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The following was inspired by a real tweet, though I can’t vouch for the truth of what was posted. Although the hashtags are imaginary, they cause server problems, so I’ve replaced them with bold capital H’s.


I managed to get the best of all worlds. I’m an only child, sort of. (More on that later.) I didn’t get into college, but I got a job at a milling shop within a week after I graduated high school. Two other things started happening around then. My mom started going out a couple nights a week and giving us stories that sometimes didn’t add up. Half the time it turned out she was at one of the local bars. We weren’t exactly happy about it, but she didn’t really need to cover it up either. The other thing that happened is that my dad started wearing tighter pants. I’d always admired his chest. It’s muscular and hairy, and I like the same shade of brown skin, slightly darker than “chocolate”, that attracted my mom. (She and I are only a couple shades lighter than the racist pictures they used to sell at gift shops in the South.) Some of those pants were tight enough that I could imagine comparisons between his dick and my past boyfriends’, and he usually came out ahead.

After a year of this, Mom had started going out so often and staying out so late that Daddy and I got used to fending for ourselves. It turns out Daddy’s a pretty good cook, and we can both do laundry without ruining each other’s clothes. One afternoon we realized how comfortable we’d gotten. I had just taken my jeans off and put them in the washing machine. Daddy walked in at that moment to see me in my halter top and a thong. He didn’t try to look away, and I didn’t try to cover up. “I’ve barely got half a load. Anything you want done right away?” I asked.

“Sure, Monique.” He added a few pairs of tight shorts and impossibly tight-looking underwear. Then he handed me the detergent. He knew he’d have to wait to do the rest of his laundry, so he put his basket on top of the dryer, which was on the other side from me. On his way back out, his hand grazed my ass. He barely noticed.

Okay, maybe I wasn’t as comfortable as I said. I would have been at that moment, if my dad had looked like most of my friends’ dads. He’s in his forties like they are. He’s not a young-looking 40; he’s just a good-looking 40. The guys I see at work and at the clubs wish they looked as good as my dad. Having a guy that fine brush his hand against my ass took me by surprise. It actually made me tingle. I felt so dirty, thinking about him that way.

I managed to keep my thoughts to myself, but one night was kind of challenging. My shift ended in the early evening, so I got home just after dark. Daddy had made shrimp scampi because Mom was already out. He asked how my day was, and I told him we’d started training on some new milling equipment. “Same old grind, then?” he joked. (He’s hot, but he has a dad’s sense of humor.)

I leaned against the kitchen counter and said, “Yeah, your daughter’s really good at grinding,” and I moved my hips around. I probably should have exaggerated the movement for comic effect, but with a man that fine watching me, I felt like I was in the club, and I ground it the way I would for a guy I was really attracted to. Who am I kidding, I thought. I am attracted to him. I felt the same shame I’d felt before, but it didn’t stop me from grinding one more time.

Daddy seemed to think it was still a joke. He put his hand on my butt and said, “Yeah, grind that wheel!”

That felt too good and too sickening at the same time. I told him, “I gotta go to the bathroom,” and ran off. I pulled my pants down as fast as I could and sat down. I imagined him behind me at a club, rubbing his crotch into my ass. I didn’t imagine him actually doing anything with his dick, but in my mind, I could feel it how hard it was. I played with my pussy until my fingers were drenched and washed my hands.

They split up not long after that. Mom was having an affair. I’m sure Daddy suspected a long time before that. In fact, my hunch is that he was wearing tighter clothes just because he was insecure and hoping to make her notice him. He just hit the wrong target. I’d like to say I was unhappy that she left. What happened was, I was only unhappy that she barely said goodbye to me. With her out of the picture, I felt a little less disgusted with myself for how I was feeling.

The day after she finally moved out, I came home from work just as Daddy was coming in from the back yard. We’d had strong winds the night before, and there were tree limbs all over people’s yards. I could see through the kitchen window that the back yard was cleared. “I could use some help in the back, Monique,” he said.

“What do you need?”

“I picked up all the limbs, but I think I should cut the one tree down that’s right outside. I’m afraid one of these days it’ll crash through the roof, and where it’s located, it’d probably be your room. I just need you to keep the ladder steady.”

“Sure, Daddy. Lemme change my clothes first.” Forget the house, I just Kağıthane Escort wanted to see those muscles in use.

“No rush, Baby,” he said.

