His Obsession!His Obsession!


He had been watching her for months, he fantasized about being with her every waking moment. He had made it seem like he belonged in her secure apartment building. Had been talking with neighbors, coming and going will them. He knew her schedule and was waiting for her to get home from work this night.

She arrived home from work, let herself in the security door of her apartment building. She climbed the stairs to her third floor apartment, not knowing that he was waiting behind the hallway door. She unlocked the door to her apartment and as she did, he came up behind her and forced her into her apartmnet.

He shut and locked the door behind them, he covered her mouth with his hand and pushes her up against the door. He told her that if she screams he will have to hurt her. Then he takes his hand off of her mouth and moves it down to her top. She has on a button up short sleeve shirt and he takes his hands and rips open the front of her shirt to reveal her hot pink lace bra.

He is slightly taller than her and leans down and kisses her. He takes one of his hands and starts to caress her breasts through her bra. She tries to squirm away and he grabs her by the throat, pushes her against the door and tells her that if she tries anything stupid like that again that he is going to tie her up.

He then goes back to kissing her. He takes his hands, places them on the front of her bra and rips it off to expose her breasts. Her nipples are nice and hard even though she doesn’t want them to be. Her body is being arroused by him whether she wants it to be or not. She doesn’t like the feeling that she has no control over how her body reacts Küçükçekmece Escort to his forcefullness.

He can tell that she is beginning to like what he is doing to her, then she pushes him away and tries to run but he catches her right away, pulls her arms behind her back and forces her to her bedroom. He pulls the rope he has in his jacket pocket, pulls her arms up above her head and secures her wrists to the head board. Then he pulles her pants off of her, takes her legs one at a time and secures them one on each side of the foot board.

He then climbs on top of her and starts to kiss her once again. He rubs her breasts and pinches her nipples which respond again to his abuse of her body. As he manipulates her breasts, she can feel herself beginning to get moist. She does not want him there doing anything to her, but her body is enjoying him.

He can feel the heat building from between her legs so he moves down a little, kissing his way down to her breasts. Taking his time as he sucks each of her nipples carefully, making her nipples even more erect. Then before she knows what happens, he takes his hands, moves them down her body to her moist wet pussy and starts to rub her pussy through her panties. He grabs the front of her panties with both hands and rips them off of her.

Her body is now completely naked and totally exposed to him for his abuse. Then he starts to lick his way down her stomach to her sweet spot. He slowly licks his way to her clit, then takes time to suck it nicely to get it good and hard. Then moves his way to her pussy, licking up and down her slit, working his tongue around Küçükçekmece Escort Bayan all of her folds and then pushing it into her pussy. He hears her let out a quiet moan, he pauses what he is doing and tells her to lay back and enjoy herself. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to do this and begs him to please stop.

He reaches up with one hand and slaps her across the face as eh tells her that she needs to be quiet. Then he goes back to what he was doing, sticking his tongue in and out of her, fucking her with his tongue. When he has had enough of that, he moves off of the bed, takes his clothes off and climbs back on top of her. He makes his way up to her mouth and tells her to suck his cock like a nice little bitch. But instead she kept her lips closed tightly. He took his hand and pried her lips apart while shoving his cock into her mouth. He starts to slide it in and out, taking time to shove it in as far as it will go.

As he reaches the back of her throat, she starts to gag, he tells her to get use to it because he is going to keep ramming his cock down her throat until he has had enough. He keeps fucking her mouth with his cock, slamming it in a little harder with each stroke, making her gag on him each time he thrusts in. He pulls his cock out one last time and thrusts it into her throat as far as it will go.

Then he pulls out of her mouth, moves his way down her body and all at once, he rams his cock into her hot wet pussy. She can’t help herself and lets out a moan of pleasure. He looks down at her and says, thats it you horny little bitch, enjoy it. You are going to be here Escort Küçükçekmece for a while. I can keep right on going even after I cum he tells her. She can feel her pussy getting hotter and wetter with each word he says to her.

He also notices her heat building, and continues to tell her things like that until he feels her tense up her pussy. Then he says thats it bitch, cum for me, now. With no control over what her body decides to do, she starts to squirt all over him, herself and the bed. He was surprised by this and said to her, I knew that you were a special slut, I am going to have a lot of fun with your pussy.

He contiues to fuck her hard and can feel her heat building once again. He leans down and whispers in her ear, I want you to squirt for me again bitch. He rams his cock in and out of her pussy so hard that she can’t help it and before she knows it, she is squirting all over again. He tells her, thats it, soak me bitch and he begins to cum inside of her gushing pussy.

He keeps fucking her hard and continues to make her squirt over and over again. His cock never went soft after he shot his load deep inside of her pussy, so it was easy for him to keep right on going. Slamming into her as hard as he could until she couldn’t take any more. She started begging and pleading with him to stop, but he kept right on going until he shot his load deep inside of her pussy again.

Then he told her, I am just going to leave you tied up there for a while, I am not done with you yet. I am just going to take a little break and watch you lay there waiting to be taken again like the good little bitch that you are. He fucks her several more times before he leaves her. After he leaves, she locks the door and runs and jumps in the shower trying to wash him off of and out of her body. She tells no one about what happened to her that night, she just tries to go on with her life.

Part 2 coming next..

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