Chloe Ch. 01Chloe Ch. 01


I had been living in this condo for about two years. Although not exactly full of old people, it wasn’t much of a fun place to stay. Once in a while, a young couple or some college guys and gals moved into an apartment, but it didn’t take long and they were history.

But that all changed one fine summer morning. I had just woken up and heard a van parking in the road at the front of my condo. I got up and peeked out of my window. It was a large moving van, and behind it, a flashy Porsche came to a halt. My mouth dropped open when I saw what came out of that Porsche. Dressed in a pair of those ultra-low hip-hugger jeans and a white, very tight top, an angel came into view. Long, curly blonde hair, an adorable face and a body to die for. Yeah, I think I could have died right there if it wasn’t for the guy who came out of the other side of that Porsche. I was a bit confused though. That guy wasn’t tall, he had a pouch like a 50 year old and large, framed glasses. Was that supposed to be some sort of candid camera joke? I mean, what the hell was he doing with that goddess next to him? I decided to find out.

After I dressed and made some coffee, I opened my door and walked down to the van. The goddess and her guy were standing there looking at the workers starting to unpack their stuff.

“Hi, I’m Rob. I live right up there…are you moving into 7b?” I asked.

The goddess turned, wearing a smile that lit up her whole face. I noticed in a split-second that her wonderful, large tits were not held by a bra. The white fabric of her top allowed for a delightful view of her poking nipples. I would have stared at that sight for another two hours and a half, if not suddenly a voice drifted to my ear:

“Yes, we are. I am Chloe, and that’s my husband Joe.”

It was the goddess. Her smile was even better than before, and I was unable to say anything. I stammered:

“Well….uhm….that’s great. Welcome, Chloe and Joe, that sounds fabulous.”

The guy now turned around too. He definitely was about 50, and that goddess couldn’t have been older than 20. I was still wondering how a guy like him could have hooked up with a goddess like her.

“Joe’s a manager for a large corporation up in New York, and he’s here to negotiate a take-over.”

That question was answered. He was obviously a rich guy who had bought that cute, little sexpot.

“Well, nothing wrong with that. If she’s happy and he’s happy, so be it.” I thought to myself.

“Uhm…listen, Chloe and Joe, I just made some coffee, so if you’d like some we could have a cup in my apartment.” I proposed, and stole another glance at Chloe’s fabulous nipples jutting out of that top.

“That sounds great, I’m really in the need for something hot and black!” Chloe said and winked at me. Well, if I were black, that would have made me cum all over myself, but unfortunately, she was only referring to the coffee.

“Darling, I really should see that those idiots here don’t destroy our stuff, so you go and have a cup of coffee, and I’ll supervise that here, alright?” Joe said. I got nervous. That guy was really letting that sexpot go with me into my apartment. He was either crazy or really, really dumb. I didn’t care.

“Alright, honey, let’s do that.” Chloe said.

“Alright, it’s that door over there, you go ahead!” I said. Of course I needed to check out her ass too, so I made her walk up the stairs in front of me. It was a great idea. Her full, round globes were barely concealed in those skin-tight jeans. I was sure she wasn’t anything underneath. There wouldn’t have been space even for underwear made of paper.

“So, Rob, what do you do?” Chloe asked when we had entered my apartment and I had handed her a cup of coffee. I sat opposite of her, she on the couch, I on my favourite chair.

“Well, I write.” I said.

“What kind of stuff? Like, crime stories or thrillers or what?” she asked.

“Well, mainly erotica, if you know what that is.” I replied, starting to get red..

“If I know what that is? I love erotica, almanbahis şikayet I’m a fucking erotica junkie.” Chloe seemed to be really enthusiastic. “I mean, not that Joe would know, but I’ve been reading erotica since I’m about 12.”

I was speechless. I had known that girl for about five minutes, and she was already telling me juicy details of her life. That was fantastic.

“That’s great…I mean, I don’t know you at all, but do you wanna tell me what kind of erotica turns you on most?” I was daring, but that’s what you gotta be if you want to succeed.

Chloe smiled, slowly licked her lips and said:

“Well, you are right, you don’t know me that well yet. Tell you what, you give me a few of your stories and I’ll read them tonight. Tomorrow, when Joe’s at work, we’ll have time to talk about them. Fine with that?”

Fine with that? I was more than fine with that. This girl was telling me that she’d come over when her husband was out of the way to discuss erotic stories. That sounded like an invitation to fuck her. But I was not getting my hopes up. Maybe she was just a really, really open-minded girl. I hoped not.

I couldn’t wait for the next day. I went to bed at about 9, just so the day would end and a new, glorious day would start. I had given Chloe some of my most nastiest stories. I wanted to see if she was really as open-minded as she seemed.

