What am I Without You?What am I Without You?


(Sequel to ‘Waiting for the Storm to Pass’)


Laura sat on their creaky bed and smoothed moisturiser onto her legs, worked from her ankles up to her knees before the lightly scented cream was deliberately applied in long strokes to her thighs, to the soft skin that she knew her man, Paul, would devote time to and was always a prelude to his loving of her.

She had lazed in a hot bath, luxuriated in its water after a day out walking that had seen them caught in a thunderstorm and seeking shelter under a tarpaulin draped over two stacks of pine logs. They had been fortunate enough to pass them in the early stages of their walk.

Her lustful man had wasted no time in coaxing her to share in a tempestuous frolic as the lightning flashed overhead and rolls of thunder boomed all around them and echoed in the valley. Paul’s energetic ways, which needed no coaxing from her, had distracted her from how cold she had become, her sodden clothes having to be stripped off and she standing in the gloom, which was the space between the log piles, as naked as the day she had been born. Paul had played his part, stripped off his walking clothes and they had taken to each other like rabbits in season.

The remainder of the walk, in sunnier but blustery weather, had been something of an anticlimax after all that had been shared; she too tired, or her mind elsewhere, to do anything more than sit back on the hard seat, and in the narrow confines of the side car, as Paul rode their motorcycle combo back to the small hotel and a much needed and welcoming bath.

She had failed to persuade him to join her, Paul deciding to wring out their sodden clothes and do what the hotel receptionist had offered; to hang them all in the hotel’s drying room. It seemed that walkers, over the years, had asked for such a service and the hotel had happily obliged them.

‘I’ll go have a shower…then I’ll join you,’ he smiled, Paul’s deep voice evidence, if it were need, of his vitality. ‘I don’t see you wearing that little number so often…’

‘I thought we’d relax, darling… and we do things a little differently from this morning.’

‘It was fun, though,’ he grinned, his bearded face creased in evident pleasure at the memory, ‘and you didn’t stop me. You looked wonderful then, as you do now….’

Laura heard approval in his tone, did not prevent a moment’s featherlight caress of his fingertips to her thigh as she slowed in what she had been doing. She preferred to feel his touch upon her and to associate that with what was again on her mind. The hem of her silky nightdress was soon drawn up over her legs, the cami top with its faux lace and flowery detail shaping her heavy breasts wonderfully.

‘Don’t be too long in there, will you?’ she urged.


Laura heard his voice echo in the small en-suite bathroom, the rattle of what she took to be his shaving gear. Paul then sang softly, to himself, and curiosity got Sarıyer escort the better of her.

‘I love you just the way you are,’ she called out to him before she chose to push open the door that he had not closed.

‘Naked, you mean?’

‘Yes, that too,’ she laughed out and on going to him, her arms soon embracing her man. His skin felt warm from the shower he had taken, bore the faint aroma of a favoured shower gel that he always used.

Paul had brushed back his luxuriant hair, a stark white against his tanned face. He had trimmed his beard and shaved his throat, all of it done to tidy up his appearance. She saw his open face with its creases, by his mouth and to the sides of his eyes, also on his forehead. But he had the appearance of a fit, tanned and healthy man who looked after himself, not obsessively so, and who did that for her.

Laura couldn’t keep from clinging to him, possessively, as she slid her hands over his chest and belly, tugged on the tangle of pubic hair before she lightly held his long, thick, flaccid penis. She kept Paul from reaching for a pair of lounge pants.

‘You won’t need those,’ she kissed, her lips brushing the skin of his back as her hands worked him expertly and in ways that she knew Paul liked and would respond to like a man sipping the first drips of water after being lost in the desert. She squashed her breasts against his back, felt him reach behind him and grip her hips.

‘Jeez! How you work me!’

‘And then some,’ she answered huskily. ‘Supper can wait. I have to get my own back after what you did to me out there in the woods…’

‘Made me do you mean!’ he laughed knowingly but to tease her anyway.

‘You started it…’ she sniggered, now moving under his arm and soon facing him, standing on tiptoes and seeking his kisses, her hands clenching his buttocks as she brushed her belly against him. ‘I feel something stirring…’

‘It’s not just me then?’ he laughed through her sought-after kisses, lifting his head and feeling the press of her lips to his throat as she again worked his length with one hand, brushed fingers over it as another squeezed on his sac. ‘This is different….’

‘You said it,’ she smiled, looking up at him. ‘This morning was wild….this will be better.’

‘You’re overdressed, my darling,’ he suggested, his hands tugging on the skirt of her nightie.

‘And you know what to do about that,’ she assured him. On a laugh, and before Paul could react, she skipped away and soon fell back on the bed, her thighs parted and the hem of her nightie close to her waist and exposing her hairy mound to him. She held his look upon her, as she fingered herself, then held out a hand to him. ‘You do it better…’

‘I’d better pull the bed away from the wall…’

‘Do that…we don’t want everyone to know what you’re doing to me, again.’

Laura saw his arm muscles flex as he lifted the bed at its Escort Silivri base and dragged it away, the pillows slipping down into the space he had soon created.

