Yui’s Awakening. Ayaka’s story.Yui’s Awakening. Ayaka’s story.


Yui’s Awakening. Ayaka’s story.Ayaka was the first woman at the agency to care for and teach Yui everything she needed to know about being a gravure model. So, she has a special place in Yui’s heart.Ayaka started working at agency in mid 90s as a general body model, and occasionally as a hand model when the theme of a video shoot was massaging fresh young models. Of course, the laws were very different back then. This kind of work began to intrigue Ayaka, and it was during this period that she discovered her desire for girls. As she would caress and massage the young models’ tight bodies, over and under their bikinis, she could feel her lust for their love more and more.Eventually, she started falling for some of the models. Sana was one particular model that caught her attention. She was 13, with a single mother, when she started at agency. bahis siteleri When Sana had her first shoot, with Ayaka’s hands dribbling oil all over her bikini’ed body, Ayaka could sense a warmth, and indeed, lust coming from the young Sana that she hadn’t felt in other girls.Sana later moved in with Ayaka after some trouble at home, and it was during this time that Ayaka, and indeed Sana, had her first sexual experience with another girl.Sana would let Ayaka caress her body as she lay nervously on her bed. Under her nighty at first. Then as she relaxed and became more comfortable with her own deeply personal desires, she would let Ayaka remove her clothes, and Ayaka would love her naked young body. Both Ayaka, now in her late 20s, and Sana coming into her late teens, were firmly addicted to the female body as a source of desire, lust, and canlı bahis siteleri sexual pleasure.Eventually, Ayaka’s gravure modeling work took precedence through the early to mid 2000s. She eventually became a scout and would find girls to be models, and by now the law dictated that models had to be over 20.Naturally, she would attempt to seduce models that she liked, mostly with success. Some models would leave after some time and disappear into marriages, while others stayed on. Sana was one model that stayed with the agency, and Ayaka and Sana continued to have the occasional night of lust and passionate love making, when they weren’t involved with another girl, or girls, at the agency.Ayaka met Haruka and Nanami, a long term lesbian couple, at a lesbian bar, and became firm friends with them. Neither of them wanted to be a model, canlı bahis but they liked Ayaka’s sense of humor, and both thought that she was very sexy. They had had several periods of letting a third woman into their lives, but when they got to know Ayaka, they discovered that they really wanted to let her into their lives, their relationship, and their bed.So, Ayaka had her first lesbian threesome with Haruka and Nanami, and it was not long before the two lovers asked her to join them regularly. As their nights of passion and sensual sharing of lust and love continued, Haruka and Nanami asked Ayaka if she knew of any other girls at the agency who would like to join them for occasional Girls Nights, as they called them. Ayaka recruited Sana, as well as a few other like minded girls, including a female producer, to create the Girls Nights, where Haruka and Nanami hosted an all night session of naked, beautiful, lust filled women, making love to each other.Around this time, the young and beautiful Yui had joined the agency, and became Ayaka’s next center of attention.

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