Subject: When Daddy Comes Marching Home The following is a tale of father/son incest. Don’t like this subject? There are scores of others to choose from. Search the incredible library. You’ll see what I mean. Nifty depends on donations from readers like you. It is imperative to keep this free-speech site thriving. Please donate on Niftys secure donation page. The author can be reached ail Please allow some time for a response. I get a lot of emails. Pics get a faster response. When Daddy Comes Marching Home 1945 – end of World War II Grand Central Station was unbelievablely crowded and sweltering. Tom was jostled by oblivious commuters either because of his dimunitive size or their own self interests. A steady hand on his shoulder kept him in check. His eyes strained to find the one soldier among the sea of many. It had been almost four years ago that his father had enlisted leaving him in the care of relatives. The young blonde had felt orphaned as he was moved about Brooklyn and Canarsy amongst family who treated him with gentle indifference. Now the war was done and his daddy was coming home. Home. Uncle Phil had leased a one bedroom in Flatbush and Aunt May and her daughters had furnished it with much female relish. If they had thrown in mustard and catsup Tom figured it would have been complete. It was all nik-nacks and doilies. “That’s him!” Uncle Phil yelled. Tom strained but there were too many bodies in his way. He couldn’t see, he couldn’t see! Where was his father? Did he look the same? Would Tom recognize him? Where was he?! Men were suddenly hugging. Women pulled at the man he still couldn’t see. Why couldn’t they just leave him alone so he could see him? All he saw were the blue pants and what looked like a suit jacket. But he couldn’t see his face! Pats on backs and shoulders and tears amid laughter and once again Tom was forgotten. Then the striped tie in front of white shirt was in front of him. Hands clasped his upper arms bare of the short sleeved shirt. As the body in front descended the firm grip slid down his arms to his wrists and there was the face. Eyes as green as the sea with dark brows and a brilliant dimpled smile that revealed Pepsodent teeth. The face was square and strong and open. The large hands slid into his own and for a moment Tom only heard the sound of his own heartbeat. “Hey, kiddo,” the deep soft voice of Keith began. “Remember me?” As his heart pounded he studied the flashing myriad of emotions crossing his sons beautiful face. Eyes as blue as his late mothers and skin as clear as alabaster and the high cheekbones that… were spilling tears. Keith pulled his son into his arms hoisting him upward as he stood. Tom buried his face in the Aqua Velva scented neck as he hung on fiercely. The tears wouldn’t stop. And he didn’t care who knew it. Daddy was home at last to stay! Tom was never sure how they ended up at the apartment in Flatbush. All he would ever be able to recall was the crowded car ride home that allowed him to be curled up on daddies lap. The conversation was loud and jovial without his participation. He clung to his daddy who in turn held him tight. He’d heard his name mentioned a few times but even that aroused no curiosity. He simply felt secure. Keith admitted the apartment was a good choice in a good neighborhood even if it was steeply priced at fifty-five dollars a month. He was shown the roll-a-way cot under the sofa for ‘the kid’. With a full larder and fridge he was impressed. Aunt May and her girls not only made the afternoon meal but cleaned up the dishes. After much back-slapping and a few more years of drama from the women Keith and Tom were finally alone. The Andrew Sisters were harmonizing on the radio when Keith turned to his son. “Well, the relatives haven’t changed.” He looked about the flat. “Aunt May still hates to see any empty space on a table.” He picked up a porcelain figurine of a shepardess. “Did you pick this one out?” “No way, Jose!” Tom laughed. Keith looked at the lad. “Oh, so you do speak. I was beginning to wonder. And you’ve grown! Holy, Toledo! You were that tall when I left.” A flattened hand hit the side of his knee. Suddenly he was struck with a thought. “What about me? Have I changed?” Tom beamed. “No.” He chucked the boys chin. “Well, I have. Fucking war’s changed everyone.” Tom’s eyes widened. He hardly ever heard swear words and even rarer the f-word. The boy followed his dad into the bedroom stopping at the doorway. On the bed sat the luggage. With an athletic grace his dad opened the suitcases taking the contents from bed to drawers. “Where’s