A Good Little Slave Ch. 02A Good Little Slave Ch. 02


*It’s best to read Chapter 1 before reading this!*

The bartender was a top heavy blonde, cleavage coming out of her top, a couple of tattoos visible. As she walked over with our drinks, Master looked at her and said he had a question.

Let me ask you something. “What do you think of these tits? Are they not the most delicious tits you’ve ever seen?”

She smirked and stared, evaluating me, and agreed – They’re beautiful.

My Master began talking to the bartender, and caught my eye – I was there as a slave, but I could socialize as a submissive. There was no question – he was in charge.

In our conversation, we came back to my breasts eventually – there weren’t very many people in the restaurant at this point, so the bartender it was okay to talk to us for the most part. Master began speaking to her about getting my nipples pierced – it had been a favorite topic of his since he took me to get them done, partially because he knew how it would humiliate me to talk openly about them to strangers, and partially because he was proud of me.

He’d been talking about getting them pierced ever since he’d collared me – I was very nervous about it, worrying that it would be too painful during and after the piercing, and that my pretty little pink nipples would be scarred. Finally, on a sunny day in the city, we walked by a piercing shop and locked eyes – it was time. He led me inside, and told the woman behind the counter what we were doing. My heart in my throat, I signed the paperwork – and Master whispered something to the woman on our way downstairs that I couldn’t make out. When she was too far away to hear, he whispered to me: “She knows you’re my slave. I told her that you love being humiliated and exposed, and that you’re especially curious about being touched by women.”

I blushed furiously – she knew! Judging by the handcuffs on the ceiling, it wasn’t uncommon. When she came back, she smiled and asked Master if he would like her to use the handcuffs, but he declined;

“She’ll be a good girl. No need for handcuffs, I want her to stay still on her own.”

I was braless, so I removed my shirt to reveal my creamy, full breasts to the woman. As she cleaned them, she erzurum escort took her time, touching my nipples and commenting on how beautiful and pink they were, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. Master pushed it further – “Go ahead and give them a nice feel, she doesn’t mind. If you’re going to pierce her nipples, you should be familiar with her tits.”

This was entirely illogical, but that didn’t stop the piercer from holding the weight of my breasts in her hands, lifting and massaging them as she whispered in my ear.

“So you’re a dirty little slut, huh? Getting your nipples pierced for your Master? You’re such a good girl – I wish I had one like you to take care of me. Maybe I’ll borrow you sometime, huh?”

I sat frozen, my aching pussy agreeing with her words – I wanted her to suck on my nipples, to lick my pussy, to force my to my knees and smack my tits before presenting her pussy to my face and forcing me to savor every drop of her cum. But she pulled away. She continued to caress my nipples, telling me they needed to be nice and hard to pierce them, and made a dot on each side of each nipple. To Master, she said “Do they look even?”

“Let’s see, stand up, walk around a bit.”

At his command, I got up and paraded my bare chest around the piercing room, until finally Master told me to sit down. The woman pulled out the needle – it was much bigger than I expected, and I could feel my heart beat faster. Placing a cork on one side, she pushed the needle through in one swift movement, and I caught my breath in my chest – only the tiniest whimper escaped my mouth, and Master beamed with pride. I breathed heavily as she followed the needle with the ring and screwed on the ball at the end. The second nipple hurt a little more, but I knew what to expect, and as the piercer flicked my shiny silver rings she told me I was all done before giving me a delicate kiss on the lips.

As a good little slave should, I thanked her: “Thank you, Ma’am.”

Now at the bar, our bartender looked at me, somewhat impressed, and I could tell that even if she was straight, the idea of me being claimed and owned by my Master, bound to his commands, was turning her on. Noticing bodrum escort this, Master took it a step further; “Let her see them, slave.”

He’d just called me slave in front of this woman I barely knew, and now was giving me a direct order to show her my pierced nipples in a public bar! I hesitated, looking around at the various customers – the place certainly wasn’t packed, but there were people there.

“Do it, slave.” His voice was harder this time.

The liquor in my system eased my discomfort and made me bolder, but I was still nervous as I leaned forward and let my nipples sneakily peak out of my dress, letting the bartender see them; as I did so, my Master’s hand crept up the inside of my thigh under my skirt, grazing my pussy lips. He let me put them away, but only enough so that my nipples themselves weren’t showing – even a bit of my areolae were visible over the hem of my dress. Still rubbing my thighs, he began to tell her about how I would do anything he told me to, no matter where we were or who was around, and that I would even obey his orders if he wasn’t there. I could only nod – I knew that it was all true. I could tell that the bartender was shocked, but she believed him – she had just seen my nipples! I could also tell that it was turning her on, and that she was about to be a little mischievous.

“So if you told her to take out her tits in the middle of a bar, she would have to do it?”

“Yes,” he answered her. And then, a twisted smile on his face, he looked at me.

“Slave, I’m going to take your tits out.”

Dripping wet and terrified, I froze – and in the middle of the bar, my master reached inside my dress and exposed my full, heavy breasts entirely, rubbing my nipples – I could only sit there, and suddenly people around us – a small crowd of mostly men – were noticing. To the bartender, he said “Are there security cameras in here?”

She told him that there was one at the door, but that the one inside the bar was only for show – it had been busted for months. She went over to the front door and locked it, knowing that the kitchen staff had long clocked out, and that the customers still at the bar weren’t showing any signs of irritation. They eskişehir escort were intrigued, and definitely excited.

Returning to the bar, she didn’t go behind the counter, but walked right up to my seat and began to gingerly touch my nipples. I couldn’t help it – I let go a slight moan, and she grew bolder as she realized how much I was enjoying this, despite – or because of – the deep humiliation I was feeling. Every eye in the bar was on me now, and as my Master got off his bar stool to suck on my left nipple, the bartender took my right in her mouth, and I felt their free hands stroking inside my thighs.

Finally, after teasing the lips of my pussy for what felt like forever, Master’s fingers found my clit and gently began to stroke me, and I began to melt. I couldn’t even disguise my love for this kind of exposure anymore, and my audience was well aware that I was desperate for this. The bartender’s delicate fingers began to press at my little fuckhole, and she pushed them in and out.

I was about to cum, and in front of my awestruck audience I began to beg for it. I needed it at my core, and I began to be afraid that the stimulation would prove too much, that I would cum without my Master’s permission, and then – he took his hands away, and grabbed the bartender’s arm, and suddenly all of this growing sensation was gone – I whimpered and pleaded, but Master only grabbed me by my throat.

“You came close to cumming without permission, didn’t you, you little whore? What a fucking slut, ready to cum in front of all these people. I bet you’d let each and every person here fuck your slut holes.”

He pulled me off of my bar stool and pulled out a little chain, which he attached to each of my nipple rings, linking them together. In one swift movement, he turned me around and bent me over so that I was bent in half over the stool, and pushed up the skirt of my dress, finally showing my new fans my round ass – no longer red all over, there were raised welts from earlier, and the bruises had started to set in.

“Now they’ll all know how much you love having your ass beaten by your Master,” he said.

He invited the bartender to stroke my ass, and as she did so she teased my pussy as well, even slipping a finger into my little asshole to her knuckle.

“Keep stroking her,” my Master said.

“You little cock slut. How about I let one of these men in here smack your ass? You probably want me to let them use your body, huh? Maybe I will.”

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