Girlfriends Ch. 02Girlfriends Ch. 02


Hey, gentle readers, surprise – Diane here, not Jack!

When Jack wrote “Girlfriends,” he ended it saying he’d tell “the rest of the story” if readers so dictated. Well, some said No Way, and some said Yes Please. Since the Yes Please folks were much more polite about it, he wanted to go with their kind requests. He relays: to JHarp and Anonymous, sorry to disappoint, he suggests you skip this one. To Steve Orshon, clakorman, Klitomatic, Anonymous (no doubt either a different one, or else someone out there is schizoid), and most especially to “b” (you know who you are!), many thanks for the encouragement.

Anyway, he decided since he was sort of focused on my enjoyment (what a guy, eh?), that I should pick up where he left off. So, here goes. He obviously helped with editing and all, but he wanted to get the female’s viewpoint out there. I don’t know if there is a “female viewpoint,” but I’m giving this a shot – it’s the least I can do for all the enjoyment I got out of the adventure!

Here’s Jack summary of the “Girlfriends” episode, in his words, minus a lot of details: I’m Jack (Mr. Average, in my view, and your narrator), and Diane (blondish and slim, mid-40s like me) is my wife. Diane’s best friend Carol (brunette and voluptuous), is married to Tom, and they live not too far away for them to occasionally visit each other. One day, Diane went to visit Carol, and returned home early, to practically attack me sexually – we had a great bout of it but she didn’t want to explain. The next day Diane revealed that she was sexually aroused by Carol describing to her an affair she was having, with Tom’s knowledge, yet! Carol’s guy is David (grad student, young, buff and hunky), and he really rocks Carol’s boat, aided by an appendage most of us guys would covet.

No harm, no foul, other than Carol’s mouth I suppose, which is – foul, that is. Trying to make this short – on Diane’s next trip to visit Carol, Carol managed to offer David’s services to Diane, and even recommended them, and then, as one thing led to another, Diane got to meet David and finally accidentally/on purpose, she saw David fucking Carol, exhibiting his prodigious member, and getting Diane all hot and bothered again. Again, I was the recipient of Diane’s stirred libido.

For some reason, hearing about it turned me on, not as much that David was screwing Carol, but that Diane was turned on by seeing him, and seeing them go at it. Diane saw my arousal, and soon we were including David, fictitiously, in our pillow talk and in our sexual role playing. We were fine with that, until I came home one day to a very serious looking Diane armed with a bourbon for me and a glass of wine for her.

She didn’t beat around the bush, saying, “I got a call from Carol. She says that David has a chance to present a paper at a conference at the — Hotel, the one only two blocks away. It’s a real opportunity for him and will look good on his resume, but he can’t really afford the nightly rate and it’s an all day plus dinners agenda, so it would be tough for him to commute. She asked if she could tell him he could stay with us. I told her I’d get back to her, that I’d have to check with you first. There’s nothing we have planned for that – it’s a Wednesday-Thursday thing, and he could come up Tuesday after work, then leave Friday if it’s ok. What do you think?”

What did I think? I quickly thought about everything except convenience, expense, calendar, and so forth. What I was thinking was that Carol’s continuing her campaign to get Diane and David in bed together, and the opportunity that three days of our hosting him would afford, never mind the chance to extend that past his busy time at the conference into the weekend.

That’s where the original telling ended. And then, on reflection, I wondered if it might be both more immediate and certainly more egalitarian for Diane to tell what happened next. After all, I’m all about egalitarianism, and after all, this was about my getting turned on by her getting turned on, so getting some insight into her reactions was certainly central.

And so, over to Diane for this chapter, written under my “byline.”

So, I’m Diane, and I’m back.

After I told Jack, I waited for his response to Carol’s wanting us to host David. I knew that he had been turned on by our pillow talk, but also that I was turned on by how Carol described his lovemaking, and by seeing them screwing that night at her place, and then by seeing him by accident, naked, in her kitchen. I was excited, but I was also worried about letting something start for real that we would later wish had stayed fantasy.

Jack thought about it for a minute, then said, “Hey, babe, let’s cut to it. Carol has coincidentally set this up – maybe conveniently – as a way to get you laid by the David stud. Meanwhile, it would be inhospitable not to offer David the lodging, and we’re not inhospitable people. So, that’s settled – we’ll relay our offer him via Carol, which will no doubt please her no end. But…”

“But?” I asked, half knowing what was coming.

