Daughter with My Friends Ch. 06Daughter with My Friends Ch. 06


NOTE: This story characters are all above 18 and college going. This story is of incest and gang bang. Anyone offended are please warned not to read any further. Further I am not here to prove my literature or grammar abilities. I am just portraying some incidents, which are true, and others, which are fiction, based on truth. So please forgive the grammar errors and enjoy the theme.

This is the 6th part of Daughter with my friends I (Jasmine groped) posted in Literotica. I have written such that each story stands alone.

This is a story of a father who sees his daughter being groped and gets on a fantasy to see his daughter. groped and begins creating incidents for her to be groped. Soon he wishes to grope and feel the young soft body. The problems he faces and how he does and the aftermath is the outline of the story. I have divided it into parts with headings to give an idea of what is inside.

Happy reading!


Story so far: –

Part I {Daughter with my friends I (Jasmine groped)} – A father party with his friends and goes to the bathroom to wash off spilled Whisky and sees his daughter being groped and used. The father begins to see his daughter in a new angle and create incidents for her to be groped.

Part II {Daughter with my friends II (Jasmine in bus)}- A young boy groping his daughter in the bus excites him more and he decides it’s high time for him to know the softness of his own daughter.

Part III {Daughter with my friends III (Afternoon with Jasmine)} – One day getting a chance he gropes her. His desire to grope her naked is fulfilled when he sees her sleeping in his bed. Undressing her, he gropes her in her sleep.

Part IV {Daughter with my friends IV (Massaging Jasmine)} – He brings ‘Babu’ to massage her and tease her which he watches secretly, but it doesn’t end in tease. The father gets a blowjob unknown to the daughter and decides its high time he came to know his own daughter and decides its high time to know his own daughter.

Part V {Daughter with my friends V (Alone with Jasmine in an inn)} – An opportunity to stay with his daughter alone in an inn, Flared by his lust he mixes brandy in Ice-Cream and puts her in a daze stage and goes off on a mission to explore. Not enough with the happenings and carving for more he decides to take her to his old friends who started it all.

My mom once caught me reading as – she says – dirty books. She made me kneel and then went on to give a lecture on why I shouldn’t read such books. She said

“First you would like to read, then you would like to see which will make you a Peeping Tom, then you will feel like touching which would make you behave badly to girls and maybe even to your aunts. Then lastly you will feel like trying and will end up with some prostitutes. So stop this reading and turn to God.”

Because I was kneeling she had to bend to face me. All long she was saying I was watching her breast jiggling inside her dress.

Now thinking back I think maybe she was right. All those books gave me ideas on Incest, which I love. Mixing brandy in Ice cream I had seduced my daughter to satisfy my lust, instead it had ignited and I decided to take my daughter to my friends who started it all. Who better than them to satisfy my daughter?

By noon the car was ready and we left- to Robin’s house. I had phoned them that we were coming.

We were off to the last and best episode of our adventures.

My friends were glad to see me or should I say glad to see my daughter. They didn’t know what I had planned but I was doubtful if it would work as I saw a new face. I was introduced to him. He was Nicholas, Robin’s old friend. I had heard about him- a drug addict, but now trying to change. Unknown to me Robin had told Nicholas about jasmine and what he and peter had done. It was by mistake when he was drunk, but the Nicholas began to insist- at least he wanted to see he had said and they were planning – when I phoned them.

I told them how I escaped.

“So lets celebrate the miraculous escape of our frrrrrnd.”

We all cheered as Peter took out glasses. I noticed he had 5 glasses out. I asked who was the fifth

“Cola for the kid” he smiled

He poured cola in her glass and brandy for us. We all said cheers and drank. As the fourth round filled up I emptied my glass without them seeing. I wanted to know the truth. Was it all a dream or the side effects of a drink or the conclusions of a sick mind? I acted as heavy trying to concentrate front, while I viewed sideways noticing Robin pouring brandy into Jasmine cola and gave it to her. Unknowingly she drank it up as he prepared the next, which again she gulped up. After some time she began to sit quietly. I told them it was damn hot and said to Jasmine “You can remove your dress if you want, don’t feel shy. These are Dads friends.” She smiled as Mecidiyeköy Escort others began to exchange glances.

