Yes, ProfessorYes, Professor


Professor Channer heavily sighed at the paper in front of him. He was to have a very full year, all his classes were of beginners in the subjects and he had tons of lectures to prepare. His only rejoice was the thought of his new TA, Paige Johnson. She had been in all his classes since her first year of college, a very hard-working, passionate student. She could help a great deal with grading. He smiled fondly at the thought of the plump, curly-haired girl with glasses he would have in his office every day. She was easy to talk to, and very attentive, it would make the evenings less dull.

The bell rang for the first class to enter, and a crowd of youngsters flew in for their first meeting with philosophy. In the middle of them, a young woman approached his desk hurriedly and with no hesitation placed her bag on it.

“I’m really sorry professor, my car broke down this morning, I had to take the train, which is nowhere near my house, or the campus…” she trailed off at his lost expression. “Is everything okay professor?” she asked genuinely confused.

“Excuse me, Miss…?” he inquired.

“Johnson, Paige Johnson. I was told you’d be expecting me… I received your e-mail.”

Professor Channer shook his head slightly. This was Paige? She must have lost… 30 pounds? Lost the glasses, done the hair, sure changed her wardrobe… he was sure, he had never seen her wearing such a low cut blouse, or so tight jeans… but then… she had a lot to put on show now.

“Miss Johnson! Of course! I’m really sorry I… didn’t…” he was at a loss of words, embarrassed. But she took him out of his pain.

She grinned. “You didn’t recognize me. It’s ok, no one did today.” She was aware of her new stunning looks. “Anyway, sorry I arrived at the last moment, as I was saying, my car broke down.”

“No problem, Miss Johnson, we can just start class now, I believe you got my notes too.”

“I did, and please, Paige, you always called me so.”

He blinked, realizing her new look brought him to realize he was talking to a young woman and not a child anymore. “Paige.” He smiled.

“Okay class…” he begun the first lecture of the term.

The morning unraveled quickly. Paige did a great job taking on the second class that morning, and he only needed to add a few detail at the end of her presentation. She had a gift for this. They left for lunch chatting.

“You did a marvelous job Paige, I can’t believe it’s your first experience as a TA.”

She smiled, accepting the compliment. “I’ve helped a few classmates with homework, but that’s about as far as I got teaching. It was enough to know it’s what I want to do.”

“Couldn’t be more proud of my student.” The professor smiled.

“Thank you, professor.” She gave him a cheeky smile. “I’m glad I can work for you this year, always thought you were a… worthy teacher.” Her malicious stare tore unbidden at his guts.

Professor Channer ignored his cock coming back to life unbidden and invited her to sit with him, wondering what had happened to the shy girl in his class. “Please, Paige, you’re flattering an old man.”

“Old?” she giggled as she sat on her chair in front of him. “Professor you can’t be a day over thirty.” She blatantly stared.

“I’m afraid I am. Thirty-five to be exact.”

She gasped lightly and chuckled nonetheless. “You sure look younger professor.” Her stare didn’t falter for a second.

Clearing his throat, professor Channer nodded, taking in the compliment. She was forward, no doubt.

Starting on her food, she lowered her gaze letting him breathe for a while. He passed a hand through his short coppery hair.

“So everything good at home?” he asked remembering her being a bit shaken about her parent’s divorce last year.

She shrugged. “My parents are officially divorced. Not that it affects me, it was silly of me to be so involved with it.”

“Don’t judge yourself too harshly, it is natural to care for your parents’ marriage.” He smiled.

“Still, I have my own place now, my mom and little sister live together, and my dad has moved out of state.”

“I’m sorry Paige.” His tone sincere.

She shrugged the whole thing off with a smile. “I appreciate it. But what about you professor? How come you’re not wearing your wedding ring anymore?”

Oh she noticed, maybe that was what made her so forward all of a sudden. “My wife and I split too, we had married too early.”

“Sorry to hear that, professor.” She cast her eyes down. He had a feeling she wasn’t surprised by the news, and wasn’t sorry at all.

The lunch went on with a lot of giggling on her part and a bit of embarrassment on his. His imagination was now running freely on everything he would gladly do to this student of his, but his professional ethic dragged him back on his track, forcing him to reconsider every word he would say.

