Family Secrets Pt. 04Family Secrets Pt. 04

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“Sammy, what do you mean you know everything?” Charlotte asked trying to keep her fear from her face. That glowing murderous cobalt eye of his filled her with so much dread. She could feel the magic rippling off his body in his anger.

“She’s shown me the proof!” Samuel laughed maniacally against his hand.

“Samuel! This isn’t you! Don’t give into it!” Charlotte cried out scurrying over to the bed. “Look at me Samuel,” she said taking hold of his face, “please come back to me baby!” Charlotte pleaded hoping her voice would reach him. The look she saw in those eyes was so alien, so foreign she feared for her nephew. “Please Samuel, don’t give into whatever is going on within you.”

“Give in?!” Samuel asked confused. “Don’t you understand she has shown me who killed Mom? Who wants our family dead?”

“Okay…who is this “she” you spoke of?” Charlotte asked hoping that if she got him talking, whatever it was that had invaded her nephew’s body would slowly fade away.

“Hekatê,” Samuel said matter-of-fact as the glow from his eyes slowly faded.

“The goddess of magic…spoke to…you?!” Charlotte didn’t know to be in awe or in fear.

“Yes,” Samuel nodded.

“Okay,” Charlotte smiled rubbing her hands along his thighs noticing his calm demeanor returning. “What did she tell or show you?”

“Eva was the one that procured the items Norman used to hex Mom, and Beth was the one that introduced them,” Samuel said his fist clenched tightly still feeling his anger in his veins.

“What!” Charlotte roared jumping to her feet. “That fucking bitch!” she growled angrily.

“That’s not…all,” Samuel said remembering the price he was going to have to pay.

“Hmm?” Charlotte muttered not really paying attention as she paced. She knew how Eva envied her and her sister. She knew how jealous Eva was whenever they performed with the coven. Eva was never one to share the spot light. Why hadn’t she seen it before? Why didn’t she put an end to that woman when she had the chance?


“What?!” Charlotte said snapping out of her meandering thoughts.

“Did you hear what I just said?” Samuel asked tilting his head to the side. Sighing when she had a perplexed look on her face. “I said in order to learn this I had to pay a price.”

“Which is?”

“She wants me to destroy the coven.”

“Why?!” Charlotte asked sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I would’ve have thought she would have approved of the coven.”

“Not when they’re trying to usurp her will over the arcane,” Samuel said, wondering if this was what Pauline meant when she told him about their plan to drain him of his magic.

“They can’t be that stupid!” Charlotte gasped her hand flew to her mouth at what a wrathful goddess would do to their small town.

“Seems they are,” Samuel nodded grimly.

“Oh god! This is worse than I thought,” Charlotte said returning to her pacing, “but why does it have to be you, Samuel. Why must you put yourself in harm’s way?” she asked sinking into his lap. Pressing her forehead against his as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Because I’m her…” Samuel said searching for the word she called him, “Herald.”

“Guess I can’t fight a goddess,” Charlotte sighed.

“Agreed, that wouldn’t be wise,” Samuel said rubbing her back, “I would hate for something to happen to that cute little ass of yours,” he said with a sly smirk.

“You think my ass is…cute?” Charlotte asked blushing hard.

“Mmmhmm,” Samuel nodded as he kissed her sweetly.

“Then come, you can snuggle up to this cute ass of mine,” Charlotte said pulling Samuel to his feet. Resting her head on his shoulder as they walked towards the door that separated the addition to the main house. Her mind raced at what she had just seen. She knew her nephew was special. Knew he wasn’t an ordinary witch like her. Yet for Samuel to use raw arcane energy without the aid of her or Kelly was just something she wasn’t expecting.

“Wait!” Samuel said turning around. Seeing the damage he had caused to his aunt’s house. Looking down at his hand, wondering if he could do it. Bringing his hand up, slowly closing his eyes, feeling the ebb and flow of the arcane around him. Picturing how the room was before his fit had rampaged throughout the room. His brow wrinkled as he concentrated. Slowly, moving his hand through the air turning back time restoring the room back to its original state.

“Samuel, that’s amazing!” Charlotte said in awe. What her nephew had just done something that she and others like her would have taken a group to do. She began to wonder what else was in store for them once Samuel settled into his magic. “Come it’s late, and I want to feel my man next to me while I sleep. Then maybe once morning dawns,” she leaned in her lips brushing against his ear, “I’ll show you what this twenty-two-year-old body can do,” Charlotte said in a lascivious purr.

