A Sister’s Revenge Ch. 06A Sister’s Revenge Ch. 06


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Yes to those who wondered, I did have an idea of where I wanted to go after Michael’s next turn at fainting, but am planning that to be his last.

I have two more chapters written and almost ready to go. Just figuring out when to submit them as the end of this story still isn’t in sight and I don’t want to leave you in another 2 or 3 year lurch like last time.

Enough from me already. Go ahead and read. I do hope you enjoy.

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“Don’t stop? Sure, little lady. Anything you say”

At that the man slid his hand gently yet insolently into Michael’s panties. When the boy felt that barrier breached, he gasped in shame and growing excitement, feeling his resistance slowly melting away.

Unable to keep this mean yet truly handsome man’s hand from exploring further, Michael felt his finger actually explore even more until it found its way beneath his gaffe where it just grazed in whisper-like contact along the cavity in which his cock was constrained, then slide inside the crevice and rubbed gently up and down along the shaft in what little space was provided to allow this maneuver.

Upon feeling that luscious, delightful sensation of the man’s finger tenderly caressing his shaft like that, Michael, so terribly embarrassed and shamed, yet so delightfully enchanted by it all, shot a stream of cum from his flattened cock which coated his rod and flooded the cavity and slightly soaked the man’s fingers. The boy then fainted dead away.

“Oh my,” the man said, gazing in wonder at the lifeless but still sexy form in his arms, his hand still firmly encased in the tight confines of the young man’s gaffe. “I definitely wasn’t expecting that.”

Still, once he was able to withdraw his hand covered with the boy’s seed, the man greedily licked up the tasty treat, knowing for sure there would be many more such treats to come from this girly boy in his arms. All he had to do was find a way to wake him up. ‘Hmm…’ he wondered. ‘Perhaps with a kiss? Hmm…Only one way to find out. After all, it worked with Snow White.’


Ch. 6

At that the man looked at the still limp form of the young man in his arms, and decided to go ahead. ‘Why not, what the fuck,’ he reasoned. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.’ So, lifting the lad into his arms, he carried him to a couch supplied by the store for those who were forced to wait while their significant others shopped around.

There he sat down, placing the still unconscious Michael next to him in something akin to a lover’s necking embrace and once again turned his head to face him and began to passionately kiss the sleeping young beauty when, after forcefully pushing his tongue deep into the boy’s mouth he slowly awoke, unable to breathe.

The kiss, catching him by surprise, caused Michael, still in a half conscious state but breathing now, to raise his arms above his head and then encircle them fully around this luscious, delightful beast of a man who was so delighting him. As the passion of the continuing kiss remained unabated, Michael, because of his half-dazed state, began returning those passions shown him back to this man almost twofold. The man, seeing how this lad was so eagerly returning his advances now, even more deeply and passionately rained his lips forcefully down upon the boy’s, as though he wanted to extract the lad’s very life force from out of his body and pull it into his own wellspring of desire.

Feeling this last, even greater, ever more licentious force of desire pulling and tugging at his very soul, Michael drove himself to awaken from the still half-comatose state he’d been in and gradually come back into full awareness, as reality finally settled back in. When it did, he realized what he’d been doing, and what this man had tricked him into believing and was again, unable to accept all that had been going on. The enormity of it all was just too much for him once more and, looking up into the man’s deep, sexy blue eyes, fainted again.

“Aw fuck,” the man complained in exasperation. “What the hell is up with this kid?”

Watching from her office, Cindy, who had seen and heard everything so far, understood the man’s bewilderment. Having realized now Michael’s penchant for fainting the moment he found himself unable to bear combined moments of extreme pleasure and somewhat heightened embarrassment, it now bemused her more than concerned her when she witnessed this continually happening to the poor boy.

However, she understood and empathized with the poor man, whose name was Robert Mason, because he had no idea of this yet, although Cindy was sure he was beginning, or would soon begin, to suspect just what she’d grown to learn.

