Winner Takes AllWinner Takes All


Lara bustled around her apartment cleaning a little bit and getting things ready for her guests. Her roommate had gone to a FUEL conference and so she had the place to herself and had invited a few of her fraternity brother’s over to play a friendly game of poker. As she set out the chips and cards and put on some music she wondered if Jeremy was going to come. She had left him a message about the game, and knew he could rarely resist a game of Texas Hold Em’ because it usually meant money for him. But then she also didn’t know whether or not he would want to spend the evening in the company of a bunch of her fraternity brothers since he wasn’t a part of that particular aspect of her life. This was the typical thought in her mind when it came to Jeremy. She always wondered if he would be in the mood to see her, because she was always in the mood to see him. She was always in the mood to create some sort of situation for him to come over so that she could make it increasingly difficult for him to resist putting her into a compromising position. They were similar in the sense that neither wanted a commitment and both were attracted to each other physically. So Lara simply figured there wasn’t anyone better or closer to quench her carnal cravings with. Of course that all depended on what particular kind of mood he was in, and whether or not he actually showed tonight. But before her mind could wander any more towards what she hoped would happen after the poker game she heard a knock at the door followed by a familiar voice.

‘Open the door bitch, it’s fucking cold out here!’

She walked over and opened the door.

‘It’s about damn time!’ said Lucy with a smile in her eyes.

It wasn’t unusual for her friends to talk to each other in this manner. They had all taken a road trip to Norman, Oklahoma the week before and it had just become second nature for them to treat each other with affectionate hate. They walked in, Bryan and Amy holding the beer and Jeff with the pizza. While Lara’s kitten echo darted around their feet and begged to be pet they all sat down around the table to play some poker. Just as she popped open a beer and sat down to deal she heard another knock at the door. Her heart beat kind of fast as she opened it, hoping… only to be disappointed when it turned out to be Kennedy.

‘Thanks for fucking leaving me guys.’ Kennedy said.

‘Sor hmpf.’ Jeff said barely able to give his apology through the pizza stuffed in his mouth.

With that Lara sat back down, resolving herself that it was just going to be a couple of hours of poker tonight. Which in itself she knew would be fun too, just not as fun as what she was hoping would have happened had Jeremy decided to show up. As Amy shuffled and started to deal there was another knock on the door. So she walked over and opened the door to find Jeremy smirking back at her. Almost as if he knew that she would be excited to see him. She couldn’t help it though. She had always found cockiness attractive, and she would never be good at hiding that fact. So she had long ago simply resigned herself to taking the chance of being used- but only because she planned on doing plenty of using in return.

After a few hours of poker the game ended with everyone but Jeremy a little bit poorer. With that everyone got up to leave, including Jeremy. Trying to hide her disappointment, Lara resolved herself that it had been a fun night and tried to play off that she had wanted Jeremy to stay. But to her surprise, as she was walking everyone to the door, Jeremy let his hand slip onto the small Haymana Escort of her back and whispered into her ear from behind that he was too tired to drive back home and thought he might stay the night. She let the others out with a hug and then closed the door behind them determined not to let a smile of satisfaction come to her face. She didn’t want to give too much away to Jeremy. Even if they both knew already it was what she had planned. When she walked back to the table she saw Jeremy shuffling the cards.

‘Want to play another game?’ Jeremy asked.

‘I am far too poor to play you.’ She answered, taking the pizza boxes into the kitchen. ‘But if you let me pick the stakes, I’ll think about it…’

‘What would those stakes be?’ Jeremy asked, knowing that her mind was probably thinking of something dirty and fun.

‘Oh… How about whoever loses the hand has to remove one article of clothing,’ Lara said, thinking it could be interesting playing an old-fashioned game of strip poker.

“Okay… and what happens when you’ve lost all of your clothes because I’ve beaten you every hand?’ Jeremy said, again with that cockiness she could hardly resist.

‘Well….’ she said, thinking about what would happen… ‘When YOU have lost all of your clothes because I’m a lot better than you think, we’ll say every lost hand the winner gets to think of a task for the loser, which the loser must then perform, with the limitation being, no actual sex.’

It was an intriguing offer, and he was already imagining what he could make her do, but wondered why she was making that final stipulation. He knew that she wanted to fuck him as much as he wanted to bend her over that counter right now and take her.

‘Why the no sex rule?’ He asked, curious and semi-disappointed.

‘Well it would be a waste not to use the chips I just bought for poker, so we’ll play them and whoever has the chips at the end of the game gets to ‘buy,’ the other person, or ‘decide’ how, where and when they actually do that,’ Lara said as she pulled a sweatshirt over her tank-top.

‘Wait a second; you can’t add more clothes now.’ He said.

‘I’m cold, and unless you’re planning on keeping me warm, this will have to do for right now.’

With that he walked over to her and enveloped her into his arms, kissing her as she’d been wanting all night already. And while he distracted her with that kiss he pulled the sweatshirt back over her head and threw it away.

‘No cheating. You’re just going to get colder the more you lose anyway. But I promise to think of everything I can to keep you warm while you’re completing your tasks,’ he said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

‘That’s what you think,’ she said as she grabbed his shirt and pulled him aggressively towards her for one last kiss before the game started.

The game started kind of slow, with both of them losing their socks and shirts. Lara was sitting there in her black lace bra when her hand and the flop delivered her a four of a kind. She knew she had him now, and with that she won and made him remove his pants so that he was sitting there in nothing but his underwear. While Lara still had what he thought were three articles of clothing. Little did he know that she had been missing panties all-night. Letting the seam of her jeans make her wetter and wetter at the thought of what was going to happen. Her torn jeans were now the only thing standing in his way of the easiest access one could possibly think of. But of course, Jeremy was far better İranlı Escort the poker player than she was and with the next three hands, and a surprising smile, she was sitting across from him awaiting his first request.

