What price, curiosity? Part 1, WitnessWhat price, curiosity? Part 1, Witness


“You look like shit!” Paris peered over her sunglasses and took in Tom’s seedy appearance. The heavy eyes, tousled hair and dark stubble that shadowed the ridge of his jaw could lead to only one conclusion – he hadn’t been home last night. Her lips pursed as she blew the foam from her cappuccino. “And you’re late. Again.” A small burst of air raised a chestnut curl from in front of hazel eyes as she huffed her displeasure. Tom looked down at his wrinkled shirt. “Just rolled outta bed,” he drawled as he tucked the crumpled linen of his shirt back into his slacks. His slow, crooked grin revealed a devilish face full of mischief as he leant across the table to kiss her cheek. “Oh god, don’t kiss me,” she grumbled. “I don’t know where those lips have been.” Paris made a show of wiping her cheek with her napkin as she leant back into her chair. “So, whose bed did you sneak out of this morning? Lisa, Amanda? Oh god, please, tell me it wasn’t Vanessa the Undressa?” Paris laughed mockingly, “I still can’t believe, that woman, had the gall to break into your house last week in nothing but a coat and heels!” “She isn’t the first woman to do that, you know,” Tom smirked, “But, she is the first to do it in front of my entire family.” Tom grimaced slightly as he heard again his mother’s gasp of shock and saw her horrified face as his entire family watched Vanessa spray whipped cream over her smooth snatch and sing out ‘Happy Birthday, baby’. “I think the chocolate coated nipples were a bit of an over kill though. Don’t you?” Paris bit her lip, a useless gesture as her lips twitched anyway. “It’s not like I invited her, you know,” he grumbled. “Oh god, I almost wet myself…” Tom leant forward, interrupting, “Oh yeah, interesting,” he whispered. “I always knew under that sweet, girl next door smile, you were a kinky biatch.” He watched her with a leer. Eyes rolling skyward, Paris shot Tom a cutting smile. “You can’t tell me lines like that actually work?” A grin flittered at the corners of his lips as he slouched back into his chair. “Sometimes,” he grinned cockily. ”So, tell me, why the wet panties then?” Paris shot him a filthy look before a small smile tugged at her lips. “It was the way your mum kept mumbling, brazen hussy, under her breath. Who says that?” giggled Paris. “I swear I thought she was going to throw Vanessa out butt naked onto the street.” Tom chuckled, “Oh yeah? Now that’s something I’d have payed to see.” Tom grinned, the image of his tiny mother manhandling anyone, let alone a naked woman with chocolate nipples and a creamy snatch, made him laugh. “I sort of thought that the cherry positioned atop her pussy Anadolu Yakası Escort held a certain appeal, didn’t you?” Tom’s grin was contagious and had Paris smiling. Her eyes rolled dramatically while an evil grin caught and played at the corners of her twitching lips. Tom grimaced, “This is going to haunt me forever, isn’t it?” Paris met Tom’s pained face with laughing eyes. “Probably. Actually,” she mused, leaning forward on her elbows, “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat cherries again thanks to that woman.” Tom snorted and his eyebrows wobbled ridiculously. “Now that’s where we differ, I can’t get me enough cherry pie. Add a little dollop of cream and hmm,” he grunted in pleasure, the sound resembling the ecstatic snuffling of a warthog rooting around in mud. “In fact, had me some cherry pie for breakfast,” Tom hummed as he lewdly smacked his lips. Paris screwed up her napkin and hurled it at her best friend. “Yuck, you’re so gross sometimes! I don’t know why I put up with you. And it’s, I had some, not, had me some.” Tom threw an arm around the back of her chair; a mocking smile etched deep grooves into his cheeks as he chuckled, “You’re just jealous that Mr… what’s his name… Jack, Jake, Jase?” “Jason,” snarled Paris. “Yeah, that’s right. You’re just jealous that Jase never made you a banana split sundae with cream and nuts.” Tom smirked and Paris found herself almost smiling at Tom’s lame humour. Her gaze followed Tom’s hand as he idly summoned the waitress from inside the small café. A single brow swiftly arched upward as she watched two waitress’ bustle through the door, each trying to out manoeuvre the other. The short, buxom blonde played dirty; with a dig of an elbow and flick of her curvy hips, she sent the slighter built redhead careering into an empty table. “What can I do for you?” the breathless waitress cooed as her fingers traced the plunging vee of her shirt, blatantly drawing attention to the quivering globes that threatened to erupt from her shirt at any moment. Tom’s dark eyes stroked the length of the woman’s body, lingering on the ample rise of her breasts. His deep voice rumbled softly as he leant forward and peered at her name tag. “I can think of any number of things…Tiffany.” “Oh, for god’s sake!” Paris snorted softly. The slight emphasis on do made Paris want to gag and she kicked Tom’s shin under the table as she watched him almost drool down the woman’s chest. “I’m going. I’ll catch you tomorrow?” Her lip curled slightly and she shook her head, shooting her chair backwards as she swung her way into the café to pay her bill. Slipping through Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan the door she decided to duck into the ladies first. ::~:::~:: Paris