Daddy’s GirlDaddy’s Girl


I will never forget that tragic day, July 14th, 2002. That was the day I lost the love of my life in an automobile accident. My lovely wife, Caroline, was driving home from the grocery store when a drunk driver ran a stop sign, abruptly ending her life.

I still haven’t gotten over losing her. I can’t imagine ever trying to replace her love with another woman, having only dated a few times over the past ten years since her death. Those few dates weren’t even my idea, friends and co-workers were constantly trying to set me up, hoping to put an end to my ten year state of depression.

Caroline and I were married young, after dating throughout high school and having a baby during our junior year. Caroline dropped out of school to take care of our little baby, Angela when she was only 16 years old. We were married the day after my high school graduation, in 1992.

I won’t lie, it’s been a tough life at times, even before the accident. I usually worked two jobs to provide for my family as Caroline wanted to stay home and raise our daughter. My primary job was as an automobile mechanic at a Ford dealership but I picked up odd jobs here and there as well, just enough to make ends meet.

As Angela entered kindergarten, Caroline took a job working part-time as a waitress, making pretty good money at it too. I was able to cut back to just my primary job and go to school at night, hoping to better provide for my family. I graduated only a year before she died, earned a degree in accounting and quickly found a great job making twice what I was earning as an auto-mechanic. Life was looking up.

I won’t go into details about how hard Angela took the loss of her mother, I think that goes without saying. My little Angel, that’s what I called Angela, was a spitting image of her Mom. She looked so much like her that at times I even slipped and called her Caroline. Angel was a beautiful young lady, now twenty years old. She attended college nearby while living at home with me.

I must admit, being only 36 years old with a 20 year old daughter had it’s difficulties. We were so close in age that some of her friends were only a few years younger then me, and she had some great looking friends.

Enough time had gone by since her mother’s passing that Angel was even trying to set me up on dates. Sometimes her girlfriends would even flirt with me, but I never crossed that line.

“Hey Dad, want to go camping with us this weekend?” Angel asked, tossing her books on the kitchen table one Friday afternoon.

“Camping with who?”

“Just a bunch of us girls from school. We’re going to rough it in tents for the weekend.”

“Who’s going?”

“You know most of the girls, just a bunch of my friends from college.”

“Well, I don’t have anything else going on this weekend. Why not?” I said after considering my options.

“Great! You have that big tent still, don’t you?” Angel asked.

“I’ll have to dig it out of the attic.”

“Please do, I don’t want to sleep in a pup tent with the others. Our big tent is so nice.”

“OK, help me get the stuff together,” I said.

We found the old tent and a bunch of other camping gear that hadn’t been used in over a decade. After inspecting everything, checking for stakes, tent poles and holes in the air mattresses, we packed the SUV full of supplies. This wasn’t exactly going to be ‘roughing it’ as we brought just about everything we’d need.

“You girls will have to find other transportation, there’s only room for me in my car,” I said.

“No problem, there will be at least three other cars going along.”

Knowing I’d have a full day of setting up camp the next day, I went to bed early. As usual, my last thoughts of the day were of days when Caroline was alive. This was the kind of stuff she’d do, go camping at the drop of a hat with no planning. I loved that about her, her love of life and she enjoyed every day to it’s fullest.

I woke up early, startled by an impending ejaculation. Yes, I was having a wet dream, dreaming about an earlier time with Caroline. The dream was so real, I felt like we were actually making love, and just as I made a complete mess of my underwear, my eyes opened.

Come on guys, we’ve all had them, but what a fucking mess. God, I missed Caroline! I threw back the covers, grabbed a clean pair of underwear and headed for the shower.

“Good morning Dad,” Angel said, standing at the sink, brushing her teeth. “Do you need the bathroom?” she asked, looking at my cum soaked underwear, a slight grim forming.

I covered up quickly, trying to hide my predicament, hiding behind my clean underwear, dangling from my grasp in front of my crotch.

“Ah, please,” I said. “Now.”

Angel rinsed her mouth and stood back, watching me closely as I shut the bathroom door behind me. I know she knew what had happened. Although, my baby Angela probably didn’t know about wet dreams, it’s a guy thing. Wet dreams are kind of like masturbation, all men do it but few will admit to it.

I Avcılar Escort showered and got ready for our trip, then grabbed a quick breakfast as Angela talked on her cell phone with her friends. I overheard her say that we were meeting them in an hour, good to know.