“But we need to agree Bycasino on what else, other than convenient symposium lodging, may be involved.”

“Well, he can have breakfast each day, and he can use our laundry if he needs it,” I deflected.

He broke in “Not what I’m talking about, and you know it.”

I felt like a schoolgirl all of a sudden, seeing my first kiss approaching me and not knowing whether I wanted to stay or flee. I think I actually blushed.

Anyway, he said, “Uh-huh. Exactly. You’re blushing, remembering that big thing of his maybe, or the way he was fucking Carol when he looked over at you. So, if he comes

here, he’s going to want to do that with you. How do you feel about that?”

“I think there’s no way. That’s just fantasy stuff. I’m your wife, and I’m not about to risk that over some sexual flight of fancy!” I said back, sort of in a bit of a huff – he was thinking the same things I was, and my thoughts were pretty dirty, and he knew it – how dare he!

“Even if I was ok with it? Even if I wanted it to happen, and wanted to be part of it?”

“Part if it? Do you have the hots for David, too?” This was going downhill fast!

“No, not that I know of, but that phrasing pretty much tells me that you do. You know that I’m all about your enjoying things, and he’s got, from what you’ve told me, something I think you’d enjoy!”

“But I don’t need that to enjoy sex – I enjoy sex with you just fine! More than just fine!”

“Uh-huh, but, like I recall Carol told you – she doesn’t need it, but sometimes she wants it – or something like that.”

“Well . . . “

“Exactly – listen, I can assure you I am for this, but that I want to be there to see you if it does happen. For one thing, I want to be there in case he turns out to be way different than you expect and you want out of the situation. For another, moreso, I really do think that keeping it among us three, not you two, will keep us both knowing it’s really about us, not about your having some clandestine thing going behind my back. I can’t quite rationally explain all that, but there it is.”

“Then, you’re saying we go back and invite him and he comes, but no messing around if you’re not around, right?”

“Right. And no hiding from him that we’re in this together. It’s fine that Tom doesn’t want to see things with him and Carol, but we’re not Tom and Carol. I’ll bet that David will want to push things that way as soon as he can get you alone, and I’m just asking that you clear things up from the outset with him, then see how things go.”

I told him he was weird, and we both laughed.

“Yeah, I know, and you’re stuck with that – sorry,” he said, smiling.

And so, it was set. I emailed Carol back that it was ok for David to stay with us, and then David emailed me to finalize the where and when of the stay. I was relieved that nothing even remotely flirting was involved in the emailing, and just to reassure Jack that I was taking this togetherness thing seriously, I shared that with him, showing him the To and Reply emails.

On the appointed day, a Wednesday, David arrived but went straight to his conference, not arriving at our place until after dinner. He showed up looking like he really had been working all day – not frazzled, but not perky by any means. I showed him to the guest room and got him settled, and then we all had a glass of wine before Jack told him we were tired (no input from me on that – typical male, I suppose, but I really was a bit tired after a long day myself). Jack and I went to bed – in our bedroom, David having gone upstairs alone.

The next day, Thursday (duh), we all had coffee together in the morning, then David disappeared for the day to his conference, again. Thinking I’d be a good hotel hostess, I went up and gathered the towels from his bathroom, noting as I was there that he had his shaving kit orderly arranged on the sink and that he’d made his bed and straightened the bedroom as well – very considerate for a young man houseguest, I thought. I did his towels along with ours while I was at it, and had just finished folding them in our bedroom when I diverted to fix dinner for Jack and me. David arrived after dinner, again we all shared a drink, and I expected we’d be retiring, but before that, Jack excused himself, reason unknown, saying “back in a minute,” and gone – I figured off to the bathroom, where else?

Finally, alone at last, I thought, eyeing David. He sat across from me, each on an easy chair in the living room. Before I knew what was really going to happen, he put down his drink and got up, saying “You really look terrific, you know,” to me as he crossed the brief space. I wasn’t dressed provocatively at all, just a skirt and top, sandals, not even any cleavage showing. Bending down, he kissed me, as if it were the most natural thing in the world! I was dumbstruck, so surprised I didn’t even move, and to my relief he didn’t grope or even touch my hair – just kissed me, softly, no tongue, downright sweet if we were on a first date or something. But Bycasino giriş not innocent between a wife and unmarried lodger! It wasn’t a long kiss, and he straightened right back up and said, “Thank you for that. I’ve been wanting to do that since we first met.”

