Subject: What He Did On His Summer Vacation Chapter 1 Disclaimer: This is fiction and any resemblance to actual events is coincidence. This story contains sexual acts involving a fictitious young boy, do not read this if you do not wish to view this or it is illegal where you are you should probably stop now. Story made to be posted on fty. Please do not reproduce without permission. ****************** What He Did On His Summer Vacation Chapter 1 : How I Started Watching My Son ****************** I let him go out onto the sand. My son Shawn. He’s 10 years old, almost 11, but he’s. Well, he’s kind of turned into a hot piece of ass. I couldn’t say that to him. Or to my husband of course. But I do like to take him to the beach by our house everyday. I let him do this because I get to reap the visual benefits. I watch my boy play in the water and sand. With other boys and families on the beach. He’s a perfect 10 on my scale of attractiveness. The scale I keep from everyone else Though i admit this rating may be somewhat biased. Tan and toned, sandy blond hair and more outgoing than I ever was at his age. Getting to watch him splash around in his pink speedos is always a treat. Seemingly unaware of what it does to some men like me. It’s something I haven’t even told my husband. Never even dreamed of it, too much risk to even prod at this sort of thing these days. I love him too of course, and he’s attractive for sure but still. There’s nothing like a boy’s tight body. I watch as he runs out to play in the water while I settle in on a towel. The beach is busy today. Lots of people and especially boys runng around. I watch my son run out and join them. I’ve become good at not getting erect at the display ever since we started coming here the last few years. I walked over to the beachside tiki bar to get a mojito. the bartender was a cute 20 something named Manuel. Muscley and tattooed. He was a guy I’d flirted with a bit. I figured he was just being ce though. A bit out of my league and probably straight. He was a good bartender though. Gave my son free virgin pina coladas sometimes when the boss wasn’t looking. My hubby was away on business this week so I ordered a double strong to help dull my desire to jack off. He’s not there to tisk me the way he does so fuck it right? Getting back to the beach I settled in with my drink. It was paradise. Sun and sand and boys abound to watch. I looked around to find my son and finally spotted him in the crowd with some other kids and two other men. It looked like they were learng to paddleboard. I let myself think about what my boy might do to them, took a big swig of my mojito and I must have drifted off a bit. Openg my eyes and jolting up a bit at the sensation of waking up. It had obviously only been a couple minutes. The sun was still blazing but I checked for my son. Dad instincts popped up and I got on my feet to make sure I could find him. Wasn’t where we used to be with the paddleboarders. I looked up and down the beach. Scanng for my boy. I used my same system I’ve learned to find him over the last few years. I looked for his bright pink swim trunks even though it made me ashamed a bit to be looking for my own son’s ass. I finally spotted him. Or what I thought was him. Spying a small pink speck on a boy down the north end of the beach. He wasn’t alone though. He was with some adults and was being ushered into a bungalow off the beach. I wasn’t sure it was him, but I needed to find out where he was and this was my best bet since I didn’t see him anywhere else. Creeping up to the bungalow I saw another man go in. I went up to the shaded side where no one could see and peered in the window. I didn’t want to barge in on some random family after all. My eyes opened up so wide I thought they’d fall out of my head. What I saw was my son. My little preteen son in full on make out with one of the beach bodied men I saw go with him. I was stunned. Everything was in view. My son’s obvious willingness, the man’s hard cock, and as I looked around; I saw another man with a camera. It was obvious what was happeng. My kid was part of a porno shoot now. My board shorts were aching even though I didn’t want to believe was I was seeing. I watched the man kissing my son slide his shorts down. A thick 7 inch at least cock came out. Somehow I must have slipped my own cock out of it’s now uncomfortable confines. Was this really happeng? The man with the camera got closer. I watched my son smile his big toothy grin and slide his pink speedo off. This was the first time I saw my son erect. He was 3 inches, being 10 he was naturally hairless and uncut since my husband and I weren’t fans of that tradition. Now I saw it sticking straight up and proud while The guy touched him all over. My son reached for this man’s cock and smiled as he felt it up and down. Before I knew it my cock was in my hands and I was fully watching with no regard to the outside world. This was a private cove and a secluded spot. No doubt why they chose it for this act. As soon as the words came out of my mouth he was performing the action. “Suck it….” I muttered to my own surprise. My boy leaned in and kissed the man’s cock as if he’d heard me ask him to. Beg him to. This is what I’d wanted to see. What I’d wanted to do. Right in front of me. That’s when I heard the door to the bungalow open and a man came in. A larger black man. He walked through and greeted the others. Seeming to take only a casual acquaintance with my son who was now stuffing