Yours Lustfully Ch. 05Yours Lustfully Ch. 05


Hello Readers – hope you’re liking my three vixens – Maya, Steffi and Aunt Rita. I’d really appreciate your feedback post this thread. Let me know which story to push further and who you’re enjoying the most in those quiet hours – Maya, Steffi or Rita 🙂


“Will be coming home by 4 pm. Got early evening flight to catch. Can you pack the essentials for me; two days?” Maya completed her text and sent it over to Rita.

It was just past noon, and she had already received five terse emails from Vince regarding her submission. Over time, she had learnt that it was hara-kiri to point out to Vince that the brief he had submitted was incomplete. Each subsequent email from him this morning was more like a dog barking out an order, and she knew she hadn’t had the best start on this initiative.

“Hi Maya,” she heard a familiar voice behind her. Maya looked over to greet Steffi, who was standing expectantly with two cups of coffee. “Hello you! Been a while. Hear you created magic with Roy!” Maya got up from her seat and thanked Steff were the coffee. “Smoke?” Steff asked Maya. Both knew the answer to that question was a yes.

“Nice earrings. Haven’t seen those before. I might borrow these someday.” Maya gently lifted the dangler on Steff’s left ear. “Gift?” Steff reached out for a puff on Maya’s cigarette and nodded in approval.

“Steffi, you need to have a policy around smoking. I don’t want to be the bad influence on my elder cousin.” Steffi smiled, knowing fully well that being an ‘occasional smoker’ had certain quota limitations.

“You’re fine, Maya. It’s not that I’ve stopped smoking; I’ve just stopped buying.” Both chuckled, causing the fellow smokers in the narrow back alley to take cognizance of their presence. Some of these smokers were regulars at the spot, and a handful of them tried to time their cravings with Maya’s presence, to catch a glimpse of some part of her body, whatever was on display. To have her other female companion with her was an added bonus.

“You seem to be in a pensive mood. All well? Based on the feedback going around the corridors, you should be over the moon!” Maya was still sizing up Steffi’s silence.

“Yes, just a lot of work pressure. You know how demanding Vince can be! Fucking prick!”

“You’re telling me? I’ve had five snorters from him this morning, and they had nothing to do with me! This is what happens when men at his age don’t get laid enough.” Maya smirked at her own joke, while Steffi innocently choked on excessive smoke in her lungs.

“Why don’t you take one for the team?” Steffi winked at Maya. With each passing day, the code of silence with regards to Vince was getting more and more blurred, and Steffi was hoping Maya wouldn’t pick up on the question.

“You know, maybe I will. I’m travelling, this evening, with that bully, and it might be body over mind to please him.” Touché! Maya was nonchalant about her response, but something twitched inside the two cousins.

Stubbing the smoke, both made their way around the alley, leaving their regular audience in a state of disappointment. This was the moment when they could really focus on the smoking part of their excursion.

Rita stirred at the sound of her buzzing phone. Still under his grip, she carefully reached out to read what was on the screen. Squinting her eyes, she tried to fully comprehend what Maya was saying. Almost on cue, she looked at the time on her phone, and estimated another three hours before Maya would knock on the door. Setting the phone down, she stared pointlessly at the bathroom door for a few minutes, her mind still in a state of daze. It’s only when Dave stirred behind her that she realized that she had to get rid of him in an hour or so.

Dave slept very peacefully, tired from the activities of this morning. As the sensations returned to his body, he tightened his grip on the breast in his hand, shifting his body closure to Rita, spooning with her. “Are you up, young man?” Rita inquired, settling comfortably in his arch.

“Yes aunty. I’ve been up since I saw you yesterday, and if you keep pushing your ass into me, I’ll be up pretty soon.” Dave still had his eyes closed, as he fondled with her breast, enjoying the warmth of her body under the sheets.

“Well, I’ll ensure that doesn’t happen. I need you to leave soon. Maya will be home in a few hours,” Rita said, placing her hand over his penis behind her, in a playful attempt to block him.

“Ouch. It’s sore. I need to pump this ass of yours for a few days to widen that tight hole of yours. Else, I’m concerned it might break off my dick!”

Rita was trying very hard not to grip his penis but was hoping to create a barrier between his potent tool and her tired ass.

“Very funny. Now get dressed and I’ll fix us something to eat. Over these two days, I’ve barely had one meal!”

