When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part IIWhen the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part II


His Memory I run furiously down the hall after you, my cock, still hard as nails, wagging from side to side. I don’t even slow down when I get to the door, I just put my shoulder down and barrel right through it. I bang into the sink as I crash through it, almost crashing into the toilet and the wall behind it.”Bitch, you are going to finish me off!” I rip the shower curtain back to reveal you, one hand at your mouth, one covering your breasts, startled and hunched into the corner of the shower, the water pouring down around you. The look of surprise and fear on your face emboldens me and I reach up and yank your thigh-high hose hanging from the shower rod. I pull your hands away from your face and your breasts, bobbing up and down as you flinch back, and I quickly tie your wrists together then tie them to the shower pipe, just above the streaming shower head, forcing your head and front under it and the water starts to pour down your face. “What the fuck are you doing? No, stop…..I have to get to work, don’t -” “Fuck work, bitch, you’re going to finish working ME, first! – Spread your legs. Spread your fucking legs I said!” I yell when you don’t immediately comply.”What are you going to do?” You yell as your mouth is filling with water and you continuously have to spit it out in order for you to almanbahis speak.”I’m going to finish what you started, bitch” I yell back as I pick up the soap from the tray. Water is beating down on your head and face, it gets in your eyes and forces them closed, it gets in your mouth if you open it, and it even gets up your nostrils when you breathe. Your chest is heaving and the water bounces off your breasts as they rise and fall and jiggle back and forth. The water cascades down your front and runs around and over your pussy, running off your pussy lips and down your legs.”Fucking bastard let me go!” You cough and have to spit the water out, turning your head as far away from the flowing stream as possible, trying to catch a glimpse of what I am doing behind you.”It’s not so funny now is it? Leaving me there like that, about to cum.” I say enraged as I slap your ass back and forth and run my hands all over your wet body.”O.K. O.K., you have proven your point, I’ll suck you now, I’ll make you cum. Just untie me, Now!” You say willing to compromise and spitting water out of your mouth and trying to open your eyes.I start rubbing soap all around your ass now, making bubbles, making you slippery as my hands squeeze your ass.”STOP! …Please….!” You scream but more water goes in your mouth and stifles almanbahis yeni giriş you mid sentence.”Please?”, I say mockingly, “Like the way you made ME say please? Say it again bitch!””Please, baby I know you’re furious at me just untie me and I’ll make you cum, right here.” “Oh yeah? Will you close your eyes as well, and put your hands on the fucking wall?” I yell and start to soap your inner thighs now, right up to the edges of your pussy lips.”Yes, baby, anything, just untie me and I’ll suck you off.” You spit more water out of your mouth.”You didn’t say please.” I say in demanding tone. “Please, baby, PLEASE! You sputter through the water that is pouring down on your face.”Please what?””FUCK! Please untie me””So you can do what? Tell me in detail, I want to hear it. What would you do if I untied you?” As you feel my hands all over your ass slipping and sliding all around.”Ohhhh, ok, um…shit…I, I’d suck your cock. I’d suck it until you came real good, I promise baby.””Oh, you promise, do you?” As I run the bar of soap up between your ass-cheeks, paying special attention to that special hole I love so well. “How would you suck my cock, bitch?” As I push one of my fingers up your tight little hole as I struggle to get it in and then slowly it glides in and up.”Oh! Fuck!, shit!” almanbahis giriş You say as you continue. “Oh, I.., I’d put it in my mouth and lick the head.” “What else?” I say demanding you to speak as I pull my finger out and step closer in between your legs and I take your cheeks in each hand.”Uh, uh, shit….I’d push my mouth down over your cock and push my head down and suck you in…” You start coughing because water gets in your mouth.Meanwhile, I force your ass cheeks as wide apart as they will go and push my cock up to you, rubbing it up and down with my right hand. “Go on, you’re not done yet bitch.” I yell in your ear.”Oh, I’d, uh, shit; I’d suck your cock down my throat and swallow, sucking it down as far as it would go.” You say in a shaky voice as the water is affecting your train of thought.I bring my cock up to my favorite lovely hole of yours and suddenly push the head right into you, forcing your hole wider and wider to take the width of my cock then roughly pushing past the entrance and up and into your ass. “And then, bitch, keep talking!” As I grab your neck and force your face up higher.”Oh, God! Oh, God! Uh, fuck, I’d – I’d.” You have to spit more water out to breath as you try to move your head away from my hand. “Speak!” I yell and move my cock slowly into your ass more and more. “Oh, I…I…I’d pull my head back over your cock and lick it with my tongue!” You say breathlessly as I tighten my hold on your neck.I push my cock into you as far as it will go, bumping my hip bone against your ass cheeks.

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