A Night of Passion and PunishmentA Night of Passion and Punishment

Female Ejaculation

His tongue is in her pussy, so warm, so soft. her hands are in His hair. He teases her and won’t let her cum, no matter how much she begs. Just when she gets to the edge and asks Him to please let her cum, He looks at her and smiles.

Then He whispers, “No.”

He laughs as she starts to make the noise He so loves to hear, almost a cry, a plea, a beg.

It’s not a real laugh, it’s the laugh she loves to hear, it turns her on more and more. When she hears it, she feels like she could explode. His tongue finds her pussy again and this time, there’s no stopping her. she cums and she cums hard and loud. she knows she will be punished, but that makes it all the more better. He stops and looks at her through narrow eyes,

“you little slut” He says, with a rough voice.

she begins to shiver from the excitement of knowing that she will soon be punished.

“I told you the you could not cum, but you did anyway.” He sits up and runs His fingers through His hair,

“What am I going to do with you?”

“i am sorry Master.” she chokes out, she cannot breath, let alone speak.

her orgasm has taken everything out of her and now He knows what she wants the most.

“What happens when you do not obey Me, little one?” He asks.

she stammers out the answer, “i-i-get punished.”

“That’s right, My sweet. Now, what do you suppose I do?”

“It-it’s not up to me, Master.” All of this waiting is making her crazy. And He knows it.

He gets up and go to the closet, she watches as He gets two of His longest silk ties and returns to her. He then looks into the drawer on her side of their big king size bed. He gets the blindfold she niğde escort so loves. He sits on the bed beside her and strokes her hair back from her eyes.

“Sweet pet, I hate to punish you, but you must learn.” His voice catches as He holds back His passion, she can see it in His eyes.

“Now, get up and walk to the end of the bed.”

she does as He says. On shaky legs she stumbles to the end of their king size bed and waits for further instructions. she watched as He walks towards her slowly, taking His time, knowing what it is doing to her. The wait is more erotic than the act, in their opinion.

she watches as He takes her arms in His big hands and strokes them for a moment before looking into her eyes. she sees wave after wave of love and desire He has for her and only her. she sees excitement, knowing that He craves this as much as she does.

“Turn around sweet angel.”

she does as she’s told, she turns and feels Him as He takes her hands and pulls then forward. He ties her to the bed posts and covers her eyes.

she feels His roughened hands turn to silk as they caress her bound arms and trail down her naked back. He reaches her ass cheeks and soothes them.

He leans down to her ear and she feels His warm breath and she hears His heartbeat. He loves her so much.

“Angel, do you know why you are being punished?” His voice trembles, though He tries not to let it show.

she has no fear of letting her own shaky voice show,

“Y-yes, Sir”.

“Tell, Me.”

“B-be-because i-i-came..” she has no choice but to take a breath, “because i-i c-came when You, Master, told me…n-not…t-t-to.”

“That’s ordu escort right, pet.”

His hand, still caressing her ass cheeks, stopped, she stiffens, waiting for the first blow that will send her into another orgasm, she waited.

she waited some more.

Then, she feels it. It stings, it hurts, it is incredible. she sees stars and she feels the earth move. her pussy throbs. The other cheek gets the same attention. her pussy feels the same reaction.

With each strike to her ass, her urge to cum gets stronger and stronger.she moans out, He waits, probably checking to make sure she is ok. He loves her so much.

He can tell that she is fine, a little too fine. He gently grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her head back slowly, as not to hurt her and whispers,

“you want to cum again, don’t you My dear?”

Once again, she can’t speak, she tries to nod yes, but He has her head firmly in His grasp, never, not once does He hurt her.

“Don’t you!” His voice, though He never raises it, is a bit sharper a bit more harsh.

“Y-y-yes, S-Sir” she finally manages.

He leans in and kisses her on her cheek. His tongue grazes her neck and she loses all thoughts of what she is about to do.

“Please!” she screams out in agony. “Please, Master, please?”

Feeling that she can no longer hold it, He gives her permission.

“Yes, baby, cum all over yourself.”

she explodes. her legs gives out and He grabs her and holds her up until she can get back down to earth. But He is not helping the situation.

“It feels good, doesn’t it, precious? To cum so hard you almost faint?”

she can barely rize escort hear Him, but His voice is driving her mad. The longer He speaks, the longer her orgasm rocks her. she has never expericed anything like this before, until she met Him.

Finally, she starts to come down. Slowly, He sets her upright and unties her hands. He turns her around to face Him. He removes the blindfold and all she can see is His heart. He loves her so much.

He kisses her softly, stroking her hair and her face, His tongue working it’s magic on her. she is safe in His arms, she loved and she is free to love. And she does love Him so.

Laying her back down on the bed, He enters her gently and tenderly, speaking to her heart. As His big cock enters her, she is once again soaring among the clouds. she feels the heat of His member and feels it throbbing inside her. He starts slowly, then when she starts to beg Him to go faster, He moves inside her like a bolt of lightning. His cum heavy balls slapping against her makes her very aware that He intends to hold Himself back, just to give her more pleasure. she squeezes her cunt muscles tight and thrust up, taking Him deeper inside of her.

“Oh, God! What you do to Me” she hears Him yell.

“Master, my Master, i love You so!”

With that, He cums. He cums hard and deep inside of her. she feels His cock spasm and throb, she feels His white-hot cum shoot inside of her and she feels His muscles as He grabs her to hold her close.

“May i?” she screams.

Although barely audible, she hears Him gives her permission and she cums with Him.

Together, they are one. Body and soul. Life and love. Two sides of the same coin.

Later, after they catch their breaths and their heartbeats slow, she looks at Him. He is her Master, her lover, her best friend. But most important, He is the other half of her. He makes her complete. He makes her whole and she loves Him so.

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