Samuel stirred in his sleep as he felt something warm wrapped around his morning wood. Ever since they retired çanakkale escort to her bed, Samuel’s dreams were filled with a warm, naked, smooth body pressing against his. Moans filling his mind as their bodies were intertwined. The red light of dawn filtered through the windows of Charlotte’s bedroom, peering down as he saw a curtain of raven hair shielding him from his manhood.

“Fuck!” Samuel hissed as his aunt teased the head of his cock with her tongue.

“Morning baby,” Charlotte said flipping her hair back grinning at her nephew, so she could show off his glistening cock. “You would never imagine what I woke up to!” she said licking up the back of his cock, “there I was sleeping soundly in the arms of my man, and what do I feel?! Something hard and hot pressed in-between my ass cheeks,” Charlotte giggled. “While I so want to show you how good my new youthful pussy feels like, but I want to feel you cumming inside of me,” she purred running his cock through the valley of her breasts. Squeezing her breasts together watching her nephew’s eyes rolling into the back of his head as she glided his cock through her firm, tight, soft orbs. “Oh, does my Sammy enjoy his aunt’s titty fuck?”

“Y-y-yes,” Samuel stammered.

“Good. You remember what I said the other day about showing you something that would allow you to cum inside of me?” Charlotte asked smirking as Samuel grabbed hold of the sheets.

“Y-yeah,” Samuel said biting his lip trying not to blow his load.

“I want to feel you filling up my ass, Samuel. I want to feel your hot cum leaking out of my cute little ass,” Charlotte said moving up his body, “you will let your aunt feel you back there, won’t you?” she asked peering down at him. She had already lubed herself up with some astroglide “Strawberry” just in case he said yes, or if she got lucky to bring her nephew out of his slumber while she was on top of him. “Please Samuel?! I want to show my man everything I can offer him.”

“Okay,” Samuel said taking a dry swallow seeing the hunger in her eyes.

“Oh baby,” Charlotte cooed, “you just lay there and allow your sexy aunt to take care of you,” she said reaching down between her legs. Kissing Samuel as she lined up his head with her brown eye. While she did enjoy playing with that hole when she masturbated, yet only those she genuinely cared for would ever experience how tight that hole truly was; and her nephew was one of those few that was about to experience what few men truly received from her. Sucking in a breath as the head of his cock breached her anus. Her nails dragged along his chest as her hands curled into fist. Her mouth was frozen in a “O” as she inched down on his shaft. “Oh Samuel!” Charlotte moaned as his full length sat deep within her.

“How does my tight little ass feel like wrapped around your cock?” Charlotte asked smirking triumphantly as Samuel bit on his lower lip. “Can you feel how hot that ass is?” she asked slowly rocking her hips, so her ass would gradually grow accustom to the size of his cock. “Few people had had the pleasure of my ass. I do hope it pleases you, my Sammy,” Charlotte said leaning forward moaning as his hands weaved through her hair. His tongue teasing hers as she sank into the bliss of their conjoined bodies.

“Fuck! Damn you’re so tight!” Samuel hissed as his aunt squeezed her ass.

“Oh, you think that’s tight, just wait till the solstice then you’ll experience something I thought I lost a long time ago,” Charlotte said with a mischievous smirk. When she had returned home last night from her sister’s house after they had dinner. She was shocked to say the least that the spell had not only turned back her years, but it had also restored her cunt back to a near state of virginity. While her hymen was still broken, she was surprised when she came so quickly when she pleasured herself while waiting for Samuel to return home from his date with his sister. How she toyed that newly tighten pussy of hers. Making it purr unlike how she could when she was eighteen when she lost her virginity.

“I can’t wait,” Samuel said in shallow breaths. If her cunt was tighter than her ass now, he didn’t know if he could stop himself from cumming the moment he breached the threshold of her womanhood.

“I can feel you swelling inside me baby,” Charlotte said her forehead glistening in sweat. “How about you fill up your aunt with that cum I know is burning within those swollen balls of yours.” Her eyes flew wide as Samuel took hold of her hips thrusting his full length deep inside of her. “Yes!” Charlotte squeaked as she came along with her nephew.

“Sammy? You wouldn’t mind some company, would you?” Charlotte asked as she watched his distorted image through the glass shower door. Giggling as Samuel held the glass door open for her. She had no clue how they managed to bathe themselves when they constantly teased each other throughout their shower. However, only seven days remained-seven days until they all must renew their pack or die. She knew without a doubt çeşme escort that he would, yet the price Samuel spoke of worried her. While yes, Samuel was extremely powerful, however, he was still just a new born compared to the coven. She was going to do everything in her power to help him. She dreaded what Hekatê would do to Samuel if he failed. Charlotte wasn’t about to lose him not now, not ever!