‘Is it rest, or…or is it this?’ he asked on a mischievous grin, soon kneeling beside her shoulder and his hands soon offering sweeping caresses to Laura’s thighs, her belly and then moving under her nightie. ‘Mine…you’re mine to look at and to love.’

She met his kisses, snorted through them as his fingers trailed down over her body to linger at her opening, one hand cupping her mound and squeezing on it, gently and rhythmically, before his middle finger slowly entered her body in slow, erratic, circles that opened her, caressed the sides of her vagina as it gradually plumbed deeper and deeper.

‘Undress me!’ she gasped, bucking her hips to meet his claims upon her, her feet digging into the mattress as she squirmed to reach for his prick, coaxed him to move so that she could take it in her mouth and respond to his questing touches.

‘In a minute…I’ll undress you in a minute. I love seeing you in that nightie…the hint of all that you bring wrapped in silk…that slides over your skin.’ One of her breasts soon filled his mouth and Paul circled his tongue over it and the hard, erect nipple; used the fabric to heighten the pleasure that he sought to bring to his woman.

She writhed under these claims, heightened by his hand again cupping her mound and his fingers caressing her parted labia before one entered her once more, was crooked as it was drawn out slowly, each time quicker and more purposeful.

‘Darling…Laura, darling?’

She kissed his questioning into silence; shuddered as her body was wracked by an orgasm that had her stifling her cries of dismay at its suddenness.

‘Look what you’ve done to me…turned me into!’ She pushed him away and dragged the nightie off her body. ‘Now it’s my turn…don’t be surprised if I want to break you.’

Paul lay back and his woman straddled him, let him caress the sides of her breasts as they brushed over his skin before she moved, held his penis at the base and lowered her mouth onto it until she could take no more.

‘Is it pay back time?’ he hissed, trying to make it sound as a joke.

‘You’ve got it…we understand each other, my darling.’


Laura’s smile, as she gazed down at him, became contorted by her efforts. Paul kissed her harder as their shared passion and expectancy mounted, their mouths open, their tongues flickering and searching, or lapping each other’s faces and lips. Even as she bucked and tugged on him, the bed creaking softly and rocking, his hands sought to caress and claim; moved over her hips, buttocks, her tummy then thighs, or his fingers pressed her slit just as she pricked the base of his shaft as she took it in her, deep.

‘You…you make me so wet…so wet!’ she gasped. ‘I can’t hold onto you…’

‘You’re Topkapı escort bayan doing fine, my darling!’

Paul pushed off the bed and embraced her, had Laura press forward until she sat on the tops of his thighs, and he felt fully embedded in her. They shared in snatched kisses ass she slowly moved to keep her heightened state of arousal at its peak. Her breasts and nipples tingled and were harder than she could remember; the wildness of their loving out in the woods having her hunger for him all the stronger. He claimed her nipples in his mouth, felt Laura shiver as his tongue flickered over them.

Laura lent back further, heard him gasp as she stretched and tugged on him. She let him roam over her breasts, her throat and shoulders before she pushed him back down onto the rumpled duvet.

Their loving claims weren’t rough but pursued for pleasure, a shared pleasure, and that none of their teasing words could disguise.

‘Darling…oh darling! Sorry…but…but I’m…’

She felt a tremor course through her body, felt his hands on her hips as he was pulling her down onto him, caressed her deepest places with that pole of flesh that she never tired of taking to her body. Her heart felt as it was pounding in her ears and she looked down at her man with unseeing eyes, as if they were hazy from their shared passion. She felt euphoric even as they rolled over and he pushed up her legs until her thighs were wrapped around his bucking hips, or she gripped her ankles as his hips crashed against her buttocks.

‘Woman! Where do you get the energy?’ he gasped as she worked him, still, with her muscles gripping and tugging on him; her face contorted in effort and uglier. It was all of no consequence.

On a stifled gasp as their mouths crashed against the other’s they climaxed, her legs suddenly feeling rubbery and lifeless as her orgasm, then another, overwhelmed her She felt as if he had been drained, the tingling rushes of his release making her yelp in acknowledgment as he stifled his cries on kissing her breasts. She pressed them to his face until she felt him slowly collapse upon her.

‘Stay there…stay in me! Don’t you dare move! That was wild…’ She brushed her hands over his back, caressed his body with her aching legs. He had filled her, and they had shared in a feral heat that their day out in the woods had aroused in them, and where they now were. The place, and bed, might be strange but their pursuit of each other uninhibited as it always was.

She shivered as Paul finally withdrew and she lay against him, in a foetal position, her body moulded to his and her hands clamping Paul’s as they gently cupped her breasts, his breaths soft on her back.

‘I love you girl…you’ll always be that to me, the one I met and loved from day one.’

Laura felt the tears spring to her eyes.

‘I love you too. What am I without you?’

Their trips away on the motorbike, the fun and laughter she shared in with him when they met others in the ramblers club, their times together with their children…they gave her a full and purposeful life. Beauty was only skin deep, some would say, but her man made her feel that she had it in abundance in every other way that mattered.

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