Working Late at the OfficeWorking Late at the Office

Double Penetration

Amy sat at her desk wondering what she had gotten herself into, what began as a fun game was suddenly seeming less like a game. She retrieved a file from the pile and began flicking through it, not really taking anything in. Since beginning her job 6 weeks ago Amy had found the work captivating, and loved what she did, there was just one small problem; Tom.

Tom sat next her, and was the one who had trained her. He was the one she went to when she had questions. The problem was, these days she had no questions, but made them up just so she had an excuse to talk to him. At first glance, Tom seemed like a quiet bloke, hard-working and not particularly interesting. On her first day, Amy hadn’t been sure that he would be that much fun, and somewhat regretted that she hadn’t ended up sat next to the office clown, or the chatty girls. Over time though, she began to appreciate her seat next to Tom.

Tall with brownish hair and warm brown eyes that seemed so deep, Tom wasn’t conventionally attractive but Amy was smitten! He also had the loveliest smile, one that had entered Amy’s fantasies many times over the previous weeks, not to mention the amazing body! He could also make her laugh, and they quickly discovered a similar sense of humour, sharing banter and innuendo as much as possible. Days sat next to Tom left Amy desperate for more, and by the end of the day she was usually so horny that she had to take out her vibrator as soon as she got home. She was pretty certain he wanted her too.

It started out in small things, last week when sharing lunch, Tom had brushed his leg up against Amy’s, seemingly by accident, but even that tiny touch left her moist and squirming. Yesterday, she couldn’t keep her eyes off his bum when he was bending over to put something in the filing cabinets, he had caught her eye and smiled. At that point she couldn’t help but part her legs a little so that Tom could see what Ofise Gelen Escort she wasn’t wearing under her skirt! She smiled as he tried to hide his instant erection. The man had her so horny she would have fucked his brains out on the office floor, if it weren’t for one minor detail — her husband.

Amy loved her husband but he just want that great in bed, still the last thing she’d want to do is hurt him, and so, she tried to keep the games with Tom to a minimum, though her self-control was diminishing and she wasn’t sure how much longer she would have it. With nothing better to do on a Friday night, Amy planned to pull some overtime, and watched as one-by-one her colleagues turned off their computers and left. Before long, it was her and Tom alone in the office, typing away, the air between them growing thicker with sexual tension. Eventually, unable to bear it any longer, Amy headed for the stationary cupboard, under the pretence of getting more staples.

Leaning against a shelf with her eyes closed, Amy tried to control her raging hormones. Then the door opened softly behind her. ‘I realised that I also need staples’ Tom said as he came up behind her, pressing up against her back as he reached around her to pick up a box of them. She could feel his erection pressing against her lower back, and that alone made her pussy slick with arousal. Before she could stop herself she had leant into Tom, so that his erection was now pressing against her buttocks, and drew a shuddering breath. She had to get a grip, before this got out of hand.

Before she could say anything, Tom’s hand came around her and he cupped her right breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers, squeezing it just enough to send waves of pleasure shooting through her body. Amy was in heaven, and hell! It had been years since she had been touched by a man who knew how to drive Otele Gelen Escort her wild, but this man was not her husband. Could she do this?

Tom began to trail kisses down the back of her neck, as he continued to touch her breasts and to gently press his hard manhood against her. Amy wanted so desperately to give him full access but she was afraid. A small moan escaped her as his hands slid down to her flat stomach. As if she wasn’t wet enough already! She could feel the heat and the moisture from her pussy on her inner thighs — a direct result of her lack of panties. She could also smell her warm aroused scent in the air, and was certain Tom could.

She reached behind her, pulling Tom closer, feeling his already large penis grow even more as it pressed deeper into her buttocks. ‘I have wanted to fuck you from the moment I first saw you’ he whispered into her ear hoarsely, ‘you have got the most fantastic little arse, and I can smell your sweet, dripping cunt. I can’t wait to bury my cock in it’. At these words Amy knew there was no going back.

At this point, Tom spun her around and kissed her passionately, his tongue sliding between her lips to probe her mouth. He fucked her mouth slowly with his tongue, all the while exploring her with his hands, opening her blouse to free her tits, which he grabbed and began to massage, making her legs weak. While he did this she unzipped his fly and freed his cock, which had been straining at the fabric. She grabbed his warm dick in her hand, the girth and length of it making her gasp in anticipation. Amy knew that if she didn’t have this cock inside her soon, she would just die.

Tom dropped to his knees and began kissing the inside of her thigh, just at the hem of her business skirt. He began working his way up, taking the skirt with him. It wasn’t long before Amy’s breaths were coming in Polatlı Escort gasps, and moans were escaping her. Just when she thought she could wait no longer, he slid his hot tongue along her throbbing wet slit, causing her to squirm with pleasure. Before she knew what she was doing she was fucking his mouth as his tongue slid in and out of her hot cunt, and he teased her clit with his teeth. After all the tension that had been building up over so many weeks, it didn’t take long for her to come, harder than she ever had before, bucking on his face as her orgasm consumed her.

Before she could recover properly, Tom had turned her onto her knees, and was teasing her slit and her arse with his cock. She could feel his throbbing dick pressed up against her arse, and was so horny that she would have welcomed the fucking she knew she was going to get, whichever hole he chose. He grabbed her hips and slid the length of his cock into her she cried out, as the girth of him filled her like never before. Clearly there was no more Mr Nice Guy, as Tom began to slam into her causing a mix of pleasure and pain that left her breathless. The fucking was getting harder and faster and she was crying out for more. Amy had never been fucked like this and she screamed with pleasure as another orgasm began ripping through her.

Now putty in Tom’s hands, she could only comply when he pulled her head towards his still-hard cock, glistening with her juices. She took all of his length into her mouth, savouring the taste of her own pussy as she did so. Loving the feeling of him, she grabbed his dick and began working her hand up down the shaft as she licked and sucked him for all she was worth. It wasn’t long before he came, shooting into her mouth, filling it with the salty taste of sex. She swallowed every drop, her arousal and wonder causing her to enjoy it in a way she never had.

As Amy collapsed onto the floor, her legs to weak to hold her up, and the smell of sex surrounding her, Tom zipped up his trousers, kissed her once more then left the stationary cupboard. Once she got her breath back, and had dressed herself, Amy followed. Sitting down at her desk, Tom caught her eye and whispered hoarsely ‘would you help me with some photocopying before you go home’.

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