Worlds First Futa – PrologueWorlds First Futa – Prologue


Note to readers: This story and all its subsequent chapters contains depictions of somewhat unrealistic proportions, body sizes, bodily fluids and sex acts, though not enough to be considered “Hyper”.

If you do not like that sort of thing, no judgement, but please go elsewhere and there is no need for pointlessly negative comments. Constructive criticism is extremely welcome however.

If, like me, you do like that sort of thing, then you’re in for a treat.


World’s First Futa — Prologue

My name is Samantha Stevens and as far as I know, I am the first true futa to ever be born, a perfect mix of both genders.

You may be wondering how this happened, and honestly, no-one knows for sure. My existence has been questioned by many of the worlds leading doctors and the general consensus seems to be that some sort of mutation occurred during my conception. They believe that the sperm from my father contained both X and Y chromosomes, and that whilst this normally wouldn’t have led to a successful pregnancy, a trillion to one genetic hiccup allowed me to be born the way I am. Regardless, I am pretty grateful.

Now you must wondering about my body? Don’t worry, it’s my favourite subject.

I’m 21 years old and at this point my body has fully matured. When wearing the right clothes and so long as I’m not aroused, I’m almost indistinguishable from a normal woman. An extremely beautiful woman. I stand at 5’10” so wearing heels usually puts me a bit over 6 feet and I come up taller than just about every woman I’ve ever met. My hair is naturally blonde, and I tend to keep it in a short-ish bob, to show off my neck and shoulders.

My tits sit high and proud on my chest, whilst still comfortably filling an E-cup bra. I’m often asked if they are real and most people are somewhat incredulous when they find out they are. I’m very happy with them and if it wasn’t for one other particular part of my anatomy, they would be my favourite thing about my body, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

One quirk about my body is that the unique mixture of hormones I produce tends to keep me healthier than most. Consequently, my skin is smooth and blemish free, holds a light golden tan very well and is silky soft to the touch.

It also means that I actually have to work out very little to keep myself in tip-top shape, something I am admittedly very glad for as I find working out a bit boring. This also provides me with increased strength and endurance, not an incredible amount, but around twice as much as the average man with minimal effort in maintaining it. Of course this means that it becomes even easier for me to physically dominate my partners.

The main upside to all this is that my long, toned legs look fantastic, and my pert, heart shaped ass is always getting attention. It sticks out so delightfully when I wear heels that I wear them whenever I can.

The thing that most people want to know about of course, and a bold few have the courage to ask, is what I’m packing. As I said before, I’m the perfect mix of both genders. On the feminine side, everything is exactly where you would expect. I have a cute little pussy, that’s very responsive and gets extremely wet when I choose to indulge it. My pride and joy however, is my enormous cock.

Just above my clit rests my cock and balls, like you would find on any man. Well, not quite like most men. You see, thanks again to my unique hormonal mix, my cock is huge. When I’m not aroused, it hangs down low about 9 or 10 inches in length. When I get turned on, it grows and grows until it reaches its full, majestic length of 14 inches and is as thick as a can of coke. It swells out ever so slightly around the middle and has a thick, pulsing vein running wildly across the top. I’m circumcised, and my cock looks like every size queen’s wettest dream. I fucking LOVE it. My balls are sized to match, each around the size of a baseball, hanging down and covering up my pussy. They produce A LOT of cum and my refractory period is practically non existent. I have also found that whatever crazy hormonal mix my cum contains is mildly addictive and acts as a natural aphrodisiac. It’s never difficult for me to get them literally begging for more.

The only downside to all this, biologically, is that I have always been a fair amount hairier all over than a normal woman would be, though nowhere near the level of a man. This caused me quite a bit of consternation growing up but a surprise visit to a dermatology clinic on my 18th birthday brought an end to those problems. Since then, I’ve been completely hair free from my eyebrows down.

This all makes me sound like I’m very pleased with myself and my body, which I am, but that certainly wasn’t always the case. I had a very difficult time growing up, including bullying, bouts of depression, and a hellish puberty that all led to a general lack of confidence.

