Yes, SirYes, Sir


Sitting at the bar, we seem to be hitting it off. Sufficient smiles and flirtatious glances. You said something clever and I touched your thigh with a bit of a laugh. You catch my hand and hold it in place. I give you a smirk and narrow my eyes. Shifting my weight, recrossing my legs, so I’m leaning towards you. The hem of my skirt, shifting up my thigh.

You release my hand, moving yours to the back of my chair, your thumb grazing my bare shoulder. Your arm offers a bit of privacy from wandering eyes. I sip my gin and tonic, and slide my hand between your legs. You smile, lips closed, thighs shift apart. I continue to tease you through your pants. You continue to touch and stroke my back and shoulder.

“Shall we get out of here?”

“Happy to,” I answer.

You take my hand as I slug the last of my drink. Following you. In the elevator you are on me one hand on my ass, one around my neck, your mouth covering mine, tongue exploring. My breath catches in my throat, I’m caught off guard…I like it.

Ding. As quickly as we started it was over. Again, my hand in yours, following you down the hall and into your Edirne Escort room.

The door closes, you are on me. Kissing, biting, licking. My hands grabbing, pulling at you. You grab my hands, pinning my arms above my head, your hand encasing my wrists against the wall. Your other, sliding up under my skirt, squeezing my ass. Fingers sliding between my cheeks and down to my wet cunt. “Good girl,” you moan into my ear, discovering the crotchless teddy under my clothes. Your fingers, exploring my folds while your mouth explores my neck and collarbone. I moan in appreciation.

You pull off my shirt and I slip out of my skirt and shoes. You take me in, a wry smile across your lips. I stand before you in pale pink lace, but feel as if I were a steak, about to be devoured. “Get on the bed.”

“Yes, sir,” smacking my ass as I cross in front of you. You match me in an equal state of undress. Now it is I, taking you in, your long, lean body and gorgeous cock, begging to be sucked.

I crawl to you, looking up, “May I?”

“Yes,” you gather my hair in your hand away from my face so you can watch me Edirne Escort Bayan take you in my mouth. Sucking, gently at first. My hand stroking your shaft and balls. “Good girl.”

I feel you harden in mouth. My hands continue their dance of shaft, balls, taint, thighs. My mouth making a slurpy mess. I listen to your breath and body respond to my touch. I can feel you’re close. I back off. “Fuck, that felt good. Lay back.”

Looking up at you, “yes, sir.”

You begin to work up my body, kissing and licking my legs. You reach my knees, grabbing behind them, you pull and flip me over. My ass and dripping pussy on display for you. You tease the backs of my thighs and ass. Your tongue and fingers soaking me. Licking my asshole, fingers teasing my clit and fucking my cunt. I moan into the bed and push myself back into you. You spread my cheeks plunging your tongue into me. “Come for me.”

You grab my hips and tongue fuck me, the waves of orgasm wrack my body, my legs trembling. “My turn.”

I lie you down on the bed licking and kissing your body, enjoying tasting my juices on your mouth. Escort Edirne Giving extra care to suck and nibble your neck, collarbone, nipples, taking your piercings into my mouth, and crease of your hips. I push your knees up and wide, your cock and ass presented like a gift to be opened slowly. I tease, lick, suck, and stroke you.

I continue bringing you to the edge, backing off and bringing you back. The waves building and on the verge of cresting. When you can’t take it anymore you pull me up and slide into me. I ride and grind and fuck you. In an impressive move you sit up and flip me on me back, my legs now up in the air. You grabbing my ankles, and thrusting deep inside me. “Fuuuuuck.” I cum again. You move my legs to angle my hips so you can fuck me deep, ensure you cum soon and hard.

“That was fun.”

I kiss you, “thanks, it was.”

We catch our breath for bit, chatting – exchanging sex stories.

“Do you mind if I shower?”

“Not if you jerk me off while you do.”

“Happy to,” now I take your hand and lead you into the bathroom.

The warm water feels good, as I happily serve you, sucking, and jerking you off. You cum and look pleased. I clean you and you return the favor.

I dress and gather my things, leaving you satisfied and sleepy on the bed. “Thanks again,” I lean down and kiss you goodbye.

“You be a good girl.”

“Yes, sir.”

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