Also, antalya escort as she’d observed the interesting predicament Michelle had been currently placed in and the paces she’d been put through since Robert walked in the door, including his reactions to those paces before and after his fainting, Cindy became unworried about just how she responded to this situation now that it has arisen. Being so relieved, she decided to simply watch and see how the scene played itself out. If it got too rough, there would always be time enough to intervene.

Getting another idea, the now really horny Robert looked down at the still, lifeless form of Michael’s sexy body there and decided, ‘Why not? The kiss woke him up the last time, this might work just as well. I’ve just got to figure out how to keep him from fainting again.

‘I know! Maybe he’s worried that, as he believes I think he’s a girl now and then go on trying to feel him up as I’ve been doing, I’ll suddenly freak out if I find out he’s actually a boy. And maybe he’s trying to make sure I don’t find that out. I suppose I’ll have to calm his nerves some about that once he’s up the next time. After all, I already know about his little secret, and like him even more because of it. So I just have to make sure he knows there’s nothing to worry about. Wait, I’ve got a great idea!’

With that thought, Robert went quickly to his car and retrieved a bag and purse from the trunk and returned as fast as he could. Walking into the dressing room, he undressed completely except for a bra and nylon stockings he’d worn under his male clothing. Then he removed some padding and a simple yellow sundress from the bag that he always kept handy for occasions like this when he might want to dress up for a friend.

Adding the padding to his flat, almost unnoticeable bra, he then straightened out any wrinkles in the sundress as best as possible and slid it on over his head. He then slipped into a pair of 2-inch heels also in the bag. Purposely leaving his panties off as they would only be in his way for what he had in mind, Robert continued on to work on his face.

From his purse he removed a curling iron which he plugged in the wall outlet and while waiting for it to heat up, took out some rouge and lipstick and added it to his face and lips to make himself look even more feminine. Then he added a touch of mascara and perfume as a finishing touch. After putting those things away, he picked up the now heated curling iron and rolled it into his hair to bring out some nice, fluffy, springy curls, spraying it with some hairspray to give it some hold. Pronouncing himself finished, Robert left the dressing room and approached the still unconscious form on the couch..

Looking down at the beautiful femmed -up boy, Robert really couldn’t help but stare in awe at the loveliness of this creation lying before him. Even though he had become aware of his maleness beneath his gaffe, the way he was dressed and made up was so near-to-perfect that he still had to continue to remind himself that this wasn’t a girl here before him. The job Cindy had done on him, and he knew this must have been her work as he knew her handiwork well, was beyond anything he could have imagined she had the ability to create, even with her advanced techniques.

Michael’s breasts, especially, looked so fantastic, so heavenly, Robert could only dream of sinking into them, the same as he’d done years ago when, as a child, he would just plunge belly first into his grandmother’s huge, goose-feather bed. A bed so soft and deep, that like this boy’s breasts, he could just visualize immersing himself into them, while being devoured and consumed by the immense quivering pools of sensual delights awaiting him there.

Snapping out of his fanciful delirium, Robert finally stepped closer to the lad and then slowly, sexily, with gentle caresses, began sliding his right hand up and down Michael’s sequined dress for just a minute or so, then slid the hem of it up to his waist. He followed this by removing the boy’s panties, happy to see they were slipped on over his garter straps.

He was going to remove the gaffe, but recognized the brand and knew there was a hole in the rear for easy access to his ass so realized there was no need to do that. He also decided not to remove his bra as he really enjoyed the way the push-up quality of the thing created so magnificent an illusion he was afraid to see just what Michael’s real breasts looked like, for fear of being so totally disappointed in the reality of it all.

Right now Robert was pretty sure the boy should be getting close to awakening from his faint, and though that was a good thing, he didn’t want the boy to awaken on his own. No, he had his own ideas on how to approach that concern. He wanted the beauty awake and desiring him, even later down the road, not running or fainting dead away like before. And Robert had thought up a plan to accomplish that end.

Once Robert felt everything was ready and all was neatly in place, artvin escort the first thing he did was raise his dress above his hips, exposing his quite impressive though still soft 8-inch cock, spit in his hand and begin stroking it rigorously. Then working a great deal of pre-cum from the tip, he started to liberally coat and then massage it into the skin of his shaft.