escort kocaeli more of this first man’s cock in his mouth. He sat by my son and started rubbing him. I heard his booming voice come through the walls. “Oh shit! You got a cute one today!” “Hell yeah!” The man getting a blow job from my boy confirmed. “He’s a natural! And so willing too.” The black man kept rubbing my son all over. I noticed he was focusing on his legs and ass. “Think he’s ready?” The man chuckled. “Says he has two dads and wants to be like them. I say go for it.” The cameraman said as he went for a new angle. “Ok kid. Get ready.” The black man said as he slid up on the bed and mounted my son. My heart beat seemed to stop watching the cock slide up my boy’s tiny crack. There’s no way that would fit in him. I wanted to stop them all but my cock in my hand was too hard. I needed to see this. And my son wasn’t protesting. So it was ok, right? As I watched the man behind him lube his cock up generously I heard my son speak for the first time since this started. “D… Do it! Please!” He moaned out as the cock at his entrance pushed in. “Holy shit, this kid’s a SLUT!” The man at his mouth said. That was enough for me and as shameful as it is to admit I came on the wall of the bungalow then. My cum dripping down the wood surface as I panted and groaned. My own hormones now resolved, I felt a bit of disgust with myself. I looked back though and saw my little boy being fed dicks in both holes now. I felt my duty was to at least watch him take this step. “Fuck…. fuck him…” I said quietly from my vantage point. The black man slapped my son’s ass as he pushed in the last bit of his cock. My son panted and grunted. I didn’t know if he’s done this before but I knew now he wasn’t a virgin. The man grinned and rubbed my boy’s ass. “How’s that cutie?” “Ung… ung…. it’s… Good.” My boy replied in a rougher grunt that his natural highish lilt. My view was blocked then by the camera man getting a shot of the cock in my boy’s ass up close. I’d wondered what it would look like before but now it was happeng. And lots of men would watch it. “Fuuuuck baby boy.” The guy in my boy’s hole grunted as he started to hump him. Taking long, slow strokes to get him used to the feel of an adult inside him. “Awwww yeahhh!” The man said as he built up a rhythm. The man my boy was tending to with his mouth was just watching now as my son got railed. “Ah… ah…Ah!….Ah!…AH!..” My son grunted with each thrust. He never sounded like he was in pain. It honestly sounded like the last time I’d bought him cotton candy and he’d moaned in pleasure at the first sugary bite. I looked again and I saw the first man putting something against my son’s nose. “Breathe” Was he? Was he giving my son poppers? It couldn’t be anything else. I watched my son convulse and slam himself back on this man’s cock feeling the rush come over him. I was hard again and jacking off watching. In my own haze just like Shawn. “Fuck him…. Fuck hiiiim” I moaned. My own cock aching for what was to come. “How do you want it?” The man fucking him seemed to ask the cameraman. “It’s his first go. Blow inside dude!” “Aw, FUCK YEAH!” The man grinned as he sped up. “Gonna blow inside this little bitch!” He gripped my son’s hair and pulled him up. My son who’s only been grunting to this point shot back. “Unnnnnng… Ye!.. Ye!.. Yesss!” Was all he managed as the man slammed in hard and held him. A few deep thrusts and I knew it was done. My boy was having cum pumped in him. That’s when I came again on the wall. The look on my son’s face was pure exhausted pleasure. I could hear clearly the wet slapping sounds as I realized that the man had of course not worn a condom. My mind raced through the thoughts coming in as I thought about having just watched my only son getting barebacked hard. The man’s slick, glisteng cock pulling out of my boy knocked me back to reality. Or some semblance of it. I realized right then that as soon as this was over my boy would be looking for me back at the beach. I didn’t know when this… shoot was going to end but I knew I had to go quick or risk getting caught. I stuffed my still semi hard cock in my board shorts and checked what was happeng on the bed again. Shawn was crawling on the black man and in full make out with the man who’d just gave him his first creampie. The first man from before looked like he was getting ready to have his turn. I wanted to watch. I wanted it so bad and my re-hardeng dick wanted it too. I had to leave though. I hobbled back hiding my hardon to my beach towel and waited. Pretending to sleep for my boy to get back. Or more like be released from his new fuck buddy’s hands. In a wait that felt like forever, but was likely only about half an hour I heard my boy’s voice call out. “Daaad!” He said. coming up close to where I lay fitfully awake. Images of what I’d just seen happen to him coursing through my head. “Did you fall asleep again?!” “Y… yeah I guess so,” I said faking a tired voice, “sorry kiddo.” He didn’t sound nervous. I looked him up and down. He looked like the same perfect boy I’d come here with. I knew he was different though. A boy just isn’t the same after that experience. I know I wasn’t when I had my first time with an older teen when I was 12. My husband and I always joked that it’d be awkward to try and give him “the talk” if he ended up being straight as an arrow. I knew that wasnt possible now. And he was already being kocaeli anal yapan escort taught. “You tuckered out?” I managed to say. “Yeah, I think so!” Shawn chirped. “Let’s