“So, where are we meeting your friends and where are we going?”

“They’re all coming here and we’re going to the State Park. There’s a great hiking trail, we’re going to camp about a mile from the parking lot.”

“A mile!?”

“Maybe not quite that far, we want privacy.”

“Who’s going to lug all of this shit?”

“Oh, we’ll all take something.”

“This tent alone weighs 35 pounds!”

“You’re a big strong man, you shouldn’t have any problem carrying it,” she said, winking.

Somehow, I knew this wasn’t going to be a relaxing weekend. I had an idea I’d be making a few trips back and forth, up and down the hiking trail.

A horn honked in the driveway alerting us that they’d arrived. I looked out the window, observing a mini van and two small cars full of college girls waiting for us. Angel slammed the door behind her without saying a word to me, leaving me to lock up and make sure all the details were taken care of with the house. As I washed the dishes and grabbed the few items I hadn’t put in the car, all I could hear were girls laughing and screaming. I shut and locked the front door, trying not to notice the girls, all adults, as I unlocked my SUV’s door and slid in. I put the window down and could hear a few conversations.

“Let’s go girls!” I said.

“OK Dad, follow us!”

“Damn girl, I want your Dad all to myself this weekend,” one girl muttered.

“No way, share!” another said.

“He’s fine,” said another.

I put my window up, not wanting to hear any more. My cock was swelling at the thought of multiple young ladies wanting me. I knew they were just teasing Angela though so I tried to get the thought out of my mind. I already had most of them pegged as cock teases.

I followed the convoy of women for the best part of the next hour, letting my mind wander from time to time, fantasizing as I drove. I knew to these young women, I was just Angel’s Old Man, but it was nice to think otherwise.

As we pulled into the parking lot, the girls piled out of the other vehicles, still laughing and taunting each other.

“OK ladies, let’s all get everything together and try to make this hike in one trip,” I said.

I hadn’t noticed but almost all of the girls were cute, sexy and scantily clad. Most wore shorts and tank tops. One girl I hadn’t seen before was wearing a bikini top, shorts and flip-flops. Her tits were huge, had to be fake! Her tits flowed over the top of her tiny bikini, leaving little to the imagination. Damn, I had to stop looking around and having these naughty thoughts.

“We should be properly dressed for hiking ladies. Long shirts and pants are best to keep the bugs away and avoid getting all scratched up along the way,” I said.

“Didn’t Angela tell you?” The gal they called ‘Red’ asked.

“Tell me what?”

“That we’re not wearing clothes when we get to our campsite! Today is Nude Day and we’re celebrating!” Red shouted as the others cheered. “We brought plenty of insect repellent.”

“What are you talking about? Nude what?” I asked, having never heard of such a day.

“Nude Day!” many of the girls yelled in unison. Then they started to chant “Nude Day, Nude Day, Nude Day!”

“Whoa, not on my watch,” I said.

“Dad, nobody expects you to take your clothes off. Ewww,” Angel said in a quiet voice.

“You’re not getting naked, Angel,” I said.

“We’re all girls, Dad. You’ve seen me naked before.”

“Not since you became a woman!” I said.

“Let’s get this party started!” Red said, towing a little red wagon loaded with two kegs of beer.

Angel was the only one under 21 in the group, being 20, the rest ranged in age from 21 to 28. There were nine girls total, including Angel. Every one of them were sexy, this was going to be tough to take, eight naked women running around all weekend. My cock was already beginning to swell, I had to stop thinking like this.

Red led the way with her wagon. We managed to pile our large tent on top of the kegs so we could make it in one trip. The girls weren’t much on hiking, but we made it anyway. By the time we found the campsite, half of the girls were topless, two of them were totally naked. I couldn’t help but stare, one had great tits and a shaved pussy, the other had small tits and just a runway strip. Me, just a constant erection straining to be freed.

I am terrible with names, to this day I couldn’t tell you half the girl’s names, just the key players. Red was kind of the leader, bringing the beer and organizing the camp-out. Her red hair made it easy to remember her name. The gal with the huge, fake tits was Michelle. She was the first to get naked, just a few feet from the parking lot. For some reason, big tits Avcılar Escort Bayan always makes it easier to remember a name. One girl in particular caught my attention early, her name was Monica. She was quieter then the others, but her eyes were always finding mine, flirting, winking and staring at me. She had a body to die for, nice natural tits, probably a C cup, long blonde hair, green eyes and a shaved pussy. She had a J-Lo ass as well. She was the oldest at 28 and definitely the most mature of them all. Hell, she was only eight years younger than me.

