A Sizzling Science teacherA Sizzling Science teacher

Aj Applegate

The following is ‘loosely’ based on a true story.


It was the final lesson of the day. Harry had already had a long and tiring day and was looking forward to a relaxing final period. He walked into the science class with his head down and just focused on getting through the last 45 minutes of his day. His gaze suddenly shot to his teacher, Miss Bianca. She was by far the best looking teacher at his school and he was lucky enough to have her in his final year. She was shorter than everyone else in the class and stood at just over 5 foot, but she usually looked taller with her heals. She was fair skinned, had silky brown hair that was usually in a bun, sexy glasses, modest sized breasts, and great legs. She was in her mid thirties, but by far her greatest feature was her amazing, giant ass. She would usually wear non provocative clothes, like a long skirt or pants and a formal shirt, but today, today was a special. She had an incredibly short red skirt, less than a third down her leg. Her legs looked even better than usual, but that was probably due to her mini skirt. She had a white undershirt with a blazer over the top.

He walked in as usual and took up his regular seat at the back of the class, where harry could get a good view of her spectacular ass without drawing attention to himself. She’d already started writing this lesson’s work and her ass was in great view as she stretched to write at the top of the whiteboard. Most if not all of the class was staring at that masterpiece as it gave all that gaze a boner. Once she was done, she quickly turned around, catching most of the class off guard. It just happened to be Harry that got caught staring too long. He was staring with a dazed look and took the longest to look back down at his book. He tried to bury himself in books, but it was too late.

“Harry?” Miss asked, with her high pitched voice.

“Yes Miss?” Harry answered.

“Would you mind coming and sitting up the front?” She said politely.

‘Shit,’ he thought to himself. This surely ruled out any chance of him just looking at her the entire lesson, dreaming of Fucking her. He obediently collected his books and moved to the desk she was pointing to, right in front of the teacher’s desk. The only thing he could look at without being noticed was her feet, hardly the sexiest sight.

40 minutes of the lesson had passed when he realized there was something around her feat. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he took a closer look, revealing they were in fact her white panties. Her eyes however kütahya escort were still fixated on her laptop as she marked some work with her left hand. He was the only person in the class to be able to see this under her teachers desk, and that every other boy in the class would kill to know this information. He ‘accidentally’ knocked his pencil off his desk, and she took no notice. He quickly slid his head under his desk, witnessing the greatest picture of his 18 years on earth. She was fingering herself with her right hand, with her middle and index finger plunging into her pussy folds. Her skirt was pulled up and her juices were squirting out onto the chair, with a large wet patch, presumably her’s, on the chair. It started getting faster as she vigorously fingered herself. Even more juice came out as harry dreamed of drowning in that mess. Suddenly, the bell went and he quickly recalled his head from under the desk, just as she closed her laptop.

“Right everyone,” she exclaimed. “What’s on the board is homework, and Harry I’d like to see you.”

The last words made harry sink into his chair, his boner slowly decreasing in size. This surely meant a detention, something he promised his parents wouldn’t happen this term.

It took a minute for every to to finally file out of the classroom, which just left Harry and Miss Bianca.

“Harry, what you did was unacceptable” she started. “I know how disappointed you and your family would be if I were to give you another detention on Friday. So go and collect your books and your bag and meet me up at my office on Level 5. I’m sure we can work something out.”

And with that she left the room, her great ass jiggling behind her. He was also about to leave the classroom, had he not noticed something white near her desk. He investigated closer to realize they were her damp white panties. He instantly got a boner, triggering many dreams he’s had about Miss Bianca and then remembering the shaved, dripping wet pussy of his one and only crush. He stooped over, collected it, placed it in a pocket of his bag, and swiftly left the room.

He still had a hard on as he climbed the stairs up to level 5. His memories and dreams were still colliding and he sexually couldn’t take it. He reached the door and knocked, trying to hide his erection, poorly. Miss Bianca quickly opened the door, with a changed appearance. Her hair was no longer in a bun, but in a ponytail and her glasses were further down her small nose, with both changes making her look even sexier, malatya escort if possible. The one major change though, was that she had removed her white undershirt. This meant there was just her blazer between me and her soft, cushioned tits. You could even see the outline of her breasts with this new look. This, paired with his thought of her drenched pussy just a foot away from him, made his dick ever harder and ever more uncomfortable, as it broke a fold to stick out like a tree.

