Women I Have Known: 10 SusanWomen I Have Known: 10 Susan


Women I have known: 10 Susan

I had been arrested in Flint, Michigan, and after questioning and verifying that I had not been in California when a dead body was discovered in my bed at home, I was released. I was finding my way back to the hotel when a patrol car drug me back to the precinct. The officer that had arrested me had called me back to the precinct to see if I had any more information from California. I hadn’t heard a word, so when she had all the information, she asked me, “What are your plans now?”

“Officer, I am going to get roaring drunk. My wife is missing, and her job hasn’t seen her for a week. She hasn’t returned home, and it appears that she has strayed from our celibacy vow.

I am going to get a bottle of VO and a quart of seven up. I will take a shower, get in bed, and attempt to drink myself to sleep. Do you want to join me? I am open tonight for anything sexual. I need to cheat so I can understand what she may be feeling. You interested in a roll?”

The officer chuckled.

She was due for some earned time off that the Department allowed to carry over, so at the beginning of this year, she had fourteen days coming. He was cute. The intake Officer said he was packing and looked like a real workout success. Maybe?

“I have to do the paperwork, so you’ll have a long head start.” She said, with a smiley grimace at the same time as she lifted one eyebrow, using the weakness of males to consider the eyebrow lift with a little grimace as a positive facial expression and a sexual welcome.”

“Good, I’ll get room service to go with the booze. You are on, milady.”

I caught a patrol car back to the hotel. The lobby was atwitter when I got out of the local Police car under the portico, appearing as though I was an important person exiting a cop car.

Room service for two was Steaks, large bakers, with all the fillings. Chef salads, and I added escargot and sautéd mushrooms. I asked where to call actually to place the order and was given the ordering information. Apple pies, Alá mode, were added for dessert.

I got the ice from the machine, and the bar was already there from the weeks I had been living there. I had a telephone message from the training center that with the mistake by the Flint Police in restraining me, a special dispensation for the absence would require me to come in and complete the study guides, and take the final test with supervision because the boss thought I had cheated on the copy of the exam I turned in when fleeing.

I jumped in and out of the shower and put on my usual gym shorts, commando, wife beater, and flip-flops. When I left the shower, there was nothing to do but wait and think. After twenty minutes, I decided to return to the job as soon as possible and then apply for a transfer, citing the stress of the murder and all the allegations.

The thinking had helped me justify having this cop for a date. I had been living in the hotel for long enough that I didn’t consider it much more than a friend for dinner. After sitting and wondering how much paperwork she had, I had to think more about it.

At about forty-five minutes of waiting, I began to anticipate and get aroused, knowing I was having dinner with an armed, uniformed policewoman. I began to consider handcuffs, authority, or domination ideas. I got some of my neckties and put them in the nightstand drawer. I took note of the beds’ corner legs for anchors, and then I laughed as someone knocked on the door.

Smiling, I opened the door and said, “Welcome, Officer.”

“Hi. I appreciate the invitation. My name is Susan. No more ‘Officer’ name-calling, and we will be fine.”

“Okay, Officer. Oops, I mean Susan.”

We laughed as she laid her Sam Brown on the table, slid a chair out, and began to remove her combat boots. I was fascinated by how relaxed and comfortable she was. I put ice in two glasses and set them on the table beside the VO and mix.

Sitting across the table, I said, “Susan, how do you like your steak?”

“Steak. Uh, Um, Rare, charred,”

I called the order to room service and said, “Please fill my request, steaks charred, rare, please.”

“Thank you.”

“Smooth, Dale”

Susan filled the glasses, we lifted them, held them aloft, looking each other in the eye and nearly together, we tapped our glasses, and then silence.

I said, “A toast is in order, I think. I wish I could recall the words I said earlier about getting drunk tonight.”

“Well, here is the recording.” Susan said and got up, got her recorder from her Sam Brown, and played the conversation, and when it finished, I said, “Here’s is to all of that and a good steak.”

“Officer, I am going to get roaring drunk. My wife is missing, and her job hasn’t seen her for a week. She hasn’t returned home, and it appears she has strayed from our celibacy vow.”

I am going to get a bottle of VO and a quart of seven up. I will take a shower, get in bed, and attempt to drink myself to sleep. Do you want to join me? I am tandoğan escort open tonight for anything sexual. I need to cheat so I can understand what she may be feeling. You interested in a roll?”