“Do you mean you don’t mind her walking naked in front of us?” Robin asked slyly.

“You know damn well, that was not what I meant.” I said angrily, making him flinch ” but if she does I wont mind instead I might be happy. Shucks I think it’s the Brandy speaking,” I said laughing aloud. All of them joined in as if they felt a relief.

“Besides” I continued, “I know she has a petticoat under it.”

“Don’t tell me you are the one dressing her now!” Peter said laughing

I smiled knowing that he was on the line of truth.

“Know what” Robin said, “If I did have a kid like both of you have, I would teach her all the arts of sex.”

“Why?” I enquired surprised.

“Well, It’s better me teaching than some other brat.”

We all smiled. Everyone was rested, perhaps of the liquor or perhaps it was Jasmine. Whatever it was we all were in a good mood taking no offences at anything personal including ones own family. Nicholas seemed to be mingling in quite well with his own jokes. I had a feeling he was up to something.

Nicholas inserted a CD in the DVD and played it. When he saw the title he said “Awww”

It was a Bruce Lee Movie ‘Fist of Fury’.

“C’mon, yaar-Not a fight film in this mood.” I screamed jokingly.

“Well something is better than nothing, and besides, someone else like this movie.” Robin said.

All eyes darted on each other till they reached Jasmines shy eyes. We all sat back to watch enjoying our drinks. I talked them about their girlfriends and teased them, to keep them in spirits.

In the Bruce Lee Movie ‘Fist of Fury’ there is a naked dance. Nicholas had edited the film so that the film started normally but the dance would start soon. Anyone seeing the movie for the first time wouldn’t know the difference. After the original dance he added some XXX scene.

By now we were drinking heavily and glancing the set only occasionally.

“Oh! This dance was in this film, I had forgotten about it,” he said innocently

All turned to see and for a moment forgot everything else. As she began to peel off her dress both of them looked at me. I sat there drinking.

“Don’t worry, It will be over soon” Nicholas said as Robin extended his hand for the remote.

They smiled and poured me another glass as if fearing I may wake-up any moment and stop this. The dance over, soon a bedroom scene began with a man & woman on bed. The man talked to the woman for 2 minutes his hands moving over her hair, and then the woman stripped him naked and began to fondle his huge penis and began to give him a blowjob. We all stood rooted unable to look at each other. Within seconds he ejaculated in her mouth. He got up and turned her around, lifted her skirt giving a display of her huge ass. Her thongs were in her ass. He slid a finger in her ass and pushed her thongs out and slowly sided it down. Grabbing her ass cheeks he squeezed it and turned her around showing her trimmed bush. He pulled her to his cock and rammed on to her ass.

With his free hand he unbuttoned her. He grabbed her breasts as it began to fall. With each push her boobs were thriving in his hand. Suddenly the door opened, showing surprise on the girls face as four young studs with erect dicks entered. The first one pulled her head to his dick and began to mouth-fuck her as the next one sucked her boobs. Soon they were on the bed with one dick in her mouth, another in her pussy and ass while the fourth one between her boobs. As they were to cum they all withdrew from their positions and positioned in front of her as they began to ejaculate. As I had edited the film, all this took only a moment as the film rolled back to its original path. All were stunned as if wondering whether what they saw was true or a dream. A big silence erupted; only the films soundtrack rang on as if unashamed.

After some time I said, “I better go while I am sober”, breaking the silence, acting to get up.

“Hey! Not so fast. We haven’t even started. See how quiet Jasmine is.Hey! Jasmine how’s your dance class?” Peter enquired

“OK” she smiled

“How about showing us some steps,” he continued

“Now?” she enquired.

“Yeah”, we all replied in chorus.


She got up slowly, and then moved to middle as Robin played the CD. She began to dance to the rhythm.

“Hey that’s old stuff,” shouted Peter

“But that’s what teacher taught last week” she said innocently

“Let me show you” Nicholas said and moved towards her. He looked at me as I smiled like an idiot trying to focus. He smiled back and held her hips and swayed slowly his hands slid on her ass, and then rotated her. He took hold her right leg and raised it like a kick then lifted the other and again rotated and then continued Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan shaking her hips.

” Try that step 10 times, then I will show the next”, he sat down with Robin.

