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Their meetings were few and far between, but charged with the power of time, distance and unspent passion. Both were too busy and engrossed in their careers to settle down, with each other or anyone else for very long. She was a high-powered publicist in the fashion industry; he, a dealmaker and international finance consultant. They managed to cross paths again, this time in New York City, for a few days of stolen time together.

Tony arrived at the luxury hotel first; slipping into a silk robe she’d bought him in Paris last year. His tall, athletic frame was barely contained in the burgundy folds of silk, flattering against his tanned skin darkened by a week in the Caymans. Just as he was carefully hanging his suit, he heard the click of a cardkey in the door.

Marisa swept into the room, her carryon and garment bag her only encumbrances. Expensive, sleek and efficient, her bags were designed to take her from a grubby sewing room to the runways of Milan. She was nearly as tall as him, with a curved figure that fit smoothly into her red silk dress, her dark eyes peering approvingly over Chanel sunglasses as she gazed at Tony appreciatively.

“You look fantastic in that…I knew you would.” She leaned up only slightly to kiss him as he slipped his strong hands around her hourglass waist. As they kissed, his hands slid over her gently rounded hips and ass, she could feel his substantial cock stirring underneath the smooth silk robe.

“You look fantastic in anything, or better still, nothing,” Tony teased her as his hands tugged the sash of her wrap dress free.

“Go ahead, love, I could use a hand,” Marisa shrugged her shoulders, spilling the dress from her shoulders and revealing her soft yet fit curves. Her full breasts were barely held by a delicate lace bra; her round ass and hips swathed in a tiny bit of matching lace.

“I’ve missed you,” Tony whispered in her ear, stroking her lush brown hair gently. His voice bore a faint trace of his English roots, smoothed out by an American education. “It’s been far too long,” removing her bra, freeing her breasts from their lacy confines.

She laughed, a low warm purr emanating from deep inside her. “Darling, check my carryon bag. There’s a little present in there from the Duty Free shop.” She slid the silk robe off his broad, athletic shoulders, reveling his strong chest. He shuddered, slightly, as she traced her beautifully manicured nails over his bare chest, toying with his chest hair, barely grazing Sıhhiye Escort his smooth tanned skin. “Go,” she whispered, giving him a light tap. He hated to walk away, especially with his lover stretched teasingly and bare out on the king-sized bed.

Wearing only his boxer briefs, Tony strode purposefully across the room and reached into her red leather Vuitton tote. He pulled out a crumpled paper bag, peered inside, and smiled.

“My favorite,” pulling a bottle of twelve-year old Glenlivet from the bag. “And yours, I see,” shaking the empty bag onto the floor and holding a dark-brown bottle of creamy Bailey’s liqueur.

“You don’t need shot glasses here, honey,” a wicked grin crossing her face. “Hand me my Baileys…you look thirsty.”

She opened the bottle and took a long, slow swallow. He stood at the foot of the bed, his hand moving over his stiffening cock.

“You’re apparently the thirsty one, my dear,” he said, smiling as he slipped his shorts off. His member was twitching in anticipation as it was brought free from his tight boxer briefs. He watched her lick her sweet sticky lips, slowly, purposefully. “When do I get my cocktail, Marisa?”

“Be patient, darling.” She patted the fluffy comforter. “Sit next to me.”

He sat on the edge of the bed, feeling her soft hand on the small of his back.

“Care to help me out of these, lovely?” Marisa slid his hand to her hip; he traced his finger over the slope of her hips, underneath the top of her tiny lace thong.

“Absolutely,” sliding them down, revealing her perfectly groomed mound, framed with a neat strip of dark hair. Marisa smiled as she watched him, lust filling his eyes. She clutched the bottle of Baileys purposefully, and gazed into his deep brown eyes.

“Now, here’s your drink…”

He stared at her hand, red nails wrapped around the neck of the bottle, and watched, mesmerized, as she slowly trailed a stream of the creamy Bailey’s liqueur over her full, tight breasts. Her nipples rose under the shock of the cool stream, and were quickly coated with sweetness. With a swift movement, he bent his head towards her erect, coated nipple and gently took a lick. She moaned, lifting the bottle as the nectar poured over her graceful belly, coating her softly. His substantial yet gentle tongue stroked her sweet nipples, in small circles, as he lapped the liquid from her softly curved body, tracing over one nipple, than the other, and Tandoğan Escort sliding down around her navel.

“Had enough?”

