Working LateWorking Late


Phil Cooper was a single man aged twenty-eight and he had quite a bit of work he needed to get done urgently in his office. More and more of his colleagues left for the day until he was the only one left in the building. He lived alone and he had no plans so he decided to get as much work done that evening as possible.It was now about eight o’clock in the evening and fifty-four-year-old Ruby Butcher had just arrived to clean the offices. It was unusual but not unheard of for someone to be still working at that hour although she had not seen the gentleman that was working on his desktop computer before.”Sorry to disturb you, do you want me to come back a bit later?” asked the very curvy and attractive West Indian lady.”No, no that is fine I can move when you need to do this bit,” smiled the rather good looking Phil Cooper.Nothing else was said as Ruby got on with cleaning the rest of the office area although Phil did glance at her very rounded bent over arse a couple of times as her buttocks stretched her jeans.Phil had had his share of ladies although he had nobody in particular at the moment and this woman was certainly causing his cock to harden, despite the fact that she was not actually trying to.Ruby was married but not particularly happily so and she had not been getting much sex lately. Although she did not know it her husband Errol was fucking one of her best friends on a regular basis.Ruby güvenilir bahis continued with her work and almost all that was left was Phil’s little space so she said, “Could I move you now please honey?””Yes, of course,” said Phil who saved what he had got on screen and went to get up from his chair and in the process he noticed that this woman’s tits were as impressive as her arse.Ruby felt guilty that her eyes had gone to this younger man’s crotch as he moved to get up but she did notice that he seemed to have quite a bulge in his trousers.Ruby, with her arse towards him, said, “I have not seen you in here before.””No, I do not often work late but now that I know that you come in here I will do it more often,” he grinned although he was actually talking to Ruby’s bent over backside.Still bent, Ruby turned her head and smiled a lovely smile and said, “That is the nicest thing that anyone has said to me in a long time.””Oh I am sure that an attractive lady like you gets loads of compliments, my name is Phil,” he said.”I am Ruby, no not really and certainly not from a handsome man like you,” she replied having now straightened up and turned to face him.For a moment they stood in silence looking into each other’s eyes but then she said, “Oh well I had better finish up and let you get on with your work.”What Phil really wanted to be doing right now was to be giving this woman a good fucking but he replied, güvenilir bahis siteleri with some disappointment in his voice, “Yeah, I suppose so.”Ruby had never been unfaithful to her husband but she was tempted now but said no more and finished her work.”Maybe I will see you again sometime if you are working late,” she said with another lovely smile.”I hope so, are you here tomorrow?” he asked in hope.”Yeah, will you be working late?” she asked, also partly in hope.”I think that is very likely,” he replied with his eyes on her tits.”Maybe see you tomorrow then,” she said looking over her shoulder as she had now turned and his eyes were now on her buttocks.’Fuck yes,’ he thought to himself but did not say it.During the next day, Phil did not hurry his work to ensure that he had some left to justify staying late and as his workmates started to leave he was sort of willing them away.It was well after seven o’clock and one other person, a woman, was still working and Phil was longing for her to leave. She was actually rather attractive and on another occasion, he might have tried it on with her but at this moment he was looking forward to Ruby’s arrival and what he hoped would follow.Ruby, meanwhile, had been feeling guilty that she had been having sexual thoughts about Phil and had convinced herself that even if he was still in the office that she would not allow anything to happen.To iddaa siteleri Phil’s delight, the woman that had also been working late left at about fifteen minutes before eight and he went into the gent’s and brushed his teeth and put some deodorant on. He did not usually bring his toiletries into the office but this, he hoped, was a special occasion.Ruby, slightly nervously, arrived to do the cleaning and she was sort of both hoping that Phil was still there and hoping that he was not.She was not too disappointed to see that he was there and when she entered the office area where he was he swivelled his chair around to face her and he had his legs apart and she found her eyes going to his crotch.”Ruby, how nice to see you,” he said and he realised that she was now wearing a pair of white trousers that certainly seemed tight from the front.”Nice to see you too Phil,” she smiled although she was still nervous and mixed up about what she wanted.”Are you going to do me first?” asked Phil ambiguously.”Sorry?” responded Ruby partly in disbelief.”Do my little area, what did you think I meant?” he laughed although they both knew that his first question had been deliberately ambiguous.”No, I think I will leave you to last, something to look forward to,” she smiled although she was now thinking that she really was looking forward to it.As Phil had suspected those white trousers were actually even tighter than the jeans that she had worn the previous day and Phil was pretty certain that they were for his benefit. Ruby smiled to herself because she just knew that that handsome youngish man would be looking at her arse as she cleaned the office. 

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