I woke up at 6 am. I never did that. Normally I slept at least until 9, but that I was up at 6 and already horny as hell. I was so looking forward to talking to Chloe, I couldn’t wait until her loser husband had gone to work.

I drank about ten cups of coffee and read a book almost from cover to cover, when I heard, at about 8.30, someone approaching my door. There was a knock, I jumped and ran to the door. I opened it up, and was stunned. Dressed in a very short summer dress, with cleavage that left nothing to the imagination she stood there, smiling sweetly, gripping the stories I had given to her.

“Hey there Rob, you like what I’m wearing?” she whispered. “I mean, that’s what I gathered from your stories…you really like revealing clothes, so I decided to dress that way!”

She moved a step forward, and was now very close to my face:

“Joe is gone. And he won’t be back in less than eight hours. That’s plenty of time to discuss your stories. But I want you to see our apartment. The guys already put everything in, so it’s perfect already. Fine?” she said.

“Sure, that’s great. Let me just get my key.” I said, got my key and locked the door. On the way to their apartment, I walked behind Chloe, watching the short dress sway from side to side, giving me a hint of how wonderfully round and tight her ass was.

“You really like asses, don’t you?” Chloe laughed and looked back at me.

I blushed, but I knew there was no way of denying it…she had read my stories.

We entered their apartment, and I instantly knew why she had wanted to go there. It was much larger than mine, skilfully arranged furniture and decorations gave it the flair of a really, really expensive apartment. Well, it probably was.

“Fancy a drink?” Chloe asked.

“Sure,” I said, and made my way to the large sofa.

“So, what do you do when you’re not just reading erotica, Chloe?” I asked.

She was preparing our drinks and called back to me:

“Well, I normally do what I read.”

Now that was direct. I couldn’t help it, but that setup was already making me hot. Let’s look at the situation: A young, beautiful, sexy girl invites me to her and her husband’s apartment while the husband in question is at work. She wants to discuss stories I have written, which are mainly about anal-slutwives. And to add to it, she reveals that she likes to act out what she gets from erotic stories she reads. It was once again, perfect.

“So, you really are on the extreme side, Rob!” Chloe said, as she had put down the glasses on their expensive table in front of the sofa and sat down next to me. The dress was really short, almanbahis canlı casino and it rode up to reveal…a shaved pussy.

“Hehe, you like what you see? Rob?” Chloe asked and smiled at me.

“You see, I married my husband because he’s rich and he’ll care for me. I didn’t marry him for sex, because that I’m getting elsewhere. For example from friendly neighbours. And I don’t like to pretend someone has to conquer me. I’m really a total slut, and if you happen to cross my path and I’m in the mood – and I always am – then you’re lucky. You, Rob, are special. You’ve got a mind as twisted as mine, and I think we’ll have more fun than just once. But for god’s sake, let’s start!”

That monologue made me a bit speechless. But being the hot-blooded guy I am, I didn’t hesitate any longer. I put one hand behind her neck, the other between her legs and pulled her towards me. Her willing mouth opened as my tongue slid in, and within a second, we were really going at it. It didn’t take long for her to get out my dick, and took me even less time to get rid of that dress. Nothing underneath of course. Well, a total slut.

“Oh Rob, let me suck that dick!” Chloe purred and bent down to engulf my dick with her hot mouth. It was pure bliss. Her wet, warm mouth first covered the tip of my dick but Chloe was a pro. She swallowed my whole dick with considerable ease, and knowing that she was a total slut, I started to fuck her mouth. It was obvious she had problems getting enough air down her throat, but she didn’t fight. She just let me fuck her for a few minutes, until I decided it was enough. I pulled her head off my dick, and a thick strand of saliva slid ran down the corners of her mouth.

“I liked that!” she whispered between quick intakes of breath. I admired her face, already sweaty and looking a bit crazy. I really liked that.

“Show me your ass, Chloe. I wanna see your cheating ass!” I demanded.

Chloe smiled and kneeled next to me on the sofa, her ass high up in the air. Without hesitating, a plunged into the depths of her ass. Chloe squealed, obviously she really liked me licking her asshole. And I did it in earnest. It was definitely one of the most delightful assholes I had ever seen. Small, pink and puckered, not a single hair anywhere to be seen, not on her pussy or ass.

“Spread your cheeks, slut!” I ordered. Chloe shifted a bit to better reach her globes and then spread them as wide as possible.

“Well, that’s a really nice asshole you have there, Chloe. But it looks really, really tight. You think I’ll be able to do anything with it? Or should I just leave it?” I said.

“Oh no, please, that asshole is more flexible than you’d think. You can do everything to it, everything. It’s yours. The only reason it’s so tight is that I haven’t had anyone do anything to it lately. My husband doesn’t even touch it. Come on, make me feel nasty!” Chloe pleaded.