wiggled her jeans back over her hips, a disgusted sigh whistled between her teeth as she sucked her belly in. “Damn pants must be shrinking,” she muttered under her breath. She grimaced slightly as she drew in a breath and the button slid into place. A door slammed and girlish voices broke the silence as Paris slowly adjusted her belt buckle, resisting the temptation to slip the buckle out another notch. “Oh. My. God, Tiffany. I can’t believe that you, like, just shoved me into that table. It’s like, sooo totes embarrassment!” the whiney voice echoed throughout the bathroom. “Well, Tom was waving to me, Amber. Sooo, really it your own fault, you shouldn’t have tried to hone in on him.” Paris assumed the smug voice belonged to the buxom Tiffany and rolled her eyes at the possessive tone. Poor girl was delusional “He’s just sooo totally gorgeous, don’t you think? Those dark eyes,” a heartfelt sigh accompanied Tiffany’s statement. “OMG, when he smiled, that dimple! I swear I totally creamed my panties!” Paris’s nose wrinkled in disgust and she mouthed a silent ‘eww’ as she paused to listen in to the girl’s conversation. “You’re so lucky,” whispered Amber, envy making the words heavy as she sighed dejectedly. “Did he, like, ask you out?” “No, not yet, but I just know once that stuck up bitch he’s with leaves, he totally will.” ‘Stuck up bitch!’ mouthed Paris, her eyes narrowing into slits as she hissed under breath. The voices slammed to a halt as the door creaked open once more. Startled giggles came from both the girls. “Tom!” they both screeched, sotto voiced. “You can’t come in here.” “Sure I can,” was his confident return. “See, I’m already in.” Paris, her face pressed to the crack in the door, watched as Tom winked at the girls. ‘Such a cheesy bastard,’ she thought, ‘but damn if those two air heads aren’t falling for it, hook, line and sinker.’ “Amber, sweetheart, do me a favour would you? Stand watch for a moment, there’s something Tiff and I need to talk about,” Tom smiled as he gently tucked a strand of red hair back behind Amber’s ear. “Sure, I can do that for you,” giggled Amber and shot a conspiratorial smile Tiffany’s way as she walked behind Tom’s back. Paris hesitated. Curiosity burned in her gut and smothered that little voice that screamed at her to leave. Was her best friend as good as all the whispered giggles implied? “Finally,” rumbled Tom as he slowly stalked the quivering blonde. “I’ve wanted Escort Anadolu Yakası to get you alone the minute I saw you. Come here, girl.” Paris rolled her eyes heavenward at the lame line but it didn’t stop her from watching Tom as he wrenched Tiffany by her ponytail into his arms. Paris’ eyes grew round as saucers as she watched Tom seduce the curvaceous waitress. His fists gripped either side of Tiffany’s shirt and yanked apart the flimsy material, his rough manhandling shot buttons in every direction. “Beautiful,” he whispered as he slowly prowled forward, backing a gasping Tiffany up against the counter. Paris glanced down rather ruefully at her own small handfuls and wondered what he’d say if it was her pressed naked up against his chest. Paris shook her head in disgust, ‘Where the hell had that thought come from?’ With a compulsion she couldn’t ignore, Paris’ eyes strayed once more to Tom. He’d kept Tiffany’s hands confined in the remains of her ruined shirt and had them locked in one hand behind her back, which caused her breasts to thrust upwards and her nipples to protrude through the lace cup of her bra. Tom leant forward; his mouth hovered only centimetres form the woman’s flesh, allowing his heated breath to raise goose bumps across her chilled skin. His dark eyes maintained constant contact with the panting blonde as his teeth plucked the turgid peaks through the lace. When his tongue gently lapped against the straining tips, Tiffany sobbed quietly; her back bowed over his arm which forced the pale flesh deeper into the heat of Tom’s mouth. A moment later sharp teeth began to tug at the glistening nubs and Paris felt her knees buckle in sympathy at the startled yelp of pain that slipped from Tiffany’s slack lips. Hot sighs and Tiffany’s melting whimpers of pleasure reached Paris’ ears through the flimsy ply of the door, making her blush. ‘This is my Tom, for crying out loud’, she thought. The same boy she used to trade insults with through the chain mail fence that ran between their childhood homes. The boy who’d pulled her pig tails in class, and the terror who’d teased her unmercifully when she’d gotten her first bra. There were some things a girl just wasn’t meant to see and her best friend sucking on the enormous tits of a slutty waitress was one of them! Paris considered leaving the stall, weighing the embarrassment of exposure against the mortification of arousal, but she just couldn’t seem to remove her eye from the crack in the door frame. “Fuck, babygirl, look at those tits. Let’s get this off.” With an expert flick of fingers, Tom removed the lace that covered Tiffany’s quivering breasts. His big fingers cupped and mashed the huge globes together as the tip of his tongue flicked the tips; teeth nipping and biting, leaving red marks on the translucent flesh. Tom’s heated mouth was everywhere, scorching a damp trail from one nipple to the other, growling into the curve of Tiffany’s neck and biting on her earlobe.

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