A Day Spent GardeningA Day Spent Gardening


March 15th was like any other day, cool and dewy before noon, warmer as the sun journeyed across the cloud-dotted sky. It was the perfect weather for a day spent outdoors.

Jonathan arrived to the garden around eleven in the morning. Like most days that he spent in this manner, he wore his signature track pants and black hoodie. Mac, the owner of the property and Jonathan’s best friend, wore something quite similar: grey sweats and a microbrewery-inspired tee.

After exchanging typical pleasantries, the two got right to work. They had too many vegetable starts to count, and if they were going to finish the work by the day’s end, there would be no time to wait.

Mac got all the starts in place while Jonathan started punching holes in the ground. Though the weather was cool, it wasn’t too long until Jonathan started to work up a good sweat. After the holes were punched, he took off his hoodie and threw it on the fence. Mac immediately noticed his olive muscles, glistening in the sunshine, and jokingly said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but if I were into guys, well, you know…”

Mac knew that Jonathan was bi, but he didn’t think anything of it. Mac was straight, or at least that’s what he told himself and others. So, as close as they were, their friendship was never anything more than platonic.

As the two men worked in the increasingly hot sun, they conversed like they always did, chatting about politics, philosophy, and other shared interests. For them, it was a typical day, except for one thing; periodically, Jonathan would catch Mac sizing him up. Because his best friend was straight, Jonathan thought nothing of it at first, but after a while, he believed that maybe something else was going on. Not wanting to make things awkward, he kept his thoughts to himself.

Around three in the afternoon, all the vegetables had been planted. To celebrate, Jonathan and Mac enjoyed a smoke of their favorite cannabis strain, and continued chatting until there was nothing left to chat about. Mac broke the silence first.

“Well, you can hang out here; I’m gonna grab a shower.” After he said this, he got up and began to head inside.

Not wanting to spend the afternoon by himself, Jonathan quickly interrupted Mac’s departure. “You mind if I use the other shower? I brought my own towel and shit.”

“Of course,” Mac replied, heading through the slider door.

Mac’s shower was just how he liked it: long and hot. After a day spent with his best friend in the hot California sun, he jokingly considered taking a cold shower, but thought better of it. After all, it wasn’t like anything was really going to happen.

Jonathan’s shower was just as hot as Mac’s, and nearly twice as long. Though they were in a drought, he couldn’t help but bask in the heat of the water and steam. Plus, Jonathan was quite aroused after allowing his mind to ruminate over what he noticed about Mac today, and what better way to alleviate his desires than Bursa Escort by lathering himself in body wash and rubbing one out. He had always fantasized about his straight best friend and what he imagined was his huge, uncut dick, but today’s activities took him to a new level.

As he beat his rock-hard cock, Jonathan imagined Mac bending him over and fucking him in the garden, as raw and dirty as one might imagine a good outdoor fucking to be. In no time, he was spraying his cum all over the shower tile.

After a quick rinse, he shut off the water and shook off what had just happened.

As Jonathan exited the shower, there was a knock on the door. Not knowing what Mac could possibly want, he yelled, “What’s up, homie?” over the noise from the fan.

Ambiguously, Mac responded, “Can I come in?”

Although Jonathan thought Mac’s behavior was a little out of the ordinary, it made sense in light of today; so, he wrapped the towel around his waist, unlocked the door, and let his friend in.

“What’s up?” Jonathan asked.

Mac was staring down, somewhat sheepishly at first. As his eyes looked up, he began to bite his lower lip, as if he almost anticipated what would happen next.

Jonathan hadn’t seen that look from his friend before today, but he knew exactly what it meant. Without thinking, he dropped his towel and gave a wry smile. Not wanting to seem too eager, Jonathan immediately turned around and grabbed his deodorant, pretending that nothing was out of the ordinary. As he put some on, he asked, “So, what do you think?”

Staring at his best friend’s perfectly formed ass, Mac responded, “About what?”

“About what…” Jonathan mockingly chuckled. “About you and me and what we’re about to do.”

“What are we about to do?”

“Don’t play coy, dude. I saw that look. I saw all your looks today,” answered Jonathan.

“Yeah, it’s just…don’t you wanna?” he asked.

Pausing for a brief second, Jonathan looked at Mac’s reflection in the mirror and caught him staring at his ass. “Let me show you what I want.” As Jonathan said this, he turned around and walked toward Mac, who shyly stepped back against the bathroom wall. With his heart rate rising, he felt Jonathan’s lean yet muscular body press against his. Mac became instantly hard.

Without saying another word, Jonathan dropped to his knees, pulling Mac’s basketball shorts down at the same time. It was immediately obviously that Mac had just taken a shower–his musk a blend of his natural scent along with his rosemary-infused body wash. As Jonathan took in the sights and smells, Mac pulled his own shirt over his head and threw it down on the tile floor.

Jonathan took a deep breath and then started running his tongue across Mac’s 8-inch, uncut cock. Mac trembled as he let out a moan. His knees were weak, but thankfully he had the wall to lean back on. Jonathan continued to caress Mac’s shaft with his tongue, and then moved to Bursa Escort Bayan his big, beautiful balls, which were somewhat hairy and hung quite low. As he put each into his mouth, one after the other, Mac grasped the back of Jonathan’s head and continued to moan loudly, almost as if he was going to cum soon.

Jonathan stopped. “Hold on, dude. We’ve only just begun.”