I went to my room and quickly took off the T-shirt and pants I’d worn to work. I laid out some low-cut jeans that show off my round ass. I took off my bra. I imagined that he walked in at that moment, told me what great tits I had and started motorboating me. Then I realized that’s how the boys at the club act. My daddy’s a real man. I found another bra and shirt. I’d put the bra on and had just put my arms through the sleeves of the T-shirt when he walked in. “Almost ready, Daddy,” I told him. As I said, we’d gotten so comfortable that neither of us reacted to him seeing me with a bare midriff and no pants.

“Nice shorts,” he added.

“Thank you, Daddy!” I said. “I-“


“Nothing.” I had stopped myself from saying, “I bought them for you.” I’d bought them in the hopes that he’d notice my ass, but I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time. “Meet you outside.”

I met him at the shed. He’d already opened it. We carried the ladder to where he’d left his saw. After we set the ladder up, he climbed it and asked me for the rope. He moved from the ladder to the tree, wrapped the rope around it and had me tie it to the fence and a stake. He came back down and started sawing the tree. Before he even started, he’d pulled his sleeves up to his shoulders, and I could watch those muscles as he sawed back and forth. After a half-hour, he was sweating, so he took his shirt off. I had to catch my breath, watching that marvelous chest glimmer. After an hour, the tree came down, and because of the ropes, it could only fall away from the house. When it landed, I put my hands around his chest and hugged him. I got a warm feeling when I felt his back against my chest, and I kissed his shoulder. “Yay, Daddy’s protecting me!” I said.

Daddy turned around and returned the kiss. “I love you, Monique,” he said.

I hugged him again. I lowered my voice half an octave and said, “I love you too, Daddy.” I realized I was trying not to sound like a little girl. I held him close, hoping he’d like the way my tits felt. If so, he didn’t let on.

“Let’s get dinner,” he said, and he walked toward the house. That’s when I noticed that he had an ass almost as nice as mine.

“You’ve worked so hard already,” I told him. “Let me get dinner. Besides, my paycheck just hit.”

I bought two chicken dinners from the best soul food place in town. I wanted to buy a bottle of wine to go with it, but I was still underage. I knew we had some wine in the house, though. When I came back, Daddy set the table and put the food out. I poured us each a glass of wine. Our family had a tradition of letting the children have a small glass of wine at holiday dinners, so Daddy didn’t seem to think anything was unusual. We talked over dinner. At one point I asked, “Did you and Mom want more children?”

“We always figured on having two or three and spacing them about three years apart, but I lost my job when you were two, so we put it off, and when we were back on our feet, she didn’t really feel like trying again.”

“I thought maybe she was afraid if she got pregnant again, you’d notice that the kid didn’t look like you.” I poured myself a second glass of wine.

Daddy gave me a look that made me feel the same way I did when I broke his vintage guitar. All by itself, it made me cry when I was six, and it almost had the same effect at twenty. “Jeannie loved you. And me. She would never have done anything to break up our family.” He knew what I was going to say. “As long as you needed her. Once you were close to graduating, she figured you were strong enough to make it on your own, and she let her guard down.”

We talked about other things. By eight o’clock, it was clear that I wasn’t as badass a drinker as I thought. Daddy helped me up to my room. He helped me out of most of my clothes. I was hoping he’d undo my bra, but instead he led me to the bed. I practically fell onto it. He couldn’t get the cover out from underneath me, so he brought me the comforter off his own bed and covered me with it. When I woke up in the morning, I had a headache, but I was on time for work and continued to do my job as well as ever.

I had originally planned on going to the club with some friends that night, but I didn’t want to be hung over two mornings in a row, so I called my girlfriend to cancel. I spent the evening watching TV with Daddy. When I realized that he had the schedule of all his shows memorized, I knew something was wrong. The next night, I tried to get him to go with me to a different nightclub, one that catered to all ages. He said thanks, but he wasn’t up to it yet.

I tried a little harder the night after that. I told him I was going to a club and asked him to join me. He still declined. I took off my jacket to reveal a tight shirt, a thong and a pair of shorts that covered little more than the thong. I leaned against the sill that separates Kağıthane Escort Bayan the living room from the dining room and started grinding my hips. Not even looking back at him, I asked, “You sure? There’ll be plenty of women there, shaking it like this.”

I felt a hand on my ass. Success, I thought. “That’s okay, Monique. You go have a good time.”