“Come with me.” She ordered.

She stole a look at his erection before leading off. They headed off down to the end of the corridor, where she told harry to enter the classroom. Once harry was inside, she closed and locked the door. She quickly, moved onto the blinds, which she swiftly drew over the windows. Harry had already taken a seat, so she went and sat on his desk, crossed her legs and faced harry’s way, placing them just centimeter’s apart.

“Why were you looking at my ass?”

“Pardon?” Harry asked, visibly shocked. He had in no way expected her to open like this.

“I repeat, why were you staring at my ass harry?”

“Well, um, you see, there’s this-“

“Cut the bullshit Harry.” Miss Bianca said bluntly.

“Well it’s just really nice and, um, It’s good to look at,” Harry mumbled

“And is that an adequate excuse to be looking at me?”

“No Miss.”

It was completely adequate, he thought to himself.

“Would you like it?”

“What!?” Harry exclaimed in shock and disbelief.

Miss Bianca uncrossed her legs and opened them, revealing her dripping wet, shaved vagina, just inches from his face.

“I said, would you like it harry?”

Harry jumped from his chair and lept onto his teacher, pinning her to the desk. They started kissing vigorously as she slipped her hand inside his school sorts and started rubbing his already hard dick. He started kissing her cheeks and slowly eased down to her neck and undid her blazer with his hands. There was no bra so he freed her lovely tits into plain sight. They were much larger than he had originally anticipated and her nipples were hard as rock. He started sucking on her nipples as she started to undo his trousers.

Suddenly, there was a knock.

“Is anyone in there?” a familiar voice asked.

It was the voice of harry’s math’s teacher, Mr John. Harry and Miss Bianca rushed to the teacher’s desk at the back of the class. Miss Bianca climbed underneath the desk as harry pulled some books out and pretended to be studying. manisa escort

“Come in,” Harry said nervously.

As he said this, he could feel miss Bianca pulling his trousers down, to reveal his throbbing cock.

“Harry! What the hell are you doing here!?” He boomed.

“I’m just finishing some work that Miss Bia-ah-anca told me to do.”

Miss Bianca’s mouth had just eclipsed Harry’s bulging cock and it sent shivers down his spine.

“Alright then, but remember to pull the blinds up boy.” Mr John ordered.

“Yes s-s-sir.”

She had now begun deapthroating harry’s penis and he was almost at breaking point. He was lying to a teacher that scares the shit out of him, whist getting a blowjob from the hottest teacher at the school.

“Are you alright there Harry?” He asked

Suddenly, Miss Bianca stopped, sighting that harry needed to provide Mr John all my attention to get out of this sticky situation.

“Never been better sir.” Harry replied, trying to provide some confidence in his answer.

“Right, well don’t forget about the blinds.”

And with that, he left.

“Is he gone?” Miss bianca asked.

“Yes, you can keep going if you want.”

“No,” she replied with her sweet high voice. “I think it’s time I give you that ass you’ve been waiting for.”

She removed her miniskirt, revealing her entire naked body. She undid her hair, letting it ride just past her shoulders, went and locked the door and started rustling around in her handbag, giving harry a great view of her soaking wet vagina. She pulled out a condom packet and handed one to harry.

“Right, now I want you to fuck me like you mean it.” Miss Bianca ordered.

“Don’t worry miss, I really mean it.”

She got up and lay down on the teacher’s desk, waiting for harry to enter her. Harry slowly eased his nob in, pushing it all the way, as pussy juiced spilled all over his dick. Momentum slowly grew as he went out and in, out and in.

“ohhhh!” Miss Bianca moaned, as it slowly got faster. Her chamber was getting wetter and wetter as harry continued to get faster. “OHHHH!!” She exclaimed, as harry’s balls started slapping against her ass. The feeling was becoming overwhelming for both of them, as harry could feel his cum ready to burst. Harry grunted, as he finished, and slowed down the thrusting.

“Jesus, that was a rollercoaster!” Miss Bianca said, exhausted.

It had been 5 minutes since the orgasm, and both teacher and student were nearly fully dressed.

“I believe these belong to you,” Harry said, holding out the white pair of panties collected from the classroom.

“You can keep them, as a thank you. I needed that. You can keep them til next time.”

“Next time!?” Harry said excitedly

“We’ll see.”

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