Even the afternoon lectures went on without a glitch. Paige seemed to carry the weight of late hours lectures way better than him. Her young age paid off, he thought, internally Bolu Escort smiling at her comment on his age. Was she really hitting on him? Or was he fooling himself, eager as he was to have her?

The last bell rang, he dismissed the class and turned to Paige sitting at his desk and taking notes. Her look filed away all his doubts.

She was mindlessly biting her lip, and a look of fake guilt sprung on her face as he caught her ogling. He was aware of his own looks, which had been the reason of many adventures in his youth, but he never imagined younger students falling for him. He passed a hand through his hair and sighed. He had no idea what to do with her, and tried to delay the decision to a moment when his lower head didn’t have the control.

“Everything good Paige?” he asked sitting down beside her.

“Sure professor, great lecture, as always.” She smirked. “I always learn something from you.”

An actual shiver ran down his spine as she said that. “Yes… well… thank you. Do you mind staying for a while and go through the syllabus?” he already knew she would stay, and deep down he knew the moral thing to do was discourage her in any way in her flirting, sending her home now for once. He just couldn’t send her away though.

“Of course not!” she beamed. “Anything you need, professor.” She grinned again.

She really was a good TA, as soon as she got the hang of it, she started splitting the syllabuses in lectures on her own, seriously taking away loads of work.

It was night nonetheless when they finished. Surely, he worked slower than usual, distracted. Her fingers kept brushing his, little heated glances following every touch, her crossing and uncrossing legs under the table grazed on his more than once, and finally, the top button of her blouse seemed to have come undone.

“I don’t know what to say Paige, you’ve been a great help. I really owe you this night’s sleep, we are only finished because of your hard work.” He spoke lowly, trying to hide the husk in his voice. The little minx knew how to get a man’s attention.

“You’re too kind professor. I’m only doing my job.”

He shook his head. “No contract could make you stay this late. I’ll drive you home, no way I’ll let you take the train at this hour.”

She gasped. “There’s no need to…” she said politely, but it was evident she really looked forward to it.

“Chivalry would truly be dead if I didn’t, come on, grab your things.”

She quickly gathered her supplies and hurried up to his side. “Thank you so much professor, I dreaded taking the train this late.”

He frowned. “Not a good place for a young woman alone, am I right?”

“You are, professor, I’ve only recently been aware of that. You know, no one would look before…” she said coyly, searching his face for a reaction.

He blushed and stumbled on his words, unsure of how she would react if he acknowledged her previous looks “I really… can’t say…”

She giggled. “No need to be nervous about it, professor. I know how I looked, and how I look now.” Her tone clearly changed in the last part, low and deliberately flirty.

“I’m not sure it’s my place to comment Paige.”

“No one’s is going to know, but I’d like your honest opinion.” She inquired.

“Paige I…”

“You like my new blouse?” She asked slyly.

He swallowed hard, trying not to look at her while they walked to his car.

“It’s lovely.” He tried to calm down, swallowing.

“Hum… wasn’t aiming for lovely…” she mumbled.

“What were you aiming for?” he found himself asking.

“Hum… sexy, teasing maybe.” She grinned. “Did I succeed?” she asked while walking around the car and sitting in the passenger seat.

In the car, in a closed space, the mood seemed to heat up considerably. “Did I professor?”

“Definitely.” He admitted through gritted teeth, daring to look at that damned teasing blouse, and finding her eyes right there to meet his. He couldn’t help but grin a little, before going back to normal and pushing it all down.

“Thanks.” She smirked. “It means a lot from you.” She made herself comfortable in the seat, her legs stretching out. He swallowed while following her curves on her thin figure. He was caught staring by her probing eyes. “Like the new me professor?”

“I’m sorry I…”

She chuckled. “No worries. If I hadn’t wanted you to look I wouldn’t have dressed like this.” She smirked. And he lost it.

He groaned out loud and let his head fall back on the headrest. “Paige, you are killing me.” Her behavior was making it difficult for him to file away the inappropriate thoughts he had about his TA. His erection was sure visible under his pants by now.

A giggle came from his right. “Well professor, that was the point.”

“You teased me all day” he closed his eyes. “But it’d be completely immoral for me to…”

“To do what professor?” she whispered huskily. “What do you want to do?”

“This is not appropriate…” he straightened his head. “Tell Bolu Escort Bayan me where you live.”

When she didn’t answer he turned to her, only to find her mischievously biting her lip, and shaking her head.