‘You know, I really like this song, and I already know you can dance, so how about coming over here and giving me the kind of dance we both know you want to give me.’ He said.

So she stepped off of her chair, unashamed and confident that she looked hot and was turning him on and she gave him the sexiest lap dance he had ever had. A dance she knew he enjoyed because of how hard she could tell he was, sitting there and enjoying her. With that she sat back down trying to get comfortable even though she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter to the point where she knew it was going to be dripping down her thighs soon. But luck turned out to be on her side. With the next two hands, not only did she get him completely naked and gain a significant amount of chips towards the final goal, but she made him come over and give her a very sensuous massage. Trying very hard not forget that they were playing a game and simply fuck his brains out right there. They went back and forth, both so turned on and horny but trying to hold back on their tasks and not make them too sexual. It was Jeremy who first decided that it was time to move out of the teasing realm and into action when he won over half of her chips on a horrible bluff of hers. Her poker face was laughable. But she was still so hot. With that he told her-

‘I want you to come over here, take my hard cock into you and give me the best tongue ‘lashing’ you can muster.’ He said.

So she did just that. She took the tip of his cock and let her tongue tease it slowly looking up at him with a hungry look in her eye. When she could tell he couldn’t take the teasing anymore she enveloped his cock into her mouth all the way to its base, loving the moan he let out when she did so. She began sliding up and down, working him over and listening to the sounds coming from his mouth as she did so. Yet just as she knew he was getting close to cumming. She stopped, gave him a teasing evil look and went back to her seat and sat down. He knew she was going to do her best to win the next hand. And so she did when the turn gave her the third ace she needed for a three of a kind. With that she got up and sauntered into her room, making sure he watched her the entire way. She reemerged holding her purple vibrator and giving him a look that he knew meant she was going to be getting him back for that heavenly blowjob he had just received. She handed it to him and she said,

‘I want you to use this, your fingers and anything else, other than your cock, to give me the best orgasm I’ve ever had.’

By stipulating the orgasm part, she knew she was going to ‘win’ way before he did. With that he took her and led her to the couch and pushed her down in that aggressive way she liked so much. He leaned down and kissed her deeply, taking his tongue and tracing her collar bone and her nipples and her stomach until he got down to her dripping cunt. With that he turned the switch and pressed the vibrating phallus to the opening and slowly started inserting it so that she moaned with the fullness of it. He took his tongue and pressed it down upon her clit, so that she was feeling so much at the same time she couldn’t help but scream. He was surprised that she was so loud. Surprised but amazingly turned on. She groaned and moaned at him to fuck her with Karapürçek Escort the vibrator, to make her scream, to make her cum. And he did just that. With a final hard thrust he brought her to a mind shattering orgasm that made her entire body tingle and took her 15 minutes to recover from. Fifteen minutes that cost her almost all of her chips and several tasks because she couldn’t concentrate well enough on her cards to win anymore hands. With that she resigned herself to losing, because truth be told she couldn’t take another minute without feeling his hard cock inside of her. She wanted him to fuck her so bad she could barely stand it. So with that, though she had pocket aces and had gone all in, she folded on the turn. She just couldn’t win more chips and have the poker game continue when all she wanted was for the real game to begin.

With a look of triumph in his eyes (she would never tell him she had given up because she wanted him so much) he came over and kissed her, lifting her up by her ass and wrapping her legs around him and carrying her into the bedroom. The when and where of fucking her had already been determined. He knew he didn’t want to wait a second longer. From the way that she had screamed at him to fuck her rough and hard with the vibrator he now knew exactly how she liked it, and he was going to do just that… after he teased her a bit first. He layed her on the bed on her back and placed his cock at the opening of her wet and waiting cunt and barely pushed the tip in. Lara moaned with anticipation as he pushed a little more of his 7-inch-cock into her and then pulled out. She just couldn’t take it anymore and as he went to tease her a third time she took her hands and placed them on his back pushing hard as he thrust and making him go as deep as possible. The look on his face was a mixture of surprise and utter horniness as he let out a scream of pleasure when he filled her to the hilt. Neither one of them could take the teasing anymore. He pulled back and entered her again and again, fucking her so hard she probably woke the neighbors with her moans. After giving her a mind-shattering multiple orgasm by fucking her luscious little body as hard as he could muster he knew it was time for his choice of ‘how’ to fuck her and so as he watched her recover from the intensity of the pleasure her body felt he flipped her over on her knees and touched the outside of her ass-hole with his finger, it was already slick and wet with her juices. He placed his cock at the opening and said, ‘You did say the winner picked ‘how.'”

‘Oh, I think everyone’s a winner in this game…’ Lara said with a lusty voice, giving him the go-ahead.

With that he slowly thrust into her ass, going in and out of the tight hole. She moaned as she felt a tingle go through her body she hadn’t ever felt before. It was pleasure mixed with a very tiny bit of pain and a fullness she couldn’t have imagined. As Jeremy felt the tightness of her ass around his cock, squeezing it as he went further inside of her he listened to her moaning and just couldn’t take it anymore.

‘I am going to cum…’ he said breathlessly.

So Lara moved her body and turned around, tasting the juices that had made her all slick for him and started moving her head up and down again, repeating her performance from during the game, but doing it with such vigor he knew the goal was to get him off. And it didn’t take long watching her mouth move over his cock, taking it in and out and licking the tip with her tone as she looked up at him with her hungry eyes. With a big moan he came in deep shoots which she took into her mouth and swallowed. She looked up at him and licked the excess cum off of her lips.

With one last deep kiss he cuddled up to her naked body and fell promptly asleep. Only to awaken the next day when she brought him to a hard-on with her mouth and made him do it all over again.

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