your knapsack?” “Hmm?” Keith kept up his ministrations. “Got rid of all the army once I was discharged except for these.” The paws tossed over the clinking metal. “They’re for you if you want them otherwise toss them in a drawer.” Tom put on the dogtags with reverence. He felt kind of grown-up all of a sudden. “When do you go back to school?” “September.” “Almost two months. I’ve gotta get me a job. Fast. This place costs a fortune. What do you do when you’re not in school?” “Hang with my friends. Go to the movies.” “Movies? Son of Saul, I haven’t seen a film in I don’t know how long. Anything good out now that you haven’t seen?” “One with Betty Grable called The Dolly Sisters”. “Good enough for me. Those legs got me through a lot of lonely nights”, Keith laughed. “Saturday. We’ll make it a date. Tomorrow I’ve gotta start my job hunt. I better head out and find a paper.” “You can’t get a newspaper on Sunday, daddy.” Keith suddenly stopped filling the drawer to turn and look at the boy. Half sitting in the bureau he studied Tom. “When I left you spoke so little. You were such a quiet kid. And gaziantep escort now…’Daddy’. I’m your daddy. Fuck”, he whispered. “A good paying job. Wonder what I’m qualified for? Don’t suppose the enemy is here, hunh?” “There were enemies here. They executed two spies. And one of them was a woman!” “Holy moly! Not a woman!” Keith teased the solemnity with which it was said. “Why there could be enemies here. In this flat.” Slowly he moved forward with mock menace. “In my bedroom. In the doorway!” He lunged forward sending the lad screeching happily as he dashed away. Tom ran around the coffee table but was attacked. The arms flipped him upwards, caught him then wrestled him to the ground. Laughing and giggling they rolled about the living room. In their rough-housing they bumped into the table sending the shepardess into oblivion. The paper was perused in frustrated silence by Keith. He was unqualified for most and those that were available he didn’t want. The pencil circled few ads but he was determined. “Tell you what. Let’s scour the neighborhood and see what’s around here. Maybe I’ll find something close to home.” Hand in hand father and son walked the beat. Several stores, a couple of garages and a few office buildings were all within easy walking distance but retail paid too low and Keith had no idea what most of the offices held in the way of jobs. Most lobby directories had names that made little sense to the man though a couple of the advertising firms he knew by product names. He’d call in the morning. Nothing ventured… Dinner was soup and sandwiches. They played checkers that evening while listening to the top forty songs on the radio. Tom sang along to many of the tunes but when a song came on that Keith knew he joined in as best he could. “Time for b-e-d”, Keith spelled. “I’ve gotta have a bath. It’s Monday.” Keith chuckled. “So you’ll have a bath then go to bed.” He looked over at his retreating son. “Am i supposed to do something?” “Daddy, I know how to have a bath.” “Just checking in”, he mumbled. The bear cleaned up both dishes and games. The water began to fill the tub in the distance as he sat on the sofa with the intention of reading the issue of Life. His body had other plans. It was his own snoring that woke him. The apartment was quiet save for Bing Crosbys crooning. There was peace here and a content rolled over him. Suddenly he was up, bounding to the bathroom, heart in his throat. Throwing open the door he startled his son. The boy cupped his sex as a scream escaped his throat. “Sorry, sorry”, he stammered. “I fell asleep. I didn’t know for how long. Heard no noise.” An annoyance began to rise in him, more at his own reflex than anything else. “Daddy!” Tom leaned his torso as he brought up his knees. “I’m naked!” “That’s usually how you take a bath.” He looked at the cowering boy. “For the love of Pete! I’m your father. I’ve seen you naked before. I changed your diapers. He’ll, I’ve even washed your pecker! So don’t go all girly on me!” Tom didn’t know what to do. His father looked so mad and he felt so embarrassed. His own father walked in on him bare. His eyes filled with tears. Keith looked at the red pinched face of his bawling son. “Ah, he’ll”, he said as he got to his knees beside the tub. “Don’t cry. I was just afraid you might have drowned or something.” The red face was tear stained. “I didn’t drown.” Keith gave off a gentle laugh. “Well, obviously.” He ran a hand down the wet back then up in a soothing gesture. “When you spend nearly five years expecting trouble