Welcome to the AcademyWelcome to the Academy


“We are leaving!” his Aunt called from the doorway. Brian hurried and pulled on some pants and rushed to her side. “Sorry…,” he began. “Now, now. No time for apologies, we don’t want to be late!” He followed her into the car and took a seat; noting the bags in the trunk. “Where are we going Aunt Stacy?” he asked. “You’ll see soon enough,” she said. After a quiet car ride winding through small streets and underused roads, the car pulled up to a large, grand building. “Where are we?” Brian asked. “What have I told you about almanbahis questions?” Aunt Stacy asked. He closed his mouth and followed obediently. As the pair strolled inside the building, they took notice of the paintings on the wall. One of the paintings was of a nude male, his legs forced open by an extremely large, oversized woman. Similar paintings were scattered around the walls. Brian wanted to ask where they were, but knew his Aunt would only scold him again. Aunt Stacy strode up to front desk and said something almanbahis yeni giriş he couldn’t make out. The receptionist nodded and pointed down a long hallway. “Follow me, dear.” He followed, overwhelmed with curiosity. Aunt Stacy pulled open a large door leading to a ballroom adorned with paintings similar to the ones he had seen earlier. In the center of the room there was a large, red oak table. Six women were sitting around it. “Do take a seat,” the woman at the head of the table said. His Aunt sat down, and almanbahis giriş he sat into the seat next to her. She continued,” Does he know why he is here?” His Aunt shook her head. “Good. Let’s keep it that way.” He was confused as to what was going on. “Let’s jump right in, shall we?” The woman at the head of the table turned to face him. “My name is Heather, but you may call me “Mistress”’. He was confused by that, but didn’t say anything. Mistress introduced the other women and then started asking Brian personal questions. “What is your orientation?” “Straight,” a red faced Brian said. “Good, good.” Mistress said. “And how would you feel about taking off your trousers for us, Brian?” Brian was really red now and looked to his Aunt for direction.

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