“Paige, I need your address to take you home.”

“I don’t want you to take me home.”

“Jesus…” he groaned. “Where should I take you then?”

“Your house could be good.” She grinned shamelessly.

“Paige I can’t…” he never finished. His mouth dropped when she boldly undid the second button of her blouse, the first already being open, her breasts, young and firm, were now easy to see, held by a lacy white bra he could make out little of.

“Yes, professor?” she scooted closer. “You can, I’m an adult, you are an adult, I find you hot, I’ve dreaming this since day one in freshman year.”

This jolted his eyes back to her face. “Have you?” it was his turn to grin. This student wasn’t so innocent like she appeared. “But I’m older.”

“Only turns me on more.” She admitted blatantly. “You’re my teacher… could teach me lots of things…” she bit her lip, again.

He sighed heavily. “I’m so going to regret this…” he mumbled, but started the car and made for his house.

She laughed, whole heartedly, and he found it such a nice sound he couldn’t help but grin.

As he pulled in in his driveway, professor Channer couldn’t help but take a long look at the young, grinning woman beside him.

“You sure about this Paige?”

“Never been so sure in my life.”

“Let me open your door then.” He briskly walked to her side.

“So gallant, professor.”

“William, please.” He said offering her his hand to climb off the car.

She grinned wickedly. “I like that you are my teacher, William, I like calling you professor.”

He smirked. “And I was fooled by your innocent looks all these years… but I’m not your teacher anymore.”

“Then no one can blame you…” she licked her lower lip.

He felt his cock harden when he saw that. “I’m past caring for that” he closed the distance between them with a single step, her face lifting to meet his. But he left her lips hanging, and swept his arms under her instead. “You’ve teased me way too much, my turn.” He almost growled.

She carelessly wrapped her arms around his neck, and he could feel her heart hammer.

Was she nervous?

He carried her through the whole house hurriedly, straight to the bedroom. Halfway through he caught her lips with his. “Tour later.” He groaned.

She grinned in the kiss.

He let her on her feet once in the bedroom, and closed the door behind them. The light was dim in the room.

“Now Paige…” he caught her hip with a hand and her head with the other. “Were you having fun teasing me?”

“Yes…” she moaned, feeling his erection pressed on her pelvis. “I always wanted you to see me like a woman and not a child…”

He grinned and lowered his eyes, from where he was he could see all the way down her chest. “I see a beautiful woman.” His hand deftly undid the remaining buttons of her blouse, then brushed it away from her shoulders, leaving her bra-clothed breasts exposed.

He grabbed hold of both of them and felt their firmness, enjoying her little squeal. One hand pressed her close on her back, then rode up her spine, unclipped the bra in the way and fisted in the back of her hair, pulling her head behind.

He kissed her, his tongue invading her mouth. God did she taste good! Her hands flew over his neck and pulled at his hair, moaning into the kiss. Her hand shakily moved to his chest to undo his shirt, while he held her close and bit on her neck tenderly.

“I have a feeling you are nervous, Paige.” he murmured in the crook of her neck.

She blushed. “You were like my high school crush professor… only in college. This feels unreal”

He grinned, squeezing her backside and grinding on her hips. “Feels real to me.”

She smiled, but her breathing picked up. “You were the one I always fantasized about, you know… while masturbating.” He couldn’t believe she just said that.

The thought of her laying on the bed, legs spread, a hand fondling herself, moaning his name was just too much. “Oh for fuck’s sake…” he groaned and crushed her lips with his. His hands pressed her behind against him, making her moan when his erection pressed on the apex of her thighs.

“Please…” she whispered. “Touch me…”

He grinned and gladly undid her jeans, his hands sliding over her hips while slipping them off. Astonished, he found a see through thong matching the bra underneath, and she was shaved.

He picked her up and laid her on the bed, she was panting, her eyes fixed on his.

“You are beautiful, you know that right?”

A sheer grin found its way on her lips. “Thank you.” She did know, she made sure of it.

He didn’t break eye contact, and dragged his nails down her thighs, then up again, up to those teasing panties…

“You made me crazy today….” He smirked, pulling Escort Bolu the almost transparent cloth down her smooth legs, feeling wetness on it. He groaned. “I wanted to fuck you right on my desk… hearing you moan my name in the empty classroom.