“All of that?”

The door knocked, and the room service delivery was handled efficiently. A tip was given. The door closed and locked from the inside.

“Dale, I am here for all that and as much more as we can get together. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Susan stood and began to remove her uniform while locking her eyes on min. Then she softly swung her hips and removed her tunic, exposing her bra; and then her belt buckle., The sound of a zipper running, a hip dipped, bloused fatigues around her bare feet.

I’d had an erect tent in my shorts. She kicked her pants off of her heels. She unfastened her bra, dropped her arms, and pulled her panties off as I pulled the wife beater off.

Susan said, “Shower, Dale?”

“My pleasure, I am a great triple X-rated master at back washing and ‘massage-urbating.'”

“I am most interested in front washing.”

“My specialization in sex and massage is attention to the front and its delicacies; I see a delightful offering. Yum!”

“Can we specialize in front-end oral first?” I asked.

“You sure you’re not a cop?”

We were on the bed before either of us said another word. Susan was on her back while I was on my hands and knees above her for sixty-nine. We seemed to be matched for arousal and lustiness; her apparent need for a cock in her vagina was out of control.

Her neediness took over. We had sucked, kissed, licked and smelled, examined, and in general, become focused on each other’s offered meal of flesh and slime. My oozing cock, and her slippery vagina needed no foreplay. I indulged in my favorite gleaning of a pussy by sucking all of her wetness and savoring her pussy’s bouquet of lubrication and spreading her unique pheromone. We were in synch when she rolled me and stood over me with a wicked, delicious glare in her eyes, her vagina shining in the fork of her legs. Her firm ass cheeks quivered as she kneeled on my hard-on held in her hand, then plummeted herself down the length of my hard-as-bullets cock.

She rocked her slippery vagina up and down, around and across me. I could feel pressure on the top of my cock as Susan rocked back and up, and then I felt only the head inside with heavy contact pressure focused against her clitoris. Then she would propel herself and push against the back of my cock as she slid her vagina down and forward against the bottom of my cock. Every direction Susan wobbled over me resulted in swirling sensations from the contact in a variety of tightness, unlike my wife, Vik, who had a loose, almost big enough for me to fist vagina.

The circular motion would submerge my cock’s entire surface into a snug fist-like grip, and the impact of her weight on, then off, and on against my balls was creating a ‘smacking’ sound that resonated in my lust and pain-filled brain. The smacking sound was the rhythm of life’s source.

Smack. Smack. Smack!

What fun she created with her intent to scratch her vagina from every angle possible. When Susan settled down and made the run for her orgasm, she left me pushing my cock as far off of the bed as my hips could push, trying to get myself even further in than was possible.

I’d guess Susan weighed one-hundred-twenty, so when I pushed up, her standing on her feet allowed her to control my efforts, and moving in control, she postponed my spray of come for at least five minutes. I was at the edge of coming for longer than I had ever held off.

Watching her breasts bounce and become firmer with her dark nipples pointed and hard, I attempted to squash her breasts in my hands, but they were so firm that I thought she had inserts at first. However, they were natural, beautiful, tasty, and fun. Her breasts were a B cup at best, but the perfect shape that begs to be stared at and held caringly.

She didn’t seem to want to slow down; even when I warned her that I was beyond control and about to erupt, she continued to create an increasingly urgent desire to push against her. I was finally tired of pushing and collapsed on the mattress again. Susan sank my cock in herself again when she squatted down. Her pace was soon recovered, then we were older-cowgirl, coming on flattened and worn out young-stud.

“Hey Dale, this is so good; I don’t want to stop. Come when you need, and I will follow you to heaven when I feel your heat flowing into me.”

“Come, Dale! Now!”

Susan seemed to go ballistic, so I felt like a horse that had given up to someone breaking it in. My cock shot my life-giving come for at least five or six powerful feeling spasms, and then for at least another minute, I was moving against her attempting to match her for maximum pleasure when I felt a second come arising. I warned her, so she slipped down to place my cock in her mouth tunalı escort where that second load, seemingly as large as the first, was to be received. As I started coming, the first pulse went up her nose and sprayed over into her eyes. The second pulse and those following were held in her mouth until I was all in.