“Alright, let’s play nasty, slut!” I said, and with one quick motion grabbed her hair, and yanked her head up. Chloe screamed:

“Oh god, yesss! Be rough to me, please be rough, make me your slut!”

“Oh, don’t you worry, I’ll be rough, slut, I’ll be really rough!” I said, and pulled harder. I planted a kiss on her mouth, and then let go of her hair.

“Shouldn’t we go to your bedroom? I wanna do it in your bed. I want our juices to dry in there and make your husband sleep in them.” I said.

“Of course, let’s do it!” Chloe said enthusiastically.

“I also have a few toys in there, you’ll like them!”

On the way to their bedroom, I took off what clothes I was still wearing, and when I entered their bedroom, Chloe was already holding a box.

“This is the stuff I use when nobody’s around to abuse me. You’ll like it!” she said.

“Ok then, slut, get on that bed and spread your asscheeks.” I said.

Chloe got on the bed, and spread her cheeks. It was such a great view, I wished I had taken my camera. Well, I’d probably have more time to do that.

I looked inside the box, and almanbahis casino what I saw made me really horny. Chloe must have had the largest assortment of giant dildos I had ever seen.

“You fuck all of these?” I asked.

She laughed. “Sure, sometimes a few at the same time.”

For starters, I picked out a 13 inch dildo, black and very thick. I also picked a tube of lube and went up to Chloe.

“Alright, baby, lube up your asshole, it’s time for some stretching!”

Chloe took the tube, and put a generous amount of the lube onto her hand. She put it between her cheeks and started to lube up her asshole real well.

“Put a few fingers in! How many can you get in, Chloe?” I asked.

“Well, last time I tried I had two hands in there!” she answered.

“Hmm, let’s start with one!” I said and before she could start to push herself, I had already pushed four fingers of her own hand in her asshole.

“Ouch, that hurt!!!” she screamed.

“It’s supposed to, slut. Haven’t you read my stories?” I sneered.

“Yeah, well, ok, just be a bit more careful, I don’t want my asshole to rip…just yet!” That was my slut. She smiled at me and I could see that the initial indignation was a hoax, she wanted it to hurt.

I pulled out her hand, and lubed up the dildo. It was really a monster thing, and I wondered if she could take it all.

“Here it comes, Chloe!” I said, put the tip of the black monster to her asshole and started pushing. First, nothing happened, but suddenly the head of the monster just slipped inside and I could see that her asshole was now really stretched wide.

“Oh my god, that’s so nice, it hurts, but it’s making me even hornier!” Chloe said.

It was such a great sight. That nice big ass split in two by a large black dildo. I pushed deeper, evoking a moan from Chloe. It was impossible to get that dildo further in, but there was still half of it to go.

“Chloe, sit up!” I ordered. Chloe did as I told her, with the dildo still lodged deep inside her.

“Alright now, slut, sit on that thing. I want you to sit on it and push it in as deep as possible!”

Chloe smiled, and with a concentrated look on her face, sat down on the dildo. First, it didn’t move at all, but suddenly another two inches disappeared inside Chloe’s ass.

“Oh god, I don’t think it’ll go any further, Rob.” Chloe looked at me, obviously that dildo was making her hurt.

“Well, Chloe, you want me to make it go in further?” I asked.

“If you can, please do it!!!” Chloe pleaded. She wanted it, and I did it. I knelt beside her on the bed, put my hands on her shoulders and started to push.

“Ahh, that really hurts, it’s killing me, oh Rob, don’t stop, try harder, make it go in all the way. I want to be impaled on that dildo, make me cum!” Chloe said. I tried and pushed even harder. Suddenly, the whole dildo just slid inside Chloe’s ass, her asshole closing behind it.

“Ohhh myyyy gooooood!!! It broke, you broke my ass, I can feel that thing in my fucking stomach, ahhhh!” Chloe screamed in pain, her face just pure agony.

I smiled and slapped her face:

“You want it like that, stop screaming, slut!”

She did stop screaming, but was still whimpering.

“Chloe, I’m going to fuck your face now, and I want you to hold still, so I can make you gag, alright?” I said.

Chloe looked up at me, tears streaming down her face, but nodded submissively.

So while that monster-dildo was lodged totally inside her ass, I started to fuck her face. She gagged, but was otherwise very compliant. Within a few minutes I had an orgasm, and came down her throat. She choked a bit, but that was just fine.

“Alright Chloe, I want you to get dressed. Don’t dare taking that dildo out of your ass!” I ordered.

Chloe was obviously not able to walk normally with that thing in her ass, but I made her dress by slapping her face and telling her that she was my slut now.

“Chloe, we are going out.” I said, and we left the apartment.

The pain in Chloe’s ass must have been excruciating, but she was a brave little trooper and even let me finger her pussy underneath her dress as we went to my car.

“We are going to have some fun at the mall, slut!” I told her and off we drove.

…to be continued

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