you get reflexes that work in automatic.” He leaned in bringing the boys head to his neck. “I’m sorry I scared you.” He chuckled. “I guess I scared myself, too.” Tom looked up to see relief in his father’s eyes. It brought a strange sort of satisfaction to himself. His small hand felt the stubble of the handsome face. For a moment the just looked into each other’s eyes. Keith suddenly hooked his paws under the smooth armpits. As he stood up he raised the boy from tub to floor. Pulling a towel from the rack he pulled it about his son like a blanket as he once more fell to his knees. He rubbed the back of the terry cloth which in turn dried his sons back. Stopping he brought his hands over the shoulder then down the arms until he clasped the wrists. As he looked into the sapphire eyes he slowly pulled the arms wide allowing the towel to drop. Tom watched his father’s gaze move from his eyes then down his naked body. He knew what his father saw. His chest was pearled at either side with a dark beige pap. The body was lithe with no rounded belly behind his inny bellybutton. His sex was uncut, smallish with a white stalk that held a pale pink knob, behind which hung a little bag with perfect pea-sized balls. His thighs were firm, his knees a bit nobby but his legs were strong, his feet perfect. And as the gaze moved over his body he felt the unease disappear. Keith drank in the intoxicating beauty of the boy. Throughout his time overseas he had seen so much ugliness that he had almost forgotten what true beauty was. Looking upwards to the serene beauty of the angelic face he felt a lump form in his throat. Pulling the wrists over his shoulders he released his clasp to carefully pull his son into his arms. The hug deepened until they both clung to each other steadfast. “You will never know how much I missed you”, the man sighed into his sons neck. “I missed you all the time”, Tom said. Holding his sons hips he held him far enough that the small hands still clasped the back of his brawny neck. Offering up a sheepish grin he said, “Well, at least we’re home together now. And I’ll tell you one more thing, you should never be shy being naked suriyeli escort in front of me. You’ve got nothing to be shy about. Hell, I’m never gonna be shy in front of you.” Tom took that comment in. “Honest?” “Ten fingers up to God.” His eyes revealed merriment. “We’re two guys living in one place. Now I’ve seen your pecker and you’re going to be seeing mine.” He watched the boy blush. “What?” “I never have. Seen a man, I mean. You know. I mean bare.” “Really? Living with our relatives must have been a real honky tonk.” Keith stood up releasing both their hands. Tom watched as his father began to undo his shirt. “Watcha doing?” “No time like the present. You empty the tub so you and I can have a shower.” He pulled the shirt free from his trousers. As the water began to gurgle away he pulled the shirt free. Standing in front of his son he undid the belt buckle. He noticed the boys eyes move up and down rapidly, from his waist to his eyes. “It’s okay to look.” He unbuttonded the pant waist. “I want you to look.” Tom stared as the fly was lowered. The pant flap was opened as the weight of the belt buckle dropped them to his ankles. The loose white boxers were shoved to mid-thigh. There before him stood the hirsute man almost completely naked. The black bush was thick and dense. Coming out of the wiriness was a long thick dark shaft below which had a thick purple knob that seemed shiney, almost silky. The full loose bag seemed to thrust the pole forward. A paw lifted the shaft to hold it out as if for inspection. Keith said gently, “This is where you come from. My cock helped create the beauty that is you. I want you to see and always remember: from this cock came your life. Whenever you see this remember it is a part of you. It is as much yours as any part of you. As such it is yours whenever you want.” Tom stared at the bold wonder. “Mine?” “Yours.” Without any further comment Keith stepped out of his clothes to then get the shower going. Once it was of ambient temperature he had them both step in the tub pulling the curtain closed. As he stood under the spray he quickly soaped his hair then arms and shoulders and chest. Still covered in the suds he changed places with his son washing the lads hair before rinsing away the soap. Keith pulled the nozzle to allow the spray to clean his hair and upper torso. Crouching he began to soap his sons torso and legs then gave a quick turn to the boy to soap his back. Tom stood under the warm water enjoying the unexpected