Before I tell the story of my wild years at university and the adventures beyond, şişli travesti I feel it necessary to take you back to my final year of high school and the woman that changed my life forever, Emily.

Three Years Ago…

At this point in my life, I was finally starting to come out of my shell. I turned 18 one month ago, and the depilatory treatment my parents bought for me was doing wonders for improving my ego and confidence but I was still quite shy and had no real friends to speak of.

I had always been a loner growing up, my condition being the main reason. Even as a child, my parents struggled with explaining to me why I was different, what I was exactly, why I had to pick a certain restroom and stick with it, the list went on and on.

Curiosity and the naivety of youth kept me safe for a while, but as I grew up and reached my teenage years, the blossoming sexuality of my classmates and I started to put up barriers between me and the world. I was labelled as a freak, shunned and turned into an outcast for my body. This was the time of my life when I needed the most support, as many teens do, but found it lacking in all but my parents. Take it from me, undergoing what was essentially two puberties at the same time was not an enjoyable experience, and not something I ever wish to recall.

Eventually, my body balanced out. I had become feminine in overall shape and structure, my tits were about a c-cup and I was becoming a pretty young woman, with one major exception. Whilst I now love my manhood, and would never ever give it up, I hated it at the time. I didn’t truly understand what I was in my own mind and seeing as how the rest of me looked like a woman, that was what I wanted to be. I had even considered corrective surgery to have the whole thing removed, but was warned that given my unique biology, removing it could have completely unforeseeable consequences and the doctors refused the procedure.

“I would just have to live with it” they said. Thanks for nothing I thought.

I was depressed, ashamed of my own body, and lonely. Then I met Emily.

She was a late transfer from another school, something about her family having to move for her fathers work, pretty typical stuff. There was about half the final year remaining and as you would expect from any teenager, she was distraught about having to leave her old school and nervous about starting again at a new one.

I was in Chemistry at the time, working alone (as usual) on a project that was meant to be completed in pairs. Mr. Adams, sympathetic to my plight, had always been content to let me work alone and not force someone upon in these situations as long as my work remained good.

“Listen up everyone, I have someone new to introduce to the class. This is Emily Green, please make her feel welcome”.

I glanced up from my notebook and thought my heart may burst from my chest. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 5’3″, very slender and petite with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at her. I had never felt such immediate, intense attraction to someone before.

Mr. Adams was still talking, but I couldn’t hear him, my entire point of view of the world had shrunk to just include her. The soft curve of her hips, the hint of a nipple under her shirt, the way her eyes shyly panned around the room and focused on me…

There was a soft thump as my rock hard cock hit the underside of the table. Thankfully, everyone was concentrating too much on the new girl to notice. She smiled nervously at me. I thought I was going to pass out.

Mr. Adams led her over to me and I hurriedly scooted forward to hide my tented skirt under the table as much as possible.

“Sam, this is Emily. I want her to join you for this project and you can get her caught up to speed.”

“Hi”…I managed to squeak out.

“Hello” she said, staring at her feet.

“I’ll just leave you to it, play nice girls” and he was gone, back to his desk at the front.

Emily sat down next to me and looked over at my notes.

“What are you working on?” She asked quietly.

“Let me show you.”

Taking refuge in a subject I knew and enjoyed, I began to talk with Emily. Soon we were beyond the matter at hand, talking about the local area, the school, her past and any other number of other things. The bell rang an hour later, startling me. We’d done no work whatsoever, but I knew I had made my first true friend.

In the following days and weeks we grew closer and closer. Emily didn’t live too far from me so we began walking to and from school together. Then we started to hang out after school, and then at weekends as well. It only took about a month for us to become inseparable. During this whole time, only one thing concerned me, did she know about me?

Surely one of the others must have told her, or she heard a rumour, or something. Emily never said a word about it and I learned to lose my fear about myself around bakırköy travesti my best friend. I would often have to concentrate very hard on not getting an erection, especially in the locker room, but I had become very good at hiding my endowment when I wanted to.

Then one day she surprised the hell out of me with what normally be a very innocent question.

“Do you want to have a sleepover?”

I panicked, immediately going on the defensive.