get home where it’s coooool.” We walked to the car and I noticed Shawn wasn’t runng around like he usually did as an energetic kid. He was walking very carefully. I could guess why. He was feeling the semen at his hole and didnt want it to spill. Quite an embarrassing event. We got in the car and drove home mostly in silence. I put the radio on to ease the tension that may have only been there on my end. We got home like normal and Shawn shuffled off to the bathroom immediately proving I was likely right. I myself went to my office and locked the door to figure out what to do. My boy was having sex with men now. ****************** It was several hours later. We’d had dinner and Shawn was doing homework quietly like an innocent angel. I slunk back in my office and browsing some parts of the internet I normally dared not. Boys had long been my obsession and pursuing that I found some sites online that were, we’ll say, less than legal. I haven’t been on these places since my son started school but I knew where to go immediately. No one was home but me and Shawn though. Little chance for distraction and getting caught. The place I frequented for boy porn was the same as it ever was. Same headers of adorable little underage boys at the top and links to take me to any part of boydom my heart desired. This time I knew right where to start : Hardcore Video. The most recent came up on my screen. I opened up every one from today in their own tabs. Hoping that this was going to be the place they’d posted it. The first one I got excited for was called “beach boy.” It turned out to just be a different boy on a beach jerking off. It was ce, but not what I was looking for obviously. Others from that day were also misses, I only had a few more and was honestly not expecting to find it. Hoping they would upload it later, and soon. Then I got to a video titled “PBS – Pink Boy Slut” Figuring it was going to be some cross dressing I was only going to breeze through. But then the preview image loaded. It was my son. Defitely my son. Sitting on the bed I’d seen him in earlier and holding a sign greeting the viewers of this site. He was still in his pink speedo but his legs were spread. And he was defitely erect. I couldn’t download fast enough. These sites always had much slower speeds and I never really had a problem with that until right this moment. I spent the time reading the video description as the download bar crawled agozingly slow. ************************************ “BRAND NEW KID! FIRST FUCK!” “This precious little slut found us in a local meet up chat room! He’s got two dads and was curious if he’s gonna be a gay like them and well, we convinced him to find out with us! I don’t want to spoil it but. This kid’s fuckin’ QUEER.” ************************************ I scrolled down to see some of the first comments. They praised the quality of the video and, I couldn’t help but feel some sick pride when some called out how horny my little boy was and the things they’d do to him. Some of the ideas the other forum posters had were quite… exciting. I was halfway down the page when the download fished. I rushed to open it and was greeted with glorious HD. My boy tossed the sign aside that he had displayed for the preview picture and smiled at the camera. “Hiiii!” His voice chirped. I could tell he was nervous but I couldn’t blame him knowing what he was going to do. I saw the man from before walk up to my son and sit next to him. “Hey everyone,” The largish white man said. He had a balding head and a gapped toothy grin as he put his arm around Shawn. “How you doin’ kid?” The man said. “I’m… I’m fine!” Shawn answered. The man smiled at this and nuzzled up closer. “Tell ’em what you’re here for then.” My son blushed and looked away from the camera. “C’moooon” The man prodded, squeezing him lightly. “I wanna know if I’m gay…” He finally stammered out. “Why’s that?” The man asked. “Wel….” My son rocked back and forth, resting nuzzled in this stranger’s arms. “My dads are gay sooooo. I want to know if I am too… I guess.” “Adorable!” This man grinned as he tussled my son’s hair. He shifted and then slid out of the trunks he was wearing to show his 6 inch hairy cock. My son looked in awe. It was the first (I assume) adult cock he’d seen since he started taking his own showers years back. And now one was right there in arms reach and my son couldn’t take his eyes off it. “You like it huh?” He rubbed my boy’s shoulder. Shawn nodded but kept looking. “I get stiff like this when I’m around sexy boys like you.” Shawn blushed at the compliment. “And that makes me a homo like your daddies.” He glanced over to my son’s crotch and smiled at the tent by boy was currently trying to cover with a hand. “Let us see.” He said to him. Shawn blushed hard and almost pulled away a bit but the man kept a hand on him. “It’s ok.” His other hand slid up the boy’s leg as bit. I felt my cock twitch in my hand in anticipation. And then it happened. My son smiled sheepishly and reached down. His swim trunks slid down his thighs and revealed a tight tan line from his daily beach visits. Then my boy’s cock came springing out of it’s nylon confines. As a boy lover I’d seen many in my younger internet journeys, and I admit to being biased izmit yabancı escort in this case, but his was perfection. I was guessing about 3 inches, of course hairless, uncut, and balls that looked like they were just on the verge of dropping. As if the cameraman could read my mind he zoomed in on that little