“Hey stud, when are you going to join us by getting naked?” Monica asked.

“My name is Derrick, and to answer your question, when I get home and in the shower.”

“Too bad, You’re a sexy guy. I’d sure like to get a good look at the rest of you.”

“Shhh, my daughter will hear you.”

“She’s the one that told us you were sexy!” Monica said. “She’s not as innocent as you might think.”

“My daughter wouldn’t say something like that,” I said, pondering what I’d just heard.

I continued unpacking and helping everyone get set up, unable to get my daughter’s words off my mind. The girls continued telling stories, taunting each other and enjoying themselves. As the afternoon progressed, I could detect from afar as I read my Kindle that the girls were all acting strange. Then I discovered that the first keg of beer had been tapped and the girls were getting giddy. My eyes caught Monica’s as she motioned to her cup of beer. I nodded that I’d like one too so she brought one right to me, her tits bouncing as she half jogged, spilling most of the beer.

It was that moment that I noticed my little Angela naked, sitting with the others around the campfire. I hadn’t seen her in so many years naked, I almost forgot that she was now a woman. She looked so much like her mother. She was beautiful, her tits were full and firm as her mother’s were, and her pussy was shaved. ‘Why would my little baby shave her pussy?’ I couldn’t take my eyes off her. My cock swelled as I stared, thinking of her mother as my eyes wandered over her body.

“Here’s your beer Derrick. I still wish you’d get naked, I can see you’re getting excited,” Monica said. “I’d like to help you out.”

“How would you like to help me out?” I asked.

“You know, with your predicament,” she said looking at my crotch.

“I’m just fine, go join the others.”

“Damn,” Monica said under her breath as she turned away and joined the others.

I had a difficult time keeping my eyes from focusing on my daughter as she sat naked with her sexy friends, especially when the sun went down and I was asked to join them around the campfire. Here I sat with nine naked adult women, toasting marshmallows around the campfire. I was tempted so many times during the day to wander off and jerk off, just to rid myself of the burning desire I had to get naked and seduce them one at a time. If my daughter hadn’t been there, I know I would have joined them. By this time they were all feeling no pain, the first keg was almost gone.

“Are you going to let your Dad get naked or not?” Monica asked Angela, slurring her words.

“I don’t tell my Dad what to do,” she said.

“Would it bother you if he did?” one of the other girls asked.

“I guess not, I’m naked,” she said, looking around at the others.

“Maybe he needs a little coaxing!” Red said.

“I’m just fine the way I am, thank you though.”

“You got that right, you are fine!” Red said as she sat next to me.

Her hand was on my thigh before I knew it, surprising me. I brushed her hand off with mine.

“Hey, stop that!” I said.

Red stiffened and whispered in my ear,”Can I see you in your tent later?”

“My daughter is sleeping in the tent with me,” I whispered.

Red winked and stopped her pursuit, taking her place back next to Angel.

“I still think you should get naked for just a bit, Nude Day is almost over,” Monica said.

“It’s up to Angela, I don’t want to embarrass her around her friends,” I finally gave in, maybe it was the beer taking over.

“Do whatever you want Dad, I’ve seen you naked before.”

“What, when?” I asked.

“All the time, you always take a shower with the door open.”

“OK, I’ll play along for a few minutes but then I’m going to bed, I’m tired.”

I only had on a pair of shorts and underwear so it didn’t take much to disrobe. I stood and slid my shorts down, every eye was on me except Angela’s, she looked away. My cock was semi erect, pushing outward forming a tent in my boxers I slid them down, stepping out of them and sat immediately as my cock sprung free.

“Wow, nice package!” Monica said.

“Hell Yeah!” Red said. “By the looks of things, he’s ready for action.”

The others continued commenting on my equipment, I never considered it to be anything special. I measured it a few times, always about eight or so inches hard, and it was almost hard now.

“Stop making Escort Avcılar me the object of your discussion or I’m getting dressed,” I said.

“Leave Dad alone girls,” Angela said, taking her first look at my erection, pausing just long enough to get my attention.

“If I am making an ass of myself, I’ll go to the tent Hun,” I said to Angel.

“Don’t leave on account of me, you have nothing to be ashamed of.” she said, still sneaking peaks at my cock, making me even harder.