Immediately after saying this, he placed his lips over Mac’s throbbing shaft. Inch by inch, Jonathan slid it down until all 8 inches of his friend’s dick were inside. This was nearly too much for Mac, as he almost exploded.

“Stop!” he yelled. “I don’t wanna cum yet.”

“Then don’t,” replied Jonathan, coyly.

Jonathan continued to suck Mac’s cock, only more slowly and less deeply this time. He twirled his tongue around the head of his cock as he gently massaged Mac’s large balls. Precum continued to leak from his cock, which Jonathan eagerly lapped up like a dog.

After a few minutes of sucking his friend’s dick, Jonathan stood up. His erect cock, fully cut but not quite as large as Mac’s, brushed his friend’s. Mac threw his head back in excitement, exposing his supple neck. Jonathan began to kiss him all over as Mac stroked their cocks together, precum leaking everywhere. Again, Jonathan dropped to his knees and began to take Mac’s cock into his mouth. In and out it went, slowly at first, and then faster and faster until Jonathan could handle it no more. He let out a gagging noise but, being the good friend that he was, continued to stroke Mac’s cock with his hand.

Jonathan stood up again, this time guiding Mac’s hand to his athletic ass. Mac obliged and, taking both cheeks, pulled Jonathan into him. The sound of their bodies made a slap and Jonathan let out a whimper. Instantly, Jonathan turned around and pressed his buttocks against Mac’s throbbing, precum-soaked cock. Mac reached around and began playing with Jonathan’s clean-shaven balls as he whispered, “I’m gonna fuck your ass so hard.”

“Let’s go to the bed, then” said Jonathan, trembling from the anticipation.

When they got to the bedroom, Mac grabbed the lube from his nightstand. Jonathan threw back the comforter and laid on his back, his knees in the air. Jonathan’s puckered asshole stared up at Mac, who began to put a copious amount of lube on his dick. He wiped the rest on Jonathan’s eager hole, first sliding one finger in, then two, causing Jonathan to shake. As Mac pressed his now engorged prostate, Jonathan’s legs flexed as more precum leaked out. Quickly, as if he were a wanderer lost in the desert and Jonathan’s cock was an oasis, Mac bent down and sucked the cum off the tip of his friend’s dick, causing Jonathan to tug at the sheets.

“Ready?” asked Mac.

Jonathan didn’t say anything, but instead grabbed Mac’s cock and put it up against his asshole. Mac thrust it in without a second thought and started pumping right away. He could tell that Jonathan Escort Bursa had taken a dick before. As he pounded Jonathan’s hole, cum started leaking from his now softish dick. Seeing his unit bouncing back and forth turned Mac on, and he started thrusting his cock harder and deeper than before. At this point, Jonathan was whimpering and convulsing violently on the bed.

Not wanting to finish too soon, Mac pulled out and flipped Jonathan onto his stomach. With his soft cock and balls tucked behind his ass, Jonathan spread his cheeks. But before Mac started fucking him again, he began to suck more precum off Jonathan’s cut dick. This caused Jonathan to yelp.

“Fuck!” he screamed.

Mac was teasing him at this point, and though he said he had never fucked a man before, it was obvious he knew what he was doing. It was obvious he had had the same fantasies as Jonathan.

After licking his friend’s cock, which was now halfway hard, Mac then jammed his dick in Jonathan’s eager ass again and started pounding away, grabbing him by the shoulders to pull him closer and his cock deeper. Jonathan arched his back as he moaned uncontrollably.

This was nearly too much Jonathan. He was moaning unabashedly as his friend gaped his hole. Still not wanting things to end too quickly, Mac pulled his cock out of Jonathan’s ass and took in the sight–a perfectly open man-pussy, leaking plenty of juices. Mac popped his cock in and again took it out, causing a squelching noise. He repeated this over and over until Jonathan begged him to fuck him deeper. Mac obliged and drove his shaft all the way in, his balls slapping against his friend’s, which were still tucked beneath him.

For nearly ten minutes, Mac continued to pump his rock-hard cock deep into Jonathan’s ass until he just couldn’t hold it in any longer. As Mac thrusted, Jonathan felt his prostate start to spasm. He began to squeeze his asshole around Mac’s shaft while cum started spilling down the side of the mattress.

“Fuck!” Jonathan again yelled.

Mac quickly followed, “Oh my God, I’m cumming!”

As he yelled this, he pulled his uncut dick out of Jonathan’s ass and shot a massive load of cum all over his friend’s chiseled cheeks. He continued stroking his cock and two more ropes of cum shot out, one finding its resting place on Jonathan’s back, while the other hit him right in the gaped hole.

Not wanting a good load to go to waste, Mac bent down and lapped his own cum from Jonathan’s open asshole. He then scooped the rest of it off his back and cheeks and reached around to Jonathan’s mouth, which was eagerly open and ready to receive the dessert. As he sucked Mac’s cum off his fingers, Jonathan moaned with pleasure. “Oh my God, dude, that was fucking amazing.”

Mac, still panting like a dog in summer, could barely get anything out. “Yeah, man,” he finally breathed.

After the two had a quick shower together, they headed down to the kitchen to grab some water, all in silence. What was there to say, anyway? Was this a one-time thing, or was this the first of many encounters? Neither of them knew, but what was known was that this was one hell of an afternoon. If nothing else, it was a day neither Jonathan nor Mac would soon forget.

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