Will They Remember?Will They Remember?


Another Saturday night and I needed a blow job. I quickly showered, pulled on my new black nylon bikini briefs and set off to my local bar to see what I could pick up.

The bar was busy, but no Saturday night bait caught my eye. Half an hour later I was ready to leave when two very drunk studs staggered in and ordered a couple of drinks at the bar.

“Two vodka shotsh pleash barman,” the taller one slurred.

“I’ll give you one drink only you have had enough!” the barman replied.

Both men mumbled their resent as they searched their pockets for some money.

“Let me,” I offered, and paid for the drinks.” You won’t get served anymore here, but I have a couple of bottles of vodka at my place if you fancy it?” They didn’t need asking twice and we headed to my apartment.

When we got in they slumped onto the sofa and I poured them a couple of large neat vodka shots. Jamie the taller one, had just split from his girlfriend and his friend Rob had taken him out for a few drinks to drown his sorrows. Obviously a few had become many as they could barely speak.

I set my seduction in motion and popped in a DVD, a particular favourite of mine called The Pantyhose Party. The very thought of what I had in mind for these two had my cock tenting my bikini briefs!

Twenty minutes later I was watching both of them rubbing impressive bulges as they watched the action on the screen. Fixing them another round of shots I found on my return that Rob had fallen asleep, Jamie was still rubbing the bulge in his jeans and a wet spot had appeared just off to the left.

It was time to get Jamie undressed as he was clearly engrossed in the movie. I crawled over between his legs and removed his shoes and socks. My hands slid up his thighs my left hand replaced his and I started rubbing the denim bulge in circular motions.

Now was the time of truth, but Jamie made no protest as my hand massaged Escort Bayan the fat cock beneath the denim, low moans escaped his lips. I now knew I had him as my right hand unbuckled his belt, popped the button, and slowly pulled down the zipper of his jeans.

“WOW!!” I had a very nice sight of a hard cock encased in white nylon and my cock twitched uncontrollably. As I eased down Jamie’s jeans his sexy bikini briefs came into full view, my cock was aching for release.

With his jeans now gone I went back to rubbing the fat cock that had become visible under the transparent, pre- cum soaked bikini. As I looked up his head was thrown back, eyes closed, enjoying the attention his cock was receiving. I decided to blow him with his briefs left on.

My tongue licked at his balls and travelled up to the tip of his cock, Jamie moaned some more as my lips engulfed the head. As I gently bobbed up and down on his imprisoned nylon covered cock his moaning became more constant, his breathing changed, and I knew he was ready to explode in my mouth! Jamie’s cock swelled and I felt the warmth of his cum on my tongue as it seeped through the fine mesh. I sucked the last drop of cum from him as my cock throbbed in my briefs.

I quickly undressed to my pre-cum soaked black bikini briefs. Straddling Jamie’s thighs I offered my nylon covered cock to his mouth, after rubbing along his lips for a few seconds I pushed and was in..

“OHH!!” what a lovely feeling. He licked my cock a little, although I was more fucking his mouth rather than being blown, it still felt wonderful!

I was aware that Jamie had stopped sucking, damn he had passed out, now I was horny and frustrated!

I turned my attention to Rob, and soon had his socks and shoes off. He wore no belt and after popping his button I slowly pulled down his zip, black nylon came into view, Mmm!

As his jeans hit the floor I could Bayan escort see he had bikini briefs similar to mine but with a gold waistband, I’ll be keeping these I thought!

Rob’s cock looked big as it lay sleeping, I gently squeezed and rubbed the bulge hoping for a reaction. Rob moaned as the black nylon started to swell and stretch, soon it was tenting those briefs as a wet spot appeared. He must have been fully 8 inches!

I didn’t want Rob passing out on me in his drunken state and I quickly sat next to him on the sofa. Lowering his head onto my bulging cock I continued to wank him slowly as he opened his lips and gorged on my aching cock. I was sure this wasn’t the first time Rob had sucked cock and I was already close to creaming my briefs.

My cock swelled and my balls tightened as I shot a load into my bikini, god it felt great!

I lay back satisfied, and then decided it was Rob’s turn to cum.

I got between his legs and sucked on that boner for a few minutes. I had to see this monster cock in all its glory, I took hold of the bikini waistband with my teeth and pulled it over the knob tucking it under his balls.

My what a beauty! I swirled my tongue around the head and sucked deeply, when suddenly without warning Rob’s cock erupted into my mouth. I swallowed all I could but some cum trickled out the side of my mouth as his orgasm subsided.

I went to the toilet to clean up and on my return saw, two studs on my sofa, one with cum soaked white bikini briefs, the other with black ones tucked under his balls. I noticed that both cocks were still semi stiff and decided to make them cum again.

I have a fetish for pantyhose and often wear them to cum into, these two were going to enjoy that sensation too!

I walked over to the sofa, grabbed their bikini waistbands, and slowly pulled them down their legs and off. I placed both pair of briefs in Escort my washing hamper, went to my underwear drawer and returned with 3 pair of black pantyhose.

I rolled the first pair slowly up Jamie’s legs and over his cock massaging it through the nylon. I quickly put on my own pair and moved over to Rob placing both his feet in the hose, then working the nylon up his legs and over his gorgeous cock. I quickly sat in between the pair and started to gently rub their nylon gussets.

Soon I was gently wanking both studs, Rob was fully hard again but Jamie was proving more difficult to get erect. I got on my knees, spread his legs and started sucking his pantyhose covered cock. A few minutes off expert sucking later and Jamie moaned as a second wad of cum erupted from his knob and filled his pantyhose.

I returned to Rob and got his hand on my stiff cock moving it up and down in a slow rhythmic wank. My own hand was wanking his black nylon covered cock and a wet spot had formed in his pantyhose.

It feels wonderful to have someone gently wank your cock while dressed in pantyhose and if you get the chance try it, you won’t be disappointed!

My orgasm rushed through my body as I shot into my pantyhose, Rob’s cock twitched as my pace increased and. I watched as it exploded into his pantyhose, white cum oozing through the nylon.

I was truly satisfied. I walked over to my hamper and slid my pantyhose off and in to it.

As I looked at the two studs, both men incased in black cum soaked pantyhose, I hoped they had enjoyed the experience as much as I had but doubt they would remember as they were so far out of it.

I reached for Jamie’s pantyhose waistband and pulled them off his legs and cleaned up his now limp cock with them, repeating the same task with Rob having another quick squeeze of his soft now 5 inch cock.

I put both their pantyhose in the washing hamper and returned to dress the two studs, minus their bikini briefs of course, my reward for giving them double orgasms!

I left them sleeping on the sofa and headed to bed. When i woke the next morning they had both gone. and I wondered.

Will they remember?

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