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Hi my name is meeka and I am a 21 yro girl with a very nice figure. my main things that I like about my figure is my bumm and my breast. I have 32 dd breast and I very shaped jiggely bumm. I asum I have this kind of ass becauce of my south african hertij. My dad came from south africa. My mother came from america. I have a white complection and all the boys say I look cuit becauce I look younger than my age. I think its becauce I am small my hight makes my boobs look humungus on my small hight I atracted olt of men. Yes I used it to my advantij to get what I wanted at time. Like a free taxi when I had no money or something. My family was poor so I nevva rely had much money I normaly just used my nice blond her and blue eyes to get what I want lol.

Well it all started when I needed some exstra money when I turned 19. mr parker was came to my saviore when he told my mum dad I could work at his house just moving him around and washing up and stuff.
Mr parker was a fat not so good looking man in a wide weel chair. he could stand up but not walk around for along time becauce of his wait. Well he tolld me to come over at 1 o’clock in the afternoon this friday. I walk into thi kitching to double check with my dad that I am still starting work on friday escort bayan at the family freinds house. He aproves and tells to talk up when I speek to him he has a hearing problems to. Ok. Dad I said”.

I wake up on the friday mornig that I start work and the sunshine is just beeming threw my window. It looks like a hot day I said to my self. I rememberd I needed to meet my freinds in the mall at 11 o’clock. it was 10.30 and I was going to be late so I just got a qwick wosh and brushed my teeth then grabed my cut of shorts that was on the side qwickly done my make up then put on a white tank top. Not to forget the little flower I always put in my hair. I looked in the mirrow and noticed my ass cheaks were showing a lot more than I thort . I just thought to my self its summer a lot of girls are in cut of shorts then I qwickyl ran down stairs out of the door. A short wile later I met up with my friends we had a good time going for food, looking at clothes, teasing boys in the mall by wallking with a bounce so my tits bounced up and down. Then I noticed the time qwauter to one I had 15 minutes to get to mr parkers. I ended up get a taxi there.

When I rang the door bell I herd mr parkers voice say cum in like he new it was me. Opend the door walked kocaeli escort bayan into the livving room and seen mr parker sitting in his chair smilling saying hello dear how have you been. Ok thanks mr parker” he sed just call me danni. Ok danni” . He said let’s get started I have som staines on the kitching floor you can scrub away for me the kicthings just there dear. The scrubbers are on the side. His chair was facing the kitching what he was pointing at. I walked infront of him to get to the kitching and for some reasonhe gave me a difrent look. A lot more of a difrent look from when he was at my house with my dad. He was looking at my ass walking to the kitching. That’s when I rememberd I was wereing cut of shorts they were cut so short you could sea atleast half of my bumcheeks. The front of the were so tight I had a chomel toe you could sea were it was weged between my pussy. I only just relized that I should of wore somthing more apropriot . I thought what if he told my dad what I was wereing. Wile I was in the kitching thinking I snaped back out of my day dreem state and looked around. That’s when I saw mr parker gorming at my ass. I was shocked that he would actuly look at me that way. I brok e the silence and said kocaeli escort can I use your bathroom. He said sure my child its upstairs on the left. I walked upstairs and went to the bathroom. I sat in the bathroom still shocked of what I noticed I was upset and angry but on the other hand it made me feel nauty and sexy a old perverted man watching me in my short cut of shorts. The feeling began to grow on me and something in me just wanted to twase him abit. So I roled up my tank top to a belly top unbutoned my shorts and folderd them back so my thong was showing to. My sexy pink g string. I then got my lip gloss out my pockit and put qwite abit on. I like puting lip gloss on becauce I have nixe full lips for a white girl. Boys at school used to say I have lips like jesica alba but more fuller. I’ve bin told qwite afew times now that I have dick lips. It used to anoy me at first but then it made me wanna get my big puffy lips round a mans cock and suck the cum out of his sack. This leedered to me sucking a mans cock every weekend after college. I had tonsilitus when I was a kid and I had them out. I think that’s why I could swollow nerly any size cock. Men used to fuck my throat so hard I sounded like a swelching pig. Saliva all over his cock. Men used to say how did you lern how to deepthrote so good but I just sed I thort that’s how everybody sucks cock that’s when I relized having my tonsals out made me a good cock be continued.

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