She began to shake her hips, rotated, and gave a kick then again rotated continuing to shake her hips. As she moved rhythmatically I began to notice them. They were all lying down. I went and joined them. At first they seemed little troubled but when I encouraged Jasmine they were happy. From down I got a good view of her legs as she rotated. As she rotated faster her skirt began to go higher revealing her panties. I felt my dick rise again as I saw her ass tight panties.

Nicholas got up again saying he would show the next step. He pulled her nearer and pressing his dick on her ass moved to and fro. He told her to move along with him. He walked till the end of the room and back pressing his dick on her ass, and she to keep up with him was pushing his dick back with her ass making a fuck motion. Then he told her to stand on his toe and try to bend and touch her toe. She touched but her ass was pushing out towards his dick. He looked at me and I turned to mix a drink. He quickly pulled up her skirt displaying her pink panties. It looked like a thong with half of he panties in her ass with one cheek naked.. Encouraged by his dick and drink, he told her to stay like that as he walked around the room, with her. As they completed a round he slowly opened his zip and took out his dick out. I still hadn’t finished mixing the drink. Nicholas placed his dick on her ass. As they moved 2 steps he had his dick out and resting on her ass. He pressed his dick on her ass and held for a few seconds then began to shake as if he had fits. He began to cum on her naked ass cheek. As he began to cum again he bend, pressing his dick harder on her ass and grabbed her boobs, teasing her nipples. She moved away angrily. Nicholas didn’t hide his cum leaking dick as she turned and looked at him. She watched horrified at his dick then at me. I went on drinking.

“Hey, don’t tease her” I said as I was going to turn ” Cum baby cum to papa”

There was no need for warning. Nicholas had his zip closed; unknown that I had got an idea of what he had done through the reflection on the showcase glass. She came to me showing an angry face to Nicholas and a quick shy smile to Peter. I gave her a cup of cola added with brandy. She drank it. We all sat silently for 5 minutes.

“Lets play hide & seek” I said to ease the tension.

“How about hide & say” Peter asked

I asked him how it was. He called Jasmine, took a handkerchief and tied her eyes telling her to sit on the chair. The game was that she had to say what was being inserted her mouth either by sucking it or using her tongue but no biting. By the emphasis on ‘No Biting’ I got an idea what he was up to. Robin brought a banana and placed it in her mouth and asked her to say what it was She tried with her tongue then sucked it and said ‘Banana’ he told her not to hurry but to suck it for few minutes before the answer. They said it was correct and then placed a carrot. At the same time they gave me a drink. I understood they were up to something and was making sure I stayed drunk. They believed I agreed to this because I was drunk. I didn’t say anything but put on an act of drinking. I didn’t want to get drunk and dozed of while the greatest time of my life was happening. I sat down as if the drink was affecting me and turned to watch the TV, but at the side of eye I could see what they were doing.

Peter opened his zip. His fly jumped out poking her lips. She began to suck it slowly. Her lips moved over his dick touching every vein, which were bulging out and seducing them with lust. I felt my dick grow. She continued on sucking slowly. Peter held her head and began to push his dick deeper into her throat. I felt my dick would burst as I saw Peter ejaculate a load of cum in her mouth. Unlike Nicholas, he hid his dick as she removed her blindfold. She looked around and saw Robin holding a tube –the size of a carrot; a little juice was pouring from it. She thought it was the tube and said that was not a fruit. They all laughed. Robin got up and began to dance. Every one of us cheered and laughed. The ice was broken with her and the brandy had started its effects. He danced around then came towards her and extended a hand. As she took it he lifted her and began to dance around the room. The round movements were making her a little dizzy as her giggles were gaining ground.

I acted drunk and lay down on the sofa as if boozed with a thudding heart. Slowly as if it was a sign Robin slipped his hand from her shoulder to her ass. She didn’t mind as her skirt being hauled up like a curtain rising. All were watching eagerly unknown that I was watching. At last her panties was displayed. We watched the breath taking view. Escort Mecidiyeköy Nicholas came near her and pulled down her panties. Before she could protest Peter pressed his dick on her ass and danced with them. She started to struggle then stopped as Robin unzipped and his young dick moved on her young pussy. They continued moving sandwiching her. Robin took her up and began to swing her giving glimpses of her pussy.