Dave brought his other hand to the front of her body too and slid it slowly all the way to her pussy. “Hardly Ankara Escort my fault! Your body seems to be on an all-fluid diet lately.”

Rita tried to tighten her thighs together, but Dave pushed his hand through to her mound. “Don’t worry friend. You’ll get the same attention as your cousin back here,” Dave said, patting her pussy, while pushing his semi erect penis against her hand.

“Why is Maya coming home so early?” Dave kissed Rita on the neck.

“She’s off for a work trip this evening. Will be back end of this week.”

“What?” Dave finally opened his eyes, turning Rita onto her back. He angled his elbow to rest his head on his hand and circled her waist with the other arm. With the sheets up to her neck, Dave admired her every facial feature. Hair up till her forehead; big eyes; sharp nose; luscious lips; slightly chubby cheeks; and an inverted heart shaped chin. She was looking at him with her eyes wide open and was enjoying his attention. Dave bent over to kiss her, and she responded very lovingly.

“How are all the men in this world not in bed with you, right now? You’re gorgeous. Last night I was feeling a bit inadequate for you, and trust me, I’ve never had a confidence issue!”

He kissed her again, roaming his hand over her ample chest. “There is more to life than sex, young man.”

She thought she had given him a smart reply, before a moan escaped her lips as he pushed his index finger in her vagina.

“Yeah, I can see how overrated sex is.” He said, enjoying the changing expressions on her face. “So, now that Maya will be away for the rest of the week, do you have any special evening plans? And, do you need someone to guard you at night? It’s a very opportunistic world out there, Mrs S.” Rita reached under the sheet to hold onto his moving hand, but instead of stopping him, she just held on, moaning with pleasure. Dave kissed her closed eyes, before placing a gentle bite on the top of her nose. As expected, Rita felt his limp dick slowly grow across her thigh.

“Fuck me,” she said softly.

“What did you say?”

“Fuck me, Dave,” she said, curling her lips in an open O.

“No, no, no Mrs. S. You’ve got to tell me where, how, at what speed.” Dave was still looking at her beautiful face, as tiny droplets of sweat started covering her forehead. What she did next surprised Dave.

In one expected motion, she let go of his hand, and pushed the sheets off their naked bodies. Dave let out a whistle.

“Take your fingers out, and stuff that big dick of yours in my vagina, to shred it into two. Happy?” She yelled back, with a mix of lust and anger in her eyes.

“Yes aunty!”

Dave rolled on top of her and placed his groin over hers. Rita shamelessly spread her legs and grabbed the bedsheet with both her hands. In one hard stroke, Dave entered wanting hole, slamming hard at the base. Thank god for the fact that the windows were shut, else the entire neighborhood would have heard their collective moan.

“I see you’re turning out to be quite the slut. That’s good. You have a long way to go, but I’ll teach you my every fantasy,” Dave said, pounding her vagina with a vengeance. Rita was now getting used to his trash talk and was hoping it was nothing more than that. More importantly, she had the capacity for her blood to flow in only one direction, and right now, it was all south.

“Look at me, Rita. This isn’t love making anymore. I’m fucking your hot cunt right now. Do you like it?” Dave bent forward to chew hard on her right nipple, pulling it up with his teeth.

“Ouch. Be gentle Dave. These are yours,” she said, her eyes tearing up. With a few more savage thrusts, Dave emptied what was left in him, deep inside the other side of her body, collapsing in heap over her. They both twitched together, as his penis jerked to spray out any remaining jets from the reservoir.

“I don’t know who’ll kill whom first. At this rate, I’ll be walking around with a perpetual hard on,” he said, speaking into her neck.

“That’s Ok. You know where to come to take care of it,” she replied, panting under the recent assault.

Dave rolled off her, and lay by her side, holding onto her hand. “Ok! Better be off. Being around you is a risk to my genitals,” he said, kissing her on the cheeks, and leaving her sprawled naked on the bed.

“Oh, lord! I’d better cover you up. Just looking at you on the bed like this is…” he said, putting the bed cover on top of her, and kissing her forehead.

“Say goodbye to this for now,” he said, putting his overworked penis back into his pants. “By the way, what are your plans for tonight? Would you fancy a movie?”

“I think I’ve seen enough of you for one day, young man,” she said, turning around to face him.

“What, bored of me already? In two days?” he said, laughing incredulously.

“Bored? More like tired,” she replied, winking at him, as he made his way to the bathroom. She heard Ankara Masaj Escort the seat come up, and then the sound of his pee hitting the ceramic.