His hand was still on me, so the game wasn’t over. “But I’ll be out alone. And after last week, I need a designated driver.”

He hesitated and said, “Well, if it’ll keep you safe, I guess I could spend an evening out.”

I turned around before he could change his mind. Now his hands were on the small of my back. I kissed him on the lips and said, “Thank you, Daddy! You won’t regret this!”

We went to Rhythm ‘n’ Cruise, a downtown club with a nice variety of non-alcoholic drinks and a D.J. who played every kind of R&B from Motown to now. Whatever else happened, I didn’t want Daddy to get in trouble because I was sloshed. I danced my ass off, hoping that the right guy would like it and make me forget what I really wanted. It took a couple guys, but it was successful. Luckily, I managed to keep them out of my dad’s sight. I was afraid of what a manly man like him would do if he was jealous, or worse, if he thought they were taking advantage of his daughter. They both left without my number. When I felt like I’d given him some time to enjoy himself, I looked for him. A white woman in her thirties had just gotten up from the seat next to his. “Having a good time?” I asked him.

“Yeah, but you look like you’re ready to go,” he said.

“You’re right,” I told him. He put my coat on me, which I couldn’t remember any of the guys at my usual places doing before. On the way home I asked him if he’d met anyone interesting.

It turns out the woman I’d seen was my fourth-grade teacher, and I hadn’t recognized her. “But she seemed to recognize me, and I’d only met her a couple times at parent-teacher conferences.”

“Well, I’m not surprised she remembered you, Daddy.”


I put my hand on his knee. “You really don’t know? You’re a very good-looking man. Muscles, nice jaws, and a smile that could melt steel.”

“Yeah, Jeannie told me she loved my smile. I hadn’t heard the jaws before, though.”

“Thank Lucy for noticing that one.” Lucy was one of my friends in high school.

That night I tweeted, “Just spent the evening at HRhythmNCruise with a great-looking guy.” A couple Facebook friends saw it and asked me about him, but I wouldn’t let on.

The next week, I wore a more hood-ratty outfit and told Daddy, “I’m going out. You wanna join me?”

“Long as we’re home by ten,” he said.

I decided ten o’clock was better than nothing. “Change your clothes,” I told him. This time we went to Club 2.22, and I made sure he was always close enough that I could see him.

After about an hour of watching me twerk or salsa, mixed in with some slow dances, Daddy asked, “Why’s it called 2.22?”

“Notice the other couples?”

He looked around. “That’s a little unusual,” he said. The youngest man there reminded me of my junior high principal, and none of the women looked 25.

“2.22 is what happens when 40 goes into 18,” I explained.

Daddy looked shocked, but then I saw his brow furrow the way he does when he’s thinking. “Hate to tell you this, but that’s when 18 goes into 40. 40 into 18 would be point-45.”

“Yeah, but that’s also a gun, and they’d probably scare the men away with that image.”

“So this is a club for …”

“Women who like older guys,” I explained.

“And how do you know about it?”

“Because I like an older guy,” I told him. Then I took his hands and put them both on my ass cheeks. He was leaning against a bar. A song by Lil’ Jon came on, and I started bumping my hips against his. I kissed him on the lips and instead just bumping hips, I ground them. “And I can tell he likes me too.”

He moved his hands from my butt to my shoulders and tried to push me back. “Monique, I-“

I moved down instead, making his cock rub against my belly. “You can’t deny it,” I told him.

Daddy let his head go back. “You’re right,” he admitted. He moved his hands to the sides, and I slid up until we were face to face. The other women were looking at me, seeming to admire my brazenness.

I deliberately rotated my belly button around his hard cock and whispered, “Take me home, Big Daddy.” My belly button doesn’t have any special sexual feeling to it; that’s just where our heights put me.

Daddy yelled, “Check!” as loud as he could.

After he paid the tab, I walked him to the car. It had been my turn to drive. I tried to get him into the passenger seat, but he opened the door behind that one instead and got in. Realizing what he had in mind, I climbed in with him and closed the door. I sat on his lap and put my arms around him. “I love you, Daddy,” I panted, and I took my jacket off again.

“I love you too, Monique,” he Escort Kağıthane answered.