When his cock, now rock-hard at 10 inches long and 7 inches round was really shiny and completely saturated with his pre-cum, he stepped over the boy and, walking up the prone, still lifeless body, and stepping half on and half off the couch, he moved his wet, hardened shaft so that it hung over Michael’s face about 5 inches from his mouth, and dropped his sundress to surround Michael’s head and upper body to envelop him in a cloak of dank, oppressive warmth and complete darkness.

Underneath, Michael noticed the sudden difference in climate, as it were, and, finding his breath coming a bit short and difficult, he was awakened by that same oppressiveness, finding himself slightly disoriented and surrounded in complete blackness. Thinking it must be nighttime, he dreamily reached over to turn on a lamp. As he was raising his arm to reach over, Michael’s fingers suddenly grazed against something hard and stiff hanging down from above and wondered what it might be.

Starting to touch it with a little more curiosity, Robert noticed the boy had finally awoken from his stupor. Sensing Michael’s desire to learn about this object he was touching, Robert squatted down slowly and steadily over the boy’s face once he felt the boy’s fingers feeling around his over-hanging shaft in a less apprehensive manner.

Michael, squinting to try and see what it was that was slowly approaching him through the suffocating tenebrosity, had his mouth slightly opened while biting his exposed tongue to aid in concentration, as was his habit.

Suddenly the tip of the thing unexpectedly touched his tongue and on reflex action to escape whatever it was, Michael pulled it back into his mouth. As he did, however, it swiped against a good part of the cum-soaked shaft.

Stunned, he slowly began to realize it had a peculiarly distinctive flavor, one he did not recognize, but one he also found to be rather tasty. He brought his tongue back out, searching wildly about for more. Happily he found it still hanging there, and since he couldn’t see anyway, he closed his eyes and laid back some while continuing to lick and slurp to his hearts content on this heavenly tasting column of tangy delights.

Then, just as Michael was settling in on this meal, it suddenly pulled away and disappeared from his delighted taste buds. As though in a panic, he began raising his head and searching blindly and wildly for this magnificent meal of which he had been partaking. Then, just as he was about to nearly scream for his mommy, it suddenly returned, touching Michael’s open lips wetly, silencing his upcoming scream, and trying to enter.

The boy, so happy now to have this meal returned to him, kept his mouth open to receive it. In his attempt, however, he found out just how huge it was in circumference, and realized he had to open really wide to receive this delectable treat.

Luckily he was able to do just that, and the very welcome intruder pushed its way into his mouth, stopping occasionally to allow Michael time to both get used to its magnificent size and enjoy feasting on its really great taste. It was a strange flavor, both sweet and sour — a tangy, meaty flavor. Also it had a spicy zing to it that just added to its simply scrumptious overall taste.

But now that Robert had it inside his mouth, he noticed too that as hard as it was, it was also kind of soft and chewy, like a thick, juicy piece of meat, and he felt almost like a dog with a soft, meaty-flavored, rubber bone that was real good!

Shortly then, the huge slab of meat began sliding back and forth inside Michael’s mouth, going deeper and deeper, almost to his throat and then back out to his lips, and then back again. Finally it actually went so deep that it really did penetrate his throat. Luckily, he was able to accommodate the massive missile as Robert found the boy had a hidden and welcome ability to open his throat wide enough to do this without much resistance or real effort.

Robert at first was surprised Michael had this ability so well perfected, as was even more pleased as well as surprised to find he could deep-throat a cock as huge as his Neither his wife nor any of his ex-girlfriends were able to perform that little trick. The more he played around with this boy, the more he was falling in love with him. He really couldn’t wait to fuck him.

He’d already been letting Michael suck on his cock for nearly half an hour, and was growing awfully tired from the position he’d taken over him. He really wanted to shout to the boy to suck harder and faster, and to tell him what a great cocksucker he was and how much he liked his work, but didn’t want to spoil the beylikdüzü escort mood he’d set for the boy.

He realized the young girly-boy seemed content to do what he was doing as long as it was in this total darkness and he really wasn’t aware of the reality of the situation. But doing it in this manner Robert finally got so tired he had to lean over and put his weight on the arm of the couch to hold him up just so he could continue.