attention The large hands slid with soapy ease all over his body. Even the paws on his butt felt sure and strong as each hand sized mound was soaped and the valley soapily teases. Spun towards his dad once more the beefy fingers carefully washed his little cock and balls. Tom admitted to himself that this felt best of all. And to be able to gaze into those kind eyes seemed to complete everything somehow. Keith stood. Handing over the soap he said, “Here. Wash my legs.” The boy did son as he knelt in the tub. Once he got to the feet Keith turned and the soapy hands washed up one calf then the other then did both thighs. At the moment of hesitation the father turned his gaze over his shoulder. “Don’t stop. Butt and back, too.” Tentative hands slid up one hairy cheek. “Come on, son. You’ve gotta move quickly before the hot water goes.” The impetus caused the hands to move faster and with purpose. Both cheeks were washed then the lower back. Paws grabbed his cheeks spreading the valley wide. “In here, too.” Tom slid the soap down the ass crack. His fingers slid over the thick wet hairs that covered the valley floor. When he found the slight pucker of the hole he let the bar slide back and forth in embarrassed silence. “Good job, son. Make sure it’s rinsed. I don’t want no soap on my asshole.” The compliant fingers brought a grin to his handsome face. Satisfied he faced the boy. “I think you’re ready for the big time.” Tom obediently soaped the dangling man-cock and hairy fat balls. The boy felt grown-up being able to take care of his daddy in such a mature way. The cock felt heavy as did the big balls. When he felt he had lingered long enough he stood up then looked upward beaming as he did. “Excellent job, my boy. You’re hired”, Keith laughed. Rinsing himself then his son he turned off the spray before they towelled themselves dry. “What should we listen to on the radio before you go to bed?” “Dragnet.” Curled up on the couch in their clean pyjama bottoms they listened to the cop show for its half hour run. With a quick kiss Tom slid into his fold away cot as his dad closed up the apartment before heading to bed. For four more nights their bedtime ritual was set. Tom was pleased to be greeted each morning with his dad in a short-lived T-shirt and nothing else. Sitting at the breakfast table the boy could watch the muscled ass bounce firmly as his dad prepared the food and was rewarded with his diligent gaze when the cock metronomed as the plates were set at table. And each night another wonderful shower. Saturday afternoon they went to the Bijou Movie Theatre to see the musical Tom had suggested. A pastrami sandwich after completed their date. But that night at home Keith nixed the shower. “Let’s just not worry about it. Tomorrow’s Sunday. We can have a shower in the morning instead.” He grinned at his sons disappointment. “Honest, we will.” Winking at the sudden gleam in the blue eyes he undressed right there in the living room for his appreciative audience of one. The shirt, the trousers, the boxers all were removed. Then he took the small hand in his leading them into his room. Beefy fingers began to undo Tom’s buttoned shirt. “I think you should be bare, too.” rus escort “Me, too”, Tom smiled broadly. The shirt was opened to the waist then the belt was opened as were the pants. The shirt was opened by its last two buttons and slid off the slim shoulders falling to the floor. The pants and underwear were pulled down in one scoop. Tom stepped free in his nakedness. Keith remained kneeling as his paws slid from knees up the boys sides then rubbed over the smooth chest. “You are fucking magnificent”, Keith cooed low. Paws slid over stomach and groin. Then fingertips slid over the too-white cocklette to feel and fondle the small young balls. “Just beautiful.” Eyes met eyes as he gently molested the sex. Tom sighed at the loving attention from the war hero. His dad kissed then suckled one of his nipples. Surprised by the press of man tongue his hand touched his dad’s shoulder. “Daddy?” “Shh. Daddy loves you.” Keith slid his mouth across warm flesh to the other pap. “Mmm. You taste so good.” Suckling, licking the mouth and tongue trailed down to belly then groin. Pushing the boy back to the bed he eased him up onto the mattress. The mouth sucked in the entire sex. Cocklette and balls were suckled and tongue bathed. Tom gasped. The sensations were overwhelming. And the knowledge that the powerful man had chosen him for such love tripled the magic running through him. He took his ankles and spread them so daddy could have as much access