Wife’s Friend wants Sex with HerWife’s Friend wants Sex with Her


Chapter 1

My wife (Cathy) and I had been married for just over ten years. Two, usually lovely, kids who were at school. My career was going well and for the first time in years my wife had a little time to herself as she looked to find a new job. Her best friend (Jackie) was just going through a difficult break up that Cathy was trying to help her through. One day quite out of the blue Cathy said

“You have always said that you have never had any interest in other men. Is that completely true?”

I confirmed that boring as it might be, it was completely true. Cathy had always admitted that at her all girls’ school she had experienced and enjoyed a small number of sexual experiments and experiences. She had also said that as an adult she had no interest or maybe never found any woman attractive.

I knew I needed to ask what made her bring this up. She said that Jackie seemed very mixed up but was considering looking for a female to have sex with. Jackie didn’t consider herself to suddenly to be gay but was curious enough to consider it. Given she was unattached this seemed a good time. Cathy said this in such a way that it seemed to leave something hanging. I looked at her in such a way as to encourage her to finish her thought process. She hesitated before saying.

“What would you think if I said that I was interested too?”

“Interested in looking for a female to have sex with or interested in having sex with Jackie?”

Again an awkward pause before very quietly she just said “Jackie”. I was aware she was watching very carefully to see my reaction. My surprise was not at her answer of Jackie but of the fact that she was considering any woman sexually. If you believe what you read it seems that nearly all men want to see their partner have sex with another woman. I can honestly say that if I had ever thought about it, it was a thought that never got taken anywhere.

“It is like a bolt out of the blue. I suppose it would depend a lot on how you saw it. I cannot stop you having sex with Jackie, or anyone else for that matter, but I would want to understand it in the context of our marriage. Have you been thinking about Jackie, or any other woman, for long?”

“No, only the few days since she mentioned it. I have to confess, well tell you something though.”

Again the hesitation and I was a little bit concerned about what she would next say.

“Yesterday when I said goodbye to her she kissed me. We always kiss goodbye but this was not a peck on the cheek it was a full on sensual kiss.”

“What did you make of it?”

“It was very sexy. I have to confess that I kissed her back, I am so sorry.”

I did laugh but added.

“If that is all you have to confess to then chill out. Do tell me that is all you need to confess to.”

“Oh thanks it has been eating me all day. And I can promise you that is all there is to confess to as far as what happened. I am a little disturbed as since she first mentioned it I cannot get it out of my thoughts. The idea frightens me but ulus escort also it … it has excited me. The kiss has only made things worse.”

It had only been a few nights earlier that we had enjoyed the best sex we had had in years. Cathy had been like a woman possessed.

“Did Jackie raise the subject the first time last Friday?”

“Eh yes I think it was, why?”

“What do you remember about the sex we had last Friday night, young lady?”

“Oh shit yes it was amazing wasn’t it? Do you think that what Jackie said affected me that night? I can’t believe I didn’t link the two things. Should I apologize to you or something?”

Now I really laughed and Cathy soon relaxed enough to join in. We cuddled and she relaxed further before saying

“I could apologize by taking you to bed if you think that is appropriate. The discussion has left me feeling more randy than I can remember for years but I would understand if me getting excited in this way is not good for you.”

“Right now seeing you clearly highly aroused is just wonderful. I would rather not analyze why you are excited but just enjoy it. What do you say?”

I always enjoy going down on Cathy and we often enjoy it as a significant part of our foreplay. That evening after I had been trying extra hard to give her the best licking and sucking ever I paused and said

“Close you eyes and imagine that I am Jackie, or any other female.”

I went down on her again and it was only a couple of minutes later that she pushed me away and said.

“I am so close but please don’t finish me with your tongue please fuck me with your lovely cock.”

I nearly went down on her again but thought better of it. I turned over, lay on my back and told her to come and get it. She jumped on me and took me balls deep in record time. I could tell that she was trying to make it last for me but she failed miserably as she exploded in an orgasm that reminded me of our early days together. Throughout this long and explosive orgasm she just kept apologizing. As sexy a sight as her cumming was I didn’t cum with her. Normally she is too sensitive to carry on with penetration once she has orgasmed but this was different. She teased me half a dozen times bringing me right to the edge before stopping. When I did finally cum it felt spectacular.

“Well if thinking about having sex with another woman has the effect it has done the last twice then promise me you will not try and stop thinking about it.”

“You are an amazing man, thank you so much for not being angry or insecure about things.”

We simply cuddled up together and slept without any further discussion that night.

Chapter 2

The next day we were both very keen to discuss things further but had to wait until the evening and some time alone. Cathy was having lunch with Jackie and I was desperate to be a fly on the wall. I had no idea how the conversation would go. I didn’t dare ask until we were alone for the remainder of the evening.

“Well yenimahalle escort what did you say to her? Did you say you would sleep with her? What did she say? Come on, I need to know don’t keep me guessing.”