“I’m going to bed girls, good night,” I said, trying to cover my erection with my shorts as I stood and walked away.

“I’d fuck him!” I heard Monica say after I got into the tent, zipping it closed behind me.

“I think we’d all fuck him right now!” Red said as the the others cheered.

‘Didn’t they realize that these tents didn’t have real walls.’ I thought. I tried to get them out of my mind, letting it wander to days spent with my wife. My cock was still hard when I finally dozed off an hour or so later. A few hours later I was woken up by a warm body sliding into my sleeping bag next to me.

“Angel, is that you?”

“Shhh, she’s asleep. It’s me, Monica.”

Her naked tits slid down my chest, her hand grasped my cock firmly, swelling instantly to erection. She kissed my neck as her hand slowly stroked my cock, her thumb smearing the pre cum already oozing from the tip.

The tent zipper sounded as another person entered, I could see by the silhouette that it was Red. She stood as her eyes adjusted.

“Over here,” Monica whispered.

Red tried to slide into the sleeping bag too, instead unzipped the side and cuddled to my free side. Her hand joined Monica’s on my cock. Actually, I couldn’t tell which hand belonged to whom. One was stroking my cock and the other fondling my balls. It was a warm night, so they removed the covers from us as they fondled me. I couldn’t just lay there so my hands started to roam, seeking and finding their tits.

“I want to suck your cock,” Monica whispered as she slid downward, dipping her tongue into my oozing cock hole as my shaft stood at attention. Her lips quickly devoured my shaft as Red joined her. They took turns sucking me, passing my cock back and forth. My cock twitched and oozed as I felt them switch places, taking turns plunging onto it.

“Looking at your daughter made you horny,” Monica whispered, sliding up to kiss me as Red took me deep into her throat.

“No she didn’t, that’s my daughter,” I whispered. “She just reminds me so much of her mother, she looks exactly like she did.”

Monica’s tits pressed firmly against my chest as she lowered onto my cock, it being guided into her by Red. Her pussy was so tight that Red had to push it into her friend as she slid downward. My cock slowly worked into her as she slid up, then eased herself downward, lubricating my cock with her moist pussy. Red’s lips wrapped around my balls as Monica’s tight pussy squeezed and milked my shaft.

“You want to fuck your daughter, admit it,” Monica whispered as she nibbled my earlobe while sliding up and down my shaft. “Come on, admit it,” she begged. “Say that you want to fuck her. Make believe you’re fucking her.”

I looked toward Angela, her eyes looked back toward mine. She quickly closed her eyes, acting like she was again sleeping. I watched her for a minute or so as Monica slid up and down my cock but saw no movement. I must have imagined her eyes being open.

“I want to fuck my wife. My daughter looks just like her, it’s not my fault,” I whispered.

“I want some of that,” Red whispered.

Monica slid off my cock, Red lifted Monica by her ass cheeks until she hovered her moist pussy over my face. I lifted my head just a bit, just enough to find her wet pussy with my tongue, as Red slid onto my cock.

Monica’s pussy was wet and sweet so I devoured her, making her cum as her fingers tangled in my hair, driving my tongue deep inside and myu fingers fucked her as she shook quietly in orgasm.

Red slid up and down my shaft, her pussy not nearly as tight as Monica’s. She was so wet though, dripping wet. Monica lifted from my face, almost diving toward my cock, her tongue lapping my balls and Red’s pussy.

“Fuck me just like you want to fuck Angel!” Red said. “Fuck me Daddy.”

“I’m going to cum,” I grunted quietly.

Red lifted from me as my balls tightened. Monica’s lips wrapped around my shaft, stuffing my entire cock into her mouth as her throat milked the head of my cock. Red’s tongue lifted my balls as she licked just under them, touching my anus as I started to explode. My first jet of cum shot into Monica’s throat, making her gag but her throat continued milking it. I could feel my cum escaping her mouth but Red was devouring it now, sucking and slurping it up. Each forceful ejaculation erupted directly into Monica’s throat, but she gagged up a bit for Red to have. Her moans almost sounded underwater as she gulped continuously, trying to keep up with the steady flow of hot, sticky cum filling her throat.

My ass pushed upward, forcing each load to shoot forcefully as I held Monica’s head. I loved the sound of her gargling on my cum, gasping for breath as Red sucked and consumed the overflow clean. As my balls coated with my hot cum, Red would devour it.

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