“Wow, this thing has turned red at its head. A few more days with you, and I’ll be pissing semen!” His voice echoed in the empty bathroom, and Rita just closed her eyes momentarily.

“So, no movie? Are we still on for 10 am tomorrow then?” he asked, running her comb through his wavy hair. “Perhaps later. I have a gym class at 9 am tomorrow. And then I have to go to the mall for some shopping.”

“Mrs. S,” he said, putting down the comb, “I’ve tasted blood now. So, expect me to be more available than you’d like. And, most importantly, remember what we agreed upon this morning. Remind me, please.” He said, looking at her with his hands on his hips.

By now, she knew he wouldn’t leave without her answer. “No bra; no panties; no shaving; and ready to experiment.” She said it so fast that it almost sounded rehearsed. Dave walked over to the bedside, and hunched on his knees, putting his hand on her cheek, “Rita. Thank you.” He got back up, leaving the warmth of his hand on her cheek.

“Bye, aunty,” he said, as the door slammed shut behind him, the leaving the naked, lonely widow drenched in sweat and silence.

Vince and Maya got into the cab in the later hours of the evening. It had been one hell of an afternoon for Maya – rush back home, pick up her bags, and dart to the airport. Thank God for her aunty and Rory to make the logistics so much easier to manage. While she wasn’t sure why her aunty was so quiet this evening, the recent over-friendliness of Rory distracted her all the way to the airport. And once you’re around Vince, there is little mental capacity to think of anything or anyone else.

Vince pulled out his phone and called home. “Yup, on my way to the hotel. Fuck! What? No not you; just another office thing,” he said, looking at his mails. “Yes, will be back by dinner on Friday. Oh good. Their grandparents were missing them. Sure, but don’t forget to keep them away from your dad – he’s down with an infection, and I don’t want him sneezing all over my kids. Don’t be so sensitive. Ok. Bye. Yup, love you too.” Vince pressed the button on his earphones chord, bringing the call to an end.

“So, the kids are going to the grandparents? Nice.” Maya tried to make some small talk as the cab whisked through the traffic. “Yes, been a while for them. So, the presentation looks good for tomorrow. Do you want to have a drink when we get to the hotel?” Vince was still scrolling through his mails. “Sure. I just need to freshen up quickly. Shall we meet at the bar around 10?” Maya asked.

“No, I’d prefer to order in. My room, 930. Is that OK?” he asked, sending out his final email for the day. “Umh, OK.” Maya replied, hesitantly, looking at her phone for any recent Facebook activity.

“Welcome to the Hilton! Your rooms are ready – 501 and 502. The breakfast starts at 6 am in the lobby and goes on till 10 am. Also, we’d like to thank you for your loyalty and patronage.” Vince picked up his card and the room keys and was walking away even before the receptionist could complete her last rehearsed line of the welcome message.

Maya took one key from Vince and followed him to the elevator. With her laptop bag on her shoulder and the stroller in her hand, she was desperate to get to her room. Her high heels were killing her, and the office pants were causing her thighs to itch.

“The usual, whiskey coke for you?” Vince inquired, once inside the elevator. “Yes, please.” Maya smiled back, tired and jaded. Walking down the quiet corridors of the plush hotel, her heels dug into the carpet, slowing down her walk. The cool, static air-conditioning seeped through the open buttons of the shirt, running goosebumps across her chest.

“This is me, right next door. See you in a few,” she said, sliding her key into the slot. “Maya do you have condoms on you or are you carrying pills?” Vince inquired, pushing open the door to his room.

“Um, I’ll buy pills tomorrow. Don’t worry about it,” Maya replied, standing at her door. She had signed up for this, and there was no need for pretence. “Just leave the connecting door open.”

Maya dropped her laptop bag onto the solitary couch in the room and lifted her bag onto the marble slab next to the TV. Pursing through the contents, she retrieved her night shorts and sleeveless tee, with the words BABE embroidered in gold across the middle of the pink top. Her black shorts loosely reached the middle of her thighs and were held up at the waist by a white, cotton band, tied in a knot around the middle. Stripping out of her work clothes, she got rid of her undergarments too without a moments’ hesitation. Once in her comfortable clothing, she walked into the bathroom to wash her face and tidy her long hair. She was happy to note that her eye liner was still accentuating Ankara Olgun Escort her beautiful eyes, and with some generous application of the strawberry lip balm, she was all ready to relax. Putting on her bathroom slippers, she grabbed her phone from the table, and walked over to the connecting door.