I was still trying to figure things out, still sitting unmoved in that chair when Jack returned. I must’ve looked shocked, though, since Jack said, “Hon, you ok?”

And David broke in, “That’s probably my fault,” he said, walking over to Jack and giving him a bro hug, Jack looking over David’s shoulder at me with a ‘what’s this about??’ look on his face. David continued, “I’m just so appreciative of you guys’ hospitality, I went over and gave Diane a kiss to thank her – I think I might have crossed a line, and if so, I’m sorry.” He said it so genially, it was almost plausible. On the other hand, Jack, knowing what he knew about David and Carol, and about my seeing them screwing and Carol trying to set us up and all – Jack immediately knew David was pushing like he expected him to, and wasn’t fooled at all, or so I thought.

“No harm, don’t worry about it!” Jack answered, and the pressure in the room dropped notably, or at least my blood pressure did. “Hell, if I were you, I’d take every chance to kiss a beautiful woman myself, in fact I think I will,” he said, then he too bent over, and I got the second kiss from a man, this one a different man, in about 2 minutes! Jack, however, did slip his tongue into my mouth and we kissed much more seriously than David and I, and longer. I realized as it was going on that it was a show for David, maybe even a marking of territory, but I was getting the benefit of whatever was going on, and I sort of liked it!

Breaking a developing mood, when Jack broke his kiss, I struggled to my feet and said, “Thanks for the good night kisses, gentlemen, I think I’m calling it a day before I need to thank anyone for anything else!” And I turned to go, maybe swaying my hips just a tad more than necessary on the way, and maybe even blushing a bit, but all in all, quite satisfied with myself. As I did, Jack said, “David, your conference is over tomorrow, right? I remember your plan was to drive back to your place tomorrow – why not stay an extra day? We can go out and have a proper Friday of it – dinner someplace that’s not with your conferees, and there are some cool bars in a little neighborhood we go to sometimes – nothing fancy, just relaxing and something different for you.”

I knew, and Jack knew, that his “something different for you” remark meant that I might be the difference, but I couldn’t tell if David picked up on that, and I hadn’t shared with Carol that I was even considering taking her up on her offer of stud service.

David only thought for a moment before agreeing, adding that tomorrow was only a breakfast and the conference checkout which he could skip anyway.

“So, great – we’ll just get you breakfast here, then have the day to relax and maybe Diane can show you around during the day,” Jack said cheerfully.

David replied, “Many thanks – like I’ve said, it’s really nice of you to let me stay here. So, I guess I’ll see you in the morning,” and with that, he got up and went upstairs to his room.

Jack and I followed suit, turning off lights and getting ready for bed. Jack was in his usual naked state under the covers when I emerged from the bathroom, all fresh-scrubbed, dressed in a simple white silk chemise with spaghetti straps. It was long enough to be mid-thigh, and as long as I stayed standing up straight, covered most of my breasts, with just a bit of cleavage on display. I never thought it was all that sexy – not see-through or lacy, but I liked its simple elegance, and Jack always thought it was sexy – who knows what lurks in the minds of men, I suppose. It did have the advantage, and I’d used it on occasion with Jack, to be pretty explicit if I bent over, loose enough to have my breasts hanging freely then, or bent over the other way, riding up my thighs as high as I chose – all the way to blatant if I wanted, which I almost always did not.

Anyway, that’s what I wore, thinking little of it – just a comfortable something to wear to bed.

“You sure know how to turn a guy on,” he said to me as I started to climb into bed, gazing at me as if I were being seductive or something. “David’s going to love that outfit!”

“What? He’s not going to see it – he’s gone to bed, too.” I said back.

“Uh-huh. Then how’s he going to get that stack of towels over there that you conveniently left – those are the guest towel set, aren’t they?”

“Oh!” I exclaimed, realizing I’d never taken them back upstairs. And now David was up there with no towels. “Can you take them up to him? You’re a guy, in case he’s, ah, changing or something.”

“Not a chance, I’m starkers and in no condition!” he laughed, and pulled back the covers to show that not only was he naked, but he was also a bit swollen, like half hard, the dirty cad – no doubt out here while I was cleaning up, just thinking dirty thoughts, Bycasino güncel giriş maybe even playing with himself! “You just take them up – nothing will happen, but he’ll enjoy the show, for sure!”