package. Shawn giggled as the two complimented him. “Damn that is fucking NICE.” I heard a different voice I presumed to be the cameraman say as the shot zoomed back out. “It is. You’re a very sexy boy indeed.” The man next to Shawn said. My son blushed and smiled and then as soon as it came down he slid his trunks back up with a laugh. “You were hard like me though kid.” The man next to him smiled. “I think that might just prove you’re gay.” My son grinned and bounced on the bed. “Yeah?” “What do you think?” The man said to the camera operator. “I think it’s safe to call it, kid. You’re queer just like your daddies.” Shawn seemed very pleased by that judgement and he smiled wide. “Awesome! I hoped I was!” The man moved to be in front of my son and the camera swung to compensate. “Let’s do some more gay stuff then ok?” My son nodded at the suggestion and the man leaned in to kiss him. Soon they were exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues and this is when I had started to watch from my own vantage point. I furiously jacked my cock just like I had earlier. I got to watch the other man show up and take Shawn’s virgity. Only now in HD with close up sound. I felt jealous twinges watching every thrust but more than anything I was glad Shawn enjoyed it. I was glad he was getting his first gay experience. “Holy fuck Shawn…” I whispered out loud as I saw up close the black man’s glisteng cock slide out of his no longer virgin asshole. My boy let out a deep, slutty moan that I hadn’t heard from my outside vantage point that made me nearly cum. I stopped my hand from working my aching dick. They swapped positions around Shawn. This was about when I decided to make my run back to my beach towel so I was excited to see what my son had got up to. As Shawn kissed the man who had just fucked him the first man from before positioned himself up behind his butt. “Jesus man, look at this thing.” He motioned to the camera man who swung around to show off Shawn’s gaping boy hole. It was open about the size of a quarter. With cum leaking down his leg. I had to stop the video and relax for a moment just staring at my boy. “Fuck. I don’t even need to lube up!” The second man said as I turned the video back to play. He slammed in my son’s ass with a wet slurping sound as Shawn groaned hard and gripped the black man he laid on. “Haha! Go easy one him!” The man holding Shawn said. “You’re only his second cock!” He said. The man fucking my boy slowed down and laughed, embarrassed as if he’d spilled some coffee. “Yeah sorry,” He said now slidin in long and slow strokes up his hole. “He’s just… fuckin’ tight.” “Let me fix that for you.” The other man said grabbing the bottle of poppers from the ghtstand and putting it to Shawn’s nose. He already knew what to do and breathed in deep and within seconds was moang louder and moving his body back in time with the thrusting inside. “Unnng fuck I’m gonna cum in you gay boy!” Came the man’s voice as he pumped hard and fast. The other man’s hands reached out and spread Shawn’s smooth cheeks open for the finale. I was working up along with him, putting myself in his position and imaging what it was like to be up my son’s asshole. “G– Good boy Shawn…” I heard myself say. On screen the man thrusted in hard and held his dick in deep. “Unnngggg! FUCK!” The groan came out as the man unloaded inside my son. Meanwhile I was over the edge. “Take it Shawnnn… You… fuckin’ slut!” I sighed out a little too loud and gritting my teeth, I came all over my shirt in huge amounts. I was never one to cum a lot or a little, pretty average but I felt like I was being drained. On screen I could see the man slowly thrusting in and out while being told to “fuck the loads in him deep.” Focusing back on the video I saw Shawn’s face up close obviously exhausted from his ordeal. The cameraman had moved in close and pointed down to his own cock that he was stroking. I could hear him struggling. “Fuuuuck. Open up baby boy. Open that cute mouth Shawn.” I sat back in shock realizing that these men knew my son’s real name. And who knows what else. This went through my mind as I watched Shawn got his face covered in the man’s load. And putting it right in his mouth to fish shooting for good measure. The video faded to black slowly as Shawn sat up and the black man tussled his hair. “Let’s get you cleaned up cutie.” was the last thing before it went black and ended. I must have sat for a minute thinking about everything until I was surprised by an openg door. “Daaad?” I heard Shawn half yawn. I nearly freaked out due to the nature of the spill on my shirt but thankfully the large computer motor I have would have blocked any view of it from the doorway. “Y… yeah Shawn?” “I’m gonna go to bed ok? I’m sleepyyy.” “Oh! Oh that’s a good idea!” I stammered. Trying to keep speaking normally like a stoner talking to a particularly suspicious cop. “Goodght son… I love you.” “mmm I love you too dad. Goodght.” He said in a low grumble and I heard the footsteps heading upstairs to his room. When I heard his door close I relaxed in a huge sigh. I made a plan. I needed to check his computer the next day. See what these men know about him and what they’ve been saying. I crawled to bed myself and drifted off after a long while of contemplating everything that was different now. ****************** Thanks for reading! Feedback is much appreciated as I don’t normally post writing online. My email is ail

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