into my throat. They were followed by pulsation after pulsation and I felt like my mouth was filling with thick, hot snot.

I remember thinking as he was ejaculating in my mouth how I had cum in a couple girls mouths and that for me….being on the receiving end…was SO much better. I loved the feeling of being used like this.

His cum was salty and sweet and was such a cool sensation to have it sliding down my throat.

When Steve was done ejaculating, he pulled my head off his meat and asked what I thought. I was somewhat speechless but managed to stammer, “Awesome.” To which he smiled.

He then suggested a shower together. He had a very large tub/shower and after I removed the harness, we were soon under the spray, where he took me in his arms and kissed me forcefully. Making out with a man, feeling his stubble on my face was absolutely a delight.

Steve then told me to soap him up. As I did so, he instructed, “Now spend a lot of time on my asscrack and hole, wash it up good.” I eagerly accepted and rubbed the shower gel well up and down his crack and around his anus.

When I was done, he placed both hands on my shoulders and applied pressure downward. I quickly fell to my knees. Steve then turned around, bent over slightly, and ordered me to part his cheeks. I did and was instantly staring at his hairy asscrack and scrotum.

“Show me some respect now boy, kiss my asshole!” Steve barked. I moved my face into his wet asscrack and kissed the hole. “Now put your tongue out and rim me,” he said. I placed my tongue flat against his anus and again, began to do something I’d seen so many picture of and dreamed of doing for years.

With the soaping I’d done, there was hardly any taste. It was such a turn on to lick a man’s ass. Steve turned his head around and said, “Very good. Now it’s time to put your tongue inside. It will taste stronger but don’t worry, guys like you learn to love the taste of shithole after a while.

“Shithole”: that word hammered home what I was about to do and my heart was hammering in my chest as I pointed my tongue and pressed it into Steve.

His wet hole gave way and my tongue slid right into his sphincter and the taste was incredible. I felt like I was doing something so much intimate than when I’d licked a girl’s pussy.

When I heard Steve moan a little. I knew I was doing something right and slowly got the hang of eating ass, reveling in the taste and smell of a man’s exit.

I continued to tongue his asshole for about five minutes. Then he slowly stood up and turned around….displaying his fully engorged erection right up against my face again.

Chuckling, Steve said “back to the bedroom…”

After we dried off, Steve put the harness back on me….then attached a studded dog collar around my neck. Where the dog license would be was instead a tag shaped like a cock and balls that was engraved “Queer”

Steve Bycasino giriş laid me on his bed with my legs hanging over the edge, face up. He went to his nightstand and returned with a large tube of KY. He was then applying liberal amounts of it to his fingers and pushing them gently up my ass.

While I was excited, I was also very scared about what was about to happen and that must have showed on my face.

“Relax,” Steve assured. “There were a few nights where I told you how to put your vibrator in your ass when we were chatting, remember?”

“Yeah” I responded nervously. “But my vibrator is nowhere near as big as you or flared at the tip like that”

Steve smiled that beautiful smile again and said calmly. “From what I’ve seen, you are probably going to like this a lot. No more practice, tonight you are going to become a real bottom”

He began rolling a condom over his big head, then down the shaft. With one hand he pushed my legs back to my chest. When Steve did that, it only confirmed that he was taking charge and I felt scared and excited at the same time. All those things I’d seen on the internet of one man fucking another and I was finally going to see what it was like.

In seconds, He was rubbing his cockhead against my well-lubed asshole. As he did I thought of the few women I’d fucked and how Steve was probably a lot better at fucking because it was such a sensual move and teasing at the same time.

Then he put both hands under my knees to balance himself and I felt tremendous pressure on my anus as he leaned forward. When his cockhead started to enter me, I did my best to stifle a scream. I felt as if a baseball bat were being crammed into me and clutched hard at the sheets.

“Just relax buddy,” Steve said, looking at the grimace on my face. “we need to convert this tight ass of yours for cock”

“oh my god” I managed to utter back. I began to think that being fucked was going to be very difficult.

When his head popped through my sphincter, there was a slight relief from the discomfort because his shaft wasn’t as thick but the stretching sensation only moved…to inside my ass.

Steve smiled as he slowly, very slowly, put his weight down, easing inches into ass. As he did, I could literally feel my insides being stretched into the shape of a cockhead.

Steve had an ear to ear grin and I looked at him and I managed to give back faint smile through the discomfort. He leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss, then whispered in my ear “I know it’s different than when you put a toy up your ass but you are going to love this….”

With that, Steve pulled back until just his head was inside me, firmly took hold of me with a thigh in each hand and pushed his cock in until his balls touched my ass. I felt like I was going to pass out.

When I regained my composure a few seconds later. Steve was gently pulling back and pushing his meat in a sawing motion. I startled myself when I let out a low moan and realized my ass was loosening for him.