Neither of us said anything, but as she pulled away from my cock, she slid back up and placed her come-oozing pussy over my mouth and slimed me with the come and pussy wetness so that I had come and slimy wetness from my forehead to my throat.

We moved to lay beside each other on the bedspread and kissed and snowballed at first. As soon as the saliva built up in our mouths, we both attempted to share, which resulted in the snowballs running over our chins, necks, chests, and breasts, nipples, along with my chest and nipples. We managed to devour most of the snowball. Still, even thick viscous liquids spread widely when spilled, and we definitely had spilled cum, vaginal fluids, and saliva into a nasty cocktail over ourselves.

After a minute, Susan said, “I am fucking hungry!” I’ve never said something so true about fucking, Dale. I am actually hungry from fucking you. I like it, and after we devour this room service, whatever it is, I am going to attempt to raise another such hunger the same way.”

“Well, Susan, have at me. I am willing.”

“Dale, eat up, man; I do not want any disappointments tonight. You are going to need the energy. By the way, I have been assigned to a ‘watch’ on you, so the boss thinks I am outside waiting for you to make a move to flee. I think I need to handcuff or tie you up, so you won’t ‘get away.'”

Susan’s beautiful hair color and style excited me; the carpet matched the drapes. The drapes were medium length hanging to the bottom of her ears, and the carpet was worn as a strip above her clitoris and shaved bare along her labia and perineum. There was a slight five o’clock shadow delightfully exposing her aroused, colorful, swollen slimy labia in a shadow of Dark Brown, almost black pubic hairline. Her hairline showed a little dark line almost to her navel from her crease. I could feel little hairs around her ass and where today, women wear a tramp stamp. Her navel was tiny and tight. Very fine hair adorned it a little at the top.

Her tits were still pointing the way with those dark nipples as hard as I’d ever experienced. I was delighted that my wife, Vik, had large pink areolas and nipples, so these on Susan’s chest were like a completely different toy.

When the steak and dessert were history, Susan had eaten all of her dinner, even as tepid as it was; it was the perfect thing to feed each other. After dinner, we were no longer eating at the table. Susan had moved to a club chair where she hung her legs over both armrests and said, “The real dessert is served, Dale. Eat this cunt!”

We were disturbed about three a.m. when her radio blared.

Her ‘watch relief’ had arrived, so she told them, “Come to room sixty-nine after parking in the lot. Bring your restraints. I have him secure; however, we must be sure if he changes his mind and resists us.”

She got off the radio, and we both laughed because I was prostrate across the bed, with my neckties looped over my wrists and ankles snugged to the bed at all four corners. Susan had been playing with my cock for at least fifteen minutes when the door knocked.

I was naked, with my rigid cock pointing upward as long and hard as it would get. It was an Eifel Tower above my pubes. The bed was against the wall opposite the door, so when Flint Police Commander Arlene arrived, she was, first thing, seeing me captive and no threat at all. The second thing she had to see was Susan naked.

“Susan. You have captured a huge fish. We ran more federal-level searches and discovered that this guy has never committed anything that shows as a ‘record’ and almost doesn’t exist except for an honorable discharge from the Navy. For him to be charged with murder and then have the evidence so readily available that he was set up, he is a national celebrity, and the press is all over Flint searching for him.”

“The Department has placed a no comment order on the hotels so that the press will not get any information from any hotel.”

“I have been told not to let him out of my sight until the Governor decides how to protect the state and city from legal recourse from him and his wife, who apparently has still been left in public and yet to be detained.”

I am ordering you to find some civilian clothing. You have it handy if we have to move him, and in the meantime, let’s see if that cock is real, whadda-you-say, Sue?”

“The truth, Arlene, is that this cock is mine now. I tied him, I fucked him, I ate him, I blew him, and he did all of that to me, also, so if you want a piece of that cock, you will have to go through my cunt to get any. Do you understand, you lesbian cunt eating bitch?”

“So, türbanlı escort Arlene, what are you waiting for? I am not standing here naked because it is too warm. I am waiting for you to get that horrible fitting uniform off of that shapely figure so Dale can see early on what delicacy of female anatomy he will eventually enjoy every way I mentioned..”

“You will be delighted, Dale.”