“I don’t think my parents would let me.”

“Oh come on, they see us together all the time, why would they say no?”

I couldn’t think of a proper reason, and I daren’t tell her the real one. She saw the obvious worry written on my face and gently took hold of my hands in hers.

“What’s the matter Sam? You can tell me.”

“I’ve never had a sleepover before.” I was downcast and couldn’t bear to look her in the eyes.

She leaned in, close enough to whisper in my ear. I could feel her gentle breath on my neck and smell her perfume.

“Neither have I” she whispered, drawing back a little and smiling softly at me. I could tell that her asking me was clearly a big deal for her as well, and I knew she hadn’t had many friends growing up either. How could I possibly refuse her?

“Ok, I’ll ask my mum when I get home.”

As usual, my parents were awesome about the whole thing. My mum in particular looked so pleased when I told her what Emily had asked. They agreed wholeheartedly and set a date for the next weekend, they even booked a trip and hotel room for the night in the next city over so that we could have the house to ourselves. I think there may have been some concerns as to my sexuality and what it may lead to, but my parents were smart enough to know that something like this would have to happen eventually, and didn’t want to get in the way.

Emily was ecstatic when I told her the good news.

The rest of the week flew by, and I soon found myself hugging my parents goodbye on the porch then watching them drive away, Emily due to arrive anytime.

Something in my gut told me that tonight was going to be momentous, and I had to take a deep breath to calm myself. I ran upstairs, quickly showered then threw on a loose t-shirt, a knee length skirt and a pair of the special underwear I used to hold my package in check. They were supposed to be used by well hung men, but I found them invaluable. I knew that I would have to tell Emily about my condition at some point tonight and I didn’t want any surprises to spoil the mood before that happened.

The doorbell rang and I ran downstairs to answer it. I opened the door and Emily took my breath away. She stood before me wearing flip flops, a tiny pair of pale blue cotton booty shorts that just barely covered her ass cheeks and a skin tight pink crop top that clearly didn’t have a bra underneath. I could feel myself instantly getting hard.

“Earth to Sam, you alright?”

I realised I was standing there and staring like a dumbass. God she was so hot.

“What? Yeah, fine, sorry. Come in.”

I let Emily into the house. She had been here loads of times before and quickly made herself at home. The evening progressed pretty normally for the most part. We watched a cheesy film, ordered a pizza and got a little drunk, you know, typical girly sleepover stuff.

As the evening drew on, we went upstairs to my room. Emily had brought a sleeping bag with her, but since I have a double (and was a bit tipsy) I told her we could share the bed.

“Thanks Sam, that’s sweet of you” she said, and leaned in to kiss my cheek.

Her lips were soft and gentle against my skin, and my stupid brain immediately wondered what it would be like if she kissed my cock. My breath caught and she lingered close to me for just a second longer. Should I kiss her? The moment passed and Emily jumped onto the bed then threw a pillow in my face.

More time passed, we had been talking for what felt like hours. I was so happy to have finally made a proper friend that I had forgotten about the uncomfortable truth resting between my thighs until, as any conversation between teenagers is want to do, we started talking about sex.

Naturally, this was a difficult topic for me.

“Come on tell me” said Emily, playfully shoving me. “Which boys do you like?”

How the hell did I answer this? I don’t really like boys, a few of them were kinda cute I suppose but I had always been much more attracted to women. Did that make me straight or a lesbian I wondered? Emily was waiting expectantly.

“I don’t” I said carefully, practically holding my breath with nerves. “I like girls.”

It was out there now, I had said it. Emily eyes went wide and for a heartbeat I thought I had blown it and she was going to bolt from the room but then she just shyly smiled and looked away. She was blushing! Fuck, that could only mean one thing.

“What about you?” I asked tentatively.

She blushed even harder now. istanbul travestileri “I like both” she said.

Fuck it. I was going for it and damn the consequences.

“Do you like me like that?” My voice was little more than a whisper, my heart thundered in my chest.

Emily looked up at me, her dark blue eyes piercing mine. Slowly, she put her hand on my knee and nodded.