Finally, he just couldn’t hold back any longer, so he worked on having the boy finish him off. He kept thrusting in and out of Michael’s mouth, pile-driving it as though he was trying to break through to the other side of his neck. There was no love here, no casual sex either. Just a wild, unabated, unadulterated need to get his rocks off.

Finally, the end was coming. Robert only had to punch his cock in and out a few more times when it started. Before it did, he pulled all the way out of Michael’s mouth and raised up slightly. Then he reached under his dress and, holding his shaft, directed it at the boys face.

Michael, who suddenly felt an empty loss without his fleshy pacifier, went searching about for it in the still-darkened cocoon he was enveloped in, and unable to find it, collapsed back onto the couch in despair. Starting to really get upset, he was about to strike out, at what, he knew not. He was just angry, and not knowing anything else to do, that was all he could think of.

Suddenly, however, as he raised his arms to strike out, the substantial and rigid shaft fell into his grip as if by some divine miracle. About to bring it back to his mouth where it belonged, Michael felt the shaft suddenly twitch and jerk. Not understanding this development, he released it as though it was a poisonous snake or something.

Relaxing slightly from above, it suddenly seemed the sky opened up and let the floodgates pour down as it started to rain heavily upon the unsuspecting lad, or so it seemed — a really thick, milky substance that began covering his wonderfully made-up face, ruining the job Cindy had spent so much time and effort on earlier that morning…god, had it just been that morning? It all seemed so long ago now.

Bringing his hands to his face, Michael began smoothing the creamy substance all over himself there, trying to wipe it away. However, this act served only to massage it deeply into his skin, now having become much more delicate since the hormones had taken hold of his system.

Still trying to rid his face of the creamy goo, he smeared it deeper into his skin, covering his eyelids, nose, cheeks, his lips and finally, even into his mouth, which is when Michael learned that this stuff, whatever it was, was great! Even better tasting than the meaty substance he’d been munching on earlier.

‘Boy, it really feels great to have gotten away from that horrible mean man who had attacked me before,’ Michael was lazily thinking while still licking away the cum juice that Robert had splashed down on him. ‘And I even get all this great stuff to enjoy while no one’s around to bother me. Boy, this is really the life, yeah.’

Robert was grateful to be finished now, sweating heavily from the physical efforts he’d put forth enjoying this boy, whose name he had yet to get. Still, he wasn’t done yet, and was about to start phase 2 as soon as he caught his breath.

Starting it now, he stood up very slowly, both to let his aching muscles gradually get used to their new standing position and to finally expose the by now wide awake boy to the light of day and to the man/woman standing before him.

Staying over the boy’s head, he stood up enough to get his sea legs back but still leave the boy in darkness. Once stable, he stood up the rest of the way and then stepped over Michael’s body to stand firmly on the floor next to the couch.

When Michael was finally allowed to see the light, it was so blinding at first that he had to cover his eyes for a half minute to become re-acclimated to everything blaring back at him. When he could finally see again, the first thing his eyes laid sight upon was this vision of loveliness standing next to him by the couch. Seeing her and the racks of clothing behind her, he finally remembered just where he was and what had happened to him that day and the days previous.

Once everything came back to him and saw it was just him and this very pretty lady standing there, he became calm in her presence, as though her beauty soothed his very soul. Not that she was glamorous really. No, hers was a simple beauty, a kind of girl-next-door look, but Michael liked her very much simply because of that home-town, folksy look. Her presence even made him forget about his just having licked and sucked on some sausage-like thing right here on this couch. He never even took into account that she might have been standing there watching the whole time.

Realizing he was staring for sometime, Michael blushed and started to talk to her.

“I’m sorry,” he started. “I didn’t mean to stare, but you’re really beautiful, and I just couldn’t help it. My name is Mich…uh, Michelle. Michelle Franklin.” He stopped short when he realized he was about to call himself Michael. Luckily he remembered that since he was all dressed up, he couldn’t darn well refer to himself as a boy.

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