“Arlene, even though you like to eat pussy, you will devour this cock at my order. Now you get back in our proper role, and I won’t punish you if you hurry.”

Susan was setting the stage for how these two usually were with each other. I could tell that Susan was the Dom and Arlene was her Sub by the immediate attention Arlene paid to the order to get going. That was remarkable to see.

The naked view started when Arlene removed her Sam Brown and Helmet. Auburn hair to her shoulders tumbled from her helmet and settled into a Pixie, perfect for her smiling olive complexion. Her lips were crimson, and her eye makeup was perfect in color and size. Her green eyes fucking hypnotized me.

She pulled the pistol in a holster from her left boot, a seven-inch naked knife from her pants crease, a set of knuckles, and a sap from two other pockets. When she was apparently disarmed, Arlene unbuttoned her tunic from the top and, after three buttons, released her belt and shrugged the tunic over her head. She revealed a wife beater that sculpted tightly to her bra, which appeared to be very lacy under the tank.

Her arms were fit, and muscular.

She kept going and had the tank off, and then the pants fell to her ankles. She sat and unlaced her boots, removing a lead weight from one boot. The lead weight was her last self-defense weapon, and she said, “Now, I feel naked; I might as well get that way. Whadda-you-say, Dale?”

I watched from the bed, my cock beginning to bounce with my accelerating heartbeat. “I agree, Officer.”

Susan was sitting across from me, sliding her index finger between her labia, and at the top of her crease, she would lick her finger and suck on it suggestively before repeating the loop. She waved her slimy finger at Arlene and said, “Get those panties off.”

As fast as she could, Arlene untangled the boots, socks, bloused pants, and holsters for her weapons and stood, pulling what appeared to be a white thong from between her labia and down over her hips, where she stepped out and handed it to Susan.

Susan said, “Arlene, suck Dale’s cock all the way down to his pubic hair.”

She waited five seconds max, then said, “Arlene. Do it!”

Arlene had a big black pubic hair patch that obscured her vagina, erect clitoris and flowed halfway down her thighs and all the way to her navel. The carpet didn’t match the drapes, which were similar to the same length as Susan’s except auburn.

When Arlene had bent to remove her clothes from her ankles, she spread her knees to reach between her legs, and after clearing one ankle, used her fingers to spread her labia apart and sweep her four fingers into her vagina and then rubbed her labia and her clitoris before licking her fingers by inserting them one at a time, faking a cock in her mouth pushing each finger between her lips and then sucking her cheeks in and withdrew them cleaned. Her l

Tits! Fucking tits on Arlene were the image of oranges hanging snuggly in a plastic produce bag. Pendulous, the proper dimensions, and beautiful. On the upper front of each breast perched a nipple inside a tiny areola and standing at least three-quarters of an inch straight away.

Her hanging labia were dark maroon, red and puffy. Slippery and hairy, her inner labia were a darker pink than the shiny pale pink inside her spread open vaginal canal.

My cock had disappeared almost immediately, and the sensation of total immersion nearly busted my load down Arlene’s throat.

We wound up in a daisy chain, mouths to cunts and cocks, Come and slime everywhere, on everybody, and in every hole. I was released after they had both sucked my cock to an orgasm and after Arlene had indeed fucked me.

After coming in Arlene, my cock failed me. It went as limp as though I had been sedated.

I was able to watch only until I fell asleep, drunk, sated, and exhausted from almost the entire night of carnal knowledge of each other. It was so good together that we committed to a re-enactment that night after I cleared GM, and they were released for the day. Arlene said we should go to her house because she had a sauna, pool, and massage table.

I packed my stuff and called the bell staff to bring and load my car as I checked out. I had to pay the bill to get reimbursed by GM, so when I left, the month had accumulated eleven thousand dollars in services, board and room, laundry, and all the necessities of hotel living.

The credit card company had been alerted that I would be reimbursed within a week, so I placed the charges on my fifteen thousand dollar limit B. of A. Card. When GM reimbursed me, I intended to pay off the other credit card and put this charge on repeating payments.

When I arrived at Arlene’s home, there was a group of twenty-something women from the University studying anatomy for the anatomy challenge test. After we had been there for a while, they wanted to find a diagram of the male anatomy’s erogenous zones.

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