“Hardly,” he groaned, taking the bottle from the bedside table and leaned over her, kissing her deeply, their tongues intertwined, tasting each other. She drew her breath in sharply as he pulled away, wielding the bottle with a purposeful motion, and gasped as the cold splash of liquid fell on her perfectly sculpted mound.

“Ohhhh,” Marisa moaned softly, feeling the Bailey’s slide down onto her aroused clit, splashing over her toned thighs. She stroked her finger across her damp slit, and slid it into her mouth, tasting her own juices mixed with the creamy drink. “Mmmm,” she turned her head to Tony, “would you like a sip?”

“Yes, yes I would.” Tony bent his head between her legs, and she felt his slightly rough cheeks graze her thighs. He slid a strong, capable hand under her bottom, lifting her lips to his as he kissed and licked her mixed juices. First around her clit, he teased her with the brush of his tongue as it swelled up before him. Her breath came in gasps as his tongue grazed her sensitive pussy, sliding in and out, then taking long slow licks over her to catch the liquid atop and inside her body. She ran her fingers through his lush dark hair, her hips beginning to rock in response to his attentions.

“Well, darling, you certainly are thirsty, and deserve so much more.” She slid her smooth shapely legs over so her feet were pointed towards the edge of the bed, and then slowly drew her knees up, revealing a perfectly trimmed thatch of sexy dark hair, and as her thighs spread further, her aroused pussy lips came into view. The soft glow of moisture dampened them, as her hand reached between her legs. Marisa unscrewed the cap of the bottle, tossing it aside, and slid the long slender neck inside, trembling from the shock of the smooth glass entering her; she bit her lower lip, and tilted the bottle slightly, holding it inside her.

Tony watched, his eyes widening, as she tilted the bottle and the tan liqueur slid out of her tight cunt. He covered her long fingers with his, and gently slid the bottle out of her, handing it to her as his other hand cradled her ass slightly above the bed.

Marisa, looking into Tony’s fiery dark eyes, licked the neck of the bottle, slowly and purposefully. Her tongue lapped the sticky bottle neck greedily, and his cock ached for the same Tunalı Escort attention. She smiled at this familiar look, and whispered, “Soon, after you finish your drink, love.”

Tony could wait no more, as he lowered his mouth to her filled pussy, and drank greedily, like a thirsty cat at a bowl of water. He slid a practiced finger inside her, soaking it in her juices, and gradually drew it out. As his lips caressed her trembling pussy, his wet finger slid into her ass, and a wild moan came from deep inside her as his tongue and finger fucked her in perfect rhythm. Marisa’s hips rose and fell, pushing Tony’s tongue deep inside, so deep he felt her walls contract as she came in great waves, soaking his face and dripping onto his hand. Even her ass clenched hard around his skilled finger as she screamed in passion.

Breathless, she fell back against the pillows.

“Your turn, Tony.”

She grabbed the bottle and poured it over his dripping cock; now his juices mixed with the creamy liquid from the bottle, and she drank it thirstily. He lay back on the bed as she slid between his muscular thighs, sticky and wet now. His damp hand tangled in her long brown waves as her lips wrapped around his thick, pulsing shaft. Marisa’s trembling fingers caressed his swelling, heavy balls as his cock throbbed deeper and deeper down her throat. She felt him growing inside her mouth as she worked her tongue and lips around, up and down, tasting every inch of him.

Tony lifted her head gently from his aching cock. “I need to fuck you.” He swung his long legs onto the bed and pulled her atop him, resting her dripping pussy over his throbbing cock. Their sticky bodies joined as she engulfed him, her soft breasts swollen and pink from arousal and aching for his caress as she lifted and dropped her graceful body atop his.

He stroked her breasts as he lifted his hips, pushing harder inside her. Her thighs gripped his as their movements accelerated, fucking hard and fast with none of the seductive teasing they’d engaged in all night.

With a purposeful growl, Tony turned her back onto the bed next to him, his legs twisting around hers and his cock still driving inside her. Marisa moaned wildly as he bore down on her, ravaging her cunt as she gripped his shoulders, pulling him close and tight as waves of orgasm shot through her.

Her legs twisted around his hips as he pushed deep, pulsing inside her, feeling her come, and joined together, he came hard, shooting deep inside her, wave after wave flowed deep inside her.

Exhausted, and not a little sticky, they collapsed together on the bed, laughing at the spilled bottle of Bailey’s coating the expensive down comforter. Later, they’d have Housekeeping take care of it, but for now they drifted off together into sweet, exhausted sleep.

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