(Knock knock)

“It’s open.” Vince yelled from the other side of the door.

Maya walked in, leaving the connecting door slightly open behind her. Vince was sitting on one side of his bed, in his shorts and t-shirt, sipping on an icy beer. His room was the same orientation and layout as Maya’s – average space, king bed, one couch, one work desk and a TV cabinet. There were the usual bedside desks and lamps, and Maya noticed her drink was placed on the bedside desk, rather than the TV cabinet.

“Beer? You must be really tired,” she said, walking to the other side of the bed, and setting a pillow against the headrest. “Terrible play. They ought to do better!” Vince growled, ignoring her question altogether. Maya sat down on the bed and took a long sip of her drink. She could feel the fluid seep down her throat, calming every jangled nerve in her body.

“Fuck it! Can’t win from here on,” Vince said, turning off the television. “Drink alright?” Vince asked, turning to Maya. Every time he was in this situation with her, he couldn’t help but open up a mental table of dissimilarities between the cousins. Physically, they couldn’t be more apart. Maya was significantly darker, and far skinnier, compared to her well-endowed cousin. Yes, they had the same big eyes and long hair, but the physical attributes diverged quite significantly thereafter. Her breasts, which were poking out from under her shirt, were pert and petite. Attitudinally, they were almost at the two ends of the sexual spectrum. Maya was far more expressive and was an equal participant in all the time that Vince had spent with her, from the get go. She had her interests and demands, and could not be dominated, no matter how hard he tried. While neither needed prompting to be aroused, Maya was always interested in going the extra mile, religiously beating Vince into exhaustion and submission.

“Yeah, it’s good. Much needed,” she said, crossing her long, slender legs. “Been a while since it was just you and me,” she winked, taking another small sip of her drink.

“Yes, life has been busy, and we’ve hired some pretty good talent. It’s been a good year pushing the organization forward. Exhausting, but good.” Maya held her glass in her right hand and slid down her left hand onto his groin.

“Why don’t you relax a bit? Let me take out some of those wrinkles,” she said, sliding her hand under his shorts elastic. “Ouch, cold hands, Maya,” he said, opening up his legs.

“Sorry! By the way, thank you for your feedback. The slides look much better now,” she said stroking his penis. “This feels good, Maya.”

“You know what’ll be better? Put on that match of yours. Nothing gives me more joy than a bunch of men running around in their shorts.” Vince smiled and turned on the television, as Maya snuggled closer to him.

“Go slow today Maya. The last time I had to send these shorts for laundry the very next morning!” Vince smiled, as Maya started altering her pace.

“The last time, Mr. V, I couldn’t take a dump for two days because my ass was getting used to things going in rather than coming out!” Maya chirped, massaging his balls gently.

“You always have a way with your words.” Vince put one arm around her back and grabbed her breast, softly.

“Hang on,” Maya said, as she took her hand off his responsive penis, and hiked her top off, leaving her naked from the waist up. She pulled his arm back around her shoulder, placing his hand back where it wanted to be. Maya went back to stroking his penis, as he used her breast like a stress ball.

“Vince, I want you to watch the ball on the screen,” Maya smiled, squeezing his hand over her breast. Vince put her erect nipple in between his thumb and index, tugging on it to exact moans from her.

“This feels really good,” Vince commented. He reached out for the remote and turned the television off, with the sound of his moans taking over the sudden silence. Maya stopped stroking his penis and bent forward to pull his shorts down to his thighs. With one hand, she curled her long strands of hair behind her ear, as she took his penis in her wet mouth.

Vince reluctantly let go off her breast, and slid his hand down her smooth back, going over every vertebra of her spine. He slid his hand under her shorts and ran his middle finger over the bridge between her two holes, causing her to squirm and moan on his penis. For a few minutes, no one spoke, as they pleasured each other with their mouth and fingers, respectively.

“Vince, I think you’re ready to put this where your fingers are right now,” Maya said, giving his penis an uneventful squeeze. ‘But you seem to be confused,’ she said, running her tongue over his slit, as he pushed his thumb down her asshole and his finger in her pussy.

“Let me show you both to help you make a choice.” Maya jiggled her thighs and butt to pull down her shorts, as her cute backside came into Vince’s plain view. He looked over to find his two digits deeply embedded in her openings.

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