“I told her you were being really brilliant about it but I felt I would be cheating on you if I slept with her. She seemed really disappointed and then said if it was you that was the problem she would be happy if you were there. In that way I wouldn’t really be cheating on you.”

This changed everything. From needing to allow my wife to have a sexual experience with another woman now I was being invited to watch my wife having a sexual experience with another woman. What man with any blood running through his veins wouldn’t at least be excited by the possibility?

Jackie was a striking woman and for the first time I tried to imagine what she would look like naked and even more in the throws of sexual excitement. My whole attitude had changed in moments. I didn’t want to sound too enthusiastic but asked her whether she was still excited by the idea of sleeping with Jackie. I think we were both dancing around our actual feelings. We knew each other well enough and laughed as we admitted that the prospect for each of us was more than exciting.

We invited Jackie to come for a meal the next Saturday to discuss the possibility of her sleeping with Cathy. I am sure we were not only sure it was going to happen but we were all sure it would happen on the Saturday. Fortunately we had agreed to order a take-away when we were ready to eat. We didn’t get anywhere close to ordering food. Within seconds of me delivering a drink for all three of us Jackie just said

“Well are you up for it?”

She addressed the question to me but Cathy was not excluded. When I answered rather too quickly that I was very up for it Jackie took Cathy’s drink from her hand straddled her lap facing her and kissed her deeply. Cathy kissed her back with so much enthusiasm and passion I was rather taken aback. Jackie now took control. She started by leaning back and unbuttoning Cathy’s blouse before unclipping her bra. My wife was topless in seconds. Her eyes glazed over as our visitor played with her nipples. When Cathy looked like she could take no more Jackie took her own top off showing she was not wearing a bra. She sat up high and ensured that Cathy latched onto her thick nipples like a starving child might.

The sexuality of the situation was so intense that there was never a chance to retire to the more comfortable environment of our bedroom. Cathy showed absolutely no sign of reluctance or nervousness. She showed all the signs of arousal almost immediately. Her face, neck and upper chest were flushed, her breathing changed and what I could see of her eyes conveyed pure sexuality.

Jackie held Cathy’s head and directed her mouth from one aroused nipple to the other. As Cathy released each nipple they looked swollen and hard. Jackie was whispering things tunalı escort that I could not always hear but sounded like instructions like “now bite” and “suck harder”. The atmosphere was electric, charged with sexual passion and arousal.

Nothing was rushed even when Jackie climbed off Cathy’s lap. Kneeling in front of my wife it appeared completely natural for Cathy to lift her bottom off the seat to enable her skirt and panties to be removed in one go. In doing so Jackie had also pulled my wife down so that her bottom was nearly off the chair. When Jackie found Cathy’s pussy with her mouth the first noise was a deep sigh. Very quickly this changed to loud moaning as Jackie clearly found her target.

I loved to go down on my wife and she always welcomed it. I had never seen her respond like she was now. I couldn’t see the detailed action but the reaction made it very clear that she was being held on the very edge of orgasm already. Cathy was now babbling about how it was wonderful and she had never felt so good. There were a lot of yes, yes and no, no’s but what they were meant to indicate was lost on me.

It suddenly struck me that during this time I had paid little attention to the attractive, topless woman that was kneeling between my wife’s legs. Although her boobs were not big they were a beautiful shape. As I admired her she stood up and offered a hand to Cathy. Cathy looked disappointed that things were changing. She was soon on her back on the floor completely naked with her legs well apart. Jackie was quickly naked and now lay on top with one leg between Cathy’s and one of Cathy’s between hers. I now had a wonderful view of Jackie’s bottom and her pussy as she gently humped my wife’s leg. Cathy’s arms were above her head as Jackie kissed or rather pecked all over her face. The two of them seemed completely wrapped up in each other. When Cathy wrapped her legs around Jackie’s the humping started in ernest. The lack of a prick did not seem to bother either of them.

I was mesmerized by the view of Jackie’s bottom as it tensed and relaxed as she ground down on my wife’s leg and pussy. Cathy looked completely lost as her face screwed up as if in agony. The noises she was making seemed to support the fact she was in pain. I laughed to myself as I realized that in fact this was how she looked and sounded when she was approaching a strong orgasm. What happened next changed everything. With a frustrated sigh Jackie shouted.

“Quick Ben fuck my arse. Now, now quick.”

I was stripped below the waist in seconds. My prick was no problem as it was rock-hard. As I entered Jackie’s surprisingly open bottom I heard my wife finally succumb to a beautifully powerful orgasm. Jackie fucked my prick more than I was allowed to fuck her arse. She thanked me time and time as she exploded in orgasm. She squeezed my cock so hard and so many times that I was unable to prevent myself squirting deep into her bowels. I was deeply disappointed as I had wanted to fuck her bottom forever.

Things slowed down as we all remained where we were and relaxed. Later we showered together before sharing our bed. The cuddling between the three of us was lovely. In the morning the sex was very relaxed. I was not excluded from proceedings but admit that watching my wife giving and receiving oral sex at the same time would be what I would remember for the rest of my life.

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