“Samuel? Have you thought about what you said this morning?” Charlotte asked as she locked up her house.

“Actually, yes, I have,” Samuel nodded as her hand slipped into his. Looking down as his aunt held his hand in both of her hands as she snuggled up to him.

“Oh?! Do tell Samuel? I want to help you, but if we are to do this I don’t want them knowing you were behind all this,” Charlotte said as they took the back route towards her sister’s house. “So, do you have any sort of plan?” she asked as Samuel nodded.

“Use what I’m good at,” Samuel mused as the cool morning breeze tugged at Charlotte’s hair.

“Which is?”

“Microbiology,” Samuel said matter-of-fact.

“Okay,” Charlotte said drawing out the word, “and just what are you going to do?”

“Strip the coven of their magic,” Samuel said darkly.

“Samuel!” Charlotte gasped bringing them to a stop, “to do something like that…”

“It has to be done Charlotte. Eva uses her powers to keep herself young…,” Samuel stopped himself. How did he know that? How was it he knew every dirty secret of theirs? If he had to guess it seemed while he was sleeping something, or someone uploaded every bit of data they had on the coven into his head. The hairs on the back of his neck began to stand on end. Looking back towards his aunt’s home, his Adams apple bobbed as he saw that very same polecat from his dream entering that alley. The rumblings of thunder echoed off in the distance as the polecat neared.

“Samuel?! What are you looking at? Are you feeling well?” Charlotte asked placing the palm of her hand on his forehead.

“I’m fine Charlotte. Someone was just reminding me of my obligations,” Samuel said smiling sweetly at her, taking her hand from his forehead.

“O-okay,” Charlotte said as she watched as those eyes of his slowly lit in the dawn light. “So, any thoughts on how you’re going to negate the covens magic?”

“Hmm…good question,” Samuel said scratching his chin, “the common cold is to infectious. The black plague is to deadly. It needs to be something that can be easily transmitted while not alerting the body’s immune system,” he said continuing on their way. “Then there are worms and parasites to consider,” Samuel sighed as his mind raced through list of all the microorganisms he knew of.

“I see,” Charlotte said chewing on her lip.

“Then there is how am I going to deliver the said package? Will it be airborne? Through touch? Sex? Ingestion?” Samuel mused as they walked along the walkway to the front door of his childhood home. Before they could step onto the porch the front door swung open.

“Sammy!” Kelly cried happily throwing her arms around her brother. “I’ve been thinking about you since you left this morning. Thank you for the date,” she said pulling away feeling her cheeks heat, “I really enjoyed dancing with you, and our encounter on the hood of my car,” Kelly said winking at him. “Morning aunt Charlotte, you look as lovely as ever.”

“Why thank you dear, it’s all because I got to feel my man cumming inside of me,” Charlotte said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“I see,” Kelly said, a little jealous that her aunt got to wake up beside of Samuel instead of her. “We just sat down to breakfast, would the two of you like to join us?” she asked her eyes darting back to Samuel.

“Seems Samuel’s stomach answered for us,” Charlotte giggled.

“Good!” Kelly chirped dragging her brother into the house. She didn’t waste a second as she passionately kissed her brother.

“Mom! Dad! I didn’t expect to see the two of you here?!” Charlotte said as she closed the door.

“Well Charlotte, if you called your sister some time I might have told you,” Wendy said from her highchair giggling at Charlotte’s wiggling nose.

“Well, someone has been keeping me busy as of late,” Charlotte teased her sister as she took her seat.

“Kelly, let the boy breathe,” Carson chuckled.

“But…,” Kelly pouted.

“Come eat your breakfast before it gets cold,” Martha said setting down a plate of hot eggs, buttered toast, and hot crispy bacon for Samuel.

“I’m sitting beside you,” Kelly whispered before moving off to join her family.

“So there Samuel was,” Charlotte said recounting the events of this morning, “magic going haywire as he slept. Crying out: Murder! Killer! You’ll burn!” she said her egg filled fork pointing around the table. “Then boom! This bubble of pure arcane energy surrounds Samuel as he thrashed in his sleep. It felt like a small hurricane was in that room as I tried to wake him. Then he just jolts awake popping that bubble diyarbakır escort sending me flying into the wall. This murderous glowing eye peering at me as he growled: I know everything!”