She was leaning forward, I was leaning forward, our faces only an inch apart. We were both breathing heavily and I could tell she wanted this as badly as I did. One of us just had to make the leap. I drew up all my courage and pulled her into me, we kissed for the first time.

It was inexpert, sloppy even, but we melted into each others arms. I was voracious, all my sexual appetites pouring into this one moment. Something inside me clicked as we made out, her body writhing against me. I wanted her so badly, I was going to have her, I was going to take her. By the end of the night, she would be mine.

I reached down and grasped the bottom of her top, quickly and easily sliding it up over her head then tossing it away. Emily looked taken aback for a second, maybe this was too far, but then smiled mischievously and lay back onto the bed.

“You can do whatever you want to me Sam…”

I dove in, my body going straight between her open legs and kissed her again, hard. My hands went to her tits, stroking them, pinching her cute little nipples as our tongues battled. She squirmed under me, moaning into my mouth. We were both losing ourselves to the moment when her hips thrust upwards off the bed and she grinded all over my dick.

Oh shit!

I pulled away from her, my biggest fears realized. I tried to climb off her and managed to sit up onto my knees before Emily caught my arm and stopped me.

“Sam wait!”

“I’m so sorry Em, I don’t know what came over me, we can’t do this.”

I turned away from her, tears forming, desperate to escape and not ruin whatever was left of our friendship.

“Is this about your dick?”

My heart stopped, I couldn’t breath, couldn’t move. She knew? This whole time?

“You know about it?”

“Well, yeah, some dumb girls from class told me on my first day.”

“But…you’ve been…friends…I don’t understand. You don’t hate me?”

“Of course not. It didn’t bother me at all.”


“Nope. In fact…” she pulled me back towards her and brought her mouth to my ear, kissing slowly along my neck.

“It turned me on.”

I couldn’t help it, she had me going so much. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. There was a rough tearing sound, and the pressure released from around my cock. It bounced upwards, flipping my skirt out of the way and thumping into Emily’s belly. We both stopped and stared down at it.

“Oh…my…god!” Emily was entranced, her hands immediately gripped my raging cock and began slowly stroking it up and down.

“This thing is fucking massive!”

“You like it?” I asked. I was so unaccustomed to people being attracted to my body.

“Babe, I love it. You know how I said I like both boys and girls? Well, you are the absolute best of both worlds.”

As she said this, she leaned down and planted a kiss right on the head of my cock. I moaned out loud and a big drop of pre cum formed at the tip, which Emily used to keep jacking me off.

At this point in my life, my body still had some growing to do. Over the next year or two, my cock would grow another couple inches as well as a bit thicker, and my ass and tits would fill out even more. I’m sure a foot long cock was still more than little Emily had ever imagined however!

I was euphoric, this was the best feeling in the world. I honestly couldn’t believe what was happening, something that up until now, I had only dreamt about. My thoughts slowly coalesced as Emily kept stroking my dick, watching her hands roam up and down my cock in awe. It was a strange situation, to be so vulnerable in one way, yet to have so much power in another. I was pretty sure that I could fuck Emily tonight if I wanted to and god did I want to.

I watched her, as she worked on my cock. Her eyes were wide, her breathing hot and heavy, her nipples were as hard as diamond and I could see a distinctive wet spot growing on the front of her little shorts. Oh yeah, I was going to fuck her good.


“What is it?”

“Do you think you could…suck my cock?”

“I want to Sam, so fucking much but…I want to talk to you about something first.”

My cock throbbed angrily, impatiently at this interruption. I was a little annoyed too, what did she possibly want to talk about right now? I took a deep breath, reigning in my desires. I had to go slow and was still frightened of scaring her away.

“Ok…” I was intrigued to say the least.

“Do you know what a Dom and a Sub are Sam?”

Oh my god, was she really asking me this? Of course I knew what she was talking about, I wasn’t completely clueless about sex, and did have access to the internet after all. Maybe I should play it coy at first, make it easier for her to open up.

“You mean like, sexually?” She was still slowly stroking my cock as she questioned me.


“Isn’t it like, one is in charge and the other follows orders? Or something.”

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