“I’ll just change, then,” I said, starting back toward my closet.

“No, no, just take them up like that. You look fine, and that’s not all that revealing,” he argued.

Mentally rolling my eyes, I knew what he was up to and figured ok, buster, I’ll show you! Picking up the towels and clutching them tightly to my chest – no way anyone could see anything now – I harrumphed and headed back out and up the stairs.

It was a good 5 or maybe even 10 minutes before I got back down and closed the bedroom door behind me. I made a bee-line for the bed and crawled under the sheets.

Turning out the bedside light, I felt Jack roll over and pull me into a hug, then a kiss, his hand falling to cup my ass – the ass he has repeatedly told me he loves, which of course I love to hear. I didn’t resist, but gradually kissed back, swapping tongues with him in our habitual way. I felt his erection press into my thigh and reflected with an inward grin that between David’s and Jack’s attention, I guess I had to admit, I still had it!

“So, progress?” he asked as we broke the kiss.

“You might say,” I answered, trying to suppress a giggle.

“Do tell,” he urged.

I started, “OK, I know you’re going to want every detail, so here goes. I went up there, and the bathroom door was closed but with light showing under it. So after I checked and saw that he wasn’t in the guest room, where the light was on and the door open – after that I just waited in the hallway outside the bathroom. It took a couple of minutes, but then he came out, obviously not expecting me. He was wearing just a pair of boxers – they were white, if it matters, and he was dry – not dripping out of the shower or anything. Since I had the towels, I guess he realized he’d better put off showering, if he had that in mind.

“I sort of stuttered, but offered him the towels, saying something about he might need fresh ones since he was staying another night. I felt really dumb, but that’s what I said.

“So then he reached out and took the towels from me, and I almost didn’t let them go, I was so embarrassed to be there in the first place. So he gave a little tug, and he was almost grinning at me, as if to say he knew that I knew that he had the hots for me and that the towels were just an excuse and that he was glad I was coming across, or something – at least that’s what ran through my head.

“Then he turned and tossed the towels back onto the counter in the bathroom and turned back to look at me, and I was, like I said, embarrassed, but I looked down toward the floor and realized that my damn nipples were hard and making pointers in this chemise, now that I didn’t have the towels to hide me. And worse, one strap had fallen off my shoulder, which managed to expose a good bit of the top of my left breast – it was barely hanging on by the nipple! You know how hard they can get, and it certainly was, and I thought at first I was sorry that I was so exposed, and then I realized if it hadn’t been hardened, for whatever reason, dammit, that the chemise probably would have fallen down even further and exposed the whole boob! I shrugged that strap back on and at least that covered me a little. More embarrassment, and then I looked up and he was looking right at my breasts, and smiling, and then he looked up at me and said, ‘Thank you – you’re not only beautiful, you’re considerate.’

“And I screwed up my courage, knowing you were wanting me to, and thought to hell with it, and said back, ‘You’re not bad yourself.’ And then I reached up and put my palm on his bare chest and told him, ‘If you were wearing any less, we could both be in trouble.’ And I just let my palm rest there, and he took my wrist gently but firmly and said ‘I’m not sure the clothes are going to keep me out of trouble at all – but that would be up to you.’ And then he lowered my hand right down and put my palm right on his boxers, and I could feel his penis!”

At that point, Jack reached over and took my hand and pulled it over to place it on his own erection, which was full! I guess my telling of the situation was having a positive effect – I knew I was a bit excited in recalling it, more maybe than I’d been at the time, since I was being embarrassed as well then.

So I continued, trying to be truthful, “My first reaction was to jerk my hand away, but he held firm, and I could feel his penis give a surge, and it seemed sort of soft, but firm at the same time – do you call that a half-hard? – it seemed to get bigger maybe – it was hard to tell – oh, I made a pun – well, make that it was sort of hard, but difficult to tell just how much. I let it stay there for a moment – probably like ten seconds, I doubt more, then I pulled away again and he let me, and I don’t really know why, but I gave it a bit of a squeeze right at the last. Then I looked down again and could see his boxers tenting out, more than before. I couldn’t tell just how much was going on down there. And then I looked down at my top and could see that my nipples were definitely pushing out even more – at least they were covered! At that point, I was out of ideas, and so I just turned and tried to walk away.”

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