“I could see it… in your eyes, while we worked. I tried to tempt you, to make you touch me, but you were so controlled. I wanted this for so long. I waited…” She murmured, then looked shocked over to him, who was inhaling on her panties.

“God, you’re wet.”

“It’s your fault… I was wet all day thinking of this.” he dragged a finger on her smooth, slick folds. She groaned.

Teasing her clit with gentle touches, he tentatively probed her tongue around her slit, making her moan. “Oh god… please…”

“So eager…Miss Johnson.” He grinned before working her nub with the flat of his tongue, his fingers getting easier access every second at her soaked entrance.

“If only you knew William…” she whispered so lowly he wasn’t sure she said it for real. “Oh professor! Yes…” She groaned as his fingers finally slipped in, her tight walls engulfing them.

“Soon miss Johnson, soon… you’re so tight.” He was amazed at this beautiful girl unraveling before his eyes.

“Yeah it’s… been a while.” She said softly, ragged moans coming out of her parted lips.

As he nibbled on her clit, she came shuttering on his hand, grinding on it, riding her orgasm.

He took the chance to remove his hand and discard his own clothes. Left in his boxers, he climbed on the bed beside her.

She rolled over on him and taking hold of the waistband. “I want to taste you…” she whispered, meeting his eyes with a sly look on her face. Her slender fingers dragged his boxers down and slowly exposed his erect cock. She gawked shamelessly.

“You alright?” he chuckled.

“I just hope it’s gonna fit.” She blushed at the comment that escaped her mouth.

He smiled and actually chuckled.

She grinned at him and wrapped her hand around him, making him groan at the contact with her warm fingers.

He grinned, laid back and enjoyed her hand rubbing him, letting out groans of excitement. He actually growled when her warm mouth wrapped around his head. “Whoa… Paige…” he panted as he bobbed her head and worked her tongue over him. She pushed as far as she could, gagging on him, making him twitch, close to the point of no return, groaning herself when his hand pressed her head down.

“Paige… Oh God… stop.” He lifted her by her arms, laying her on her back.

She grinned and relaxed her arms above her head “I’m on the pill by the way.”

He grinned, glad he got to feel her around him with no barriers. “Straight A student as always.” He hovered over her slim body and kissed her lips. “Ready Miss Johnson?”

“Have been for years, professor…” she breathed.

Steadily, he pushed in her, giving her time to adjust to his size.

But he soon encountered a barrier, and realized what her worries had meant, her tightness.

“Paige… why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you…”

“That you’re a virgin.” He stilled, only an inch inside her, and lowered his face to her. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

She closed her eyes and sighed. “I… feared it would be a problem… you’re so experienced, you’ve been married and everything, and until this last summer no one would look at me…” she was frantically letting it all out, and he could see a tear slide down her cheek from her closed eyelid.

He interrupted her rant with a passionate kiss, one hand holding her face as his thumb dried to tear away.

“Paige. I don’t mind. I actually feared the little innocent student had disappeared.”

She sadly smiled. “I fear she’s always here somehow, even under the stylish clothes and fit body… I had never gotten this far with anyone.” She looked away.

William brushed his lips softly on her collarbone. “I am honored Paige, to be your first. That is if you are still sure about this.”

“I am! Please William… Professor.” She bored her eyes into his, and he groaned.

“Fuck.” He buried his face in the crook of her neck. “I’m sorry this is going to hurt baby.” He pushed forward and felt the barrier giving way, just as it did, she let out a sharp cry, and he swiftly silenced it with a kiss. He kept moving forward, slowly, ever so slowly and so torturing for him.

Her tightness threatened to make him explode every second.

“You alright?” he breathed in her ear.

“I think so…” she groaned, half in pain, half welcoming the new sensation. “Move Professor, please.”

His cock twitched inside her, and he retreated a little, only to thrust back in, grunting. “I can’t say no to anything if you ask me that way.”

She moaned, her back arching off the bed, hips meeting his. “Professor…”

He practically growled, and finally drove into her at full force, making her gasp. His eyes shot her a worried gaze, but she only answered with a deep moan and rolled her eyes back.

She let out moans at each thrust, mixing with own groans and growls.

She moaned a inch from his lips “I feel so… full.”

He smirked ad bit her lower lip while retreating a few inches, then pushing back in at full force.

“Oh God… she groaned.”

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