We lay talking in bed, our bodies tangled together beneath the sheets, although no significant events had ensued. We talked as we got dressed (or rather, undressed) for bed, kissed fiercely once atop the covers, and had a tickle war beneath the sheets. We lay spent, but from no sexual exertion, by any means. After we decided it was bad for our health because neither of us could breathe any longer, we collapsed, exhausted, onto the mountain of pillows near the solid oak headboard. We never seem to lie on our own separate sides of the bed, but always seem to curl our bodies and mold together throughout the night, always seeming to wake up holding each other.

Tonight would be different.

We casually conversed about our relationship, how work is going, and other colloquial chat. I drifted off into a mellow sleep listening to your voice, with my head laid on your chest listening to your heartbeat, and your fingers work their way through my long soft tresses of deep reddish auburn hair.

I feel your moist lips press against my forehead before I fall into a deep sleep.

My dream. I remember it vaguely.

I had been cuddling with you but you had to get up for something. I felt you move from beneath me as I stretch out between the cool cotton sheets. While you’re away, I drift off into a restful sleep.

Then I feel it… maybe your finger? It’s cold as ice. I wake immediately to find it is ice. You have a rectangular cube dripping less than an inch above my now erect nipple. I open my eyes slowly, adjusting to the light, only to feel a surprisingly warm sensation. I recognize that sensation, but it’s more delightful than usual in this dream. Your tongue swirls around the stiff nub, gently taking it between your teeth and flicking across it with the tip of your wet tongue. Your lips form a suction cup around the whole nipple and you begin to suck with fervor. The warm sensation after the chilling ice is completely new to me.

I begin to stir beneath the sheets in my deep slumber at the sensual dream.

The cold again. The ice is pressed into the skin just between my soft, round breasts. It trails down for a moment and stops just at the bottom of my ribcage. Then follows your warm tongue again. The sensation is unbearable. I try to shift my hips but the weight of your body presses into mine, making me paralyzed beneath your ministrations. A soft moan escapes my lips.

You look up quickly to see if I’ve woken from my sleep, unsure of my reaction. You find me still blissfully dreaming, my eyes wide shut, and a sly smile spread across my face. You imagine me dreaming about what you’re doing to me, knowing it’s actually happening, and reassure yourself that when I wake, I will thoroughly be enjoying the pleasure which you are delivering.

Your hand travels down the center of my firm stomach, past my belly button ring, followed by the ice cube and lastly your tongue. My soft skin forms a slight film of sweat covering my whole body, and Bodrum Escort you grin as your erection twitches at the thought of the sweat dripping off our bodies as we make love.

The ice has now melted and chilled my skin, causing goosebumps to raise across my warm body. You hope I’ll wake up soon so you can stop being so slow and gentle, but you enjoy the thought of teasing me in my slumber and interrupting my dreams with the soft delicate pleasures you’re applying to my sensitive flesh.

Your tongue and teeth move back up to my other nipple, only to find it soft, melting into the flesh of the large, round breast piled beneath it. You watch my chest rise and fall as I breathe, a bit ragged, before you flick your tongue out. You continue to catch the tip with the rhythm of my breath until it’s as hard as you are.

Your mouth clamps down as you forcefully insert two fingers into my wet pussy. You feel my back arch as your tongue swirls around the hot swollen flesh and a gasp comes from deep within me. Immediately, you feel my right hand go to the back of your head, pushing harder. You grin with a mouthful of breast as I moan and buck my hips into your hand.

My eyes remain closed as I try to separate reality from the dream. For, it was the dream in which you dripped ice across my breast and stomach, and kissed me softly as you slowly massaged my pussy with your large, masculine fingers.

As a few moments passed, I realized I didn’t care whether or not I was still dreaming. I cared only about the impending orgasm racking my body from your fingers massaging my g-spot, and thumb pressing delicately on my swollen clit.

Suddenly, all sensation stopped.

My eyes shot open within moments, wondering whether or not everything was a dream and you were still sleeping silently beneath me. My immediate fear was that I had been grinding my pussy into you if you had been asleep. I soon realized you were leaning above me, waiting for me to become coherent. A wide smile was spread across your face, and I soon joined your amusement. You traced your fingers from the top of my pussy up the front of my stomach, and massaged the juice into my stiff nipples. I closed my eyes and moaned as you continued your assault on my most intimate, completely aroused flesh. Your fingers found my mouth as I licked and sucked the remaining juice. The thought of me tasting myself to you was unbearable, and you desired the same delicious treat I had just received.

You didn’t spend time working your way down my body, making me beg for your tongue inside me.

I felt your hands pressing the insides of my thighs apart, and immediately thereafter your mouth was attached to my lower lips, probing deep inside. It was as though you were making out with my pussy, but rather than my tongue snaking into your mouth to kiss you back, my clit throbbed as you sucked on it hard. My thighs tightened around your head, forcing you to eat me harder. My sighs turned Bodrum Escort Bayan to ethereal moans, warning you of the impending flood of delicious fluid and orgasmic seizure. Your grip on my clit tightened as your tongue flicked it between your teeth, and your fingers pressed inside me at a rapid pace. Soon enough, I was undulating beneath you and screaming your name.