I unbuttoned his shirt so I could see those pecs again. “I feel like you should have barbells and some oil in here,” I joked. Daddy grabbed me and kissed me on the mouth. I opened up, and our tongues darted. I moved him around and faced him. He kissed me on both sides of my neck, then each shoulder, and then he kissed me up and down each arm. Sensing that he wasn’t going to take the next step on his own, I pulled his hands around me. When he still didn’t do what I wanted, I put his thumb and forefinger around the band of my bra. He finally got the idea and unclasped it. As soon as it was off, I pushed him backward and leaned forward.

His arms were still around me, and I ground my hips into his just as I’d done in the club. “Oh, Monique!” he moaned. This time he allowed himself to play with my ass cheeks. I could feel his hard cock against me.

Obviously, there wasn’t going to be any contact tonight, but I moved my legs between his and rubbed my pussy over his hard cock until I came. “Oh, Daddy,” I cooed. When I recovered, I kissed him on the lips and said, “Work tomorrow.” We both got in the front seat, and I drove us home. I tweeted, “Just went home with a great guy I met at HClub2.22”

The next night, I got home before him. One of my girlfriends called me, and I was glad he wasn’t home yet. “Hey, Monique, was your dad home when you got back last night?”

“Yeah, why?” I tried not to laugh.

“He got tagged in a picture on Facebook at the same club as you.”

What the hell? “Really? How’d that happen?”

“My roommate was there with a guy she’s been seeing. He was in the background, and someone who knows him recognized him.”

By the time she finished, I was already checking it on my phone. “Oh, yeah, I see it!” I forced a laugh and said, “Wait’ll I tell him about this!” I had no intention of telling him. Thank God, it happened while I was off getting our second round of drinks.

I ordered a pizza in a hurry. By the time Daddy got home, the pizza was only a couple minutes away. I’d gotten a couple family albums out. I told him I wanted to look at old pictures. While he was changing clothes, I secretly set his phone on airplane mode. He told me story after story about various relatives. I remembered some people and not others. I kept getting texts from people who figured out that we were at the same club, and I had to tell him over and over that it was just friends who liked my Facebook posts. After an hour of this, I saw a tweet that mentioned the same club. This time it was a picture a random person had taken and tweeted. My back was to the camera, but there was no mistaking that Daddy had his hands on my ass, and I had a couple friends who might recognize the thong I had on. Now it wasn’t enough to keep him from hearing his phone. I had to keep him away from it entirely, but I downloaded it to my phone in case I needed a memento of that night. He started telling me a story about a cousin who was caught fucking his girlfriend in a barn. “Oh, Daddy, that’s so hot!” I told him.

“Really?” He had barely acted like the story was interesting even to him.

“Absolutely. Come with me!” I said.

I took him by the hand and walked us into his room. I put my arms around him and kissed him hard on the lips. I started unbuttoning his shirt. “You really want this, don’t you?” he asked.

I pulled my own shirt off and started undoing my bra. “Yes!” I insisted. I wasn’t lying. I’d wanted this for a while, but now it was almost a life-or-death matter. Apparently he wanted it too. By the time I had my bra off, he was naked, and he looked as hard as he’d felt last night. Granted, I’d only handled a few dicks before, but this was the biggest and darkest dick I’d ever handled. I slowed down. I wrapped my hand around his cock and started stroking it. I told him, “I’ve wanted this for a long time, Daddy. I love you. You deserve better than Mom. You deserve better than the women at those clubs. You deserve someone who’ll love you like I do.”

Daddy took my hand off his cock. “I love you too, Monique, but I couldn’t show you how much. People wouldn’t understand.”

I thought, “They don’t understand.” He laid me on the bed. He pulled my panties off and separated my pussy lips. Only one guy had ever been man enough to go down there. His head didn’t look as beautiful as my daddy’s did going up and down, and he sure as hell didn’t make me feel as loved as Daddy! I wanted a better view, so I scooted back to put my head on a pillow. I realized it used to be Mom’s, and I relished the symbolism. Daddy moved up with me, and now I could see his fine ass while he ate me. It went up when Daddy went deeper and down when he wasn’t as deep. I put my hands on my tits and rubbed them wildly. “Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy!” He reached up, moved my hands to the side and replaced them with his own. Those same hands once cupped my cheeks while he told me how beautiful I looked in my Easter dress, and now they were caressing my big brown nipples. He was lifting his hips while he ate me, no doubt because of how hard he’d gotten. I hated to do it, but I lifted his face away from my pussy lips. “Up here, Daddy,” I told him. He sat up, and I urged him forward and then down. I got his cock between my tits and squeezed.

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