as possible to his dirty places. And when he looked down into those green eyes they were smiling. Keith let his mouth release its treasure as the tongue slid to dance about the crown jewel of boys. With twirling tongue tip he assaulted the boy hole. Lapping. Poking. Teasing. Prodding. Then with lips encasing the jewel the tongue bored in with snaking rythm. As the hole relaxed the muscle filled the center. Then the tongue was up over the wee nuts, the engorged stiffy and onward to his sons lips. “Open your mouth, baby. Let daddy in.” With the slightest parting of his lips Tom felt the fat tongue slither in. It feathered about his own as spit dribbled in. He swallowed mouth juice in his first incestuous french kiss. The strong arms brought him airborne in a tight hug. Lithe legs wrapped about the strong waist. When lips separated Keith gazed into his sons face. His dimpled grin brought a smile to the angelic visage. “You’re one hot tamale.” He spun them around then danced to the music on the radio. “Fuck, I’ve missed you.” “I’ve missed you.” Keith laughed. “And are you ready to show me how much?” His sons blush was interrupted by another deep kiss. “Think you’re ready for your first man cock?” He walked them to the bed. With his father sitting on the bed Tom was stood between the thick thighs. With large paws pressing down on his slim shoulders he went to his knees. His hands rested on the thighs as he looked ahead. What appeared to be gigantic to the boy was in reality an eight inch hard-on. The head had flared in purple insistence. The shaft stood bloated in its pride. Below hung the familiar fat balls hiding in the loose hairy sac. He stared in awe at the grandeur of his father. Keith pressed his thumb at the base of his cock levering to allow the piss slit to face the boy. A hand soothed over his sons hair to rest at the base of the neck. “This is for you, son. To love. To enjoy. To fill your mouth. Just come closer. That’s it. Don’t be shy. You and him are gonna be close friends. You’ll know what to do. All boys do. Just think of him as a nice big friendly lollipop.” As Tom felt the knob touch his lips as he kissed the piss slit. “Ah, nice. See? He’s very friendly. Go ahead. Do it again.” Tom grinned as he planted another kiss. Then another. And still more. “Now, remember he’s like a great big lollipop. He likes to be licked.” The tongue touched the warm flesh. Retracting the tongue he sampled the flavor. It made him smile. Then he began to give light feathery swipes. The curves of the crown were tasted, then the tongue licked over the top of the knob. As he tasted he noticed a creamy musky essence that was good. Perhaps salty, but good. Keith sighed as the sensations crawled from cockhead to balls. “That’s it, son. Lick all around daddy’s fat plum. Make him shiney with spit.” The taste was strong in his mouth. He supposed that this is how all daddy’s tasted like. Tom wondered if all of his friends were this lucky. “Son, I think he’s a little cold. Why not open your mouth so he can slide in and be nice and warm.” Keith stared into the wide eyes as his knob was sucked into the sweet mouth. “That’s it, baby. Keep him safe. Suck gently, baby. Suck him up.” The knob filled his mouth. The tongue swiped at the leaky head. His mouth salivated with cock-taste and yummy slimey precum. Hands clasped the hot pole as paws covered his ears. His head was moved back and forth in steady rhythm. “That’s the way. Suck daddy’s cock, son. Your mouth is so fucking good. The best blowjob I’ve had in months. You keep that up. Daddy’s going to give you something really tasty. A nice thick load of cream that every boy would love.” Tom bobbed his mouth up and down the end of the prick. Daddy breathed harder with every hard suck. “Oh, baby, I’m so close. Daddy’s gonna shoot a nice dump of sperm into my sweet son’s mouth. Get ready, baby. I can feel it rising. It’s coming, son. Coming. Oh my fucking cock!” Tom’s head was stilled. Then it happened. An explosion of thick waves of salty goo spurted into his virgin mouth. He gamely tried to swallow but rivers of cum slithered out of the corners of his rounded lips. Still, the boy gulped what he could. Keith felt his cock jerk it’s final spasm then the log began to deflate. He marvelled at his sons insistence to keep the knob in his sucking mouth. “If that’s what you want,” Keith chuckled. “Keep it up. Daddy’ll give you another load. Whatever my son wants.” Tom would never sleep on the fold-way again. And Keith had all the boy-love he would ever need.

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