Steve grinned and said “Now that’s what I like to hear!” and leaned his face in until we kissed again. This time I kissed back passionately, letting all my emotions flow in that kiss. I felt overwhelming lust, fear and so much passion for my first time taking a cock in my ass.

When the kiss broke, Steve took both my ankles and pulled them up until my knees were over his shoulders. Then he began to slowly, but steadily, work his cock in an out of me.

The discomfort was quickly disappearing, replaced by an incredible feeling of fullness each time he’d pump his dick into my asshole. I heard Steve say…’hmmm…you seem to really be enjoying this”. I looked down and saw my own cock was rock heard and swollen against my belly. I blurted out “oh man …”

Steve responded. “No, it’s good. Your body is showing you that you like being a bottom. You’re hard and the only stimulation you’re getting is getting fucked. Excellent!”

He then pulled out and roughly turned me over, ordering me up on my knees. He moved his cockhead to my asshole again and pulled me by my hips back onto it, slowly sinking in the shaft. As he did, I instinctively lowered my head down.

Steve, said “That’s it Bycasino güncel giriş boy. Arch your ass up for dick, show respect for your top!”

Steve fucked me a little faster….then a little slower for about 10 more minutes. He was clearly experienced at bringing himself to the edge of orgasm, then pulling back. The room was smelling of lube, cock and ass.

Steve looked down to say “Still think you’re just bisexual guy?”

I managed to hoarsely say back “God Steve…I love your cock”

I realized that the times I had fucked a woman, I had secretly been wanting the opposite—to have a man fucking ME and taking him.

“Oh you’re going to have to do better than that….” And as those words lingered in the air, he reached down and yanked up on my dog collar. When he did that, I noticed I was beginning to moan and not a particularly masculine moan either. He would slowly pull back then, in a rush, jam his meat back up my ass till he reached his balls. I was moaning more as I heard him chuckle a little behind me.

He asked how this compared to the dildo.

“No comparison” I managed to answer between moans.

“Great.” He replied and pulled his cock from my ass then ordered me to get on my back again.

Steve pushed my legs back again and entered my ass easily and to the hilt. He pumped a couple of strokes into me then reached down and took my throbbing cock in his head and slowly began to stroke it.

I heard him say “Congrats Boy, you take a thick cock up your ass like a champ…time for your little dick to cum”

I felt the orgasm of my life about to let loose and groaned. With 20 seconds the first rope of cum blasted onto my chest. Steve had a very firm grip on my meat and pointed it so that the next one, hit me directly across the face…I must have had 5 successive shots of semen go onto my cheeks and hair. I had never cum so hard in my life.

After only another few seconds of pumping, Steve moved in until his balls touched my ass and closed his eyes as I felt his cock start twitching strongly in my bowels. I could literally feel the tip of the condom filling with cum.

I was in absolute ecstacy. I felt like I had pleased a man not only to cumming in my mouth but in my ass as well. Thoughts were going off in my head like a neon sign: These were the most natural feeling acts of lovemaking I’d ever experienced. Every time I’d had sex with a woman, it had seemed so phony. This didn’t.

And I knew the reason why. I always believed they age old expression about “a whore in the bedroom” What I hadn’t had confirmed to me up to that day was that it was ME who was meant to be the whore to a man, not a woman to me. Everything was becoming clearer about these things to me in the after rush of my first real fuck.

Steve wasn’t done with me. He slowly pulled his cock from my asshole and knee walked up to my face. He proceeded to remove the condom from his cock and ceremoniously turned it upside down and another load of wet, smelly mancum splashed directly from my face.

Then he slapped his fat cock onto my face and started rubbing it around, mixing the semen I had shot from my cock and he directed to my face and what he just dropped from the condom.

Steve would periodically, push he semisoft meat into my mouth afterward, so I would lick and suck it clean. I knew how much I smelled of cum and how it tasted in my mouth. And I could still smell my ass in the air too.

When we were done I was still overwhelmed with raw emotion and told Steve it was so intense and what I had wanted for so long I couldn’t believe it happened.

Steve responded that “See, I’m not saying you are gay but there’s a good chance you are and you needed to see what this was like very badly. I could tell by the way you chatted online that you’d probably be total slut for me and I am very glad I was right!”

Steve offered to let me sleep over in his guest bedroom and provide additional ‘lessons’ in the future if I desired. I said yes to both.

After a good night’s sleep. I had my next lesson the next morning in the shower. Steve put down a towel and ordered me to my knees where I gave him a long blowjob in the steamy shower. He had me bobbing up and down quite a while later when he filled my mouth with cum.

We were off to the start of a wonderful friendship.

This story is completely true. If you like it, I’d love to hear from you, so you can let me know why. I could be inspired to write another story or two if there is demand.

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