Peter suddenly poured brandy on her as if by mistake. They quickly removed her dress saying they should wash it quickly and before she knew her dress was on the ground and she stood stark naked in front of us. All 3 of us had their eyes on her carved figure. We lowered our eyes from her well-developed breast to her hair sprouting pussy and carved thighs, then turned her and viewed her huge ass.

Things were happening fast and she was getting things mixed up, as she stood there shy, trying to cover up her huge assets with her small hands. The drink had taken its effect and she was trying hard to walk properly.

“Hey! Since Jasmine is cloth less-am going to give company” Peter said discarding his shorts and pulled her to his lap and rolled over giving a good display of her puffy hidden lips from behind. Robin came and lay on her ass pressing his dick on her ass and rocking. I could see the tip of his dick kissing her pussy. He slowly slid his dick between her legs and pulling her up fucked her young thighs as she struggled to move away. He pulled her down to his dick as he spread her eagle holding her legs and spreading them, stretching her pussy wide. I saw her pussy lips open. Peter moistened his dick and began to bounce up and down. The movement of his dick and balls made Jasmine laugh. He smiled and lay on top of her pressing his dick on her pussy as he tickled her. She began to laugh loudly. His hands moved around groping her as he sledded the top of his dick into her pussy. She first stood still as his dick entered her wet pussy then moaned as his dick glided in.

Nicholas squeezed her ass, and then parting her cheeks tongued her asshole. She reddened with pleasure and tickle and tried to move away, but hands stopped. She wriggled as his tongue deepened her asshole exploring the new depths. Slowly he inserted his finger and twisted, then began to finger-fuck her. Moistening her ass he was preparing her as her asshole expanded. A fully naked Robin by now came in front. She looked up at robins naked figure and laughed then moaned as Peter and Nicholas invaded her. Robin watched her and masturbated. She looked in surprise as he pushed his foreskin to & fro. Suddenly he held her head and pushed his dick in her mouth. Taken by surprise she sucked it till it suddenly dawned on her what she was doing. She tried to move away, but the thrust of Nicholas & Peter made her go more forward towards his dick. Before she could think of anything she felt Robins dick get huge as it exploded in her mouth spraying his energetic cum into her mouth as his dick went deep into her throat.

I could hold no longer, watching them enjoy & cum. I opened my zip and rubbed my dick as three of them were buzzing around her like bees around honey. I came behind Nicholas, as Robin was Cumming and pushed him gently as he startled. Then seeing me naked he relaxed. Parting her ass cheek I found them moistened and ready. She jumped as I slowly pressed my dick on her asshole, but luckily Robin held her head. I began to push slowly inch-by-inch as I felt my dick being squashed into a world of lust. As soon as the first part entered I began to rock slowly, feeling her body all over as if for the first time. It looked like she had grown softer by age. I squeezed her boobs feeling my hands sink in and teased it towards her young thighs, but I could not keep it up longer. I pushed her down flattening her boobs on Peter’s chest, and then spreading her ass cheeks watched my dick invade her young ass hole. She moaned louder as I pushed my dick to the tilt. I felt her push back and the heat ass her young ass spread rammed on me. I pushed harder and deeper increasing my speed till I felt myself burst in her. I pushed once more to the zenith till it would go no deeper and continued my explosion. I stayed there for some time then moved as Peter started bouncing her. We watched as she rode Peter, her boobs all-bouncing up & down. She held them and squeezed her nipples butting her ass and biting her lips. Peter suddenly pushed her down and lay on her, moving to & fro erupting a huge volcano on her tummy. As he moved she turned and looked at me in surprise. I neared her and extended my dick. My fantasy was to be fulfilled. I am going to fuck my daughter along with my friends. She touched it slowly as if it was hot, then smiled and began to do the to & fro motion on my dick. I felt my dick rise again.

Nicholas meanwhile had gone out as I was deeply involved fucking my daughters young ass and now returned bought in the hugest Alsatian I ever saw.

[ He wondered was this the end – had he crossed the limit-what was to happen?? He looked at her and smiled. As she smiled back, he was sure his adventures would continue and he had miles to go, miles to go…….]


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