You sucked at the entrance to my tight pussy, probing for more of the delicious substance, but I soon pushed your head away. You pressed yourself upwards, all of your weight landing atop my slender body, kissing me madly and passionately, as though you had not been kissed in years.

Your tongue found mine and swirled around, and I could taste my pussy on your breath. My body reacts to the kiss, trying to press harder into yours, as if trying to become closer—though not one inch of skin was left without contact of your strong body.

I was unable to reach between us to stroke your massive hard on, because your hips were pressing into me so urgently. I could tell what you needed. You didn’t want a hand. Or a tongue. Or a throat. You wanted to be deep inside, penetrating the very depths of my core, watching another orgasm rack my supple body as my pussy contracts and clenches around your massive cock. And so, I spread my legs as wide as I could, raising my hips off the bed. You smiled a devilishly naughty smile as you positioned yourself at the tight entrance and pushed inside.

You let only the head slide in, not only teasing me but putting immense pressure and pleasure on the head of your cock. I clenched the walls inside, giving you a very personal massage as you pushed deeper into me. Soon enough, you were buried to the hilt, not moving only to enjoy the sensations of being inside me once again. It had only been a day, but it had felt like an eternity.

Your sexual tension overtook your body as you began pistoningu in and out of me, feeling the warm, inviting, soaked flesh massage your entire cock.

You leaned forward and took my hands in yours. I had been holding your shoulders, digging my nails into them not only because of the pleasure, but also for stability. Your rapid strokes were pushing me further up the bed, nearing the headboard, and I needed to hold on. You moved them above my head, just below the headboard.

This allowed us to hold on as you thrust your hips deep inside me, and it also caused me to heave my chest upward. You bent your back to take a hard nipple between your teeth.

This time you are relentless. You do not nibble, but rather you scrape the tender nubs with your teeth, making me scream in a contrasting mix of stark pleasure and pain.

I’m unable to respond. You’ve pinned my hands forcefully over my head, so I can only thrust my hips back at you, wrapping my legs around you and raising my hips further for you to push deeper. I can tell by the look in your eyes that you’re going to cum. I begin to orgasm on Escort Bodrum your cock, squeezing you tight within me, crying out in sheer pleasure as you clamp down on my nipple. You refuse to cum when I do, but allow me to ride out the tremendous waves of pleasure. My fingers dig into your hands, pulling and straining to be released so I can touch you, but you deny me the simple pleasure. I’m astonished at your forcefulness, and love the feeling of being completely possessed by you.

I’m not completely coherent still. I feel you pull out of me rapidly, and my immediate instinct is to open my mouth. Yet I’m met with a very different action from you.

You straddle my waist and thrust your enormous cock between my breasts. You take one of your hands to hold them together, creating sensational pressure surrounding your cock, sliding between the hard nipples and warm supple mounds of my D-sized flesh. You continue to hold my hands above my head with your one arm, and I do my best to catch the head of your cock with my tongue as you thrust between my breasts. I can taste myself, I can smell my cum on my chest from your cock and it drives my wild. I want you back inside me, but I see your first spurt of cum splash from the tip of your cock, and open my mouth eagerly to swallow your seed.

You continue to pump, now using both of your hands to clamp my large breasts around your cock as your orgasm subsides and the cum stops seeping from your still-hard member. I release your hands with my own and take your cock in my mouth, sucking the remaining cum from you and feeling you soften on my tongue. You pull out and move beside me, spent, on the bed. I dip my fingers into the small puddle the pooled in the valley between my breasts and swallow it eagerly. You massage my chest gently, knowing I’m sore from your slightly rough intrusion.

You smile at me and I grin back knowingly. “So much for a good night’s rest,” I tell you playfully. “Ok, fine, I won’t wake you up in the middle of the night anymore…” you tell me in response. “Mmm, baby, you better wake me up like that again…” I smile and kiss you softly on the lips, able to taste the mixture of our sweat and cum still, smiling inwardly.

I curled up with you holding me and pulled the covers over us; the slight breeze in the room blowing past our sweaty skin sending shivers through the both of us. You felt my goosebumps and thought only of how sexy it was watching my body respond to the ice across my nipples, and stomach, and pussy. “Could you feel the ice?” you ask hesitantly, unsure of whether I’m asleep yet.

“Mmm, I thought I was dreaming that part…” I told you weakly, through a deep yawn.

“What else did you think you were dreaming,” you asked as you placed a loving kiss on my delicious lips.

“I don’t know, but if this was a dream, then I don’t wanna wake up.” I smile and nod off, back into the restful slumber from which you had woken me about an hour before.

You smile and think to yourself. “It wasn’t a dream, love. And I’ll be sure to wake you up like that in the morning.”

As you drift off, you imagine licking cool dollops of whipped cream off my pussy as the morning sun kisses our skin through the open bay window of our bedroom. Maybe another day.

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