“Wait! My eyes glow?!” Samuel asked in confusion.

“Mmmhmm,” Kelly said as she chewed on her bite of eggs.

“And your eyes have changed color,” Martha said studying her grandson, “you didn’t used to have those gorgeous cobalt eyes,” she said her fork pointing at his face.

“It must be because of your magic, Samuel,” Victor said having trouble with his fork. Samuel watched his father struggle with something they all took for granted. Well yes, he was angry that they kept this all from him. Yet he understood why they did. Given what he himself has experience with the coven over the past few days. He couldn’t blame them for trying to protect him. Watching as his father’s fork shook violently spilling his eggs back onto his plate.

“Here Dad…,” Kelly began to say only to have the sound of the chair’s wooden legs groan as Samuel got to his feet. All were silent as Samuel stood at his father’s side.

“Sam…,” Carson began to speak until Wendy reached over.

Wendy knew this was a huge step for her son. Since Samuel has been home he has yet to approach his father on his own. She prayed he was curving some of his anger. Anger that she knew had soured into hate long ago. Knowing how that kind of hate was a poison slowly eating away at who you truly are, until one day you no longer recognized the person staring back at you in the mirror.

“Dad,” Samuel said placing his hand on his father’s shoulder.

Victor sat silently as he looked up at his son. Wishing that his son didn’t have to see him in such a weaken state. Wishing that his son could see him as the strong, caring man he was when Samuel was younger. Not this shell of a man that he had become.

“I don’t think I can reverse this hex whatever it is, however, I think I can heal the damage it’s caused.”

“Do only what you think you can son,” Victor said placing his hand over his son’s.

The room became deathly silent as Samuel closed his eyes. Within Samuel’s mind it felt as if he was standing in an empty void, yet as he delved deeper into that darkness. Gray cobblestones began to appear before him. Pushing down his nervousness given his dream last night. His feet carrying him forward towards that lone gas street lamp that sat stalwart in that alien world. Appearing out of that inky darkness, that strange polecat ambled along those cold, old, worn stones. Letting out a soft cry as it weaved in-between his legs. Standing on its hind legs as its front paws braced itself on Samuel’s left leg. Its pupils dilating as it looked up at Samuel filling his body to the brim with the energy they both shared due to whom they served.

Martha’s hand gripped her husband’s, Kelly and Charlotte shared a knowing look, Wendy reached out hoping to catch one of those many orbs filled with pure arcane energy. Samuel’s eyes snapped open, that glowing irradiating light shimmered along the surface of his iris’. Waves of energy rippled off Samuel’s body buffeting his family as his power grew. The kitchen table shook violently as Samuel’s magic reached its apex. Everyone slid back as those tiny orbs shot at lightning speeds towards Victor. Watching as Victor gasped as those multiple balls of light penetrated his body. Shielding their eyes as Victor became shrouded in pure white light. All gasped as Victor came into focus. Watching as he opened his paralytic hand for the first time since his stroke. His hand darted to his face feeling the right side, feeling his muscles coming back to life. Samuel huffed as his father brought him into a crushing bear hug.

“Thank you, son,” Victor said tears of joy filling his eyes. “Look Wendy!” he cried holding his wife in the air.

“Victor!” Wendy said blushing hard as he spun her around, “put me down you, big goof!”

“Samuel!” Kelly jumped to her feet as Samuel stumbled into the refrigerator. “Help!” she grunted as she caught Samuel in her arms.

“Let’s get him to…,” Charlotte began to say as she shouldered some of Samuel’s dead weight, “to your room.”

“The poor dear, he must have used up all of his energy,” Martha said her hand trembling against her husband’s. That wasn’t any kind of magic she even recognized. She prayed that, that kind of magic wouldn’t burn through her grandson too quickly. She had no wish to see her dear grandson going through what they called “mana burn” as his own magic ate away at his body.

“Samuel is sound asleep,” Charlotte said looking back towards Kelly’s room as she and her niece returned to the kitchen. However, their utensils clinked on their plates as a knock came upon the front door.

Kelly huffed she knew who it was — The Enforcer! Well, she for one wasn’t going to allow him to drag her brother back to the coven. Her brother needed rest and the council be damned. She wasn’t going to allow Eva or Beth to lay hands on her brother, not if she had anything to say about it.

“You can’t have him!” Kelly said thrusting open the door. Staring down the man daring him to spout anything against her or her family. “You tell those women, Samuel won’t be coming today!” Kelly growled slamming the door in his face.

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